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Communist Party of Proletarian Islam 13th of Rajab Birthday Statement For Imam Ali ibn Abu Talib

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On This  The glorious occasion of the 13th of Rajab we in the International Communist Party of Proletarian Islam and the whole of the Proletarian Islam camp salute  honor and celebrate the revolutionary legacy of Imam Ali  Ibn Abu Talib the cousin and son-in-law of our beloved Prophet Muhammad Ibn Abdullah and the 4th caliph of the  Rashidun caliphate which reunified  the Arabian peninsula and liberated    the Semitic and Afro-Asiatic lands and Peoples in the vast territories   which extended from northwestern Africa to modern-day Iraq  Imam Ali like the his cousin and father in law the Prophet Muhammad believed in his racial and ethnic kinship with the Afro-Asiatic  Peoples of Egypt  The Afro-Asiatic Semitic  Peoples of Iraq and Greater Syria  The  Afro-Asiatic  Berber Peoples of  greater northwestern Africa  with the Arabs of the Arabian  peninsula     Imam Ali was both a  Pan-Arab  and a Pan – African Nationalist  he was A Pan-Arab Nationalist in that he Imam Ali  wanted to see all the Arabs united into a powerful pan Arab state and he was a Pan-African Nationalist because he acknowledged    his racial and ethnic kinship  with the peoples of Northeast and northwesnertn Africa and East Africa and he Imam  Ali wanted to see his African racial kin in  Africa   liberated   from the rule of the  Byzantine Greeks  and their political  unification    into  the emerging  Pan Arab and Islamic  Rashidun  state  which was then based in the Arabian peninsula      Imam Ali wanted to see  all of the Arab  Semitic and related  Afro-Asiatic peoples  liberated from the harsh rule of the Byzantine Greeks  and the Sassanid Persian empire and he wanted to see  the downfall of these two corrupt  empires .    Imam Ali also wanted to see the Iranian peoples of the Sassanid empire liberated  from the  feudal   oppression  that they were suffering  from  during the later  period of the Sassanid empire and their incorporation into a Islamic socialist union with the Rashidun  caliphate .    Imam Ali  wanted to unify all of  Arab and Afro-Asiatic and Iranians  Peoples of the region that is now called the Middle East  under  the socialist values of Islam  and today  all  the Islamic   peoples  of the Greater  Middle East North Africa MENA region are in need of both National and Social liberation  from the forces of world Imperialism Zionism and their local agents and allies within the  region and only the Pan Islamic working class is capable of  playing the leading and vanguard role  in this struggle   and  Proletarian  Islam  is the only ideology  that can lead in this struggle and the Proletarian Muslims of the International Communist Party of Proletarian Islam  shall provide the leadership which shall liberate all of the Arab African Iranian  Turkish  Pakistani and other Islamic peoples  from imperialism and Zionism  reunite the Pan Islamic homeland and revive the true Islamic socialist  teachings and values   of Imam Ali  in the process and the then reunified Pan Islamic Homeland shall spread   Proletarian Islamic Socialism  to all of the other peoples and regions of the planet earth  and create a  new Socialist world order of Islamic Social Justice for all Peoples of this planet earth

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Malcolm X The Ballet or The Bullet The Black Revolution and The Global Pan Islamic Socialist Revolution in the Era of Donald Trump and Proletarian Islam

