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Joseph Stalin The Revolutionary Marxist Leninist Socialist Genghis Khan of Asia

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Centuries ago The Great Pan Asianist and Pan Turanian warlord and conqueror Genghis Khan struck out from  Mongolia and conquered much of the known world  from China to Hungary in Eastern Europe in order to establish  an egalitarian   society and Turanian world empire   based on The Mongolian code of The Yassa in the late 19 century and 20th century the world saw the rise of Joseph Stalin The Marxist-Leninist and Revolutionary Communist Leader of The Socialist Soviet Union  who spread Socialism to 11 other nations in both Asia and Europe and transformed  the Soviet Union into the modern worlds first Socialist superpower is has been said by many  that  Comrade Joseph Stalin was  Genghis Khan with  nuclear weapons   and this  description    of Comrade Stalin is very correct and accurate  as Comrade Stalin was indeed a modern-day socialist version of The Great Genghis Khan of Mongolia and he The Soviet State  that he led was the  heir to all of the great khans rulers sultans  and empires  of The Eurasian landmass such as the Scythian Samatian Xiognu  Hunnic  Khazar Gokturk  Mongolian  Timurid  Kievan Rus Seljuk  Ottoman Safavid among others   like  the great Genghis Khan of old  comrade Joseph Stalin was a warrior and from an early age he fought for the liberation of the proletarian working class and the oppressed masses of the Caucasus  and Central Asia  in his native Georgia and Azerbaijan.   Stalin endured many years  of  imprisonment  and exile for his revolutionary activities   on behalf of the Bolshevik party and  for  liberation of the Eurasian  working class   and all during this time he never stopped  fighting  for the liberation of the working class and the oppressed Peoples of the Russian empire of Czar Nicolaus II and he would go on to play a major role in the  October revolution of 1917 which saw the revolutionary seizure of power by the multi- ethnic  working  class of The Russian empire  and the creation of the Soviet Union as a mighty Anti-Imperialist and Anti-Western  Asiatic   socialist power.  in the revolution and its aftermath the Russian  civil war Stalin was a major political and military leader in the Soviet  revolution  and he proved to be a mighty Asiatic  warrior   in the army of Lenin  he defended the  city of Tsaritsyn from the reactionary white army and he later defended  the city of St Petersburg  from  attack and invasion by the white army and he rooted out their spy and sabotage networks in that great city which was the cradle of the Bolshevik Revolution  and he  played a key role in the  overall formation of the Soviet Red Army which was able to beat back the  military intervention of western imperialism   when it invaded  the  Soviet lands in the aftermath of the Soviet revolution.   and in addition to all of this Comrade Stalin played a major and key role in rallying   The Non-Russian and Muslim masses of the Russian empire to rally around the Bolshevik  cause and this was a key factor in causing  the final victory of the Soviet  revolution  over the Russian bourgeoisie and the western imperialist invaders of the newly born  Soviet land . Comrade Stalin was able to accomplish   this task because he himself  was Asiatic  eastern  man of  Islam  culture  and he  understood  the  inner  most  needs  and  concerns   of  the  Non-Russian eastern  and  Islamic  Peoples   of the old  Russian  Empire  who  wanted  this own  self Determination  and   the right  to practice  their  eastern  and  Islamic  cultures  comrade Stalin  was   instrumental    in the   setting  up  of the various ethnic  Soviet Republic and autonomous  republics  for  the   many different ethnic groups of the Soviet Union. in the aftermath of the civil war and the death of Comrade Lenin   Comrade   Joseph Stalin   directed  and guided  the Slavic Turkic Mongolian and Iranic  masses of  the Asiatic Soviet Union   in the creation and construction  of