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Statement on The 120th Anniversary of The Birth of Chairman Mao Zedong Long Live Maoism

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Today is The 120th anniversary of the Birth of Chairman Mao Zedong The Great Leader of The Chinese Revolution and in his Time The Leader of World Socialism and The World Proletarian Revolution and The Working Class of The World. Today Chairman Mao and his revolutionary thought are blazing a path to revolution and are a guide to action for all of the Revolutionary Peoples of The World. The Pan Islamic Homeland is hurting at this point and it is in need of Chairman Mao’s concept of New Democracy in order to break the chains of feudalism bureaucratic capitalism and Imperialism within The Pan Islamic Homeland. the reactionary regimes and social classes within the Pan Islamic homeland must be overthrown by the might and power of the Pan Islamic Working class and the revolutionary classes allied to it. and its place The Islamic Maoist Peoples Democratic dictatorship of The Working Class must be installed over all of the vast Landscape of the Pan Islamic Homeland which extends from Central Africa to Southeast Asia in territory so that The Pan Islamic nation can be united into one state once again. The Teachings of Chairman Mao are also needed in the rest of Asia and Africa as well and they are also needed in Latin America and in North America among The Oppressed Non-White Original Nations such as Aztlan New Afrika Puerto Rico and The Indigenous Peoples of Turtle Island. Revolutionary Maoism is needed in order to bring about the revolutionary unity of all of The Working classes of the Oppressed Non-White Original Peoples of The Earth. the taking up of The Revolutionary Thought of Chairman Mao Zedong and Maoism by The Non-White Pan Original Masses and The International Pan Original Working Class will bring Final Victory to The Non-White Pan Original World in the global struggle and battle to destroy and uproot White World Imperialism and Global White supremacy in all forms. The Revolutionary Ideology of Maoism will lead to The Freedom and liberation and Social emancipation of all of The Pan Original Non-White Peoples of The Earth.

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Proletarian Islamic Stalinism Pan Indo-iranian Nationalsm The National Question in Pakistan and The Global Pan Islamic World Revolution

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Pakistan is a multi ethnic society and over the years since its founding there has been tensions at times between the four major ethnic groups of Pakistan such as the Baloch Pashtun Punjabi and Sindhi Peoples this is very unfortunate since all four of these ethnic groups have so much in common with each other such as all of them being Indo-Iranian  Peoples with a common  Indo- Iranian Culture and identity along with having an Islamic culture heritage and identity in common with each other as well. since the overwhelming majority of the Peoples within these ethnic groups are all Muslim it is in the best interests of the Pan Islamic Nation and The Global Proletarian Islamic World Revolution and also  for the good of The Indo -Iranian World and The Pan Islamic Homeland that these tensions and potentially antagonistic contradictions between these four major ethnic  groups of Pakistan  be bought to an end. as soon as possible. so that The Global Pan Islamic and Proletarian Islamic Socialist Revolution can march on to its final victory over White World Western Imperialism and Global White Zionism. and also so that Western Imperialism  and Global Zionism can not take advantage of the contradictions   to  divide Pakistan into ethnic ministates     a strong and United Islamic Pakistan is in the best interests  of the Global Pan Islamic World Revolution and the global anti-Imperialist and anti-Zionist World Struggle.   a Pakistan government under The Ideology of Proletarian Islamic Socialism  can and will end the tensions between the four major Indo-Iranian ethnic   groups of Pakistan  by giving each group an autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic within a unified Proletarian Islamic Soviet Socialist Pakistani Nation State. this Pakistani Union of Soviet Socialist Republics will be based on The Leninist Stalinist National Polices from The Soviet Union of Lenin’s and Stalin’s Time. each of these four Pakistani ethnic groups will be allowed to have its own Soviet Republic within a Proletarian Islamic Pakistan where each ethnic group will be allowed to have a culture that is National in form and  Proletarian  Islamic Socialist and Stalinist in content. many of the smaller ethnic groups  within the county shall also under  the proletarian Islamic socialist Stalinist  national  policy   enjoy  compete and total freedom to express their cultural and ethnic  identity without any type of  oppression  directed  what so ever  towards   them.  The Stalinist National policy of Comrade Joseph Stalin applied to Pakistan will bring about The Renaissance of The Baloch Pashtun Punjabi and Sindhi people within Pakistan and the influence of this policy will spread to the neighboring Indo Iranian countries of Afghanistan Bangladesh Iran India and the other countries  and regions of The Indo-Iranian World. by putting into practice Stalin’s National Policy   Pakistan will become  a stronger and more stable country. and it will then be able to fulfill its destiny as an fortress vanguard nation of the Global Pan Islamic Socialist World proletarian Revolution of The Pan Islamic Working Class. and it will be in an even stronger position to help spread both The Proletarian Islamic Revolution and The Pan Asiatic Proletarian Revolution to The rest of Asia. an Islamic Socialist and Proletarian Islamic Stalinist Pakistan under a Proletarian Islamic government shall be a mighty and powerful Base area for The Proletarian Islamic World Socialist Revolution.

