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May Allah Grant Victory to The Great Iranian Revolution of 2018

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Every since December  Iran has been engulfed by massive protest by its people against its corrupt   government  which has sold Iran’s national integrity  and independence out to  Russian imperialism and to a lesser extent  China The Iranian people are tired of this state of affairs  and they  desire   to see Iran become a great world power on its own without being dependent on either  Russian or Chinese   imperialism  as Iran is capable  of being a global power on its own terms  and  strength    being that  Iran has  thousands   and thousands of year of recorded  history as  an independent   superpower.  and the Iranian Persian people know  they  are a great people who descend from Cyrus the great and the other great and noble historical figures from Iran’s  great past and they are also very tired of the failing and falling standards of daily living and they want better living conditions  which befits  a great people such as Iran and the great  Iranian people. the oppressed nationalities  and ethnic groups within Iran such as The Azwazi Arabs Azeri  Turks Balochi Kurds and Turkmen people s among others  wish and desire to have self-determination free cultural expression and in some cases independence  from the Iranian central  government.   and if this is what they want then it is in the interests of Iran and The Greater Iranian Arab  and Turkish Pan Islamic nation for them to  grant  it to them  or to convert Iran into a confederation instead  of its present structure.  The Proletarian Muslims and The International Pan Islamic Communist Party Knows that the heart soul and spirit  of The ethnic  Persian Peoples of Iran and al other ethnic  Iranic peoples love Socialism and social justice and this  love goes back to the times of the Prophets Zoroaster    Mani and Mazdak  and in more recent times though the great Islamic Socialist Revolutionary Dr Ali Shariati and his Islamic socialist teachings an  Islamic Socialist Revolution   and  Islamic Socialism  is the only  solution to the many problems that the Iranian people and people  of Iran is for the  un Islamic  fascist and cultish government of Ali Khamenei  and Hassan Rouhani  to be overthrown  and replace with an Islamic Socialist  government  which will uphold the true values of Islam  and bring about a new political and social order in the Middle East and Pan Islamic homeland and build true and lasting ties of friendship and brotherhood with the other  Non-Iranian Islamic people of the region.

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April is Vladimir IIyich Lenin Month in Proletarian Islam

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The month of April    is Vladimir IIyich Lenin month in Proletarian Islam and we call upon and encourage   all party members supporters and allies within the Pan Islamic World and Proletarian Islamic camp to study the life and ideological works of Vladimir IIyich  Lenin ever harder  during the month and then to use them to accelerate the speed and progress  of the global  Pan Islamic world revolution and liberate  each and every occupied Islamic Land and  create a great and grand Proletarian Islamic Socialist  State  that will then go on to liberate  all of the oppressed of the world Islam and Leninism are invincible and the Proletarian Muslims  shall liberate all of the oppressed Peoples of the world and establish  Proletarian Islamic World Communism.

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10th of Rajab Statement on the Birthday of Imam Muhammad Ali-Jawad

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Today is the 10th of  Rajab the birth anniversary of Imam Muhammad Ali-Jawad one of the great revolutionary heroes of Islamic Socialism and Proletarian Islam  Imam Muhammad Ali-Jawad taught and advocate for an Islamic society that would be based on complete social justice and equality for all Muslims  and he upheld the original  socialist principals of Islam that were taught by his beloved ancestors The Prophet Muhammad and Imam Ali Ibn Abu Talib and for this he was hate and feared  by the reactionary social classes and social forces in the Islam world of his time. and in the face of great odds Imam Muhammad Ali-Jawad  stood up in the face of the enemies of the household of the Prophet Muhammad and held fast to the true teachings of Islam and set a shining example  for future generations of revolutionary Muslims and for this Imam Muhammad Ali-Jawad will forever be honored by the Proletarian Muslims and The International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam  Imam Muhammad Ali Al-Jawad wanted an Islamic society that would have complete social justice and equality for All Muslims  and This is an goal that the Proletarian Muslims shall achieve   and accomplish  once we have reunited the Pan Islamic homeland into one single Pan Islamic Socialist  Nation State. the Islamic Working class is the only social force in modern day Islamic society which is capable of bringing about the social system of complete equality that Imam Muhammad Ali-Jawad wanted to bring about  and the Pan Islamic working  class shall create the perfect  society of full social justice that Imam Muhammad Ali-Jawad and the other holy Imams  taught about in their teachings.   this goal is an integral part of the central task of the  Proletarian Islamic Socialist Revolution and  we in the International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam shall forever  honor Imam Muhammad Ali-Jawad as one of our great teachers and forefathers of Proletarian Islam

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The Defence of Arab Islamic Socialist Syria and President Bashar Al-Assad is The Duty of The Entire Global Pan Islamic Working Class

