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Will The US And Iran Go To War With Each Other

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Many people around the world are asking the question wondering and thinking if The United States of America and Iran shall go to war with each other or not in the very near future. many have taken it for granted that such a war happening and coming about soon is already a full blown conclusion and fact but the reality of this sanitation is that a war between US and Iran happening on the scale of the 2003 US Invasion of Iraq is very unlikely at this present time in history to happen due to the changed geopolitical situation of 2019 as opposed to 2003 US Imperialism has been vastly weaken by its wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and the rise of Russia and China as global powers. which has resulted in the decline of the global geopolitical power and might of the United States. in addition there is much war weariness within the United States among the US Population and there is not much enthusiasm for an Afghan or Iraqi war type invasion and occupation of Iran and the occupation of a new Muslim country and a 20-30 year military campaign and occupation of Iran such as what is happening in Afghanistan and Iraq. in addition to this the current President of The United States Donald Trump has a pro Vladimir Putin and Russian geopolitical orientation and the present day Iranian government has increasing turned the Islamic Republic of Iran into a client state and puppet of Russian Imperialism and hence Iran is currently under the political and military protection of Russia and the Russians would not approve of a large scale military campaign so close to the Russian borders and Donald Trump who has a political and ideological loyalty towards Putin and Russia does not want to do anything which would upset the Russians. and so Iran at the present time is safe from any Iraqi style invasion of its territory the most that Donald Trump will do to Iranians is carry out some air skies and small scale commando raids on Iran and its allies in Iraq Lebanon Syria Yemen and elsewhere but a full scale war between The United States And Iran is not happening at this time in history and there will certainty be no 2003 Iraqi style invasion of the Islamic Republic of Iran at this present time in history due to the changing geopolitical realities of the current world order.

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The Arab Communist Party of Proletarian Islam Statement on The 82th Anniversary of The Birth of President Saddam Hussein of Iraq

