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The International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam Statement on The White Nationalist Terror Attacks on The Christchurch Al- Noor Mosque And Linwood Islamic Centre in New Zealand

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The International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam  and the whole of the Proletarian Islamic camp denounces and condemns the racist white nationalist attack on the Al-Noor Mosque and Linwood Islamic Centre  in Christchurch New Zealand which led to the death of  50 Muslims during the Friday  Jummah Prayer services  the perpetrator    an Australian white  nationalist by the name of Brenton Tarrant committed this white nationalist  terriost  attack  because he was fearful  and scared  of the growing spiritual and political  power of the Islamic world  and  the rise of the Albanian  Bosniak   and Turkic  Islamic nations and the historical presence of Islam within the European continent.   Brenton Tarrant failed in his mission to stop the global rise of  Islam  because The  Al-Baath or resurrection and rise  of The Pan Islamic Nation and all  Muslim Peoples  ethnic groups and nations around the world can not be stooped. Islam is going to gain more ground in Europe Australia  New Zealand and all over the rest of the world as well  just as  it is    proclaimed and pointed out by Allah and His messenger Prophet Muhammad Ibn Abdullah  within the pages of the Holy Quran and the divine sayings of The Prophet Muhammad Peace Be Upon Him.  The global Pan Islamic revolution is moving ahead within Europe  all of the historical Albanians lands shall be united within the borders  of a reunified greater Albania state . Bosnia shall  become a strong Islamic country and a pillar of Islamic power in the heart of Europe and Turkey shall become a powerful  global Pan Islamic superpower  and shall play a key role in uniting the Turkic Peoples of central Asia and elsewhere into a powerful Pan Turkic   Nation State  that will  be a strong global fortress  of Islam  and a military  defense shield and force   for Muslim peoples everywhere.  just as they were in the days of the Ottoman empire and the other historical   Islamic Turkic empires and states  of Islamic history  and  in our time  The  Pan Turkic Islamic Nation shall also  be a vanguard state for the global Pan Islamic world revolution and the global Proletarian Islamic socialist world  revolution.   the  noble islamic  martyrs and New Zealand   Muslims  who were brutally massacred by this devil Brenton Tarrant  in the Christchurch Mosque  and Linwood Islamic Centre The Holy Quran  says in  Sura 2  ayat  154  Speak not of the those who are killed in the way of Allah as ead they still live  though you perceive it not.  our 50 beloved martyrs  and brothers and sisters who were slain in the Al-Noor Mosque and Linwood Islamic Centre   shall live on and endure as glorious and heroic martyrs  of  Islam and the Pan Islamic Nation for all time and  shall never be forgotten. there is a new global white fascist movement that is growing worldwide that is bent on preventing the rise of the Pan Islamic Nation and all Islamic ethnic groups and peoples around the world. and this  new global fascist movement also wants to prevent the rise of all Original Black Brown Red Yellow  Middle Eastern  and  non-white original peoples of color   around the world . and the only force that is able to push back and destroy this new global  neo-fascist white nationalist  movement is the Pan Islamic Nation  Under The Leadership of the Global Pan Islamic working class . the world has seen such global fascist movement before and each time that have been crushed by the power of Islam and the military forces of the Islamic world. such as during the time of the Rashidun and Umayyad  caliphates which rolled back the  European eastern roman or byzantine empire  and again during the  Christian crusades against the Pan Islamic Homeland and holy Jerusalem in which the great Islamic warriors and leaders such as Saladin and Baibars  and The great Arab Iranian and Turkic Mongolian Islamic peoples beat back  The white European crusaders  and secured the existence and security  of the Islamic peoples and the Pan Islamic homeland.    and in more recent time the global European fascist movement of Adolf Hitler    and Benito Mussolini was crushed  and destroyed  by the military and ideological might of the Soviet Union of Joseph Stalin  comrade JV Stalin was a man of Islamic culture he was born in the  Western Asian county of  Georgia  in the Caucasus  mountains  region of Asia which borders the Pan Islamic homeland  and Stalin’s   homeland of Georgia had been under the influence  of Turko- Persian Islamic culture for centuries  and his two major ideological influences  in his life were Vladimir Lenin the founder of the Soviet union who was of Turkic ancestry and of who embraced Pan Islamic Nationalism during his years as leader of the Soviet Union  and it was the Muslim Communist  Sultan Galiev  and  his Muslim Nationalism communist ideology  who taught Stalin National Communism  which  Stalin was to later use during the great patriotic war of the Soviet Union with Nazi Germany and its fascist allies   also during this period in eastern Europe  The Anti-Fascist resistance of the Revolutionary Marxist-Leninist Enver Hoxha in the Muslim majority European  nation  of  Albania along with  the Libyan Anti-Fascist Islamic resistance in North Africa also played a major role in the downfall and defeat of Fascism and Nazism during that era in history as well   today in the current era of world history  the Pan Islamic Nation  shall crush the new global white nationalist fascism and the Pan Islamic working class and its ideology of Proletarian Islam shall lead the global Pan Islamic nation to victory over all of its enemies and liberate all  of the oppressed of the earth and create a new global system of freedom justice and  communist equality for all of the peoples of the earth.

