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Saviors Day 2016 Statement on the 139th Anniversary of The Birth of Master Fard Muhammad

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This year is the 139th anniversary of the  birth of Master Fard Muhammad a great revolutionary forerunner and forefather of the ideology of Proletarian Islam Master Fard Muhammad played a most important  role in the  history of Islamic socialism  when he established and founded  the Lost Found Nation of Islam in Detroit Michigan in the  year 1930 which under the leadership of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad become one of the largest and best organized Islamic Socialist  groups in the  history of Islamic Socialism.  Master Fard Muhammad also played  major role in the  history of The Marxist Leninist Maoist movement  as  the great Black Maoists  Huey P Newton Bobby Seale Eldridge Cleaver  Alprentice  Bunchy Carter  and others from within the Original Black Panther Party and wider Black Maoist movement in North America were all influence by the teachings and work of the Nation of Islam which Master Fard Muhammad established. Master Fard Muhammad relazied that the only way that the Pan Islamic Nation could regain its full geopotical power and  world influence is though the return of the Lost Found Black and Latino  Islamic  Peoples of the Western hemisphere  to the fold of Islam and the recovery of their Islamic   identity and heritage Today the world of Islam needs the Islamic Socialist teachings and vision of Master Fard Muhammad  in order to get out of its current  political cultural and spiritual stagnation.   thus The Proletarian Muslims and The International Pan Islamic Communist Party of  Proletarian Islam honor Master Fard Muhammad on the anniversary of his birth honor him and encourage all  the Pan Islamic Nation and in particular  the Pan Islamic  Working class to study the Islamic Socialist teachings and methods of Master Fard Muhammad and his work among the  Black working class masses in North America  and apply them to all of the Pan Islamic Nation  so that  it may regain all of its former might glory  power and unity  the teachings of Master Fard Muhammad can bring this great and glorious goal about  and create an Pan Islamic Socialist Superstate  stretching from Central Africa to Southeast Asia and parts of Southern and Eastern Europe and beyond Glory to Master Fard Muhammad The Great Islamic Socialist Mahdi of Proletarian Islam.

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The Race for Raqqa Syria is On

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The Syrian Civil War is  entering  its sixith year and  Syria has become the battlefield for an ever wideing and growing proxy war between US Imperialism and Russia and local regional  powers such as Iran Saudi Arabia and Turkey. The Syrian Civil War  has seen many twists and turns over these years  but the recent Russian military intervention has tipped the balance of power in flavor of President Bashar Al-Assad and his  pro government  Syrian forces.  the  Pro Assad forces have been able to hold on too Damascus  and the surrounding  areas in southern Syria and they have been able to launch an major military offessinve which has taken them to the gates of  Aleppo Syria and the Turkish border.  while these events have been taken place in northern Syria and the area around Damascus  meanwhile  in eastern Syria  another  battle is waging there in that region of Syria  US Imperialism  along with its allies  The Syrian  Democratic  Forces coalition this coalition with direct  US political  and military support is launching a major military offensive to try and retake the city of Raqqa Syria from  the group known as Daesh ISIS which has decared the city to be the capital of its so-called  caliphate   The organization  known as Daesh ISIS is an criminal  and barbaric  organization which  has committed  many crimes against the peoples of the region and it has also made an enemy  out of  all of the major  global  powers  such as  Russia China the European countires  among others. so in light of all of these facts Daesh ISIS is  not going to be able to hold on to its territories   in Iraq and Syria and   it is only  matter of time before Daesh  ISIS is driven out of the city of  Raqqa Syria as right now The Syrian Arab Army with its allies and Russian Air Support are also  launching an major  military offesenve  to retake Raqqa from Daesh ISIS. The race for Raqqa Syria is on and it is only a question of who wll get there first to drive Daesh ISIS out of the city will it be US Imperialsim  and its allies in the Syrian Democratic Forces coalition or will The Syrian Army Army and Its Russian and Iranian allies get there first and beat the Americans to the punch. no matter  who wins this race  the retaking of Raqqa from  Daesh  ISIS will have an political impact in the Arab World and  greater Middle Eastern region for decades to come. it is important for all of the peoples of the  Greater Middle East  North Africa region to rise up and destroy the Daesh ISIS Terrorist organization  and to also drive out all of the reactionary Imperialst powers from the Middle East and Greater North Africa. The Arab Berber Turkish Iranian and  Kurdish Pan Islamic Working Class  must take  up the leading vanguard role in the political spirtural  and military struggle to defeat the terorrism  of the Daesh ISIS  group and  to drive all of the Imperialist powers  out of the Middle East and North Africa region of the Pan Islamic Homeland. and  after this to build a new social order in the region based on Proletarian  Islamic Socialism  and social justice for all of the Indigenous  peoples and ethnic groups of the  Middle East  and North African region.