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this year is the 82th anniversary of the birth of the ertrnal and immortal leader of Iraq President Saddam Hussein it has been 12 years since his martyrdoms at the hands of the agents of Iran and US Imperialism but as The Holy Quran teaches us in Sura 2 Al Baqarah Ayat 154 And speak not of those who are slain in Allahs way as dead Nay they are alive but you perceive not And indeed Saddam Husein still lives though the western imperialist Zionist Persian racists and other enemies of the Arab Nation perceive not Saddam Hussein lives in the struggle of the Arab Iraqi people to liberate their land from the wicked Persian and imperialist occupation of the country. Saddam Hussein Lives in the struggle of the heroic Palestinian Arab Masses to liberate the sacrad Arab and Islamic land of Palestine from the wicked Zionist occupation Saddam Hussein lives in the struggle of the Arab Ahwaz people in their liberation struggle agansit the racist Persian occupation of the current Iranian government the revolutionary spriet of Saddam Hussein lives in the struggle of the Libyan Arab people and the struggle of the Islamic Socialist green resistacne to libriate Libya from the reactionary Anti-African and Anti-Socialist terror gangs which are baced by western imperialism and various reactionary arab and Midlde eastern governments such as Qatar Saudi Arabia Iran and Turkey President Saddam Hussein wanted a united Pan Arab homeland witout the perseicne of any outside non-arab military forces statined and based on Arab soil and to this end he isisued The Arab Declaration in 1980 which forbid and prihibution any outside military percence within the sacred and holy soil of the Pan Arab Homeland Saddam Hussein as a committed Baathist and Pan Arab Nationalist desried to see the creation and formation of a united and unifted Pan Arab Socialist Nation stretching from the altantic ocean and the sarharean region of western Africa to Ahwaz in what is now southwestern Iran to the Arabain gulf region and Yemen and the east African Arab states of dibusitya Eritrea and Somalia and Sadddam Hussein tranfremd Iraq into one of the most advanced socialist states in the modern history of the world. and Saddam Hussein shared and put the resources of Baathist Arab Islamic Socialist Iraq into the service of the whole of the Arab Nation and Pan Arab Revolution against imperialism and Zionism and he President Saddam Hussein supported revolutionary movements throughout the Arab Nation and pan Arab homeland such as the Sudanese Revolution of 1971 and the liberation struggle of the Eritrean Afro-Arab people of east Africa in their war of liberation against the Pro Imperialist and Pro Zionist government of Ethiopian Saddam Hussein considered Eritrea to be an integral part of the Arab Nation and Pan Arab Homeland and he considered the Eritrean struggle for liberation to be an integral part of the Pan Arab Revolution. Saddam Hussein defied the might of the Social Imperialist Soviet Union during his support for the Eritrean revolution and Saddam Hussein also supported the revolutionary Islamic Marxist Leninist Government of Somalia led by the revolutionary Marxist Leninist Communist Siad Barre and Baathist Iraq also supported the Arab Revolution in Oman during the revolutionary uprising of the Omani Arab people in the 1970s Baathist Iraq was also one of the leading Arab states combatting the Zionist entity of Israel during the glorious and immortal Mother of all battle Saddam Hussein sent Iraqi Baathist Missiles deep into the heart of Israel and struck terror into the hearts of the Zionist occupiers of Arab Palestine during this mother of all battles which continues to this very day and hour Saddam Hussein challenged the might of US Imperialism and its allies and forever earned a place in the ranks of courageous Anti-imperialist frddeom fighters of the Pan Original World Global South. for standing up to and challenging the might of US Imperialism the devil of the 20th century in the immortal Mother of all battle. Saddam Hussein also supported revolution movements in the non -Arab regions and areas of Africa such as in southern Africa such as the Zanu movement of Robert Mugabe in Zimbawave and The South West African Peoples Organization in Namibia The Pan African Congress in Azania South Africa and Saddam Hussein was also a close Personal friend and a key ally to the African Nationalist and Socialist president of Zambia Kenneth Karunda and Saddam Hussein also developed relations with The Mozambique Liberation Front Frelmo and Saddam Hussein’s Arab Islamic Socialist Ideology had a major ideological influence on its leader Samora Machel President Saddam Hussein and Arab Islamic Socialist Baath Iraq was also a key ally of The legendary Marxist Leninist President and founder of Socialist Cuba Comrade Fidel Castro. President Saddam Hussein was a key proponent of the revolutionary unity of all of the revolutionary forces of Asia Africa and Latin America and the Pan Original world of the global south and he left a revolutionary Arab Nationalist and Arab Islamic Anti-Imperialist and Anti-Zionist legacy which will never be forgotten or written out of history and of which shall live on and endure for all time.

The International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam Iraqi Victory Day Statement 2018 The Victory of Iraq in The Iran-Iraq War Was a Victory For All of The Forces of Islamic Socialism Worldwide