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Statement on the 98th Anniversary of The Birth of Comrade Nexhmije Hoxha Revolutionary Marxist Leninist Communist And Pan Albanian Nationalist

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On  this the  occasion of the 98th anniversary  of the birth of  Nexhmije Hoxha  we in the International Pan Islamic Communist Party and the Proletarian Islamic camp wish  Comrade Nexhmije a very  happy birthday and we hope that she yet have many more birthdays on this earth and that The Dictatorship   of the Albanian working class is restored to power  and for Socialist Albania to be reborn as a revolutionary Anti imperialist Nation Comrade Nexhmije Hoxha is the widow of Comrade Enver Hoxha  but she is a revolutionary leader in her own right Nexhmije Hoxha  joined the Albanian Communist movement at a very young age to liberate  her people and her country from the Italian and German fascist occupation and the corrupt and decadent feudal and comprador classes within Albania. and she played a major role in the socialist construction  of Albania and was a leading and top ranking party official in the Albanian Party of Labor during its ideological and political struggle against  Soviet and Chinese revisionism   and social imperialism and in the aftermath of the counter-revolution and restoration  of capitalism in the 1990-1992 period  within Albania Comrade Nexhmije Hoxha  has remained a committed and dedicated  revolutionary Marxist Leninist Communist and Albanian patriot   and revolutionary left-wing Pan Albanian   nationalist and she  has  worked for and  called for the national liberation of all of the greater Pan Albanian nation from the current republic of Albania to Kosovo and beyond. and we in the International Pan Islamic Communist Party and the rest of the Proletarian  Islamic camp supports comrade Nexhmije Hoxha in her political work and we long for   the National and social liberation of  the whole of the greater  Pan  Albanian Nation.

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Mr W D Fard Master Fard Muhammad The Founder of The Nation of Islam and Mustafa Kemal Ataturk of Turkey Were Two of The Greatest Islamic National Socialist Revolutionaries of Our Time

