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No To A Nuclear War in South Asia Between India And Pakistan And Yes To A Pan South Asian Proletarian Islamic Maoist Peoples War in The South Asian Region of The Pan Islamic Homeland

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The International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam and The whole of the Proletarian Islamic camp condemns the recent push and drive towards  nuclear war in south Asia  which has  been initiated  by Indian Prime minister Nerendra Modi and certain factions of the Indian ruling class with their recent military aggression against Pakistan and the long suffering  peoples of occupied  Kashmir  instead  of a nuclear war between India and Pakistan what is really needed in South Asia instead  of this is  an Pan Islamic  Proletarian Islamic Maoist Peoples War  for all of the South Asian subcontinent and the downfall of  all of the reactionary ruling classes and elements within the Republic of India and the creation of South Asian Proletarian Islamic Socialist confederation  of India Pakistan and Bangladesh and other areas of South Asia  to be established within the Indian subcontinent and South Asian  region of Asia  which is an integral part of the Pan Islamic Homeland and nation which extends from  Central Africa to Southeast Asia and Eastern Europe. India despite its Hindu majority is an integral part of the Pan Islamic homeland culturally historically and from the standpoint of geography as well  and a Anti-Zionist and Pro Islamic government in India is in the best geopolitical interests of  the Pan Islamic Nation and the global Pan  Islamic   socialist revolution. and it is a geopolitical goal of which the great  Arab Islamic socialist revolutionaries and forefathers of The Proletarian Islamic ideology  Gamal Abdel Nasser and Saddam Hussein always believed  in and worked towards. in Bangladesh a Proletarian Islam Maoist peoples struggle must be waged until   a Proletarian Islamic Maoist Peoples  government is put into power in Bangladesh under  Bangladeshi Islamic  working class leadership. in Pakistan the Proletarian Muslims should unite  in a Pakistani patriotic  united front  with all Genuine Islamic socialist and Pro Islamic  Marxist Leninist Communists  elements in Pakistan and create a Proletarian Islamic government and society in Pakistan so that Pakistan can live out its world historic mission to be a vanguard force for Islam in this world.  and once these tasks  are done and completed a Pan Islamic and Proletarian Islamic Socialist confederation of India Pakistan and Bangladesh can be established  and once this is done  other countries and areas within the greater south Asia  region  can join and unite around The Indo-Pakistani Bangladeshi Proletarian Islamic Socialist Union and The overall banner and culture of Islam which has always been a vanguard and progressive  political social and cultural force within South Asia

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International Communist Party of Proletarian Islam Statement on the Recent India-Pakistan Standoff and Tensions in South Asia

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The International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam condemns the recent military aggression  by the Hindu fascist government  of India  in occupied Kashmir and on   Pakistani soil  and we uphold the right of the oppressed peoples of Kashmir to their noble and divine right of self determination and we also uphold the right of the government  of  Pakistan to  self defense  against  all of the aggressive military  actions of that the  Hindu fascist  controlled government  and military of India  is making towards Pakistan at this time  and we called for the strengthening  of the Islamic Socialist elements within the government  and society of Pakistan and for it to rise and become the glorious Islamic Socialist state which  many of its  founders such as Muhammad Ali Jinnah and others wanted it to become. and we uphold the right of the peoples of Kashmir to  a union with Pakistan  or  create their own independent Islamic country in South Asia.    in addition  a anti-Zionist and Anti-Western Imperialist and Anti-Hindu fascism  Maoist New democratic  Proletarian Islamic  revolution must take place within the Republic of India in which the Dalit untouchables and  Indian  Muslim working class      will take control over and provide  the revolutionary  leadership of and of which will also   go on to create a new Anti-Imperialist Anti-Zionist and Anti-Hindu fascist  Pro Islamic  social order in India which will then go on to build Socialism within the county and convert India into a gigantic base area  of the World Proletarian Revolution of The oppressed Non-White  Black Brown Red Yellow Original Peoples of the Earth. the present Hindu fascist govermewrnt of India is one of the leading allies of the Zionist state of Israel and white  western imperialism  and  such a revolution in India led  by Anti-Zionist and Anti-Imperialist Indian Muslim working class and other Anti-Imperialist and Anti-Zionist elements of the Indian working class and other  Anti-Imperialist and Anti-Zionist elements within Indian society which overthrows the old social order of India   is in the best  interest of the Pan Islamic nation and the global Proletarian Islamic Socialist Revolution and such a revolutionary India along with the downfall of the Hindu fascist government  there in that country   shall be an  aid to  the struggling Palestinian Arab masses and all other Arab and Muslim people who are suffering from Zionist and imperialist aggression All Proletarian Muslims and all other revolutionary elements   must work towards the realization   of this great  goal  the creation of a  Revolutionary Anti-Imperialist and Anti-Zionist  Pro Arab and Pro Islamic  government   within India.

