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Glory to Socialist Albania Under Enver Hoxha The Revolutionary White Muslim Socialist Country Which Defended Marxism Leninism And The Revolutionary Heritage of Joseph Stalin

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The Honorable Elijah Muhammad always said that the White Muslims of Eastern Europe and The Balkans would  have a role to play in the final downfall of white  imperialism and the White Christian world  and this was seen in The White Muslim country of Albania  when it was a revolutionary Marxist-Leninist Socialist country during the era of Comrade Enver Hoxha and The Albanian revolution under his leadership. Enver Hoxha and his revolutionary Marxist-Leninist revolutionary army drove the fascist  Italian and  Nazi  German occupiers out of Albania  and crushed  the political power of the pro Italian German and Pro Western bourgeoisie   within the country and in the process  Comrade Enver Hoxha transformed Albania into  revolutionary  Marxist Leninist Albanian national socialist state under the leadership of the Albanian working class and its vanguard political party  The Communist party of Albania which would later be known as The Party of Labor Albania. Albania  adopted a pro eastern and Pro Soviet geopolitical orientation and aligned itself very closely  with the then Socialist Soviet Union  of Joseph Stalin.  and  Albania was a crucial ally  to comrade Joseph Stalin during the showdown with the revivalist Tito  and his pro western government in Yugoslavia  after  Tito  broke ranks with the revolutionary Socialist camp which was then led by the Socialist Soviet Union   and allied Yugoslavia with the camp of western Imperialism while selling out the Greek democratic revolution in Greece to  western imperialism. Comrade Enver Hoxha  condemned  the revisionist Tito for  his abandonment   of Marxism-Leninism  for the rest of his life  up until The death of Tito in  the year 1980.   but perhaps   Comrade Enver Hoxha greatest  moment on the international stage was when in the aftermath of the suspicious death of Comrade Joseph Stalin Enver Hoxha  stood up to oppose the revisionist   post Stalin leadership  of the Soviet union   which  was led by Nikita Sergeyevich  Khrushchev    during this era in history  Socialist Albania Under The Leadership of Comrade Enver Hoxha stood  by the  original   revolutionary Marxist Leninist Socialist  teachings of comrade Joseph Stalin  in the face of this revisionist  betrayal   of these teachings by Khrushchev  and his clique.  and  in the year 1960 Comrade Enver Hoxha traveled  to Moscow  the capital  of the Soviet Union  where he Enver Hoxha declared before all the world that the fine and immortal work of Stalin must be defended and upheld and  the person  who does not  do so  is an opportunist and coward.  this  1960 Moscow speech  by  Comrade Enver Hoxha  was an  ideological and spiritual victory for Revolutionary Marxism-Leninism and The Anti revisionist  wing of the International communist movement and  this glorious and historic    speech of Comrade Enver Hoxha in Moscow  spiritually  and ideologically armed revolutionary communists and other Anti-Imperialist forces worldwide.  in  his Moscow speech Comrade Enver Hoxha denounced  the Anti-Albanian  racism  of  The Nikita Khrushchev  clique  and  their abandonment  of the revolutionary teachings of Joseph Stalin  and he called for the entire socialist camp to unite  and rally around the global struggle against US  and western Imperialism  and its colonial and neo-colonial  system and to stand on the revolutionary  Anti-Imperialist teachings of Marx Engels Lenin and Comrade Joseph Stalin  and unite in Anti-Imperialist revolutionary  struggle with the  then emerging  nations of  Africa Asia and Latin America and  to bring  down and destroy the colonialist and neo-colonialist system  along with world imperialism once and for all and build a new Socialist and Anti-Imperialist world order into being. Comrade Enver Hoxha would go on to  oppose  the revisionism of Khrushchev  and Soviet Social Imperialism for the rest of his noble  and great revolutionary  life and he would from a strong geopolitical alliance  with Maoist China   and in the aftermath of the death of Chairman Mao Zedong in 1976 Comrade Enver Hoxha would  ideologically and politically  condemn   the  new revisionists  rulers of Post Maoist China for selling out and deviating  from socialism and  the world revolution  and he would go on to organize and give ideological  guidance to  a new wave of revolutionary Marxist Leninist  communist parties  around the world  based on the defense of the revolutionary legacy of Comrade Joseph Stalin and opposition to the imperialist and revisionist superpowers of the United States  The Soviet Union and China. during this same time period Comrade Enver  Hoxha geopolitically  embraced his Islamic cultural and civilization heritage by  supporting the Afghan resistance  to the 1979  Soviet invasion and  occupation of their country and Enver Hoxha also during this period  denounced  and condemn the racist and   left-wing white nationalist  government of the social imperialist Soviet Union for its oppression of the Muslim ethnic groups and nations within the Soviet Union. Albania was a true revolutionary Anti-Imperialist Socialist Nation during the life time of comrade Enver Hoxha and the Albania of today   has a most important role to play in the European wide and global  Proletarian Islamic Socialist revolution and in order for this to   happened Albania  must abandon and reject  its current pro western and pro Atlantic geopolitical orientation  and  adopt a pro  eastern and pro Islamic geopolitical  orientation  and ally with  the nations of Asia Africa Latin America and the rest of the Non-White Pan Original world of color     and return to the revolution values of Ali Pasha  Naim Frasheri and his Brothers Sami Frasheri and Abbdyl Frasheri and the other great men of the Albanian National Renaissance of the 19th century and  of the values of Avni Rustemi and the  June 1924 Left Wing National democratic Revolution of Fan Noli   and in addition Albania should  return to the revolutionary Marxism Leninism of Comrade Enver Hoxha  but on  a new and higher level  and ideological synthesis and adopt the emerging ideology of  Proletarian Islam and  then fought for the renunciation of all of ethnic Albania into one single greater Pan Albanian Proletarian Islamic Socialist State.

