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Donald Trump Wanted Stephen Craig Paddock to Be a Muslim

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Donald Trump when he first heard the news of the recent Las Vegas massacre wanted so bad for the shooter to be an Muslim  but he was frustrated   and disappointed  in this as  the shooter  Stephen Craig Paddock was not a Muslim  he was an American white man  from a Christian cultural   background.    and  the world got a chance to see who the real terrorists and murderers  in North America  are and  these  murderers and terrorists are  The White European people who came over from Europe centuries ago as invaders and terrorists   and this has been the case since   the first white  setters set foot in North America and starred to massacre and steal land from the Native American indigenous  Peoples.  along with their   kidnapping and murder  of African people  during the transatlantic slave trade.  and to these lists of crimes must be added   the stealing of land and territory  from Mexico in The Mexican American war of the 1840s.  in more recent times the terrorist crimes of White Americans  in Asia  must be added to this list    such as the invasion of Vietnam in which millions of Vietnamese  were  killed by the forces of US Imperialism. and after  this  the various wars of aggression  in the Arab and Muslim world must be mentioned  and added  to these  list  of crimes and acts of terror as well.  and when it comes to the Arab  and Muslim world these crimes are many  and they are   continuing on to this very day and hour in The Muslim world and elsewhere around the globe.  these acts of terrorism  on the part  of US Imperialism  include  the wars in Iraq and  the hundreds of thousands  of Iraqis that have  lost their lives and who have been  injured and displaced  due to the violence    of US Imperialism in its various wars and acts of imperialist aggression towards that country over the past several decades. and these crimes on the part of US imperialism  in the Muslim world also include the military aggression against Afghanistan Libya  Syria and the  other Arab and Muslim lands that US Imperialism has attacked over the decades. the real terrorists  and murderers in the United States have always been the White American setters from Europe and not The Arab and Muslims living in what is now the United States and the latest acts  of  violence  of Stephen Craig Paddock in Las Vegas  Nevada is fresh proof of this historical fact.

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Kim Jong UN of North Korea is a Muslim With The Nature of Islam Within Him

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Many if not most who read the title of this article  will be somewhat confused  and bewildered about the title of this article and why  it is said   that Comrade Kim Jong UN  the Leader of The Korean Workers Party and the head of state of the Democratic Republic of Korea is a Muslim with the Nature of Islam within him  many reading this   may even find the title of this article  funny or humorous but  we in The Proletarian Islamic camp and The  International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian  Islam  say that Kim Jong UN is a Muslim with the Nature of Islam within  him because we are students of the Teachings of The Honorable Elijah Muhammad and The Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught us that all of the Black Brown Red Yellow and other  Non-White Original  People on this planet earth are Muslims by nature  regardless  to their religion personal beliefs or ideology  that  they may profess  or claim a belief  in    and when we look at the case of  Comrade Kim Jong UN  we find that he  is an Muslim due to the fact that he is ethnic Korean Man of the Asiatic  Turanian race  of northern Asia.  and  the ancient and traditional  belief system or religion of the Turanian Peoples is Tengrism   and the ancient   Korean people    being a Turanian  people followed the Korean branch of Ancient Tengrism  which is known as  Korean Shamanism. and when we  go back to the original roots and core values of Tengrism   and Korean shamanism  we find the values   of Islam and    these  values are  part of the genetic  memory of the Korean Race  and are today  genetically  encoded  within all ethnic Koreans regardless to the  religion or personal   belief  system  that they may follow. and this includes  Comrade Kim Jong UN  and  this  is what spiritually and culturally makes Comrade Kim Jong UN  a Muslim by Nature. as  Islam  is related and  connected in its inner spiritual  values   to Tengrism   by the righteous  natures of both The Afro-Asiatic Semitic Peoples of Western Asia and The Turanian   Peoples of North Asia.  and in addition to this The political support that North Korea has given to Revolutionary Pan Islamism and   the various  alliances that it has formed over the decades  with The counties and  liberation struggles within the Islamic world geopoliticallly  makes  Comrade Kim Jong UN A Muslim.  it should also be pointed out that The Korean people are the racial cousins to the Muslim Turkic Peoples of the world and this further  connects  North Korea and the whole of the Korean Nation to the world of Islam. and the Pan Turkic working class should rise up and create a Pan Turkic Proletarian Islamic Socialist state that will stretch  from The Republic of Turkey on the Mediterranean    sea to  East Turkistan in what is now western China  and the other Turkic areas  of the world.  and once this Pan Turkic Proletarian Islamic Socialist state is established  it should then  form a strong geopolitical  alliance with the Democratic Republic of Korea and then work to  politically unite  the whole of the Turanian  world under the Banner of Turanian National Socialism and Proletarian Islam.  a Pan Turanian Proletarian Islamic  National Socialist State shall be ideologically based  on the best and most advanced ideas and practices of the Turanian Nationalist thinkers of the past such as The Great Soviet National Communist Comrade Sultan Galiev  and the Juche Communism of Kim IL Sung Kim Jong IL as well as the thought and progressive practices of the great Turanian leaders and rulers of the past centuries such as The Great Mongolian khans the Ancient rulers of Korea  and the Sultans and Caliphs of the Turkic Islamic States among others. a Pan Turanian state United under the Ideology of Proletarian Islam shall go on to play a major and deceive role in the liberation of the whole of the Muslim world From Imperialism and Zionism and it shall play a major role in the liberation of  Non-White Original Peoples everywhere.  a Proletarian Islamic National Socialist Pan Turanian state   established and based  on the ideology  of Proletarian Islam and the Juche Communism of North Korea shall be invincible and change the geopolitical framework of the world forever and for all time.