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The  Pan Islamic Working Class is an International Class and Social Force  if one area  or region of The Pan Islamic Homeland  is attacked then all areas of The Pan Islamic Homeland  are  Under Attack for The past  year    the reactionary      forces   of   Imperialism Global Zionism and Their Allies  Such as The Muslim Brotherhood organization al-Qaeda  and The Wahhabis    have been waging    a  reactionary war against Arab Socialist Syria  which is under The leadership of President Bashar Al-Assad and The Arab Baath Socialist Party            defence of Arab Socialist Syria is not just The Affair of the Anti-Imperialist Syrian Masses rather it is an  Affair and Matter Thats concerns The Entrie Pan Islamic  Working Class and The whole of The Pan Islamic Nation and Homeland  Syria is one of The last Islamic Socialist States Left within The Pan Islamic Homeland  and  it is the duty of the Entire  Pan Islamic Working Class to Come to The Aid of Baathist Arab Socialist Syria in this very crucial hour and time of need  The Pan Islamic Working Class  should send volunteers to Syria to fight alongside The Forces of The Syrian Government and The Baath Party and their Allies if one can not go to  Socialist Syria to Fight then in  all of The Home Countries where they Live  The Pan Islamic Working Class Should organize political and Propaganda campaigns in their Home Countries  that are in  support of  Socialist  Syria, and President Bashar Al-Assad and The Syrian Government.   The Battle of Our Lifetime is Being Fought in Syria  Today President Bashar  Al-Assad and The Arab Baath Socialist Party  of Syria is fighting for The Future  of The Enitre Pan Islamic Homeland and The Whole of The Pan Islamic Nation. and in This Fight. The Defence of Arab Islamic Socialist Syria is The Duty of The Entire Pan Islamic Working Class from Senegal to  Indonesia and Beyond in This Battle The Global Pan Islamic Working Class Must Stand with and Support Arab Socialiat Syria at Costs.

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The International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam Special Malcolm X Month Salute to The Great New Afrikan Black Nation.

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The Central committee of the International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam  salutes the New Afrikan Black Nation n the occasion of Malcolm X month  who was born on May 19th 1926 the  central committee has declared the month of May to be Maclom X within the International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam and within the Proletarian Islamic Camp as a whole the Party sends  a special salutes to the Great New Afrikan Black Nation which has produced such great forefather and forerunners of Proletarian Islam such as Noble Drew Ali The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad Maxwell Stanford who is know today as Muhammad Ahmad  Baba Herman Feguson  Dr Mutulu Shakur and his Son Tupac Shakur Sekou Odingo Assata Shakur  and the great and imotral Dr Khalid Abdul Muhammad.  among many  other great forerunners and forefathers. in the month of May we single out Malcolm X for special  praise and recognition. the International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam would like to talk this time to  send out a special salute to the Great  New Afrikan Black Nation in the hells of North America. for the occasion of Malcom X month the New Afrikan Nation is a long suffering Nation that has been oppressed for the past 4oo years.  the New Afrikan Nation and People are a Lost Found Islamic Nation and People as was pointed out  by Noble Drew Ali and the Great Islamic Communist Leaders Master Fard  Muhammad and the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad. The New Afrikan  Black  Nation must now rise up and calm its National Independence from the wicked United States Government and create an Independent Black Islamic Socialist Nation that will be under the control of the New Afrikan Black Working class along with the other popular classes that make up The  New Afrikan Black Nation. the New Afrikan Black Nation can indeed accomplish this great goal because the New Afrikan Black Nation has greatness within the blood of its veins the great blood of The  Prophet Muhammad ibn Abdullah[PBUH[ Uqba Ibn- Al Nafia Tariq Ibn Ziyad Yusuf Ibn Tashfin  War Jabi  Sundiata Keita   Mansa Musa Sunni Ali Muhammad Rumfa.  as  well as Askia Muhammad Toure  Uthman Dan Fodio this great Islamic heritage  and history is  the heritage and history of the New Afrika Black Nation in North America.  in the history of these figure is much that the great sons and daughters of the New Afrikan Black Nation can and must take pride in The New Afrikan Black Nation will make a great contribution to the  global Pan Islamic Proletarian Revolution.   as George Lester Jackson the Great Black Communist Leader from the Black Panther Party pointed out  in his day the New Afrikan Black Nation. is the only force that can take out Us imperialism from within and along with the  Brown Red and Yellow Pan Original masses this is  still  true in our day and time. so we in The International Pan Islamic Communist Party of  Proletarian Islam Salutes the Great New Afrikan Black Nation  the Great Nation and Peeople that pruduce Malcolm X the great spirtual father and forerunner of Proletarian Islam.

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