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Master Fard Muhammad the founder of the Nation of Islam and Mustafa Kemal Ataturk  the founder of    the modern-day  nation-state of Turkey were two of the greatest and most influential   Islamic socialist revolutionaries of the past 100 years of human history  Master Fard Muhammad was always a great admirer of Ottoman and   Turco-Persian  culture in general  of which he Master Fard Muhammad was born into at birth being himself a man of Turco-Persian ethnic and cultural heritage.   Master Fard Muhammad was a great admirer of Mustafa  Kemal Ataturk and supported his leadership of the Turkish war of Independence  and his  vision of a modern minded and scientific    version of Islam and he taught  the glories of The Turco-Persian tradition and culture  along  with  the values of Ataturkism   and a modern minded scientific   version of Islam  to the Honorable Elijah Muhammad.  the political  cultural and ideological influence of both Master Fard Muhammad and Mustafa Kemal Ataturk  has been very widespread  and  wide-reaching   and it has been felt from politics  to popular music such as Hip-Hop.   Mr W D Fard  Master Fard Muhammad founded and established the Nation of Islam and taught  and trained  the Honorable Elijah Muhammad  who was in turn   the teacher of the great Islamic socialist revolutionary  Malcolm X  The Nation of Islam in turned  though   Malcolm X  influenced   The Revolutionary Action Movement of Black Revolutionaries such as  Don Freeman and Robert F Williams and Maxwell Sanford  who is know today as  Muhammad Ahmad   and  The formation of the  original Black Panther Party of Huey P Newton which was  one of the most advanced communist parties and revolutionary Black Nationalist political party  in the history of the United States in addition  the revolutionary  socialist and Black Power  leader  Stokely Carmichael  Kwame Toure was also heavily influenced by  the Islamic National socialism of Master Fard Muhammad due to the influence of The   Honorable Elijah Muhammad Malcolm X and so were nearly all of the other Revolutionary Black Nationalists groups of the Black Power era of the 1960s and 1970s and this influence of the Islamic  National Socialism of Mr WD Fard is still felt today in more recent times with  the  Final Call  Nation of Islam  and New Black Panther  of Minister Louis Farrakhan and the Honorable Dr Khalid Abdul Muhammad along with the Nation of Gods and Earths or Five Percent Nation    and their  political and cultural influence  on Hip-Hop Culture  as seen with the rap groups  Public Enemy The Poor Righteous  Teachers and many others.  The wide-ranging  political and cultural influence of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk  is felt  by his successful     military and political leadership of the Turkish War of Independence  which led to The victory of The Turkish Nation   over  the Greek Neo-byzantine invaders and chauvinists and their ally western Imperialism which laid    the foundations for the modern-day nation-state of Turkey to emerge  as a superpower in todays Muslim world. Mustafa  Kemal Ataturk  and Ataturkism  influenced The Quaid I Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah and The   national liberation movement of the Muslims of South Asia in their struggle to create Pakistan and Ataturksim influenced the ideological development of Arab Nationalism within the Pan-Arab Homeland though Gamal Abdel Nasser and his top student Brother Leader Muammar Gaddafi of Libya     both of who were influenced  very  greatly  by Attaturkism   the influence of Kemalism is see in the ideology of the Third universal theory  which Brother Leader Muammar Gaddafi  created.  and it was also felt  in Albania  where  The Albanian National Socialist  and Marxist-Leninist  National Communist Leader Enver Hoxha  was also very heavily   influenced  ideologically   culturally and politically by Mustafa Kemal Ataturk   and the Influence of Mr W D Fard Master Fard Muhammad Fardism   and Mustafa Kemal Ataturk and his Ataturkism  Islamic Nationalist Socialist  Ideology   shall continue  to have an influence  on the Islamic world of today and  of tomorrow   in the era of Proletarian Islam.

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The International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam Iraqi Victory Day Statement 2018 The Victory of Iraq in The Iran-Iraq War Was a Victory For All of The Forces of Islamic Socialism Worldwide