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Matyas Rakosi The Marxist Leninist Founder of Socialist Hungary is an Example for the Mizrahi and Sephardi Jews of the Pan Islamic Homeland and All Other Anti-Zionist Jews

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Matyas Rakosi  the revolutionary Marxist-Leninist founder of Socialist Hungary  is an Anti-Zionist example for all of the Jewish communities  of the Pan Islamic Homeland to follow and emulate  Matyas Rakosi was born in the town of Ada Hungry in what was then the Austro-Hungarian empire.  to an ethnically Jewish family with a long history of Hungarian nationalist traditions  that identified with the Hungarian nation and its revolutionary struggle for national liberation  the paternal grandfather of   Matyas Rakosi  was a supporter of the great Hungarian revolutionary Nationalist  Lajos Kossuth and the Hungarian Revolution of 1848.  and  the father of Comrade Matyas Rakosi was  also an  Hungarian patriot  and Nationalist as well and Mayas Rakosi himself   identified  and thought of himself as an Ethnic Hungarian  for all  of his life and he rejected the reactionary and evil ideology of Zionism which holds that the Jewish people living around the world are a single people and single race who own no loyalty or political and cultural  allegiances to the countries and cultures that they are born into and raised in Comrade Matyas Rakosi rejected this wicked and evil worldview  of the Zionists and he fought Zionism  and Western Imperialism for all of his life.  and   he struggled and fought for the  social  liberation of all of the Hungarian working  class  as well as  all of the other  struggling  and oppressed masses of Hungary and  he sought to make Hungary a strong powerful and prosperous  socialist country  and to make  Hungary a  firm  friend  and ally to the oppressed masses and nations of the world. During the time of Comrade Matyas Rakosi Hungary became a flourishing  Anti-Imperialist  socialist land  under Comrade Matyas Rakosi Hungary saw its death rate and its infant mortality rates go down and it birthrates increase  and the  living standards in the countryside among the rural masses  increased  and went up.  and Hungary during the time also experienced  increased  industrialization of the whole of the country and Comrade Mayas Rakosi gave militant  political support and solidarity to the Korean and Chinese Revolutions and the military resistance that these two heroic Asian  socialist countries  were waging in Korea in the early 1950s against the US and Western imperialist  invasion that was taken place during the early 1950s. Comrade Matyas  Rakosi  stove to build up a mighty Hungarian socialist army to defend Socialism in Hungary and  the whole of the then Marxist-Leninist  Socialist Camp   and he also and most importantly wanted  to keep Socialist Hungary on the revolutionary path and teachings of Lenin and Stalin. and  for this he earned  the hatred of  Nikita Khrushchev the wicked  revisionist  and Anti-Marxist-Leninist  leader of the Soviet Union of the time.  who came to power after the mysterious and unexpected death of Comrade Stalin in 1953. Khrushchev and his  revisionist  Anti-Marxist-Leninist clique  in the Soviet Union  was so fearful and afraid of Comrade Matyas Rakosi that he  was exiled  to the Soviet Union and was never allowed to return alive to Hungary the land that he loved so dearly the life and example of Comrade Matyas Rakosi should serve as an example for all of the Jews of the Pan Islamic Homeland. such as the Mirzrahi Jews from the Arabic speaking lands including Spain and Portugal   to embrace   their Arabic roots and cultural heritage   as they did during the  days of the great Arab Islamic caliphate in Al-Andalus Islamic Spain in which Arab Muslims and Jews all work together  in love and harmony to build  one of the greatest    and most advanced civilizations in world history in the Iberian Peninsula. Al-Andlaus was the true golden age of Jewish History and today  the Jews of Arabic cultural heritage from the Arabic speaking countries should unite with their fellow Christian  and Muslim Arabs brothers and Sisters in a Revolutionary Proletarian Islamic Socialist struggle  to create a new Pan Islamic Socialist state stretching  from  central Africa to Europe which shall offer equal opportunities for all of the  Peoples   of the Pan Islamic Homeland. The Mizrahi Jew from  Turkey Iran and the Persianate  countries  and regions should also join hands in this great and grand revolution struggle to create a Proletarian Islamic and Pan Semitic  world order all Jews worldwide should break from Zionism and become loyal members of the countries  societies and  cultures   in which they were born and raised this is the true message of the life of Comrade Matyas Rakosi