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Mr W D Fard Master Fard Muhammad The Founder of The Nation of Islam and Mustafa Kemal Ataturk of Turkey Were Two of The Greatest Islamic National Socialist Revolutionaries of Our Time

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Master Fard Muhammad the founder of the Nation of Islam and Mustafa Kemal Ataturk  the founder of    the modern-day  nation-state of Turkey were two of the greatest and most influential   Islamic socialist revolutionaries of the past 100 years of human history  Master Fard Muhammad was always a great admirer of Ottoman and   Turco-Persian  culture in general  of which he Master Fard Muhammad was born into at birth being himself a man of Turco-Persian ethnic and cultural heritage.   Master Fard Muhammad was a great admirer of Mustafa  Kemal Ataturk and supported his leadership of the Turkish war of Independence  and his  vision of a modern minded and scientific    version of Islam and he taught  the glories of The Turco-Persian tradition and culture  along  with  the values of Ataturkism   and a modern minded scientific   version of Islam  to the Honorable Elijah Muhammad.  the political  cultural and ideological influence of both Master Fard Muhammad and Mustafa Kemal Ataturk  has been very widespread  and  wide-reaching   and it has been felt from politics  to popular music such as Hip-Hop.   Mr W D Fard  Master Fard Muhammad founded and established the Nation of Islam and taught  and trained  the Honorable Elijah Muhammad  who was in turn   the teacher of the great Islamic socialist revolutionary  Malcolm X  The Nation of Islam in turned  though   Malcolm X  influenced   The Revolutionary Action Movement of Black Revolutionaries such as  Don Freeman and Robert F Williams and Maxwell Sanford  who is know today as  Muhammad Ahmad   and  The formation of the  original Black Panther Party of Huey P Newton which was  one of the most advanced communist parties and revolutionary Black Nationalist political party  in the history of the United States in addition  the revolutionary  socialist and Black Power  leader  Stokely Carmichael  Kwame Toure was also heavily influenced by  the Islamic National socialism of Master Fard Muhammad due to the influence of The   Honorable Elijah Muhammad Malcolm X and so were nearly all of the other Revolutionary Black Nationalists groups of the Black Power era of the 1960s and 1970s and this influence of the Islamic  National Socialism of Mr WD Fard is still felt today in more recent times with  the  Final Call  Nation of Islam  and New Black Panther  of Minister Louis Farrakhan and the Honorable Dr Khalid Abdul Muhammad along with the Nation of Gods and Earths or Five Percent Nation    and their  political and cultural influence  on Hip-Hop Culture  as seen with the rap groups  Public Enemy The Poor Righteous  Teachers and many others.  The wide-ranging  political and cultural influence of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk  is felt  by his successful     military and political leadership of the Turkish War of Independence  which led to The victory of The Turkish Nation   over  the Greek Neo-byzantine invaders and chauvinists and their ally western Imperialism which laid    the foundations for the modern-day nation-state of Turkey to emerge  as a superpower in todays Muslim world. Mustafa  Kemal Ataturk  and Ataturkism  influenced The Quaid I Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah and The   national liberation movement of the Muslims of South Asia in their struggle to create Pakistan and Ataturksim influenced the ideological development of Arab Nationalism within the Pan-Arab Homeland though Gamal Abdel Nasser and his top student Brother Leader Muammar Gaddafi of Libya     both of who were influenced  very  greatly  by Attaturkism   the influence of Kemalism is see in the ideology of the Third universal theory  which Brother Leader Muammar Gaddafi  created.  and it was also felt  in Albania  where  The Albanian National Socialist  and Marxist-Leninist  National Communist Leader Enver Hoxha  was also very heavily   influenced  ideologically   culturally and politically by Mustafa Kemal Ataturk   and the Influence of Mr W D Fard Master Fard Muhammad Fardism   and Mustafa Kemal Ataturk and his Ataturkism  Islamic Nationalist Socialist  Ideology   shall continue  to have an influence  on the Islamic world of today and  of tomorrow   in the era of Proletarian Islam.

