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Kwame Nkrumah The Formation of The Soviet Union the 100th Anniversary of The October Revolution Afro -Arabian Nationalism and The Proletarian Islamic Socialist Revolution

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Kwame Nkrumah the great Black Communist  and Pan-African revolutionary thinker  and Freedom fighter was inspired in his African Nationalist thought and thinking  and in his concept  of unified   Socialist United States of Africa. by the teachings of Lenin and the   historical formation and creation  of the Socialist Soviet Union and the unity of its various nationalities and ethnic groups which were all historical events which would not have taken place within the revolutionary teachings of Lenin and the great October Revolution and its aftermath which saw and witnessed  the military  victory of the Soviet Multiethnic working class in the Russian civil war Kwame Nkrumah wanted to do the same for the African continent   and to create a African version of The Soviet Union stretching from Egypt to the Republic of South Africa in southern Africa.  a Socialist United States of Africa.  and today we The Proletarian Muslims of The International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam wish to do the same and we desire to included all of the Arab countries to the east of Egypt into  the United States of Africa and to create a joint  union and confederation of all of the African continent and all of the Arab World into  a joint Socialist United States of Africa and Arabia  as a contribution  to the Global Proletarian Islamic Socialist world Revolution for National Liberation  and the unity of all of the Islamic World. the creation of a Socialist United States of Africa and Arabia  is one of the central and main political talks of the Global Proletarian Islamic Socialist revolution at this present  time in history and the Pan-African and Pan-Arab working class is fully able and capable of carrying out these  historical tasks  and it shall be the leading and vanguard  political and social force in the Afro-Arabian revolution for the unity and liberation of Africa and the Arab world into one single country and   socialist  confederation   and The Socialist United States of Africa and Arabia shall then on to play a leading  role in the liberation of all oppressed peoples  and in the creation of a Socialist world.

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Kim IL Sung Birthday Statement 2016

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Comrade Kim IL Sung The Great Leader and Founder of The Democratic Republic of Korea  was a great and true friend of The Pan Islamic Ummah and The Global Pan Islamic Socialist and Anti-Imperialist revolution  Kim IL Sung during his time as Leader of the country  geopolitically allied North Korea with the Islamic world and the Anti-Imperialist and Socialist  that were taking place in the Pan Islamic homeland. such as the  Islamic Socialist Revolutions in Algeria Egypt  Iraq Libya Syria and the struggle to liberate Arab and Islamic Palestine from the Zionist occupation  indeed in 1973 Ramadan war Kim IL Sung sent North Korean soldiers aircraft  tanks and missiles to assist  the Arab Armies that were battling Israel and he  gave special instructions to the Korean military  forces that they were to fight for the liberation of the occupied Arab lands as if they were fighting for the soil of  their  own Korean homeland. and the North Korean military forces would go on to play a major role in the defence of the cities  of Cairo Egypt and Damascus Syria  from the invading Zionist armies  of Israel. Kim IL Sung was also a great supporter of Islamic Socialist Pakistan during the time of The Islamic Socialist Revolutionary  government of Zhulfikar Ali Bhutto and  his Pakistan Peoples Party. and the  efforts of the  organization of Islamic  Conference  to establish Pan Islamic world unity. Kim IL Sung was also a great supporter of the 1979 Islamic Revolution in Iran and the self-determination of Afghanistan and the Afghan People during the 1980s for this rest of his life up until his untimely passing in 1994 Comrade Kim IL Sung would continue   to support  the National Liberation struggles of the Pan Islamic Nation and ally North Korea  closely with the Islamic World. and his Son  Dear Leader Kim Jong IL    along with his grandson Kim Jong Un the current North Korean Leader have continued   the Pro Islamic geopolitical polices of his grandfather Kim IL Sung and today The Democratic Republic of Korea   is an firm supporter of Islamic Socialist   Baathist Syria and the Islamic Socialist Green Resistance in Libya and  the Islamic Republic of Iran.   the chief and central aim of the International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam and The Proletarian Muslims is to establish  a Pan Islamic Socialist State stretching  from Central Africa to Southeast Asia and Eastern Europe  based on the ideology of Proletarian Islam.  and the  Juche Communist teachings of Kim IL Sung will aid in the process of the establishment of our Pan Islamic Socialist State in the course of The Global Proletarian Islamic Socialist World Revolution of Islamic Peoples.  and we in the International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam call upon all Revolutionary Socialist Muslims and Communists and all Revolutionary minded  Anti-Imperialist Muslims around the world along with all of the progressive   peoples of The World  to honor Comrade Kim IL Sung on this The 104th anniversary      of his birth.