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August 8 is a date that is sacred to aa true Revolutionary Baathists who followed the political line and heritage of President Saddam Hussein  and it is also sacred to   the International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam  and all of the Proletarian Muslims   and it should be sarced and  holy to all revolutionary Muslims with socialist and Communist idelgigical belief and leanings  as the war that Baathist Iraq Under The Leadership of Presdent Saddam Hussein wagged  against the facist khamainist regime in Iran was a war and holy jihad for the defense of the Arab Nation and homeland and the very  concept  of Islamic Socialism itself  President Saddam Hussein goin all the back to the time when he was Vice Presdent of Iraq in the early 1970s   along with the whole  the Iraq Baath Party had supported  Imam Khomenini and the struggle of the Iranian revolutionaries against the Shah of iran and his corrupt and pro Zionist government Imam Khomeini was also to write his  famous book on Islamic Government and carry out other political actives while under the protection of President Saddam Hussein and the Arab Islamic socialist  Baathist government  of Iraq. in early 1979 after massive strikes and rallies by the Pan Islamic working class of Iran which included the Awazi Arab working class   the Shah and his government fell and was overthrown. and the Iranian Islamic revolution was supported and endorsed by President Saddam Hussein and the Baath party and government  of Iraq. Saddam Hussein even called for a revolutionary Anti-Imperialist and Anti-Zionist Pan Islamic and Pan Middle Eastern alliance with  the newly created Islamic Republic of Iran under Imam Khomeini leadership but Imam Khomeini  being an Anti-Arab racist and ideologically    opposed to the concept of Islamic Socialism rejected President Saddam Hussein offer of an revolutionary alliance between the two countries and Imam Khomeini  called for the overthrow of the Islamic socialist Baathist government of President Saddam Hussein and sent sectarian death squad into Iraq to  murder and kill Iraqi civilians  and assassinate  members  of the Baath party and government  such as comrade Tariq Aziz. and during this period  the Iranian army also shelled  Iraqi border towns on the borders with Iran and in response  to this  Iranian aggression President Saddam Hussein sent the Iraqi army into  Iran to beat back the Iranian  military aggression against Iraq   and to aid the Islamic socialist Revolutionaries  in Iran who were struggling against  Imam Khomeini and his fascist government  and after a heroic and historic 8  year war Arab Islamic Socialist Baathist Iraq was able to defeat  the fascist Iranian aggressors and halt the expansionist plans of Imam Khomeini to  conquer and enslave the Arab World. The victory of Baathist Iraq in the Iran-Iraq war was a victory for Arabism the Arab Nation and all of the forces of Islamic socialism both within the Arab Nation and in the Non-Arab Islamic countries. and  Iraq’s victory in the struggle against fascist Iran is also an inspiration  and ideological role  model  today for all Anti-Imperialist and Anti-Zionist pro-socialist and pro communist political forces in the Islamic world who uphold and respect  Islam in their   ideology in anyway. and Baathist Iraq’s  victory in the war against Iran can and shall serve as a model of revolutionary struggle and victory for  all Islamic Socialist and Islamic Communist revolutionaries across the Muslim World.  today from The Arab world to Pakistan and southeast Asia and beyond to eastern Europe and the Islamic countries  of Africa. Islam is by nature a socialist religion and  the future dominating ideology of  the Islamic world shall be Islamic Socialism and Proletarian Islam and   the victory of Arab Islamic Socialist Baathist Iraq in the Iran-Iraq war of the 1980s is evidence  of this fact.

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Communist Party of Proletarian Islam Statement on the 50th anniversary of The July 17-30 Baathist Revolution in Iraq

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The period of July 17-30 is the 50th  anniversary of the glorious Baathist revolution in Iraq which transformed Iraq into a mighty Arab Islamic socialist state based on the principals of Arab Nationalism and the teachings of the great reovlutoonary Arab Nationalist Michael Aflaq which spread the values of Arab Islamic Socialism around the Pan Arab Homeland and beyond. after crushing the weak government of Abdul Rahman Arif and the  opportunist  military clique  of  Abd Ar-Razzaq An-Naif under the Baath Iraqi women were liberated  and receive the rights that were due to them under Islam and the traditional values of  Arab culture and the Kurdish people of northern Iraq were given self rule and their cultural rights within the framework of united  Socialist Iraq. and the Anti-Zionist struggle of the Arab Nation. Baathist Iraq  become a regional Arab Islamic socialist superpower and its influence was felt from Western Africa to Bangladesh  in south Asia  Baathist   Iraq was ale with its missies to strike at the heart of Zionist Israel  and supported  the liberation struggles of all oppressed Arab peoples and counites from Eritrea  and Palestine  to Lebanon Oman and Mauritania   and it supported national liberation struggles outside the borders of the Pan Arab Homeland  such as in Southern Africa and South Asia   and Baathist Iraq allied  with revolutionary socialist and Anti-Imperialist governments such as Socialist Cuba under the leadership of comrade Fidel Castro  and the revolutionary African government of Ahmed  Sekou Toure in Guinea   in West Africa Baathist Iraq defended the eastern border of the Pan Arab homeland by defeating Iran and its armed forces in the Iran-Iraq war and Baathist Iraq defided the might of US Imperialism and all of its allies in the region during the iimotral and glroisys Mother of All battles in 1991  and Baathist Iraq become a sysmoy of resistacne and defiance to all struggling and oppressed Muslim peoples around the world such as in Bosnia and  Chechnya    and the oppressed Black and Latino masses within the United States. among others. and it  gave  renewaled  hope to the oppressed Palestinian Masses in occupied  Palestine who rise up during the second intifada  to defy the Israeli Zionist occupiers of Arab Palestine. Today the revolutionary Arab Nationalism and Arab Islamic socialism of the Baathist Iraq of Ahmed Hasan Al Bakr and Saddam Hussein is a model of emulation for all of the revolutionary sons and daughters of the Arab Nation to put into practice and create one single Pan Arab Socialist Country out of the  divided Arabic speaking countries and territories  of today.  and  there is also much that  the revolutionary and socialist  mined Muslims  from outside of the Arab world  can learn from the Ideology of Baathism and the  Arab Islamic Socialist experiment of Baathist Iraq.      even further then this all  oppressed people of color everywhere around the globe can learn from and put The principals of Baaathism  into practice  in their  homelands outside of the Arab world.  and liberate  the whole of the Non-White world from white world imperialism and global Zionism and in the process lay the basis of a new global humanitarian world order in which no nation country or people shall oppress  another  the Arab Islamic socialist teachings of Michel Aflaq Saddam Hussein and Izzat Ibrahim Al-Douri  have led in their practice  of Baathism in the ideological and spiritual  foundation of such a new political and Social  order in the world.