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Barack Obama is Not a Proletarian Muslim

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For quite sometime now a  vicious lie and slander has been going around  That  Barack Obama is connected to Proletarian Islam and our political party  in someway  this is not true and it is an complete  and total falsehood  Barack Obama is not connected to our Party and political ideology in anyway whatsoever. Barack Obama is the number one front man for US Imperialism and White Western Imperialism in general. The International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam  is opposed to all forms of Imperialism  and we stand opposed to the criminal  regime in Washington DC which is led by Barack Obama. and we The Proletarian Muslims and The International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam have never offered political support to the imperialist running dog Barack Obama and we never will .  also it should be pointed out here that Barack Obama is not an Islamic Socialist  or a Socialist  or Communist of any kind. rather he Barack Obama is a follower and  supporter of Third Way  Capiaitalism  and  he is an sell out and traitor  to  Africa and African People worldwide. Barack Obama is an enemy to all of the Oppressed Peoples of The World and The International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam and The Proletarian Muslims Stands against Barack Obama  and  we will never support him  and we stand with all of the oppressed peoples of the world in the joint struggle to bring down US Imperialism  and the creation of a new world without  capitalism and Imperialsim of any kind.

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Malcolm X Martyrdom Day Statement

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Today is the 51st anniversary  of the assassination  of the Great Islamic Socialist Revolutionary Malcolm X in Harlem New York  the  life of Malcolm X was  physically   taken away from us but today Malcolm X is alive  in the hopes and dreams of the Pan Islamic Working Class and The Global Pan Islamic Nation for Liberation from White Western Imperialism  Global Zionism and the other reactionary power which are oppressing the Muslims  and our sacred Pan Islamic Homeland which stretches from Central Africa to Southeast Asia.  The Proletarian Muslims and the Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam are the direct  political and ideological heirs of Malcolm X  and we are continuing on in the revolutionary footsteps of Malcolm X  so that we may establish   an global Islamic Socialist political order throughout the world. the Imperialists and Zionists were never able to kill the revolutionary Islamic Socialist and Pan Third World Nationalist  ideas of Malcolm X for they live on today in the ideology of Proletarian Islam  which is the ideology of our Party The International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam. and we The Proletarian Muslim shall uphold and fly the Islamic Socialist banner of Malcolm  X While we go about reunifying  The Pan Islamic Homeland into one single Pan Islamic Socialist State and from there we shall go on and  unite all of the Non-White Pan Original  World into a Socialist World Union of all Original  Non-White Peoples. The Revolutionary Islamic Socialist Teachings of  El Hajji Malik Shabazz also known as Malcolm X  shall be one of the great banners of victory in the Proletarian Islamic struggle to create an united Pan Islamic Socialist State stretching from central Africa to southeast Asia and parts of eastern and southern Europe.

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Dr Ben Carson is a Disgrace to The Black Nation and Black People

