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Armenia Syria Relations Remain Strong

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Every since the beginning of the present crisis and attempted  counter-revolutionary    Relations between The Republic of Armenia and The Syrian Arab Republic have remained stong and friendly The  Armenian government  of Serzh Sargsyan has stood by The Syrian  Government  of president  Bashar Al-Assad  during the entries crisis and ha taken in Armenian refugees from Syria who were facing  genocide from the forces of the So-Called Free Syrian Army and its Allies in addition the government of the Republic of Armenia has sent  relief supplies and other humanitarian aid to the city of Aleppo and other areas of Syria in a campaign to help the patriotic masses of Syria as they continue to battle and defeat the  Western backed counter-revolution to overthrow the anti-imperialist and Islamic Socialist Government  rent of Bashar Al-Assad   by these actions in Support of Arab Islamic Socialist Syria The Republic of Armenian and the Government of Serzh Sargsyan has remain constant with the Revolutionary and anti-imperialist heritage and traditions of The Great Armenian People. The Armenian Government and the Armenian People should  continue to build political and cultural ties with The Pro Assad Syrian masses within Syria and The Syrian diaspora worldwide including The United States and other Western countries in addition The Armenian People and diaspora along with The Syrian community within the United States should build political ties with The Black and Latino Communities and oppressed Nations within the United States such as The Oppressed masses of occupied masses of  The New Afrikan Black Nation. and occupied Aztlan.  and join in a Great Pan Original Alliance to retake North American  from The Rule of White Imperiaism. all of This is in The Intrests of The Pan Islamic Working Class and The Pan Islamic and Original Asiatic Nation.

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Comrade Huey P Newton Day Statement from The International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam

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Today is The 71st Anniversary    of The Birth of Comrade  Huey P Newton The Founder of The  Original Black Panther Party for Self Defence out of Oakland California  Comrade Huey P  Newton was perhaps The Greatest  Revolutionary Communist Leader to  ever come out of The United States. Comrade Huey P Newton founded The Black Panther Party for Self Defence in the year 1966 which was ony less than a decade after The  Anti-Communist  witch hunt of US Senator Joseph McCarthy  which was a time of great terror for all Left Wing and Anti-Imperialist Forces within The United States. Coming Out of This political  environment and climate of The 1950s Comrade Huey P newton built The Black Panther Party into The Most Advanced  Maoist Communist Party in The History of The  United States. after being influenced by The Islamic Socialism of The Honorable Elijah Muhammad  and Malcolm X along with The Marxism-Leninism of Mao Zedong   and in The Process he Bought The Ideas of Scientific Socialism to a New generation within The United States and other areas of North America.   and in the process he armed them with Revolutionary Theory to Wage  Revolutionary Struggle against US imperialism from The Very belly of The beast itself. Comrade Huey p  Newton from a Young Age Dream  and Worked for The Complete and Total Liberation of Black People and The Black Nation within The United States and he also  wanted to Create  a Marxist-Leninist Maoist Socialist State  in The United States for all of The ethnic groups that live within the United States.  and in  order to bring about This goal  he studied  and  took up the national Question for every single ethnic group that lives in The United States.   Comrade Huey P Newton Laid a Magnificent and splendid foundation for  North American Revolutionaries of all ethnic backgrounds to learn from and to study and put into practice   and his theory of Revolutionary Intercommunalism should be studied by all Revolutionary Communists Worldwide Today.  The Writings and Works of Comrade Huey P Newton  Should be  read Study Read and Re studied again as they are very relevant to The Times in Which we live The Revolutionary Work and Legacy of Comrade Huey P Newton Shall Endure throughout The Ages.

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The Green Resistance Strikes in Benghazi Libya

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There have been reports that The Green Resistance has  Struck once again in The City of Benghazi The Cradle of The Nato backed rat counter-revolution  in an attack yesterday that targeted   Ayman  Eriq an Official   in The Rat Defence Ministry  of The Nato installed puppet government in a car bomb attack in Benghazi Libya.  there have also been reports of other attacks  as well as  reports of  The Formations of New  Guerilla Cells of The Green Resistance in other  cities and regions of Libya. during This Past Week  The heart and the masses of Libya is still Green and  Nato and the rat installed puppet government in Tripoli  are very much aware of this fac.t  Brother Leader Muammar  Gaddafi and The ideals of Islamic Socialism and The Green Book are still beloved by many in the City of Benghazi  and in all other parts of Libya . The Battle to liberate  Benghazi will go on until The Green Flag files Once Again from every building and Homes in Benghazi and The Whole of Libya  Nothing Can Stop The March and Victory of of The Great Green Resistance in Libya.