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The Communist Party of Proletarian Islam Statement on the 66th anniversary of The Great July 23rd Nasserist Revolution in Egypt

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Today July 23 is a date which is dear and sacred to the International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam and all Proletarian Muslims  as it is the date in which the Great Gamal Abdel Nasser and his Revolutionary Free Officers of The Egyptian army overthrew  the corrupt regime of King Farouk and established a new Egypt an Islamic Socialist Egypt which embraced its Arab African and Pan Islamic identity  and destiny  as a vanguard force in the Arab African and Islamic world revolutions   the people of Egypt acted and spoke though  Gamal Abdel Nasser free officers  and Egypt was placed on a firm Pan-Arab Revolution nationalist and Arab Islamic Socialist ideological and political orientation and become the leading force in the Arab  nationalist    revolutionary struggle for Pan-Arab unity Nasserite Egypt  backed and supported Arab nationalist revolutions all over the pan Arab homeland and within  6 six-year of the victory of the July 23 revolution in Egypt Nasserite  Egypt formed  and entered into a Pan Arab Nationalism union with Arab Syria as a first step to the union of all Arab counties and lands into  one single united Arab republic  the union of Egypt and Syria was a  major factor and motivator  in the break out of the great and glorious  Iraqi revolution of July 14th 1958 of the Iraqi masses and  revolution Nasserism   was also the major ideological force in the Lebanese revolution of that same year which resulted in US imperialism sending in its military forces  to that country in an effort to halt the spread  of Revolutionary Nasserite  Pan Arab Nationalism  but Arab Nationalism and Nasserism  would continue  to spread  all over the map of the Pan Arab Homeland  and it would remain the main ideological force in the Arab Nation for years to come  and Nasserite Egypt would go on to  promote and spread   Pan Arab Revolutionary nationalism and Arab Islamic Socialism in all parts of the Pan Arab Homeland such as in North Yemen where  Nasserite  Egypt sent in its military forces to aid the Pan Arab Islamic socialist revolutions  in that  Arab land.  Gamal Abdel Nasser was also  a great  friend and ally to The Honorable Elijah Muhammad and The Lost Found Nation of Islam in the West and he offered  the Honorable Elijah Muhammad a home and a base in Nasserite Egypt to  use  to  liberate the African and Islamic Masses in West Africa from European colonialism.    and  Nasser and Nasserite Egypt  also  would support  the revolutionary Islamic Socialist work of Malcolm X as well during the time that Malcolm X was the leader of the Muslim Mosque INC and The  Organization of Afro-American Unity  Gamal Abdel Nasser and his revolutionary  Nasserite Egypt would go on to support the Honorable Elijah Muhammad  and the Nation of Islam for the rest of his Nasser’s  life  Gamal Abel Bases promoted and acknowledged   The African identity and heritage of Egypt and he would during his lifetime also back revolutionary African nationalists movements all over the African continent such as in the Congo where Gamal Abdel Nasser backed the revolutionary Pan-African Nationalist forces  of the followers  of the great Marty of Revolutionary Pan Africanism Patrice Lumumba  in Africa Nasserite  Egypt also from a strong Pan African  geopolitical alliance with Revolutionary Ghana under the leader of the great revolutionary Black Communist and Pan Africanist Kwame Nkrumah  and the revolutionary African Nationalist Sekou Toure who was then the  president  of the West African country of Guinea and Nasser also had a strong alliance  with The Revolutionary Pan African Nationalist and Revolutionary socialist  Modibo   Keita  the then  president of the revolutionary  west  African and Black Muslim country of Mail. Gamal Abdel Nasser also called for the unity of the Islamic Peoples of the world and the creating of a Pan Islamic Geopolitical bloc of Muslim countries and peoples  which would secure the prosperity   and global  power of each and every  Islamic  people and ethnic group  on the face of the planet earth. such a union of  Islamic countries and peoples is needed in our time as well and one of the  central tasks of the International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam is to carry out and complete  the geopolitical vision of the great Gamal Abdel Nasser  on a the Pan Arab  Pan African levels  and the Pan Islamic levels  and to liberate the Arab African and Islamic peoples of the earth from Imperialism and Zionism and thereby  secure a new golden age for the Arab African and Islamic peoples of the  planet earth.