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Stalin Pan Slavism and The Liberation of Poland

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One of the main founding myths of modern day  post communist Poland is that Stalin was an oppressor and enemy of Poland and The great  Polish  People on the same level as Adolf Hitler or even worst nothing in the world or in history could be further from the truth  and  this  is not true  at all  as it was comrade Joseph  Stalin and the Soviet  Red Army who saved Poland and The Polish Nation from The Anti-Slav  Nazi German Imperialism of Adolf Hitler  and retorted  Poland  to the map of the free Nations of The World. during World War Two True Polish patriots rallied around The State National Council The Union of Polish Patriots and The Polish Committee of National Liberation which in turn then organized Revolutionary Left Wing  Pan Slavic  military formations such as The Armia Ludowa and The Pro Soviet and Pro Marxist-Leninist Polish 1st and 2nd Armies which along with The Soviet Red Army was The Main military Force which drove Nazi German Imperialism from Polish Soil. The Polish 1st and 2nd armies under the outstanding leadership of Karol Swierczewski Marian Spychaliski and Michal Rola Zymierski would along with The Soviet Red Army fight on and  drive the German military  out of Poland an  back to The German capital of Berlin. where it delivered the final death-blow to Hitler’s  Germany and laid   the foundations for the establishment of the East German socialist state the German Democratic Republic which in its time became one of the leading Anti-Imperialist states in the world and a  strong     friend and ally to the Arab Islamic Socialist states in the Pan Arab Homeland such as Baathist Iraq and Syria and the Libyan Jamahiriya Islamic Socialist State of Brother Leader Muammar Gaddafi.   one of The lies of The modern-day Polish bourgeoise and ruling class is that Stalin hated The Polish People and The Polish  Nation which is a lie.  in reality  it was Adolf Hitler and his ideology of National Socialism along with The forces of German Imperialism which wanted to destroy Poland and The Polish ethnic group the real reality and historical  truth is that Comrade Stalin had a very deep and ardent love for The Polish People and Polish Nation and he wanted and desired to have a powerful strong and independent Poland to be established after the War with Germany. a Poland which would be Anti-Imperialist Pro Socialist and allied to The Socialist Soviet Union. Stalin during his years  Living in Russia developed a very deep love for Russia and all Slavic Peoples and Nations and he wanted an Anti-Imperialist and Anti-Western Alliance of all Slavic Nations including Poland to be established after The second world  war as he was very aware of the long centuries of Oppression that Poland and other Slavic nations and peoples  had suffered at the hands of German aggression and expansionism. and he wanted to put an end to the centuries old oppression and injustices that Poland and The Slavic World had experienced at the hands of Germany and The Germanic World. and to that end he supported The Patriotic Marxist-Leninist leadership of Poland in its calls for the stolen Polish lands on its western borders to be returned to Poland. which indeed happened in the aftermath of World War 2  Stalin wanted nothing but the absolute best for Poland and he supported Boleslaw Bierut and the Polish Marxist-Leninist in their efforts to build up and developed a Strong Democratic Poland. it is high time for Stalin’s progressive and positive role in Polish history to be acknowledged upheld and celebrated by all True Polish patriots everywhere  The reason why the Polish Nation and ethnicity survives today   is due in  a very large part to Comrade Stalin and his revolutionary and brilliant leadership of the Socialist Soviet Union During the war with The Anti-Polish and Anti -Slav forces of Adolf Hitler  and His Nazi Germany Imperialism Poland and the Great Polish people and Nation Lives Today Because of Comrade Joseph Stalin

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Statement on the 134th Anniversary of The Birth of Comrade Joseph Stalin The Superman of Socialism