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Statement on The 89th Anniversary of The Birth of Comrade Abdel Khaliq Mahjub Revolutionary Sudanese Islamic Marxist Leninist Leader and Hero of Afro-Arabia and Proletarian Islam

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September 23  2017 is the 89th anniversary of the birth of Comrade Abdel Khaliq Mahjub one of the greatest  Arab Marxist-Leninist thinkers and theoreticians  in  the entire history of the Arab Communist movement in the Pan-Arab Homeland. and in addition Comrade Abdel Khaliq Mahjub was one of the greatest Islamic Marxist-Leninist thinkers in   the history of the whole of the Pan Islamic homeland and Islamic world as well as   unlike many of the other Marxist-Leninist activists    from  around the Islamic world who ignored  Islam or were hostile towards it Comrade   Abdel Khaliq Mahjub upheld Islam as a revolutionary factor in the life of the Arab and Islamic Peoples of the world and he was a believing  Muslim who participated  in Salat  Prayers in the Masjids of Sudan and he led in pubic  prayers within them   while  being   the Leader of the Sudanese Communist Party. Comrade Abdel Khailq Mahjub was also a Pan-Arab patriot who believed  in the unity of the Arab Nation and the Arab character   of  The Sudan and the Pan-Arab struggle to liberate Arab Palestine from the Zionist occupation. and he also believed  that Sudan was an African country and  a integral  part of the African continent and the continental wide   Pan-African Revolutionary struggle   to liberate all of Africa from white western imperialism and colonialism.  in essence Comrade Abdel Khaliq Mahjub was a Pan Arab and Pan African Revolutionary Nationalist and Islamic Marxist Leninist who upheld  the Holy Quran  and the Revolutionary Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad Ibn Abdullah along side  The Teachings of Marx Engels Lenin and Stalin  Comrade Abdel Khaliq Mahujub Revolutionary synthesis of Islam Arab and African Nationalism and Marxism-Leninism paved the way for the emergence  of our ideology of Proletarian Islam and  Afro-Arabian Nationalism Sudan today is in great need of the teachings and revolutionary synthesis  of Comrade Abdel Khaliq Mahjub so that this great Afro-Arab country can play its destined and divine role in the Pan African and Pan Arab liberation struggle.  we The Proletarian Muslims and The Proletarian Islamic camp shall always honor him as Hero of Afro-Arabia and Great Revolutionary Forefather Forerunner and Hero of Proletarian Islam The International Ideology  of The Pan Islamic Working Class.

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Statement on the Persecution of the Rohingya Muslims of Burma Myanmar

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The International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam condemns and  denounces   in the strongest possible  terms the persecution of  The Rohingya Muslim ethnic group  of by the government  of Burma Myanmar  and we call for these  persecutions to end   and for the Rohingya  and  other  Muslims of Burma  to  be able to live a life free of persecution.   our party also recognizes the right for the Rohingya Muslims to the right  of self – determination   to  form  their own independent  state or  create a cultural  autonomous  zone in The Maungdaw district of what is now Rakhine State in  western Burma.  or to also  form a union and unite  with neighboring   Bangladesh as Many of the Muslims of the region wanted to do in the late 1940s.   in addition our Party The International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam calls for a Maoist style   New democratic  pro socialist revolution within  all Myanmar itself  so that  an anti-Imperialist government  that will represent all of the citizens of Myanmar can be put into place within the county  and of which  can then ensure the peace and security   of the whole region from outside Imperialist powers  by spreading Proletarian  Socialist Revolution  into other parts of Asia. in a  great and grand Pan Asian socialist alliance with all of  the neighboring Islamic Peoples and countries   around Myanmar. Together the Peoples of Myanmar and the Islamic peoples of Asia can crave out and create a new Pan Asian and Socialist Political  order in the whole of the Asian continent.