socialism within  the borders of the Soviet Union  and its transformation into a global Socialist superpower. and he guided  the Asiatic Soviet Union in its Great Patriotic  War against the Nazi German invasion of Adolf Hitler and  his European Germanic imperialism which desired to enslave the Asiatic masses of the Soviet Union wipe out their Asiatic and Eurasian cultures which were enjoying a renaissance  under the Marxist-Leninist Stalinist  socialist system  and expand  the  racial borders of the European world up to the Ural  mountains and  the Caucasus mountain regions of Asia Hitler and  his white  Nazi European army of invaders were driven out of the  whole of the Soviet Union by the might power and unity of the Soviet People  the great Asiatic Warlord   Comrade Stalin drove them out by rallying the masses of the Asiatic Soviet Union in a great patriotic war of national defense salvation and liberation and the Soviet Red Army under the political and ideological guidance of The Asiatic Marxist-Leninist  Stalin was  able to  destroy   The military  forces  of Nazi  Germany and  throw them  out of Eurasia and back into Germany and then  capture   their national capital of Berlin  to help the German working class to establish  Socialism in the eastern half of Germany.    The Soviet Red Army also Liberated the Slavic Mediterranean  and Turanian masses of eastern Europe during this same period    in a great military campaign  which  saw the Asiatic Soviet Red Army  march into Bulgaria  Czechoslovakia  Hungary Romania Poland  and parts of Yugoslavia to liberate  the Peoples of these countries  from Nazi  German Imperialism and to establish socialism in these areas  which in turn led to  the birth of a socialist camp of nations which  was able to  challenge the might of  western imperialism and give ideological and spiritual inspiration to the oppressed masses of Africa Asia Latin America   and the oppressed  nations of North America such as the New Afrikan Black Nation Aztlan and  the  Turanian Indigenous Native Peoples of North America whose ethnic and ancestral   originated in Northern  Asia in the territory   which would become the Soviet Union and Socialist Mongolia  Comrade Stalin also waged  revolutionary socialist and Proletarian Internationalist  military campaigns in Asia in both Northern Asia and the Middle East in Iran where the Soviet Red Army Liberated  the Oppressed  Turkic and Turanian  Azerbaijani Masses of Southern Azerbaijan   and ended the reactionary rule of Reza Shah  which resulted in the creation of the Azerbaijan Peoples Government as a first step to  reunification with Soviet Azerbaijan and the Socialist Transformation of the whole of the Middle East and Western Asia  in northern Asia Stalin Sent the Soviet Red Army  in a series of battles  with the Japanese army which secured the independence of Mongolia and the eastern flank of  The Soviet Union  from a Japanese invasion. and in  august  of 1945 Comrade Stalin sent the Red Army into Manchuria and Northern Korea in a final  military  campaign against imperial Japan which led to the destruction  of the Japanese army in the region and the birth of an Asian Socialist camp and  the Democratic  Republic of Korea a Socialist state which has exists  to this very day and this military  campaign of Comrade Stalin  accelerated the victory of the Chinese Socialist  Revolution  and the communist  forces under the leadership of Chairman Mao Zedong. Stalin would later send massive amount of  military  assistance to both  Korea and China during the Korean War which led to the military defeat of US imperialism in that war and the victory of the Socialist camp Comrade Stalin was indeed the Socialist Genghis Khan of Asia and  the Proletarian Muslims and Pan Original Communist Revolutionaries shall always honor him and the Proletarian Islamic Socialist Revolution of today shall produce and being forth many new Comrades and Leaders like  Joseph Stalin who shall create a  Socialist Asia and a Socialist Islamic World and establish Socialism and then Communism   throughout the world.