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Today is the 134th anniversary of the birth of Comrade Joseph Stalin who was the living sword of Revolutionary Leninism and the cofounder of The Soviet Union along with The Great Lenin. Stalin defended Leninism The Soviet Motherland and The International Communist Movement like no one else could from the revisionist forces of Trotskyism Bukharinism and the menace of World fascism al of which Comrade Stalin defeated during the time that he was the Leader o The Soviet State and The International Communist Movement. today The Pan Islamic Homeland is hurting and it is the teachings of comrade JV Stalin that can and will heal and restore the unity and power of The Pan Islamic Nation The Nation of Prophet Muhammad ibn Abdullah The Teachings of Stalin will restore and heal Pakistan and make it the powerhouse of The Islamic World once again by ending the sectarian violence against Shia and Ahmadiyya Muslims The Teachings of Stalin will heal the wounds the Various ethnic groups of Pakistan by granting the Balochi and Sindhi their own Soviet Socialists Republics within a United Pakistan. in the Arab World The Teachings of Stalin will heal The sectarian divisions between Sunnis and Shias and Other Religious and Ethnic groups within The Pan-Arab Homeland and they will lead to a Reunified Arab Nation within a Reunified Pan Islamic Nation State. and The Teachings of Stalin will also lead to a United Pan-African Nation which will in turn be part of a joint union with The Arab World. The Teachings of Stalin will unify all of Asia and all Original Non-White People World Wide into a Greater Pan Original World Socialist Confederation on the 134th anniversary of The Birth of Comrade Joseph Stalin The Pan Islamic Working Class and The International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam will fight like never before in order to bring about the Political reunification of The Pan Islamic Nation and of Asia as a Whole along with bringing about The Freedom and Liberation of All Original Non-White People Worldwide.

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Why Stalin was Good for Socialism and The World Proletarian Revolution

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it is often asked by some people what good did Stalin do and why does the International Communist movement uphold and celebrate The life and legacy of this great leader of the proletariat and the answer to this question is simple Stalin is upheld by true revolutionary communists because during his leadership The Socialist Soviet Union and The International Communist Movement went from Victory to Victory The soviet union completed its Socialist construction and beat back the reactionary forces of World Fascism and it helped spread Socialism to nearly 11 other countries around the world during This time when Comrade Stalin rule over the Soviet State and Marxism-Leninism become the major anti-Imperialist ideology in the World. Marxism-Leninism around the world went from victory to victory during the time that Stalin was leader of the International Communist Movement. The USSR was an Asian Country on the frontier of Asia and it was JV Stalin who defended the frontiers of Asia. by defeating the forces of German Imperialism and Its Allies Led by Adolf Hitler after the defeat of the so-called German National Socialism Stalin oversaw the creation The Marxist-Leninist Socialist bloc of Nations in Europe including the eastern half of Germany. and in Asia Stalin played the key role in crushing Japanese Imperialism which led to The formation o The Democratic Republic of Korea The DPRK also know as North Korea which has lasted to this very day as a strong and vibrant Asian Socialist Country. The defeat of Imperial Japan by Stalin’s Red Army also played a role in the final victory of the Chinese Communist Party and The formation of Maoist China Under The Leadership of The Great Chairman Mao Zedong. and it also played a role in the victory of The Vietnamese National liberation struggle under Comrade Ho Chin Minh and The Communist Party of Vietnam. today The Teachings of JV Stalin must be studied like never before so that Socialism and Communism can triumph throughout the world and so that a Socialist and Communist World can be created on the planet a Communist world where there will be no more oppression and where Freedom justice and equity will exist for all People.

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Russia Will Return to Afghanistan