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The International Pan Islamic Communist Party Statement on the 50th anniversary of the July 17 Baathist Revolution in Iraq

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Today July 17th 2018 is the 50th anniversary of the glorious July 17th Baathist Revolution in Iraq  which was  the beginning of one  the most  advanced socialist  experiments in the whole of the Pan Arab and Pan Islamic homeland after overthrowing the regime of Abdul Rahman Arif The Iraqi Baath Party of Ahmad Hassan Al Bakr Saddam Hussein turned Iraq into a mighty base are for the Pan Arab revolution and Baath Iraq did much in its early period to aid and advance the Pan Arab Revolution in all parts of the Pan Arab Homeland such as in The Dhofar Revolution in Oman in the Arabian gulf and in Sudan where Baathist Iraq supported the revolutionary uprising  of General Hashem Al Atta   and the  occupied Arab lands of Eritrea  and Palestine  where the Iraqi Baath Party  put the full resources of Iraq at the service  of the Arab Revolution in both Eritrea   and Palestine.  The Iraqi Baath Party also  during the period did much to advance  the Arab Revolution in the Arab lands of Jordan and Lebanon where it supported the Arab socialist revolutions in these two Arab lands  The Iraqi Baath Party also supported Islamic socialist revolutions in the Non-Arab parts of the Pan Islamic homeland  such as  The struggle of the oppressed Baloch peoples  who have centuries of both ethnic and cultural ties with the Pan Arab Nation  and Iraq also supported the National liberation and independence struggle of the peoples of Bangladesh   and revolutions  and Anti-Imperialist governments in all parts of Africa Asia and Latin America. and within Iraq itself  The Iraqi Baath Party  created a flushing Arab Islamic Socialist state by nationalizing  Iraq’s oil resources and the basic industry   of the county  and bringing about  the modernization of  agriculture   and the expansion of its Armed forces and as a result  of all of these measures Iraq become a  Arab   superpower which was feared  by Israel and all of the other enemies of the Arab Nation. and today Baathist Iraq remains a model of revolutionary emulation for all  of the patriotic  sons and daughters of the Arab Nation and Arab Nationalist and socialist revolutionaries in all parts of the Pan Arab Nation and its dysphoria  and for all Muslim and oppressed people everywhere around the world.