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It is Time for The Mediterranean Race to Reunite

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it is time for the Mediterranean race which was responsable for some of the greatest civilizations in human history to reunite. The Mediterranean Race built and maintained the ancient civilizations of Akkadia Assyria. Babylon Sumeria   Carthage Egypt Persia Greece Rome etc and the other great civilization of the greater Mediterranean region. Today the Mediterranean Race includes the Arab Nation various West African ethnic groups such as the Hausa and Fulani and such East African ethnic groups as the Somalis and the people’s of Ethiopia Eritrea and Djibouti along with the Peoples of Iran Afghanistan Tajikistan Armenia Georgia Pakistan and much of northern India. the Mediterranean race also includes the Peoples of southern Europe such as the Spanish  and  Portuguese peoples of the Iberian  peninsula   and the Peoples of The Italian Peninsula along with The Albanians Greeks Maltese  and other southern European peoples and the Mediterranean race also  includes  the Peoples of Latin America  that possess  Arab Mediterranean African and southern European ancestry.  The Mediterranean Race which first originated in Northwest Africa thousands of years ago was responsible for creating the first civilizations in human history and it is high time for all of the Mediterranean descended  and heritage peoples  to Reunite and recognize the historical ethnic and cultural bonds that are between them. such a reunion of The Mediterranean Race will be of great benefit to The Pan Islamic Nation since the Islamic people’s of the Greater Middle East are for the most racially  Mediterranean Peoples and so are the Islamic Peoples of Eurasia and The Caucasus in addition The Mediterranean people’s of Europe such as The Spanish Portuguese Southern Italians Albanians and Greeks etc are also Peoples with an Islamic ancestral heritage and connections to The Islamic Peoples of Africa and Asia.  and these   Mediterranean Peoples of southern Europe who are of Arab and African Mediterranean  racial ancestry  should now embrace their historical and ethnic connections to the Mediterranean Peoples of the Islamic world and shred their identity as White European Peoples and embrace their true racial identity as Arabs and Africans  and in addition  the Mediterranean Peoples of the Greater Middle East and Africa should unite with their southern European Mediterranean racial brothers and sisters  to  create an Socialist Pan Mediterranean Peoples republic of the Greater Middle East Southern Europe and Africa. if these actions are taken an Renaissance or Baath of The Mediterranean Race shall surely  take place in this world.

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Statement on the 86th Anniversary of the Birth of Comrade Che Guevara

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Today is the 86th anniversary of the Birth of The Great Revolutionary Communist Ernesto Che Guevara The National hero of Socialist Cuba and the New Socialist Simon Bolivar of modern-day Latin America Che was a Marxist-Leninist revolutionary and a Pan Latino Nationalist who dreamed of a unified Socialist Latin America that would be a giant base area for the world proletarian revolution and spread Socialism throughout Africa and Asia and he was one of the main leaders of the Cuban socialist revolution alongside The great Fidel Castro. the struggle to liberate Latin America and to unite it into one Single Pan Latino Nation is one of the chief goals and task of Proletarian Islam and The Proletarian Islamic World Socialist Revolution. since Latin America is a child and offshoot of Arab and Islamic Civilization and culture. Latin America must be united into one Pan Latino Nation and Continental bloc and united with the reunified Arab and Pan Islamic Nation in a joint geopolitical alliance that will be capable of overthrowing the power and influence of The White Christian western World and Global Zionism forever today the revolutionary legacy of Che lives on in the various national liberation struggles of The Pan Original Non-White World and he speeches and writings are a valuable source of revolutionary wisdom and guidance during this present times of revolutionary struggle and they cane serve as an ideological guide for the Proletarian Muslims in a struggle to reunify and liberate The Pan Islamic Homeland and for all other oppressed original Non-White Peoples around the world in our various struggles to crush White World Imperialism and supremacy The courage and communist wisdom of Comrade Che Guevara lives on

