Statement on the Persecution of the Rohingya Muslims of Burma Myanmar

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The International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam condemns and  denounces   in the strongest possible  terms the persecution of  The Rohingya Muslim ethnic group  of by the government  of Burma Myanmar  and we call for these  persecutions to end   and for the Rohingya  and  other  Muslims of Burma  to  be able to live a life free of persecution.   our party also recognizes the right for the Rohingya Muslims to the right  of self – determination   to  form  their own independent  state or  create a cultural  autonomous  zone in The Maungdaw district of what is now Rakhine State in  western Burma.  or to also  form a union and unite  with neighboring   Bangladesh as Many of the Muslims of the region wanted to do in the late 1940s.   in addition our Party The International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam calls for a Maoist style   New democratic  pro socialist revolution within  all Myanmar itself  so that  an anti-Imperialist government  that will represent all of the citizens of Myanmar can be put into place within the county  and of which  can then ensure the peace and security   of the whole region from outside Imperialist powers  by spreading Proletarian  Socialist Revolution  into other parts of Asia. in a  great and grand Pan Asian socialist alliance with all of  the neighboring Islamic Peoples and countries   around Myanmar. Together the Peoples of Myanmar and the Islamic peoples of Asia can crave out and create a new Pan Asian and Socialist Political  order in the whole of the Asian continent.

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Statement on the 47th Anniversary of the Great September 1st Al-Fath Revolution Long Live The Revolutionary Spirit of Brother Leader Muammar Gaddafi and The Libyan Jamahiriya

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This month is the 47th Anniversary of the Great September 1st Revolution of Brother Leader Muammar Gaddafi which resulted in the establishment   of  Islamic Socialist Green Libya  the state of the-Afro-Arabian popular  masses  and  this is an event and date which is sacred and dear to all Proletarian Muslims and the Proletarian Islamic Camp. The goal of the Great September  1st Revolution was to unite Libya and turn it into  progressive and forward-looking Arab Islamic socialist society was could unite the Arab world into one single nation-state and to bring about the unity of the whole of  Africa.  and for the next 40 some years Green Libya was  a  mighty base area for the global Pan-Arab and Pan-African  revolution The White Western Imperialists led by the United States attacked Libya in 2011 and overthrew the state of the masses  Brother Leader Muammar  Gaddafi  was to himself fall in battle and become a martyr but his Revolutionary sprout  and  energy still lives on within the Islamic Socialist Green Resistance in Libya and among the Proletarian Muslims and The Proletarian Islamic camp worldwide one of the chief goals and central tasks  of the global Proletarian Islamic Socialist Revolution is the restoration of Islamic Socialism and The Jamahiriya  in  Libya and the creation of United Sates of Africa and Arabia in all parts of Africa and the Pan Arab Homeland. and in this great struggle and battle we shall be and are inspirited by the Revolutionary teachings and example of the great revolutionary forefather and forerunner of Proletarian Islam Brother Leader Muammar Gaddafi who is always with us in spirit  and  with his revolutionary   Islamic Socialist  teachings on Arab and African Nationalism. and with  this along with the Holy Quran we The Proletarian Muslims shall be victorious  in our struggle to  create a vast  glorious  and  grand  Afro-Arabian Proletarian Islamic Socialist superstate  in all parts of Africa and the Pan  Arab Homeland The United States of Africa and Arabia.  which will then serve  as a mighty base area for the liberation of all of the Islamic World and Oppressed Peoples everywhere in the best spirit   and traditions of the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya    The Revolutionary  spirit   legacy and teachings of Brother Leader Muammar Gaddafi live on in the World today though the work and teachings of the Proletarian Muslims and the Ideology of Proletarian Islam  and we shall lead the masses of the Arab World and Africa to victory over The Imperialist Zionists and all  other enemies of Africa Arabia and the Pan Islamic Nation and Liberate oppressed people everywhere and in the process create a new world order based on Freedom Justice and Equality for All of the people on the planet Earth.