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Statement on the 47th Anniversary of the Great September 1st Al-Fath Revolution Long Live The Revolutionary Spirit of Brother Leader Muammar Gaddafi and The Libyan Jamahiriya

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This month is the 47th Anniversary of the Great September 1st Revolution of Brother Leader Muammar Gaddafi which resulted in the establishment   of  Islamic Socialist Green Libya  the state of the-Afro-Arabian popular  masses  and  this is an event and date which is sacred and dear to all Proletarian Muslims and the Proletarian Islamic Camp. The goal of the Great September  1st Revolution was to unite Libya and turn it into  progressive and forward-looking Arab Islamic socialist society was could unite the Arab world into one single nation-state and to bring about the unity of the whole of  Africa.  and for the next 40 some years Green Libya was  a  mighty base area for the global Pan-Arab and Pan-African  revolution The White Western Imperialists led by the United States attacked Libya in 2011 and overthrew the state of the masses  Brother Leader Muammar  Gaddafi  was to himself fall in battle and become a martyr but his Revolutionary sprout  and  energy still lives on within the Islamic Socialist Green Resistance in Libya and among the Proletarian Muslims and The Proletarian Islamic camp worldwide one of the chief goals and central tasks  of the global Proletarian Islamic Socialist Revolution is the restoration of Islamic Socialism and The Jamahiriya  in  Libya and the creation of United Sates of Africa and Arabia in all parts of Africa and the Pan Arab Homeland. and in this great struggle and battle we shall be and are inspirited by the Revolutionary teachings and example of the great revolutionary forefather and forerunner of Proletarian Islam Brother Leader Muammar Gaddafi who is always with us in spirit  and  with his revolutionary   Islamic Socialist  teachings on Arab and African Nationalism. and with  this along with the Holy Quran we The Proletarian Muslims shall be victorious  in our struggle to  create a vast  glorious  and  grand  Afro-Arabian Proletarian Islamic Socialist superstate  in all parts of Africa and the Pan  Arab Homeland The United States of Africa and Arabia.  which will then serve  as a mighty base area for the liberation of all of the Islamic World and Oppressed Peoples everywhere in the best spirit   and traditions of the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya    The Revolutionary  spirit   legacy and teachings of Brother Leader Muammar Gaddafi live on in the World today though the work and teachings of the Proletarian Muslims and the Ideology of Proletarian Islam  and we shall lead the masses of the Arab World and Africa to victory over The Imperialist Zionists and all  other enemies of Africa Arabia and the Pan Islamic Nation and Liberate oppressed people everywhere and in the process create a new world order based on Freedom Justice and Equality for All of the people on the planet Earth.

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The International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam Eid Al-Adha Statement for the Year 1438 2017

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On this glorious  and joyous  occasion  of Eid Al-Adha we in The International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam greet  Our beloved Ummah the Ummah of Prophet Muhammad Ibn Abdullah  The Prophet Abraham and his wife Hagar and their beloved son Nabi Ismail  the Islam nation of today is a great and glorious nation  but it is also an oppressed and suffering  nation   as seen by the oppression of the Rohingya  Muslims in Burma the Turkic Uyghurs Muslims in their occupied  homeland of East Turkestan  who have long been oppressed by the racist Han Chinese  government of China.  and the long-suffering  Palestinian  Arab people in  who for over 70 years now have suffered from the occupation of their historical homeland by the  Zionist occupiers  and the vast displacement  of the Palestinian Arab population throughout the world and we have recently seen the slaughter  and persecution of Muslims in the Central African Republic and other areas of Africa and the oppression of Muslims in all parts of Europe and the Americas  but the Pan Islamic Ummah is also a fighting  ummah  or  nation and  the various oppressed  Muslims Peoples of the world have  been fighting back against their oppressors all  over the world from Africa to occupied Kashmir and beyond. and this fight must go on until all of the soil of the Pan Islamic homeland from central Africa to southeast Asia and eastern Europe  is free and liberated from all of the Non-Muslim reactionary powers. The Prophet Abraham Peace Be Upon  was prepared  to sacrifice his son for the greater glory of Islam and the ummah and so too must each and every Muslim on this planet  be prepared  to sacrifice all that is dear and precious   to them in order to bring about the National Liberation of the Pan Islamic Nation and restore the  global political unity  of the Pan Islamic homeland though the creation of a global Pan Islamic Socialist State   and in the process restore  the political unity that the Pan Islamic ummah enjoyed in the days of the Umayyad Abbasid Fatimid  Ottoman and Mogul Caliphates  and  other historical empires and kingdoms  of the Pan Islamic Homeland which fought for the interests of the Muslims and claimed the allegiances  of the Muslim Masses of the Pan Islamic Homeland.  the Pan Islamic Working class has a double task and duty to carry out in this struggle and this task is to struggle for  social justice and the establishment    of the Proletarian  Islamic Dictatorship  of  The Pan Islamic  working class thought-out the whole of the Islamic world and the Pan Islamic Homeland  as modern history has shown us again and again that it is only with  working class leadership that  oppressed nations and peoples can win  emancipation  and liberation from imperialism and world Zionism   once this is achieved The global Proletarian Islamic Socialist State shall go on to establish global Socialism and Communism  with all of the oppressed  of the world in order to bring about the global era of peace and social justice that Prophet Muhammad Ibn Abdullah  and his revolutionary household the Ahlu Al-Bayt and his revolutionary companions  dreamed of and taught about for centuries.

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