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53 years ago Malcolm X The Great Islamic Socialist revolutionary  and Revolutionary forefather of Proletarian Islam declared that if America did not live up to  the words of  its consultation and give full political and social rights to the Black masses  living within its borders then they would take up arms as the  Pan Original Non-White  masses had done in lands outside of America such as in China Cuba Vietnam and elsewhere and create a new political and social   order in the United States dedicated  to freedom justice  and  equality.  and now in the year 2017  The White masses have elected Donald Trump as  president of the United States in an effort to roll back the hands of time  to the era of open white supremacy and segregation.  this shows very clearly that it is now time for that revolutionary generation of Black youth that Malcolm X prophesied  to come forth and begin a real Black Nationalist revolution in the United  States in an alliance with the  other  oppressed Non-White  masses of The United States such  the Mexican  nation Aztlan  Puerto Rico  and The Indigenous  Native American tribes and nations within what is now the United States and the more recent immigrant Non-White communities as well such as the Arab Middle Eastern  and South Asian Muslim communities of North America. these recent immigrants communities are suffering from increased racism and discrimination from the white oppressor  nation within the Untied States during this era of Donald Trumps presidency  and this suffering can only end when the Arab Muslim Middle Eastern and South Asian immigrant communities of the United States unite under the Leadership of the Black working class masses and the Black Islamic Working class in particular in a revolutionary united front  and political struggle which can take down US imperialism from within  and create a new Pro Arab Islamic Middle Eastern and South Asian political order and society in what is now the United States and all of North America. for the Black working class  to be able to lead in this fight it must first initiate  a political and social cultural revolution to geopolitically  and socially  reorient and   reacquaint    themselves  with the countries and lands in Africa in which their  ancestors were stolen hundred of years ago and to study  the true history and country of these lands   this is what  our revolutionary forefather Malcolm X called going back to Africa culturally and spiritually  and in addition the history and culture of the whole of the Islamic world Arab Iranian Turkic Pakistani etc should be studied as well at the same time because   the majority of Black People and Latino people in the United States have ancestors who were Muslims and who came from the Islamic areas and ethnic groups of Africa and The New Afrikan Black Nation in North America must be allied geopolitically and culturally  with Africa The Arab countries and all of the rest of the Islamic world. and so too must Latin America and all of the Caribbean  as the African and Arab  descended Peoples of Latin America  and the Caribbean must also be allied geopolitically and culturally with the Islamic world  as this is where their  ethnic and cultural roots lie and it is where they belong geopolitical on the world scale. The New African Black Nation within North America must play a   leading vanguard  political and cultural  role for the whole of the western hemisphere    and help all of the African Arab and Islamic descend people of the western hemisphere   to rediscover their African Arab and Islamic ancestral  and cultural roots and this is one of the key political and   social tasks   of the Black Islamic Revolution in the western hemisphere at this  present time in history.   today all of the world of Islam is rising  up in revolutionary struggle against imperialism global Zionism and the oppressive  pro Imperialist and Pro Zionist puppet regimes which are in place thought out the Muslim World and Pan Islamic homeland.  the present time in which we are now living is the era of Proletarian Islam and the global Proletarian Islamic Socialist Revolution for the reunification of the Islamic world into one  single Proletarian Islamic Socialist superstate which will restore of all of the lost glory and  power of the Pan Islamic Nation and Muslim People   many forces within the Pan Islamic homeland have already risen up in Anti-Imperialist and Anti-Zionist struggle to liberate  the Muslim lands from the Imperialists and  the Zionist  and their local puppets on the ground . but in order for the global Pan Islamic Revolution to be victorious it is going to need the leadership of the Pan Islamic working class which is the class that the majority of Muslims worldwide belong to and it has been proven again and again throughout  the world   by revolutionary practice  and social  science  that the working class is  the only class and social force that is capable in modern times of liberating  oppressed peoples and nations and leading them to victory over their oppressors and this will also be the case in the Pan Islamic Homeland and in the global Pan Islamic World Revolution as well just like in the Chinese Vietnamese Cuban Soviet and the various African revolutions  in the past.     The   revolutionary struggles in the east which are now taking place within the Pan Islamic homeland  reinforce and strengthen the national liberation struggle of the Black  Nation within North America and the revolutionary Anti-Imperialist  struggles  that are talking  place throughout  the Caribbean and Latin America  and the main goals of the Black Revolution in the west must be to linked together all of the African Arab and Islamic heritage descended  peoples of the western hemisphere  together in one joint revolution struggle to  create  a Pro Islamic Pan Indigenous  and Pan Latino  Socialist superstate  stretching  from Alaska to Uruguay.   The Pan Indigenous  and Pan Latino Revolution of the western hemisphere  is connected to the Global Pan-African and Pan-Arab Revolution due to the fact that  many of the Indigenous  and Latino peoples of the west have  both African and Arab ancestry and blood running though their veins. and a pro-Arab Pro African and Pro Islamic Pan Indigenous and Pan Latino Socialist state must be create which will then be connected to the African Arab and Islamic worlds and the revolutions  that are now taking place in the African Arab and Islamic Worlds and this Pan Indeignous and Pan Latino  state once created   will then  from a strong  geopolitical  and cultural alliance with the African Arab and Islamic worlds  and in turn the Islamic peoples of the East must  embrace the lost found African Arab and Islamic descended peoples of the west  as their lost Brothers and Sisters and help them to reunite and  reorientate     themselves politically and culturally  with  the Islamic World.  and The Black Revolution in North America and the whole of the western hemisphere  must view itself as a part of the global Pan African Pan Arab and Pan Islamic world Revolution and ally itself with  Africa the Arab world and the whole of the world of Islam   as Malcolm x had called for and foreseen in the 1960s during the Black Revolution of that era and today  This goal shall be carried out by the Proletarian Muslims and all of our Revolutionary allies so that white world imperialism can be bought down and destroyed in the seat  of its greatest   concentration of its present political cultural and economic  power which is within  the United States once this is done the liberation of all Non-White Original Peoples across this planet will be closer and nearer and the Global Pan Original World Revolution of all Non-White Original Peoples shall then go on to be victorious on all fronts and then the world shall see the era of global Black and Original supremacy be made into a reality on this earth for all time to come.