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The Iranian Pan Islamic Working Class Must Come to The Aid of The Pan Arab Islamic Working Class of Iraq by Overthrowing The Corrupt Anti-Arab Khamenei and Rouhani Regime

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Iranian President Hassan Rouhani is trying to  defect and  distract  attention away from the ongoing uprising  against his government  at home by the Iranian people  and from The Revolution in Iraq  by provoking a war of words with US President Donald Trump  over oil shipping in the straits of hormuz  The Iranian people  in general and the Pan Islamic working class of Iran in particular  should and must reject this distracting by Rouhani and continue  on in their righteous and just revolution against the socially unjust rule of the wicked Khamenei Rouhani clique   until it is overthrown and a Islamic Socialist State is established  in Iran and by during this it will be coming at the same time to the aid of the Pan Islamic working class in Iraq in its glorious  and noble revolution against the Iranian occupation of Iraq by coming to the aid of their fellow Islamic middle eastern and class Brothers and Sisters in Iraq The Iranian Islamic working class is also insuring a stronger Iran as it is in the interests  of Iran to  be shrouded by  a ring of friendly  Arab states and peoples  and the Arab and Islamic working class of Iraq and the greater Pan Arab homeland  will be eternally grateful  and friendly towards Iran if the Pan Islamic working class in Iran comes to the aid of the Iraqi Revolution by overthrowing  the racist Anti-Arab government and regime of Ali  Khamenei  and Hasan Rouhani  and installing  a Pro Arab Nationalist govermewrnt in Iran which will support revolutionary Pan Arabism and the revolutionary reunification of The pan Arab homeland into one single Pan Arab nation state. and in turn The Iranian Islamic working class  should work towards the revolutionary reunification of all Iranian and Iranic peoples and build a greater Iran consisting of the Afghan Tajiks and other Iranian and Iranic peoples. and tighter side by side a Reunited Greater Iran consisting  of the ethnic Iranians and Iranic peoples and a reunited Pan Arab Nation stretching   from the gulf to the Atlantic ocean  shall then go on to fight for the reunification of the whole of the greater Pan Islamic homeland and Islamic peoples everywhere.

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May Allah Grant Victory to The Great Iranian Revolution of 2018

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Every since December  Iran has been engulfed by massive protest by its people against its corrupt   government  which has sold Iran’s national integrity  and independence out to  Russian imperialism and to a lesser extent  China The Iranian people are tired of this state of affairs  and they  desire   to see Iran become a great world power on its own without being dependent on either  Russian or Chinese   imperialism  as Iran is capable  of being a global power on its own terms  and  strength    being that  Iran has  thousands   and thousands of year of recorded  history as  an independent   superpower.  and the Iranian Persian people know  they  are a great people who descend from Cyrus the great and the other great and noble historical figures from Iran’s  great past and they are also very tired of the failing and falling standards of daily living and they want better living conditions  which befits  a great people such as Iran and the great  Iranian people. the oppressed nationalities  and ethnic groups within Iran such as The Azwazi Arabs Azeri  Turks Balochi Kurds and Turkmen people s among others  wish and desire to have self-determination free cultural expression and in some cases independence  from the Iranian central  government.   and if this is what they want then it is in the interests of Iran and The Greater Iranian Arab  and Turkish Pan Islamic nation for them to  grant  it to them  or to convert Iran into a confederation instead  of its present structure.  The Proletarian Muslims and The International Pan Islamic Communist Party Knows that the heart soul and spirit  of The ethnic  Persian Peoples of Iran and al other ethnic  Iranic peoples love Socialism and social justice and this  love goes back to the times of the Prophets Zoroaster    Mani and Mazdak  and in more recent times though the great Islamic Socialist Revolutionary Dr Ali Shariati and his Islamic socialist teachings an  Islamic Socialist Revolution   and  Islamic Socialism  is the only  solution to the many problems that the Iranian people and people  of Iran is for the  un Islamic  fascist and cultish government of Ali Khamenei  and Hassan Rouhani  to be overthrown  and replace with an Islamic Socialist  government  which will uphold the true values of Islam  and bring about a new political and social order in the Middle East and Pan Islamic homeland and build true and lasting ties of friendship and brotherhood with the other  Non-Iranian Islamic people of the region.

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