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August 8 is a date that is sacred to aa true Revolutionary Baathists who followed the political line and heritage of President Saddam Hussein  and it is also sacred to   the International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam  and all of the Proletarian Muslims   and it should be sarced and  holy to all revolutionary Muslims with socialist and Communist idelgigical belief and leanings  as the war that Baathist Iraq Under The Leadership of Presdent Saddam Hussein wagged  against the facist khamainist regime in Iran was a war and holy jihad for the defense of the Arab Nation and homeland and the very  concept  of Islamic Socialism itself  President Saddam Hussein goin all the back to the time when he was Vice Presdent of Iraq in the early 1970s   along with the whole  the Iraq Baath Party had supported  Imam Khomenini and the struggle of the Iranian revolutionaries against the Shah of iran and his corrupt and pro Zionist government Imam Khomeini was also to write his  famous book on Islamic Government and carry out other political actives while under the protection of President Saddam Hussein and the Arab Islamic socialist  Baathist government  of Iraq. in early 1979 after massive strikes and rallies by the Pan Islamic working class of Iran which included the Awazi Arab working class   the Shah and his government fell and was overthrown. and the Iranian Islamic revolution was supported and endorsed by President Saddam Hussein and the Baath party and government  of Iraq. Saddam Hussein even called for a revolutionary Anti-Imperialist and Anti-Zionist Pan Islamic and Pan Middle Eastern alliance with  the newly created Islamic Republic of Iran under Imam Khomeini leadership but Imam Khomeini  being an Anti-Arab racist and ideologically    opposed to the concept of Islamic Socialism rejected President Saddam Hussein offer of an revolutionary alliance between the two countries and Imam Khomeini  called for the overthrow of the Islamic socialist Baathist government of President Saddam Hussein and sent sectarian death squad into Iraq to  murder and kill Iraqi civilians  and assassinate  members  of the Baath party and government  such as comrade Tariq Aziz. and during this period  the Iranian army also shelled  Iraqi border towns on the borders with Iran and in response  to this  Iranian aggression President Saddam Hussein sent the Iraqi army into  Iran to beat back the Iranian  military aggression against Iraq   and to aid the Islamic socialist Revolutionaries  in Iran who were struggling against  Imam Khomeini and his fascist government  and after a heroic and historic 8  year war Arab Islamic Socialist Baathist Iraq was able to defeat  the fascist Iranian aggressors and halt the expansionist plans of Imam Khomeini to  conquer and enslave the Arab World. The victory of Baathist Iraq in the Iran-Iraq war was a victory for Arabism the Arab Nation and all of the forces of Islamic socialism both within the Arab Nation and in the Non-Arab Islamic countries. and  Iraq’s victory in the struggle against fascist Iran is also an inspiration  and ideological role  model  today for all Anti-Imperialist and Anti-Zionist pro-socialist and pro communist political forces in the Islamic world who uphold and respect  Islam in their   ideology in anyway. and Baathist Iraq’s  victory in the war against Iran can and shall serve as a model of revolutionary struggle and victory for  all Islamic Socialist and Islamic Communist revolutionaries across the Muslim World.  today from The Arab world to Pakistan and southeast Asia and beyond to eastern Europe and the Islamic countries  of Africa. Islam is by nature a socialist religion and  the future dominating ideology of  the Islamic world shall be Islamic Socialism and Proletarian Islam and   the victory of Arab Islamic Socialist Baathist Iraq in the Iran-Iraq war of the 1980s is evidence  of this fact.

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The Communist Party of Proletarian Islam Statement on the 66th anniversary of The Great July 23rd Nasserist Revolution in Egypt

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Today July 23 is a date which is dear and sacred to the International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam and all Proletarian Muslims  as it is the date in which the Great Gamal Abdel Nasser and his Revolutionary Free Officers of The Egyptian army overthrew  the corrupt regime of King Farouk and established a new Egypt an Islamic Socialist Egypt which embraced its Arab African and Pan Islamic identity  and destiny  as a vanguard force in the Arab African and Islamic world revolutions   the people of Egypt acted and spoke though  Gamal Abdel Nasser free officers  and Egypt was placed on a firm Pan-Arab Revolution nationalist and Arab Islamic Socialist ideological and political orientation and become the leading force in the Arab  nationalist    revolutionary struggle for Pan-Arab unity Nasserite Egypt  backed and supported Arab nationalist revolutions all over the pan Arab homeland and within  6 six-year of the victory of the July 23 revolution in Egypt Nasserite  Egypt formed  and entered into a Pan Arab Nationalism union with Arab Syria as a first step to the union of all Arab counties and lands into  one single united Arab republic  the union of Egypt and Syria was a  major factor and motivator  in the break out of the great and glorious  Iraqi revolution of July 14th 1958 of the Iraqi masses and  revolution Nasserism   was also the major ideological force in the Lebanese revolution of that same year which resulted in US imperialism sending in its military forces  to that country in an effort to halt the spread  of Revolutionary Nasserite  Pan Arab Nationalism  but Arab Nationalism and Nasserism  would continue  to spread  all over the map of the Pan Arab Homeland  and it would remain the main ideological force in the Arab Nation for years to come  and Nasserite Egypt would go on to  promote and spread   Pan Arab Revolutionary nationalism and Arab Islamic Socialism in all parts of the Pan Arab Homeland such as in North Yemen where  Nasserite  Egypt sent in its military forces to aid the Pan Arab Islamic socialist revolutions  in that  Arab land.  Gamal Abdel Nasser was also  a great  friend and ally to The Honorable Elijah Muhammad and The Lost Found Nation of Islam in the West and he offered  the Honorable Elijah Muhammad a home and a base in Nasserite Egypt to  use  to  liberate the African and Islamic Masses in West Africa from European colonialism.    and  Nasser and Nasserite Egypt  also  would support  the revolutionary Islamic Socialist work of Malcolm X as well during the time that Malcolm X was the leader of the Muslim Mosque INC and The  Organization of Afro-American Unity  Gamal Abdel Nasser and his revolutionary  Nasserite Egypt would go on to support the Honorable Elijah Muhammad  and the Nation of Islam for the rest of his Nasser’s  life  Gamal Abel Bases promoted and acknowledged   The African identity and heritage of Egypt and he would during his lifetime also back revolutionary African nationalists movements all over the African continent such as in the Congo where Gamal Abdel Nasser backed the revolutionary Pan-African Nationalist forces  of the followers  of the great Marty of Revolutionary Pan Africanism Patrice Lumumba  in Africa Nasserite  Egypt also from a strong Pan African  geopolitical alliance with Revolutionary Ghana under the leader of the great revolutionary Black Communist and Pan Africanist Kwame Nkrumah  and the revolutionary African Nationalist Sekou Toure who was then the  president  of the West African country of Guinea and Nasser also had a strong alliance  with The Revolutionary Pan African Nationalist and Revolutionary socialist  Modibo   Keita  the then  president of the revolutionary  west  African and Black Muslim country of Mail. Gamal Abdel Nasser also called for the unity of the Islamic Peoples of the world and the creating of a Pan Islamic Geopolitical bloc of Muslim countries and peoples  which would secure the prosperity   and global  power of each and every  Islamic  people and ethnic group  on the face of the planet earth. such a union of  Islamic countries and peoples is needed in our time as well and one of the  central tasks of the International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam is to carry out and complete  the geopolitical vision of the great Gamal Abdel Nasser  on a the Pan Arab  Pan African levels  and the Pan Islamic levels  and to liberate the Arab African and Islamic peoples of the earth from Imperialism and Zionism and thereby  secure a new golden age for the Arab African and Islamic peoples of the  planet earth.