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Communist Party of Proletarian Islam Statement on The 100Th Anniversary of The Great October Socialist Proletarian Revolution

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Today is the 100th  anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution of Lenin Stalin Sultan Galiev Nariman Narimanov  Sultan Majid Afandiyev and Meshadi Azizbekov  The October Socialist Proletarian Revolution and its aftermath which led to the victorious seizure of state power by the Multiethnic and mulireligious  worker class of the  old Russian empire and the formation of the Soviet Union as  the worlds first workers state in modern times    was a revolutionary event and uprising which could have never taken place and  been successful  without the active participation and support of the Islamic working class and ethnic groups of the then Russian empire of Nicholas   II The Great October  Socialist Revolution would go onto influence and lead to the success of revolutions and national liberation struggles around the world in such places as in  China with the great  peoples war in that country which was led by the immoral Chairman Mao Zedong and in other places such as   Cuba Ghana  Guinea Bissau Korea  Angola Vietnam and  many other countries around the world. and  it had an ideological  impact on the emergence and development of the Nation of Islam in North America   and the teachings of  The Islamic Socialist  Revolutionaries  Master Fard Muhammad and The Honorable Elijah Muhammad  both of who had great  respect and admiration  for the October revolution and the work of Lenin and Stalin in building  the Soviet Union into an mighty socialist power.   and other Islamic socialist thinkers and revolutionaries around the world  such as in the Pan Arab homeland with  The great Michel Aflaq  the revolutionary founder of Baathism and the Arab Socialist Baath Party who inspired by Arabism and the great Socialist Message of Islam and The Prophet Muhammad  used and applied some of the principals of revolutionary Leninism to create and formulate  the structure of the Baath Party and the influence  of the great  October Revolution can be seen in  Pakistani  National movement  where the great spittrual founder of Pakistan Muhammad Iqbal expressed admiration  for the building of socialism in the USSR  after the aftermath of the victorious conclusion of the October revolution and its aftermath which saw the Muslim masses of the Soviet state alongside  the multiethnic and multiethnic Soviet working class crush the Russian   pro czarist reactionaries and their  western imperialism backer and supporters in Britain  France the Untied States and Japan. Today the Pan Islamic homeland    which stretches from central Africa to southeast Asia and to eastern Europe needs  unity and socialism and October stylize Proletarian working class led revolutions in order  to be united into  one single Pan Islamic socialist super state under the  Guidance    of  the Islamic socialist teachings of the Prophet Muhammad and the values of the Holy  Quran  synthesized  with  the teachings and  values of the great October revolution of Lenin Stalin and the Muslim Bolshevik  Leader Comrade Sultan Galiev  and his  Pan Islamic National Communism. and this Pan Islamic state must included all Islamic ethnic groups and peoples within it such as The Arabs and all of the Islamic ethnic groups of Africa along with the  Albanians  and the Asian Islamic ethnic groups such as those in Southern Asia and southeast Asia such as Indonesia Malaysia and all of the Iranic and Turkic Peoples of Asia as well  in addition the great Slavic peoples who are a related ethnic group to the Turkic Peoples and The Iranians   have shown a great and ardent love for socialism and if  they wish to return to the revolutionary communist and Anti-imperialist  values of that Lenin and Stalin taught them then they should and must  accept the leadership of the Pan Islamic working class  and to work alongside It to help to create a new socialist and Anti-Imperialist  and socialist social order in Eurasia. and in addition all of the Non-White Pan Original Masses of Asia Africa Latin America and elsewhere should and must unite under the leadership of the Global Pan Islamic working class and the Pan Islamic Nation which has shown time and time again in recent history that it  the most Revolutionary class and social force in the world and the only one at this time in history which can take down and destroy Western imperialism and global Zionism and it is the Pan Islamic working class  and its allies which go on to compete and consolidate the great October revolution which was led in the last century  by Lenin Stalin and Comrade Sultan Galiev.