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Barack Obama is Not a Proletarian Muslim

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For quite sometime now a  vicious lie and slander has been going around  That  Barack Obama is connected to Proletarian Islam and our political party  in someway  this is not true and it is an complete  and total falsehood  Barack Obama is not connected to our Party and political ideology in anyway whatsoever. Barack Obama is the number one front man for US Imperialism and White Western Imperialism in general. The International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam  is opposed to all forms of Imperialism  and we stand opposed to the criminal  regime in Washington DC which is led by Barack Obama. and we The Proletarian Muslims and The International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam have never offered political support to the imperialist running dog Barack Obama and we never will .  also it should be pointed out here that Barack Obama is not an Islamic Socialist  or a Socialist  or Communist of any kind. rather he Barack Obama is a follower and  supporter of Third Way  Capiaitalism  and  he is an sell out and traitor  to  Africa and African People worldwide. Barack Obama is an enemy to all of the Oppressed Peoples of The World and The International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam and The Proletarian Muslims Stands against Barack Obama  and  we will never support him  and we stand with all of the oppressed peoples of the world in the joint struggle to bring down US Imperialism  and the creation of a new world without  capitalism and Imperialsim of any kind.

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Statement on The 90th Anniversary of The Birth of Malcom X Great Revolutionary Forefather of Proletarian Islam

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The following statement was issued by the International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam on The Occasion of The 90th anniversary of the Birth of El Hajj Malik El Shabazz Malcolm X

Today is the 90th Anniversary of the birth of Malcolm X The Great Revolutionary Islamic Socialist who in his attempted synthesis of Afro-Arabian Pan Third World Nationalism with Islamic Socialism and Marxism Leninist Socialist thought helped paved the way for The emergence of the Ideology of Proletarian Islam which is Today the global ideology of The International Islamic Working Class. Malcolm X is one of The Great forefathers of Proletarian Islam and we The Proletarian Muslims shall always honor on his birth anniversary may 19th Malcolm X Was a Revolutionary Islamic Socialist and a Pan-African Arab Pan Turanian and Pan Asian Nationalist all rolled into one Malcolm x was truly unique and ahead of his time in his Islamic Socialist and Afro-Asiatic Turanist Nationalist Thought. and his ideas are much-needed in todays worlds as the Afro-Asiatic and Turanian World moves towards its National liberation from White World Imperialism and Global Zionism. the birth anniversary of Malcolm X this year is coming at an increased time of Imperialist and Zionist aggression towards the Pan Islamic Nation and Homeland. while Islamophopia is increasing as well and is at an all time high in North America and Western Europe. The Pan Islamic Working class must combat all of this by leading all of the oppressed classes and Anti-Imperialist Masses in a revolutionary struggle that will result in the creation of a single Pan Islamic Nation state that will stretch from Central Africa to Southeast Asia and to Albania and Bosnia in Europe. The African Arab Iranian  and Turkic Turanian Islamic Working class will play The Vanguard role in this struggle and after The Pan Islamic Socialist State is established The Pan Islamic Working Class  must keep on spreading The Proletarian Islamic Socialist  Revolution throughout Africa Asia and the rest of the Non-White Pan Original World until The Non-White Masses of the world have created a global Pan  Original  New Order based on Proletarian Islam and Pan Original World Nationalism and when this is done The  spirit and Soul of Malcolm X shall be at Peace.

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Party Statement on the 145th Anniversary of The Birth of Vladimir IIyich Lenin