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April is Vladimir IIyich Lenin Month in Proletarian Islam

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The month of April    is Vladimir IIyich Lenin month in Proletarian Islam and we call upon and encourage   all party members supporters and allies within the Pan Islamic World and Proletarian Islamic camp to study the life and ideological works of Vladimir IIyich  Lenin ever harder  during the month and then to use them to accelerate the speed and progress  of the global  Pan Islamic world revolution and liberate  each and every occupied Islamic Land and  create a great and grand Proletarian Islamic Socialist  State  that will then go on to liberate  all of the oppressed of the world Islam and Leninism are invincible and the Proletarian Muslims  shall liberate all of the oppressed Peoples of the world and establish  Proletarian Islamic World Communism.

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The Race for Raqqa Syria is On

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The Syrian Civil War is  entering  its sixith year and  Syria has become the battlefield for an ever wideing and growing proxy war between US Imperialism and Russia and local regional  powers such as Iran Saudi Arabia and Turkey. The Syrian Civil War  has seen many twists and turns over these years  but the recent Russian military intervention has tipped the balance of power in flavor of President Bashar Al-Assad and his  pro government  Syrian forces.  the  Pro Assad forces have been able to hold on too Damascus  and the surrounding  areas in southern Syria and they have been able to launch an major military offessinve which has taken them to the gates of  Aleppo Syria and the Turkish border.  while these events have been taken place in northern Syria and the area around Damascus  meanwhile  in eastern Syria  another  battle is waging there in that region of Syria  US Imperialism  along with its allies  The Syrian  Democratic  Forces coalition this coalition with direct  US political  and military support is launching a major military offensive to try and retake the city of Raqqa Syria from  the group known as Daesh ISIS which has decared the city to be the capital of its so-called  caliphate   The organization  known as Daesh ISIS is an criminal  and barbaric  organization which  has committed  many crimes against the peoples of the region and it has also made an enemy  out of  all of the major  global  powers  such as  Russia China the European countires  among others. so in light of all of these facts Daesh ISIS is  not going to be able to hold on to its territories   in Iraq and Syria and   it is only  matter of time before Daesh  ISIS is driven out of the city of  Raqqa Syria as right now The Syrian Arab Army with its allies and Russian Air Support are also  launching an major  military offesenve  to retake Raqqa from Daesh ISIS. The race for Raqqa Syria is on and it is only a question of who wll get there first to drive Daesh ISIS out of the city will it be US Imperialsim  and its allies in the Syrian Democratic Forces coalition or will The Syrian Army Army and Its Russian and Iranian allies get there first and beat the Americans to the punch. no matter  who wins this race  the retaking of Raqqa from  Daesh  ISIS will have an political impact in the Arab World and  greater Middle Eastern region for decades to come. it is important for all of the peoples of the  Greater Middle East  North Africa region to rise up and destroy the Daesh ISIS Terrorist organization  and to also drive out all of the reactionary Imperialst powers from the Middle East and Greater North Africa. The Arab Berber Turkish Iranian and  Kurdish Pan Islamic Working Class  must take  up the leading vanguard role in the political spirtural  and military struggle to defeat the terorrism  of the Daesh ISIS  group and  to drive all of the Imperialist powers  out of the Middle East and North Africa region of the Pan Islamic Homeland. and  after this to build a new social order in the region based on Proletarian  Islamic Socialism  and social justice for all of the Indigenous  peoples and ethnic groups of the  Middle East  and North African region.


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Stalin on Zionism and The World Proletarian Revolution

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The following quote is a direct quote from JV Stalin on the Anti-Zionist World Struggle

The fight against Zionism has noting in common with anti-Semitism Zionism is the enemy of workers around the world where has the Jewish People are not
Stalin quoted in Krasnaja Svezda in the year 1953


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Party of Proletarian Islam Victory Day Statement 2015 Long Live Proletarian Islamic Marxism Leninism Stalinism

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Today is the 70th anniversary of the victory of The Asiatic Socialist Soviet Union over the Reactionary and Imperialist forces of Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany. The war between The Socialist Soviet Union and Nazi Germany was a clash of civilizations and a racial and ideological struggle between Asia and The White European world. Adolf Hitler wanted to expand the borders and territory of the White Germanic world and annex The Peoples and territory of The Asiatic Soviet Union to his Greater Germany But The Soviet Union and Soviet People of the great leadership of Joseph Stalin was able to defeat Hitler and his Germanic White Imperialism and expand the influence of The Asiatic Soviet Union and The ideological influence Marxism-Leninism Stalinism deep into Europe and Eastern Germany and in the process create an Socialist camp comprised of over 8 European counties. Stalin was an Non-European Asiatic Man of Georgian Ossetian Iranic ancestry and he Stalin guided by the ideology and teachings of his political mentor and fellow Asiatic Vladimir Lenin was able to build up the Soviet Union into a mighty industrial agricultural and military power that was able to withstand and beat back the Nazi Germany invasion and expanded Marxist Leninism into Europe and turn The Soviet Union into The worlds first Socialist superpower in modern times. The Victory of The Asiatic Soviet Union in The Great Patortic War was a Victory for all of Asia and The Non-White Pan Original World. today The Pan Islamic homeland which extends from central Africa to southeast Asia and up to Albania and Bosnia in Europe is also under attach and under threat from our enemies just as The Socialist Soviet Union was in 1941 The Islamic World must embrace our traditional Islamic values culture and identity and the Revolutionary Sunna of Prophet Muhammad Ibn Abdullah and his family and learn from the example of Lenin and Stalin in their work to build The Socialist Soviet Union and then wage our own Pan Islamic Socialist Peoples War of Liberation to create a Pan Islamic Version of The Soviet Union of Lenin and Stalin   which will be known as The Union of Proletarian Islamic Soviet Socialist Republics. the day will come when The Pan Islamic Ummah  will be able to celebrate its own Victory Day just as The Socialist Soviet Union was able to do in 1945 the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad Ibn Abdullah and His family along with ideology of Proletarian Islam and Islamic Marxism-Leninism Stalin shall insure the global victory and triumph of The Muslims and The Pan Islamic Nation.