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Dr  Ben Carson  the so-called  African American  republican party presidential  candidate with his Anti-Islamic political postions and statements is an disgrace to  the  Black Nation in North America   and Black People.  Ben Carson is disrespting  his own African ancestors with his ant-Islamic remarks   has the Black Nation  within the United states grew out of the historical Islamic peoples and empries of  West Africa and greater Northwestern  West Africa . if Dr Ben Carson understood history and had a knowledge of Self then he would understand this and know this but he is an mentaly dead foll with no knowledge of his African Islamic hertrage and the African Islamic heritage of the entire Black Nation in North America. for   generation now his  best selling book Gifted Hands has been highly regarded in many Black Muslim household in  North America where Black Muslims parents would pass this book down to their  children to read and be inspired his life life and work  in the medical field.  indeed Dr Ben Carson  was an hero  and iniperation to many within the Black Muslim community. but today Dr Ben Carson is being used as an  agent and tool of his political manger and adviser  the right wing conservative  political commentator   Armstrong Williams and  The  Christian Zionist political  camp  Dr Ben  Carson should  withdraw from the presidential  race and he should then engage in what we Maoists call criticism  and self criticism and he should then denounce his Anti-Islamic worldview and pro capitalist and imperialist republican party politics  and from there he should then  seek what The great Islamic Socialist Revolutionary  Honorable Elijah Muhammad called an knowledge of Self and    study the glorious Islamic history of West Africa and the other Islamic  regions  of Africa. only when Ben Carson has done all of these things we he be redeem from his current reactionary and Uncle Tom self and become an True Blackman

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Breaking News Jeb Bush Drops Out of The US Presidential Race

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Breaking News Jeb Bush has drop  out of the Republican Party Primary race  for President of The United States  this comes as no surprise since Jeb Bush has failed to win  much political support  within the republican party  and its mass base and he Jeb Bush has also failed to win   The Republican party primary elections in Iowa New Hampshire  and  now  South Carolina.    Jeb Bushs time has not come  for him to become President of The United States  for now many of the top upper elites of The Pro Republican Party wing of US Imperialism seem to be going with Trump and Trump has  ever growing and increasing support from within both the upper top of the Republican Party   and with the  White  mass base of the Republican party at the bottom the ball is in Donald Trump court right now but it remain to be seen if he will yet be the 45th president of the United States but one is certain at this time Jeb Bush will certainly not be the 45th president of the United States. it is  now up to The Black Latino Arab  Middle Eastern  Muslim and other Non-White Masses to organize and insure that Donald Trumpism as a political force is undermined and defeated  and a New Pan Original  Non-White Social Order is created in North America which will lay the foundation for Pan Indigenous and Pan Latino Socialist confederation of North and South America is  formed and created as a mighty base area for the Global Pan Original Revolution of The Non-White Peoples of The Earth.

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Donald Trump Will Win in South Carolina

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The International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam predicts  that Donald Trump will win the Republican party  primary race in the US State of South Carolina  Trump is going to win do to the fact of race and the racial philosophy and traditional racial thinking and racial psychology of South Carolina and the old school  US South.  most White South Carolinians  republicans are not prepared   to vote  for an Latino candidate like Ted Cruz  even though he is an assimilated   Latino  and a convert to the Southern Baptist  faith which is one of the main religions of most White South Carolinians.  many White South Carolinians are still not going to  vote for him despite the fact that he is an  conservative   and  Evangelical  Christian and this is all   because of the fact that Ted Cruz is still an Latino  and hence ethnically and cultural different from the culture of the White South Carolinians  Republicans  the same goes for  Marco Rubio Rubio is also a political conservative  and a Conservative Christian   and he is  also Roman Catholic    who ponders  to  the White conservtate evangelical mass base wthin the Republican Party  despite this and the fact that he comes from an right wing Pro American  Cuban family based out of Miami Florida  which serves US Imperialism  and  has longed  opposed the Socialist Revolution of Comrade Fidel Castro.  many White South Carolinians   republicans are still  not going to vote for him  because he comes from an Latino background  also most White Carolinians are not  going to vote   for the African American  Republican Ben Carson  despite the fact that he is Anti-Arab and Anti Islamic and  a good and loyal  fateful servant of US White Power Imperialism as for the other White Candidates in this race they do not have enough political support from the upper elites of the Republican Party at the top and they also do not have enough support at the bottom with the mass base of the Republican Party. so this round is going to go to the White Imperiialist Devil Donald Trump Donald Trump is going to win   The South Carolina Republican Party primary  race for President of the United States. because he Donald Trump has the love and ear of White Racist America and it looks  more and more likely that he Donald Trump will be the coming  Republican party front runner in the US General election in November it is up to the Black Latino Arab  Middle Eastern and Muslim Masses to organize Anti-Fascist United Front to undermine and wipe out the  Donald Trump political phenomenon and create a new political order in the United States and the rest of North America.

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