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Nelson Mandela and Islam

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Nelson Mandela had a great respect for Muslims and the Religion of Islam he saw The religion of Islam as a key component of The culture identity and history of Africa and he respected the role that many Muslims played in The Anti-Apartheid struggle for the liberation of South Africa. indeed during his time in the underground Revolutionary Struggle against apartheid Nelson Mandela received his military training in guerrilla warfare at the hand of Muslims in Islamic Socialist Algeria. after his arrest and trial Nelson Mandela took up the study of Islam at Robben Island and this deepened his respect and appreciation of The Religion and Culture of Islam and the progressive and revolutionary role that it played in African History after his release from prison and the fall of the old White racist Apartheid regime Nelson Mandela pointed out in his speeches and talks that Islam was the majority religion on the African continent and that Islam had become an integral part of many African cultures and in turn Africa and African culture had influenced Islam and Islamic culture and he also recognized Islam and South African Muslims as a key component in the modern-day National identity of Post Apartheid South Africa. on the International scene Nelson Mandela advocated and believed that South Africa and The rest of the African world should geopolitically ally and align with The Pan Islamic world and the Muslims countries of Asia. Nelson Mandela always supported The Revolutionary movements and Struggles of national  liberation  within  The Pan Islamic Homeland and the anti-Imperialist States of The Muslim World such as Islamic Socialist Libya under The Leadership of Brother Leader Muammar Gaddafi and Islamic Socialist Baathist Iraq under President Saddam Hussein and The Islamic Republic of Iran. Nelson Mandela was truly a friend and ally to The Pan Islamic Nation and the support that he gave to The Revolutionary movements and governments of the Pan Islamic Homeland should never be forgotten. The Pro Islamic orientation of Nelson Mandela shall live on within The Global Black Nationalist and Pan Africanist Movement. all Revolutionary Black Nationalists and Pan Africanists worldwide should and must learn from Nelson Mandela and his Pro Islamic teachings and worldview on Islam and its Revolutionary and progressive role in The History of Africa. Africa and The Pan Islamic Homeland are one and both The Global Pan-African and Pan Islamic World Revolutions are interconnected and this has been the case since the time of The African Prophets of The Holy Quran and The Prophet Muhammad Ibn Abdullah. Nelson Mandela understood this historical and geopolitical fact very well and so too must all other Black Nationalists and Pan Africanists in this day and time must likewise come to accept this fact along with the rest of the Pro Islamic geo political line and world view of Nelson Mandela in order to bring about the complete and total National liberation and resurrection of The Global Pan-African Nation. together The Pan-African World and The World of Islam will march on to global victory over the wicked and reactionary forces of White World Imperialism and Global White Zionism and will create a new socially just world based on freedom justice and equity for The Islamic World and All of The Non-White and Original Peoples of The Earth. Together The Pan-African World and The Pan Islamic World will bring this new World into existence on this planet in the very near Future.

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The Assad Family and The Syrian Baath Party Have Been The Chief Defenders of Palestine and The Palestinian Revolution