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Russia will return to Afghanistan a combination of history and The geopolitical situation in Central Asia and The Eurasian region as a whole has left no other choice for Russia The position of US imperialism in Afghanistan is unreality and unattainable so The Us is planing to cut a deal with elements within The Taliban to let them once again take control of Afghanistan and dominate the country as they did before the September 11 period. for the past decade after invading Afghanistan in the aftermath of 911 The United States has been trying to make Afghanistan a puppet client state and a base area for the further expansion of its Imperialist influence in the region in order to fulfill and carry out This agenda which is a part of the imperialist geopolitical worldview and goal of The Zbigninew Brzezinski faction of US Imperialism which is to control all of Central Asia and The Eurasian Landmass in its mad scheme to bring about permanent Us Hegemony over the world historically Afghanistan has been seen as within the Russian and Eurasian spree of influence by Russian geopolitical Thought and Russia can not sit back and allow The Taliban and Al Qaeda to retake control of Afghanistan and destabilize the region. after US imperialism pulls out The bulk of its ground forces in The country Russia is going to have to return to Afghanistan and play a major and key role in stabilizing the country. and it must help build up a prosperous and powerful Afghanistan with a Pro Euransianist Iranian Turanist orientation and geopolitical outlook. The current president of Afghanistan Hamid Karzai is a Pan Iranian Nationalist and Indo- Iranian Nationalist who wishes for stronger ties with Iran and The Greater Iranian and Indo- Iranian World such as with India. and with Russia as well if Slavic Russia wishes to play a positive and progressive role in Afghanistan and the greater Turkic and Iranic regions of central Asia it should embrace its Turkic Iranic and Mongolian heritage and blood and come to the aid of Afghanistan as a brother nation and friendly neighbor and not as a hostile power. and help Afghanistan rebuild itself from the ravages of Western Imperialism and The Taliban. Russia help can and will go a long way in this regards. as Afghanistan is a Mixed multi country of Iranic Turkic and Mongolian Peoples just as Russia in Afghanistan The Pashtun Tajiks and Baloch are Iranic while the Turkmen and Uzbeks are Turkic Peoples and the Hazara People are a Mongolian people mixed with Iranic and Turkic Blood. The Two countries Afghanistan and Russia have a basis for a common future together since Russia and the Russian ethnic group also has Iranian blood which goes back to the time of the Ancient Scythians who were an Iranic Turkic people along with The well-known Turkic and Mongolian Blood which runs though Russian veins. history calls upon Russia to play a leading and decisive role in crushing both The Influence of US Imperialism in Central Asia and the reactionary Taliban Russia is going to have to come to a greater understanding of its Iranic Turkic and Mongolian blood heritage and identity so that it can found a common ethnic and culture ground with the region and relate better to Afghanistan and the neighboring Iranic Turkic and Mongolian and Indo-Iranian Peoples. a Russia that is aware of its Iranic Turkic and Mongolian blood ethnic heritage culture and identity will be able to carry out the historic and sacred task of defeating The Imperialist agenda and plans of Zbigniew Brzezinski for Central Asia and the Eurasian Region. and creating a rand new day and Social Order for all of Asia and Eurasia.

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The Ukraine Must Return to The Marxist Leninist Path of Lenin and Stalin

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The Ukraine must return to the revolutionary Marxist-Leninist path of Lenin and Stalin the people of the Ukraine have suffered greatly since the fall of scientific socialism in the Soviet Union and the only thing that will end this suffering is for the Ukraine to return to the revolutionary path of Lenin and Stalin every since the fall of the Soviet Union the people of the Ukraine have seen the political cultural social and economic decline of their as tens of thousands of Ukrainians have migrated from their homeland to other countries also millions of Ukrainian Women have been forced into the international sex trade. Ukraine is a great country and the Ukrainian people are a great people with a great history and culture that goes all the way back to the times of the state of Kievan Rus and its great rulers such as Oleg of Novgorod Igor of Kiev ST Olga of Kiev Sviatoslav the 1st Yaropolk 1 Vladimir The Great Yaroslav The Wise Ukraine during the time of The Kingdom of Kievan Rus was one of the richest and most culturally advanced states in The World. in more recent times The Ukrainian Working class played a key and decisive role in The great October revolution in 1917 and in the following Russian civil war which led to the formation of The Soviet Union. Ukrainian workers played a key role in smashing the counter-revolution white army and the bourgeois Ukrainian Nationalists and the Ukraine would go on to make great and tremendous agricultural industrial progress as a Soviet Republic within The great Soviet Union. during the Great Patriotic War of The Soviet Union The Ukrainian Workers and peasantry would rally to the banner of Stalin and Soviet Power and defeat The Invading armies of German imperialism and its ally the fascist Ukrainian Insurgent Army The reactionary forces of German Imperialism and The pro fascist forces of The Ukrainian Insurgent Army would be defeated and the Ukraine would resume its glorious march as a Soviet Republic. and it again become a Socialist powerhouse within the Soviet Union which was respected by forces from within and outside of The Soviet Union. Ukraine was indeed a great agricultural industrial and military powerhouse of Soviet Socialist Power during the time of the Soviet Union and it will indeed become such again if it returns to the Marxist-Leninist teachings and path of Lenin and Stalin which it will no doubt do so in the coming future.

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