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72nd Anniversary of the End of The Second World War in Asia and The Need for Pan Asian Nationalism

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It has been 72 years since the end of the Second World War in Asia which is an event  of world historic  which has left far-reaching political ramifications and implications   which have lasted to this very day. the Second World War ended in Asia when the Red Army of the then Socialist Soviet Union along with the military forces of revolutionary Mongolia routed and defeated the military forces of Imperial Japan and its Kwantung army within less than a month and bought about the final downfall of the Japanese empire in Northern Asia. this military campaign of the Soviet and Mongolian armies directly led to the liberation of the  peoples  of Asia North Asia in pacitruclar  from Japanese imperialism and  it  led to the victory of the Chinese Korean and Vietnamese revolutions and the establishment of revolutionary Socialist governments in these countries. the Soviet and Mongolian armies along with the Korean Revolutionaries in one month of warfare  engaged in combat and defeated more of the military forces of Imperial Japan then the United States and all the other while imperialist military powers did in all of the four years that they fought the Japanese empire. the defeat of Imperial Japan led to the direct foundation of the Democratic Republic of Korea North Korea which is today one of the leading Anti-Imperialist and Socialist countries in the world and a rising Nuclear power in Northeast Asia. and  North Korea The DPRK is an example to all the Arab and Islamic Nation and  to oppressed Original Peoples of color  everywhere else on this planet earth. the Soviet and Mongolian entry into the war also played a key role in the later victory of the Chinese revolution led by Chairman Mao Zedong Chairman Mao Zedong  was a great Pan Asian Nationalist and Revolutionary Communist who dreamed and worked for a united Socialist Asia free from white western imperialism and other reactionary social  forces and the teachings of Chairman Mao Zedong on Pan Asianism have much of value in them that are useful today  in the struggle to build and create   United Socialist Asia. in the early 20th century Pan Asian Nationalism was a leading Ideology in Japan and many political figures and intellectuals wanted to liberate all of Asia and the Non-White colored world from western imperialism but by the time of the mid 1940s chauvinistic elements had taken over in many of the political and military elements of the Japanese empire and these elements  used Pan Asianism as a cover to conquer other Asian peoples  and their lands and in the process suppress their native  cultures and identities    such as what Japan did in Korea during that period this was a very incorrect and counter-revolutionary policy on the part of many in the leading positions of authority in Japan at the time and Pan Asianism  Nationalism  has never to this day fully recovered from these actions by following the teachings and examples  of Chairman Mao Zedong and Comrade Kim IL Sung of Korea  and other Revolutionary Left Wing thinkers on Pan Asianism  Nationalism.  the errors of the old Japanese imperialists can be avoided. Chairman  Mao Zedong is an example of  Revolutionary Pan Asian Nationalism to look at and to follow as during his lifetime  after the victory of the Glorious  Chinese Revolution for National Liberation and Socialism   Chairman Mao Zedong  was able to look past and overcome the emotional   horrors of the Sino-Japanese war of the 1930s and 1940s   and the national animosities   which had been built up by that war between China and Japan   Chairman Mao Zedong was able to look past this and formed political alliances  with  anti-US Elements and political forces in postwar Japan and to  unite  with them in joint anti-US political struggles which had the long-term goal of driving white US Imperialism from Japan and the rest of the Asian continent. Chairman Mao Zedong dreamed of the day when Japan would rise again as a great nation and  drive  the US  military presence  out of Japan forever.     another  great example to look at is Comrade Kim IL Sung the great founder of Democratic  Republic of Korea   came to endorse a revolutionary left-wing version of Pan Asian Nationalism  Comrade Kim IL Sung  called for Pan Asian unity and for all Asians to take pride in their great cultural and historical heritage  which has contributed  so much to human civilization. Comrade Kim IL Sung  called for the unity of the Asian continent   on the basis   of revolutionary Anti-Imperialism and the Anti-American world struggle  and the common cultural and  histories of struggles that Asian people have waged against Western Imperialism.   Today the world is very much in need of the revival of Revolutionary Pan Asian Nationalism. and the only way that this can be done is for each and every Asian people to respect each other and for each and every Asian people to become the masters of their own  countries and homelands and in addition  to this  every Asian people and nation must respect the political and cultural sovereignty of every other Asian people  and strive within this  political and social  setting  to work towards the creation of a Socialist Pan Asian Union that will help to bring universal peace and Revolutionary Socialism  to all of the planet earth