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The Rohingya Muslims and Greater Bangladesh

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The Rohingya Muslims of Myanmar Burma are closely related by ties of  blood culture  history and religion  to the Peoples of Bangladesh  and Bangladesh has a great responsibility to look out for and defend the Rohingya Muslims from the persecution and oppression  of The Buddhist supremacist social  fascist government  of Myanmar.   and this should be done by Bangladesh  supplying the Rohingya Muslims with strong political support and military aid and eventually  annex The Rohingya majority areas of western Myanmar  to Bangladesh  and in the process  create a  Greater Bangladesh State   as this has long been the desire  of many of The Rohingya Muslims  in this region but the current government   of Bangladesh is unable to carry out this political objective  plus it lacks the political will to carry this out therefore Bangladesh  is going to need a Proletarian Islamic Maoist government under working class leadership in order to carry out this historical task. and The Bangladeshi working  class is the only class that is worthy  and  steadfast to lead the government of a United  Greater Bangladesh  one of the key tasks of the global Proletarian Islamic Socialist Revolution in South Asia and in southeast Asia is to bring  about the creation of a Greater Bangladesh  liberate  the Rohingya Muslims and  to fight on for the liberation of all of the Islamic World and Asia.    A Greater Bangladesh with a government based on the Proletarian Islamic Socialist Ideology shall  be invincible   and it shall be a source of strength   and power for all of the Muslims of South and Southeast Asia and   to all Muslims and oppressed people’s worldwide.

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Statement on the Persecution of the Rohingya Muslims of Burma Myanmar

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The International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam condemns and  denounces   in the strongest possible  terms the persecution of  The Rohingya Muslim ethnic group  of by the government  of Burma Myanmar  and we call for these  persecutions to end   and for the Rohingya  and  other  Muslims of Burma  to  be able to live a life free of persecution.   our party also recognizes the right for the Rohingya Muslims to the right  of self – determination   to  form  their own independent  state or  create a cultural  autonomous  zone in The Maungdaw district of what is now Rakhine State in  western Burma.  or to also  form a union and unite  with neighboring   Bangladesh as Many of the Muslims of the region wanted to do in the late 1940s.   in addition our Party The International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam calls for a Maoist style   New democratic  pro socialist revolution within  all Myanmar itself  so that  an anti-Imperialist government  that will represent all of the citizens of Myanmar can be put into place within the county  and of which  can then ensure the peace and security   of the whole region from outside Imperialist powers  by spreading Proletarian  Socialist Revolution  into other parts of Asia. in a  great and grand Pan Asian socialist alliance with all of  the neighboring Islamic Peoples and countries   around Myanmar. Together the Peoples of Myanmar and the Islamic peoples of Asia can crave out and create a new Pan Asian and Socialist Political  order in the whole of the Asian continent.

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