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The Muslim Brotherhood along with Anti-Assad Arab Nationalist and other forces have been busy spreading The lies that The Assad Family of Syria and The Syrian Baath along with The National Progressive Front of Syria have never done anything for Palestine and towards The liberation of Palestine some dishonest forces and individuals go so far as say that The Assad family has never fried a shot in anger at Israel this is an outright lie and distortion of history nothing could be further from the truth from the time that the Father of the current Syrian President Hafiz Al-Assad led Syria all the way down to the present day Arab Islamic Socialist Syria has been the leading base area in the Pan-Arab Homeland for The Palestinian Revolution and the Armed Struggle to liberate it from Zionist control. from the time of the Corrective revolution of 1970 the liberation of Arab Palatine has been a top priority for The Assad Family as Syria under their leadership was turned into a gigantic base camp for the Palestinian Revolution and for the liberation of Arab Palestine. with this goal in mind President Hafiz Al-Assad launched a Pan-Arab War of Liberation to liberate the Golan heights and all of Arab Palestine in the Ramadan War in 1973 which was known as the October war or Yom Kippur war in Israel and The White Western World. Syrian forces in that war put up a heroic fight and Jihad and they nearly liberated the Golan heights in this war while at the same time they also restored Arab Honor and pride in the wake of the 1967 defeat of the Arab armies by Israel the Zionist entity. the rest of the decade would see President Hafiz Al-Assad increase Syria s support for The Palestinian Revolution with its support for The Palestinian Branch of The Baath Party As-Sa iqa and other revolutionary Arab Nationalist organizations within The Pan-Arab Homeland. Zaki Al- Arsuzi the Original and first founder of Baathist Ideology and Thought wrote that The only way that Israel could be defeated was for Iran to join in and become an actor in the armed struggle to liberate Palestine. Hafiz Al-Assad being a loyal student and disciple of Zaki Al-Arsuzi was overjoyed and delighted with The Victory of The Iranian Islamic Revolution in 1979 and the overthrowment of the Shah and The Coming to power of Imam Khomeini and Iran s new-found commitment to The Arab and Islamic cause and The liberation of Arab Palestine from Zionist occupation. Hafiz Al-Assad established during this time in history an Iranian Syrian alliance that has lasted to this very day and hour. both Hafiz al-Assd and his son Bashar would even put aside Ideological differences with The Muslim Brotherhood in the interests of The Liberation of Arab Palestine and they put their full support towards The Hamas organization in its struggle to liberate Palestine and defeat Israel and Hamas has scored its greatest victories over Israel while being allied with and having the support of The Assad Family and Baathist Syria. after the untimely death of Syrian President Hafiz Al-Assad in the year 200 his son The Revolutionary Arab Nationalist and Islamic Socialist Bashar Al-Assad would continue The Revolutionary Pro Palestine polices of his Father Hafiz Al-Assad indeed President Bashar Al-Asad deepened and increased Syria s Support to all of The fighting groups that were engaged in the armed struggle to liberate Palestine and this includes The Hezbollah organization in Lebanon who in the year 2000 with the support of Baathist Syria were able to finally drive Israel from South Lebanon some years later the Syrian Baathist Hezbollah Alliance were able in the summer of the year 2006 to defeat Israel again in The July War. The Assad family has done much for the Palestinian Revolution and the struggle to liberate Palestine and this is why White Western imperialism and the forces of global Zionism wish to bring down and destroy The Assad Government and Baathist Islamic Socialist Syria but they will not succeed in this plan as The Assad family and Baathist Syria has the support of all of the true Anti-Imperialist and Anti-Zionist masses of Syria Palestine and the rest of Greater Syria. The Asssd Family along with all of Syrian led Arab Baath Socialist Party and they have been the Chief Defenders of Palestine and The Palestinian Revolution and they shall be victorious against The Forces of White World Imperialism Zionism and Global Wahhabism.

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Imperialist Air Strikes on Syria

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It seems that the World May be hours or days away from seeing The United States and Its White European allies launching air attacks on Syria in an attempt to destroy and overthrow Baathist Islamic Socialist Syria in an attempt to overthrow the legitimate government of President Bashar Al -Assad if the Western White Imperialist launch this military aggression against Socialist Syria The Battle to defeat The Syrian Counter revolutionary The battle will no longer just be a battle to protect and defend Baathist Islamic Socialist Syria it will become a revolutionary battle to liberate and reunify all The Pan-Arab Homeland from The Atlantic ocean to The Gulf and overthrow all of the reactionary and pro western and pro Zionist regimes in the Arab World and the wider Middle East.

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