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The International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam Eid Al-Adha Statement for the Year 1438 2017

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On this glorious  and joyous  occasion  of Eid Al-Adha we in The International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam greet  Our beloved Ummah the Ummah of Prophet Muhammad Ibn Abdullah  The Prophet Abraham and his wife Hagar and their beloved son Nabi Ismail  the Islam nation of today is a great and glorious nation  but it is also an oppressed and suffering  nation   as seen by the oppression of the Rohingya  Muslims in Burma the Turkic Uyghurs Muslims in their occupied  homeland of East Turkestan  who have long been oppressed by the racist Han Chinese  government of China.  and the long-suffering  Palestinian  Arab people in  who for over 70 years now have suffered from the occupation of their historical homeland by the  Zionist occupiers  and the vast displacement  of the Palestinian Arab population throughout the world and we have recently seen the slaughter  and persecution of Muslims in the Central African Republic and other areas of Africa and the oppression of Muslims in all parts of Europe and the Americas  but the Pan Islamic Ummah is also a fighting  ummah  or  nation and  the various oppressed  Muslims Peoples of the world have  been fighting back against their oppressors all  over the world from Africa to occupied Kashmir and beyond. and this fight must go on until all of the soil of the Pan Islamic homeland from central Africa to southeast Asia and eastern Europe  is free and liberated from all of the Non-Muslim reactionary powers. The Prophet Abraham Peace Be Upon  was prepared  to sacrifice his son for the greater glory of Islam and the ummah and so too must each and every Muslim on this planet  be prepared  to sacrifice all that is dear and precious   to them in order to bring about the National Liberation of the Pan Islamic Nation and restore the  global political unity  of the Pan Islamic homeland though the creation of a global Pan Islamic Socialist State   and in the process restore  the political unity that the Pan Islamic ummah enjoyed in the days of the Umayyad Abbasid Fatimid  Ottoman and Mogul Caliphates  and  other historical empires and kingdoms  of the Pan Islamic Homeland which fought for the interests of the Muslims and claimed the allegiances  of the Muslim Masses of the Pan Islamic Homeland.  the Pan Islamic Working class has a double task and duty to carry out in this struggle and this task is to struggle for  social justice and the establishment    of the Proletarian  Islamic Dictatorship  of  The Pan Islamic  working class thought-out the whole of the Islamic world and the Pan Islamic Homeland  as modern history has shown us again and again that it is only with  working class leadership that  oppressed nations and peoples can win  emancipation  and liberation from imperialism and world Zionism   once this is achieved The global Proletarian Islamic Socialist State shall go on to establish global Socialism and Communism  with all of the oppressed  of the world in order to bring about the global era of peace and social justice that Prophet Muhammad Ibn Abdullah  and his revolutionary household the Ahlu Al-Bayt and his revolutionary companions  dreamed of and taught about for centuries.

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Statement on the 186th Anniversary of the Nat Turner Black Proletarian Rebellion in Virginia USA