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Communist Party of Proletarian Islam Statement on The 137 Anniversary of the Birth of Basbug Mustafa Kemal Ataturk

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On This The 137th anniversary of his birth The International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam and All  Proletarian Muslims Give Honor Praise and homage to Basbug Mustafa Kemal Ataturk The Great Islamic Socialist Leader of The Turkish War of Independence against  The invading forces of the Greek Neo-byzantine  chauvinist   and  Anglo-French  imperialism which  desired at the time to wipe out the Turkic race and  Nation in the areas which are today The Republic of Turkey Basbug Mustafa Kemal Ataturk was able to rally the Turkish Nationalist movement and the revolutionary anti-imperialist patriotic  Turkish masses  to victory over all of the invading forces and to establish Turkey as powerful  and modern nation at a time when their were very few independent Muslim countries  and when white European  colonialism   and imperialism was still at the height of its power in the Muslim world.    Ataturk built Turkey into a  strong regional power in  southeastern  and the Middle East   and   the era when the borders of turkey were violated by its neighbors    and the western imperialists  came to an end. The Turkish nation   under Ataturk’s rule became respected  and feared by all  and to this very day Turkey has remained one of the most powerful and feared  states in the Muslim World which no outside non-Muslim Imperialist or  foreign    power has dared to attack or invade  and this is due to the political  cultural and military foundations   that Ataturk laid down and formulated for the  Turkish Republic.   the ideological and cultural  example of Ataturk and Kemalism become an ideological inspiration  for similar national liberation  movements in the Arab world Africa Albania   South Asia and other parts of the Muslim world. and it later helped to influence  the ideological  development of Nasserism and the Third  universal theory of  the leader of the Libyan revolution Muammar Gaddafi  Mustafa Kemal Ataturk is often thought of and is seen as a secular leader and in some quarters he is even  seen as an  Anti-Islamic leader  who hated Islam  but when  one studies the writings  speeches and first hand personal  accounts from Ataturk’s  comrades and others who knew him in life it can be seen that this was clearly  not the case at all  with Ataturk  Ataturk was a true  Muslim who love Islam and The Prophet Muhammad and he invoked Allah and the religion of Islam  in the battles of the Turkish war of Independence  against the Greek invaders  and their backers. Ataturk saw  and viewed The Turkish war of independence and national liberation as a holy jihad and he personally  prayed for the  victory of The Turkish Islamic Nation in that glorious    war which ended in the liberation and independence of The Turkish Nation from its oppressors   Islam was an integral   part  of the ideological  and spiritual  worldview of Mustafa  Kemal Ataturk but he Ataturk felt that his views on Islam and religion should not be  made an official  and open part of the ideology that he was developing for the  newly independent Turkish Nation  Ataturk in his personal political views felt that Islam was the perfect  religion  The Quran the perfect book and Prophet Muhammad the perfect man and  Islam  the final religion  and that whatever conforms to logic reason and science is Islamic we in The International Communist Party of Proletarian Islam and the Proletarian Islam camp feel that Ataturk’s  personal  views on Islam   were correct and that The whole of the Islamic world needs an Islamic ideology  worldview and spiritually  which is based on logic reason   science  and materialism  Mustafa Kemal Ataturk  also pointed out that Islam is a religion  that teaches that individuals     and nations must maintain their dignity and glory  and this is also a viewpoint of Ataturks  that The International Pan Islamic Communist Party  and Proletarian Muslims agree 100 percent  with Ataturk on and this is a principal  that  all Muslim countries and Peoples must  forever put and keep into practice that so that the glory and power of   Islam shall forever shine in this world and all others.  within our vast Pan Islamic Nation and Homeland  of today  these values of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk are needed in each and every Muslim land  among every Muslim people and ethnic groups of which  Turkey and the great Pan Turkic nation   happens to be a leading pillar  and today  Turkey The Pan Turkic Nation from The Balkans to East Turkestan  should continued  to uphold the Islamic Socialist values of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk  which  are mentioned and outlined above which reflected his true views on Islam  alongside the traditional Islamic values of Turkic cultural and civilization including the values of Tengrism and the Pre Islamic Turkic civilizations and build the whole of the pan Islamic homeland into a global sup power once again which will be respected  and feared  by all of the enemies of Islam  The Muslims and The great and glorious Turkic Turanian  Race such are the key tasks of the Kemalist Revolution of our Times