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The Nato Installed Rat Regime in Libya Still Fears Muammar Gaddafi and The Green Resistance

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Two Years after The  beginning of The Imperialist Backed Counter Revolution in Libya The Nato Installed Rat Regime Still Fears The Spirit of Brother Leader Muammar Gaddafi and The Great Green Resistance as they go about celebrating The anniversary of their Counter Revolution  The Revolutionary Islamic Socialist  ideology of Muammar Gaddafi is not Dead and The Puppet Libyan Regime in Tripoli knows this all to well  as many  Millions within Libya still believe in The  Principals of The Third Universal Theory and Islamic Socialism. and  this is why  The Puppet rat Government has bought in Troops from Italy and Qatar to intimidate The Revolutionary Libyan Masses  who still belive in  the Ideas of Brother Leader Muammar Gaddafi despite this intimidation The Green Resistance  in Libya  is still alive and will retake  Libya from The Nato Regime  sometime in the near future when conditions allow for it on that Great Day The Green Islamic Socialist banner of The Libyan Jamahiriya will once again fly from Green Square in Tripoli to The City of Benghazi in The East to Sabha in The far South  The Green Resistance is Alive in All parts of Libya Today and The Fighters of The Green Resistance Shall Bring The Great  Peoples Socialist Libyan Arab  Jamahiriya Back to a position of State Power in Libya and as a Great geopolitical entity fighting for Pan-African Unity and Socialism on The African Continent and The Pan-African Diaspora. Nothing can hold Down or  stop The Revolutionary Thoughts of Brother Leader Mummar Gaddafi and The Ideas of The Libyan Jamahiriya as They are  Still Very Much Alice and spreading Worldwide   and The  Imperialists and reactionaries are very much aware of This Fact. including The Nato Installed Rats  that are sitting in Tripoli right. now  not only will all of Libya be Green Once Again But all of The African Continent will one day become one single Socialist Jamahiriya Republic and Nation State guided by the Socialist ideas of Brother Leader Muammar Gaddafi and The great Revolutionary Pan African Socialist vision of Brother Leader Muammar Gaddafi shall be made manifested and will Shine for  All of The World to See The Great Green Moorish Resistance in Libya  will insure that This Revolutionary Pan Africanist Vison will come About and be made a reality in This World.

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Statement on The 70th Anniversary of The Battle of Stalingrad

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The Following Statement was issued by The International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam on   The   70th Anniversary of the Battle of Stalingrad

Today is The 7oth anniversary of The End of The Battle of Stalingrad  which ended in  a Victory for The Socialist Soviet Union and The Pan Original Non-White Asiatic World  The Asian Soviet  People and The Red Army Under The Leadership of Joseph Stalin Georgy Zhukov Vasily Chuikov and Other Commanders Won a decisive Victory Over The Forces of Adolf Hitler and National Socialist Germany  and The Wicked plan of Adolf Hitler and The Germanic World to  conquer The Slavic World and all of Asia  The defeat at Stalingrad was The Great Turing Point of World War 2 and was a  key factor in the final collapse and defeat of National Socialist Germany 2 years later in The aftermath of  The Battle of Berlin and The suicide of Adolf Hitler. and it opened up space for The Victory of The Chinese Korean and Vietnamese Revolutions to succeed in Asia. The Heroism of The Soviet People and Red Army shall never be forgotten by The  Pan  Islamic and Pan Original Working Classes  of The World Today when Western Imperialism has invaded and occupied Countries and Regions around The Pan Islamic Homeland there is Much that The Pan Islamic Working Class and The Other Oppressed classes can learn from in  The examples of The Defence of Stalingrad by Stalin  The Soviet People  and The Glorious Red Army Today The International Pan Islamic Working Class and The Pan Islamic Working Class salutes The Revolutionary heritage and legacy of  Stalin The Soviet People and The Red Army at Stalingrad and we Pray to Allah That More  The Many Fascist and Imperialist Forces of Today who are invading The Pan Islamic Homeland will Meet Their Own Stalingrad and That The Pan Islamic Nation and Working Class Shall Go on to Liberate all of The Pan Islamic Homeland and Nation So That The Pan Islamic Nation Can Be Free liberated and Independent Once Again and a  liberated Base area for The Pan Original World Proletarian  Revolution for The Black Brown Red Yellow and Slavic Masses of The World.

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