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2014 Victory Day Statement from The International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam

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Today is the 69 anniversary of the defeat of National Socialist Germany and the victory of the Asiatic Soviet Union which was then of the dynamic Asian Leadership of Comrade Joseph Stalin The victory of The Socialist Soviet Union over the forces of Nazi Germany and its allies was a victory for Asia and all of Asian civilization and this day should long be celebrated by all of the Pan original Non-White World and The Pan original Adolf Hitler wanted to conquer The Asiatic Soviet Union and expand the border of The White Germanic world and Europe up to the borders of the Ural mountains and beyond but the Soviet Red army along with the workers and peasants under the leadership of Comrade Joseph Stalin and the Soviet Communist Party stop Hitler and German Imperialism cold in its tracks and in the process drove the military forces of Nazi Germany out of the borders of the Soviet Union and back to the borders of the Nazi Germany homeland with the Soviet Red Army following them in close pursuit and in late april and early May of 1945 the final deathblow to National Socialist Germany was struck when Adolf Hitler committed suicide on april 30 followed by the surrender of the german capital Berlin and its military garrison on may 2 and the final surrender of the forces of Germany on may 9th 1945. Today Barrack Obama is trying to follow in the footsteps of Hitler and conquer Russia Us Imperialism is treated by the rise of the new Nationalist Russia led by Vladimir Putin but Barrack Obama and the forces of western Imperialism will not be successful in this endeavor because the masses of the Russian federation are united behind President Vladimir Putin and the United Russia party along with the Communist Party of The Russian federation and other patriotic and nationalist forces within Russia. the president Russian state under Putin is unbeatable and Barrack Obama and Western Imperialism can not hope to beat and conquer Russia at this time as all of Asia from The Peoples Republic of China to India and Baathist Syria and Africa are all standing with Russia in its faceoff with the forces of Western Imperialism and Russia Shall Surely come out victorious in this current struggle just as it came out victorious in the struggle with Hitler and german imperialism 69 years ago

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Proletarian Islamic Stalinism Pan Indo-iranian Nationalsm The National Question in Pakistan and The Global Pan Islamic World Revolution

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Pakistan is a multi ethnic society and over the years since its founding there has been tensions at times between the four major ethnic groups of Pakistan such as the Baloch Pashtun Punjabi and Sindhi Peoples this is very unfortunate since all four of these ethnic groups have so much in common with each other such as all of them being Indo-Iranian  Peoples with a common  Indo- Iranian Culture and identity along with having an Islamic culture heritage and identity in common with each other as well. since the overwhelming majority of the Peoples within these ethnic groups are all Muslim it is in the best interests of the Pan Islamic Nation and The Global Proletarian Islamic World Revolution and also  for the good of The Indo -Iranian World and The Pan Islamic Homeland that these tensions and potentially antagonistic contradictions between these four major ethnic  groups of Pakistan  be bought to an end. as soon as possible. so that The Global Pan Islamic and Proletarian Islamic Socialist Revolution can march on to its final victory over White World Western Imperialism and Global White Zionism. and also so that Western Imperialism  and Global Zionism can not take advantage of the contradictions   to  divide Pakistan into ethnic ministates     a strong and United Islamic Pakistan is in the best interests  of the Global Pan Islamic World Revolution and the global anti-Imperialist and anti-Zionist World Struggle.   a Pakistan government under The Ideology of Proletarian Islamic Socialism  can and will end the tensions between the four major Indo-Iranian ethnic   groups of Pakistan  by giving each group an autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic within a unified Proletarian Islamic Soviet Socialist Pakistani Nation State. this Pakistani Union of Soviet Socialist Republics will be based on The Leninist Stalinist National Polices from The Soviet Union of Lenin’s and Stalin’s Time. each of these four Pakistani ethnic groups will be allowed to have its own Soviet Republic within a Proletarian Islamic Pakistan where each ethnic group will be allowed to have a culture that is National in form and  Proletarian  Islamic Socialist and Stalinist in content. many of the smaller ethnic groups  within the county shall also under  the proletarian Islamic socialist Stalinist  national  policy   enjoy  compete and total freedom to express their cultural and ethnic  identity without any type of  oppression  directed  what so ever  towards   them.  The Stalinist National policy of Comrade Joseph Stalin applied to Pakistan will bring about The Renaissance of The Baloch Pashtun Punjabi and Sindhi people within Pakistan and the influence of this policy will spread to the neighboring Indo Iranian countries of Afghanistan Bangladesh Iran India and the other countries  and regions of The Indo-Iranian World. by putting into practice Stalin’s National Policy   Pakistan will become  a stronger and more stable country. and it will then be able to fulfill its destiny as an fortress vanguard nation of the Global Pan Islamic Socialist World proletarian Revolution of The Pan Islamic Working Class. and it will be in an even stronger position to help spread both The Proletarian Islamic Revolution and The Pan Asiatic Proletarian Revolution to The rest of Asia. an Islamic Socialist and Proletarian Islamic Stalinist Pakistan under a Proletarian Islamic government shall be a mighty and powerful Base area for The Proletarian Islamic World Socialist Revolution.

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