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Today is the 186th anniversary of the Great Black Proletarian Salve Rebellion in Southampton county Virginia led by the great New Afrikan freedom fighter General Nat Turner and it was an  event which forever shocked   and rocked  the  rotten foundations of the White Southern slaver owners  and blazed  the future path of freedom for the oppressed Black Masses throughout the United States. the revolt of general Nat Turner was also  one of the most significant   working class Proletarian  revolutionary uprisings in the history of the United States. as the enslaved Africans that were bought to the United States from Africa were the original proletarian working class in what is now the United States. the revolutionary Black Proletarian Revolution of General Nat Turner is also of interest and  has significant to the Pan Islamic  Ummah  and The global Pan Islamic World Revolution due to the fact that many of the African slaves  that were bought to North America  during the transatlantic  slave trade were Muslims  who were kidnapped and  stolen from the sacred soil of the Pan Islamic homeland. and this makes the Black revolution and Black liberation struggle within  the United States a Pan Islamic struggle and a component  part of the Global Pan Islamic World Revolution that is for the liberation of the Pan Islamic homeland and the liberation of  Muslim Peoples everywhere. and it is imperative for all Muslims worldwide to support the Black Revolution in what is now the United States. and it is also important  for all Black Revolutionaries  and members of the oppressed Black Nation  to recognize that the Black Revolution within the United States is an integral part of the global Pan Islamic World Revolution and to fight on in the sprit of Nat Turner for the creation of an independent Black Nation in North America with an Pro Islamic geopolitical  and cultural orientation  such an event will bring  the global Pan Islamic and Pan African world revolution closer to global victory and bring about The liberation of the world of Islam and Africa from the grip of White world Imperialism and Global Zionism.

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The 2017 Solar Eclipse Nat Turner and The Pan Original Revolution in North America

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During this month of August on August 21st a solar eclipse of the sun was visible  throughout large areas of the United States.  around 1886 years ago around this same time of the year  there was another solar eclipse  in the United States. and this solar eclipse  served  as an signal and inspiration  for the 1831 slave rebellion of the great Black Revolutionary Nat Turner in the state of Virginia.  Today with rising racial and ethnic  tensions within the United States  a resurgent  White Nationalist movement on the grassroots level of the White oppressor nation along with  the continued    National oppression of the Black Brown Red captive nations within the United States such as Aztlan The New Afrikan Black Nation   Puerto Rico and the various  Native peoples    shows and highlights the fact that a revolutionary  movement and uprising   like Nat Turner’s is still necessary and needed within the United States. and that  the Black Brown Red and other Non-White masses should unite in a mighty revolutionary united front against  the white power structure  and ruling class and build a new racial political social and economic   order within the United States. and then  convert what is now the United States into a Socialist Peoples Republic   of  The Original Peoples.   a Union of Pan Original  Soviet Socialist Republics .  the great solar eclipse of 2017 should be taken and seen as a sign for the  Non-White Pan Original Black Brown Red Yellow and Middle Eastern  masses living within the United States to begin  the historical and political   process of bringing this new political and social order into existence.

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Donald Trump to Address The American Public Tonight on Afghanistan

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Donald Trump will address the American pubic tonight and make a major statement on his administrations   policy  towards  Afghanistan  in his speech some are saying that Trump is going to increase US troop levels in Afghanistan  and others say that he is going to withdraw  The American military forces    completely from the country.  but no matter what Donald Trump  choses to do in Afghanistan  US Imperialism has already lost  the war in Afghanistan  years ago. if America choses to leave  the country then  it  is an clear cut admission  that it has lost the war. and if Trump decides to increase  US  troop levels in the country  and tires to stay in the country for a while longer then US Imperialism  has still lost the war. and it will only result in more military causalities  and needless loss of life to  its soldiers on the ground. as Afghanistan is already a lost war for US imperialism  and a lost cause for The US    has it has  been shown  years ago that America can not break the will and desire of  the Islamic  people of Afghanistan  to be free from the rule of us Imperialism and its puppet regime.  and they have no desire to be controlled  from Washington  DC so if  US Imperialism choses to leave Afghanistan  at this time then it has lost the war and if  chooses to stay for a while longer then if has lost the war.  history has shown either way that US Imperialism  can not conquer the will of the  Islamic peoples  of Afghanistan to resist the US occupation   and that Afghanistan is and shall be a free and independent  Islamic Country that is independent from the rule of US Imperialism in Washington DC

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