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The Communist Party of Proletarian Islam Statement on the 93th Anniversary of the Birth of The Revolutionary Islamic Socialist Malcolm X

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On  this the 93th anniversary of the Birth of Malcolm X we in the International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam and the whole of the Proletarian Islamic camp salute  the revolutionary memory and legacy of Malcolm X our great  revolutionary forefather and  ideological forerunner  in Islamic Socialism  and Proletarian Islam  Malcolm X was dedicated to the global overthrow of white world imperialism and global Zionism and he wanted to  create a global alliance and united front of all of the oppressed non-white peoples of the earth. Malcolm X being   a Black Nationalist from  the New African Black  nation  imprisoned within the borders  of the United States   had a geopolitical vision of a global revolutionary alliance between his New Afrikan Black Nation which was colonized  within the borders of the current United States of America and all  the oppressed non-white original nations and peoples of  Africa Asia and Latin America  and the whole of the Pan Islamic Homeland.   and this is a geopolitical policy and worldview that The International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam and the Proletarian Islamic camp is continuing  today as we view the Black Nation which is now colonized  within the borders of the United States  as an integral part of the Pan Islamic Nation and global pan Islamic homeland since around 30 percent of the African slaves which  that were bought to the  North America during the transatlantic  slave trade were Muslims from the soil of the greater Northwestern African region of the  Pan Islamic homeland and the Black Revolution of today  in North America is an integral part of the global Pan Islamic revolution for the  reunification and liberation of the Pan Islamic Homeland and all Muslims peoples. and anyone who tries to separate the Black Revolution in North America from the Global Pan Islamic World Revolution is a lackey of world imperialism and global Zionism and this is true no matter who they are or happened to be The Black Revolution in North America is a global revolution and it is an   integral  of the global Pan Islamic revolution and revolutionary  rising of all Muslim peoples on the planet  earth and it is the duty of all Muslim worldwide  to build political economic and cultural ties with the New Afrikan Black Nation in North America  and  encourage the New Afrikan Black Masses to spiritually politically  and culturally  draw nearer to the Islamic world and  Pan Islamic Homeland and its peoples. and became a aware  Muslim people and Islamic ethnic group once again. such is one of the key tasks of the Global Pan Islamic World Revolution at this time in history.

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