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April 22 2015 is the 145th anniversary of the birth of Comrade Vladimir IIyich Lenin the great leader of the International Working Class and Great Revolutionary forerunner and forefather of the ideology of Proletarian Islam the teachings and revolutionary struggle of Lenin and his Bolsheviks party made the seizure of State power by the  Eurasian Working Class possible  in the old Russian empire in 1917  and the creation of The Socialist Soviet Union. the teachings of Lenin were also responsible for the victories of The many other Marxist-Leninist revolutions around the world such as in China North Korea Vietnam Cuba Laos etc the teachings of Lenin shall also prove to be very useful in the coming battles to liberate and reunify The Pan Islamic Homeland which stretches from central Africa to Southeast Asia and Eastern Europe. Lenin was a man who took  great pride in his Turkic and Mongolian  Islamic ancestry  and he was also  great supporter friend and ally of the Pan Islamic Nation in its struggle to defeat Western Imperialism and Global Zionism. Lenin supported Revolutions throughout the Pan Islamic Homeland such as The Young Turk Revolution of 1908 The Libyan Resistance to Italian   imperialism and the Revolutionary struggles of The Islamic Peoples of South Asia among others. Leninism is the strategy and tactics of The World Proletarian Revolution in the ago of global imperialism and the strategy and tactics  of Revolutionary Leninism shall aid The International Communist Party of Proletarian Islam and The Proletarian Muslims in our  sacred noble and historic struggle to reunify The Pan Islamic Homeland  and transform it into  a Union of Proletarian Islamic Socialist States and we The members and cadre of The International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam shall forever honor and revere Lenin for giving The International Working class the strategy and tactics which will insure the global triumph and victory of The International Working Class on a global Scale on this the 145th anniversary of the Birth of Comrade Vladimir IIyich we The International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam and The Proletarian Muslims say Long Live Revolutionary Leninism.

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Malcolm X and Proletarian Islam 50 Years Later

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50 Years ago today the great Revolutionary forefather and forerunner of Proletarian Islam was gunned down and killed in front of his family followers and supporters in Harlem New York in an assassination which had the sanction and blessings of The United States government Malcolm X may have died in body on that dreadful and horrible day so long ago. but his revolutionary spirit did not die it lived on in The Revolutionary Action Movement Ram Black Panther Party The Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee The Republic of New Afrika and other Revolutionary organizations of the 1960s and 1970s and it lives on today in The Ideology and Political work of The International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam and the Proletarian Muslims and we The Party and The Proletarian Muslims are determined to carry out and complete the Anti-Imperialist and Revolutionary work and agenda of Malcolm X who was trying to develop an Islamic Socialist ideology that would synthesize Pan Third World Nationalism and Islam Today The Proletarian Muslims have developed such an Ideology with Proletarian Islam which is a revolutionary synthesis of Islam Socialism and the various Nationalisms of The people’s of the Pan original Non-White World. today The Proletarian Muslims and The International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam shall carry out and complete the life’s work of Malcolm X by liberating The Islamic World and The Pan Original Non-White world from White World imperialism and Global Zionism and create an New World Order based on Islamic Socialism and the Global supremacy and world rulership of the Non-White Black Brown Red Yellow Peoples of The Earth.

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The Dream of Nikolaos Zachariadis for a Marxist Leninist Stalinist Greece Lives on in The Multi Ethnic Greek Working Class

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The Great Greek Communist Revolutionary Nikolaos Zachariadis had a dream and a vision of a Socialist Greece that would give true social justice for all its people and that would be guided by The Revolutionary Thought of Marx Engels Lenin Stalin and today this dream and vision lives on as the battle to create a Marxist-Leninist Greek state under working class leadership and today and it has fallen to the modern-day multi Ethnic Greek Working class which is composed of Albanian African Arabs Pakistanis and other ethnic groups. to bring this vision of Nikolas Zachariadis to Life. it is the Multi-Ethnic Greek Working Class that must rise up under a vanguard Revolutionary party and crush the fascists of the Golden Dawn Party and The Bourgeois Greek State and create a New Socialist Greece on the ruins of the old and the Pan Islamic Working class within Greece which is made up many different ethnic groups such as ethnic Greeks Albanians Arabs Ethiopians Pomaks Afghans Pakistanis Somalis. shall play a leading and vanguard role in the struggle to create an Marxist-Leninist Stalinist Greek State. due to the fact that Muslims are one of the most oppressed groups in modern-day Greece and are often subjected to racist attacks by right-wing political parties in Greece such as the Golden Dawn political party. The Islamic Working class in Greece must study and synthesized the teachings of Marx Engels Lenin Stalin and Nikolas Zachariadis and the progressive components of the traditional historical heritage of Greek civilization and then combined them with the Islamic Socialist Teachings of Islam and The Prophet Muhammad Ibn Abdullah and become the vanguard of the Greek Revolution for Socialism in addition The Pan Islamic working class of Greece must unite all of the Pan Original non-white and non-European immigrants and migrants within Greece regardless of Their religion to the banner of the Greek Marxist-Leninist Stalinist and Proletarian Islamic Socialist Revolution and then from there go on and create an Socialist Greece and draw Greece which is a historical region of Greater Syria into a close geopolitical relationship with The Arab and Islamic world in a grand new Anti-Imperialist Pan Mediterranean alliance which will be a giant first step in the reunification of The Meditteranean Race.

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