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Party Statement on the 146th Anniversary of The Birth of Vladimir IIyich Lenin

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Today is the 146th anniversary of the  birth of Comrade  Vladimir Ilyich Lenin  one of the great revolutionary heroes’ and forefathers of the Proletarian Islamic ideology Comrade Lenin was an Asiatic original man who loved and held dear his Turkic Mongolian   ancestral heritage and who gave the Turkic Mongolian Islamic Peoples of Eurasia their complete social political and religious rights and freedoms within  The newly  created Soviet State of which Lenin was the chief founder The Soviet Revolution of Lenin change the very course of modern history and it led to revolutions throughout the Pan Islamic Homeland and the whole of the Non-White Pan Original World. Lenin  even in the period before the October revolution in Russia understood  and appreciate the progressive and revolutionary  role that Islam would play in the Anti-cololoinal revolutions and uprising in Africa and Asia and in that vein Lenin supported and upheld Young Turk Revolution of 1908 and the revolutions in Indonesia India Iran Libya which were taken place in that time period  and after the victory of the October revolution in 1917 Lenin  also  support   the progressive government of Afghanistan led by King Amanullah Khan Lenin had tremendous faith in the power of Islam.  and today in the present day era  The Proletarian Muslims shall carry out one of the greatest revolutions of all time by reunifying the Pan Islamic Homeland into one United Islamic Socialist caliphate The Union of Islamic Soviet Socialist Republics. and from there the Pan Islamic Socialist  Union shall carry on the global Socialist Revolution until the whole of the planet earth is governed  under Socialism. Islam and Leninism are one and the global Pan Islamic Working is one of the leading social forces in the world which can insure the global triumph of socialism and create world Communism.  Revolutionary Leninism is one of the ideological  tools and weapons   in which we will use to carry out the global Pan Islamic Socialist World Proletarian Revolution  and we shall always salute  honor  and  uphold the revolutionary life work and teachings of Comrade Vladimir IIyich Lenin as one of the great Revolutionary forefathers and forerunners of Proletarian Islam.

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Glory to The Great Irish Nation on The 100th Anniversary of The Easter Rising

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The soul of The Irish Nation is deep and holy and we in The International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam say glory to The great Irish  Nation on this the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Easter Rising of 1916 Glory Forever to All of The Leaders of The Easter Rising such as Patrick Pearse  James Connolly  Tom Clarke Sean Mac Diarmada  Joseph Plunkett Eamonn Ceannt Thomas MacDonagh and the many other countless Irish Revolutionary freedom fighters both known and unknown who took part in this heroic uprising for Irish freedom and liberation. The Irish Nation and people today live because of the sacrifices and heroic actions of these  heroic freedom fighters from the Glorious Easter Rising of 1916 and there heroism and Revolutionary Legacy shall never be forgotten.

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Statement on The 100th Anniversary of The Irish Easter Uprising

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This week is the 100th anniversary of the Irish Easter Uprising  for National Independence  and Liberation From British Imperialism  which had ruled Ireland for  nearly 700 years.   The International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam would to at this time like to extend  our salute and give our Revolutionary Fraternal   Internationlist greetings to The great Irish Nation and to The Progressive elements of The Irish diaspora   The Irish Easter rising was one of the greatest  Revolutionary uprising  in Irish history and it was also one of the great revolutions of the 20th century  as it  eventuly led to the independence  of Ireland from The British emprie  and it inspired  many other National Liberation struggle around the world to rise up and struggle against Western Imperialsim and colonialism  sadly today The Irish Revolution is still unfinshed  Northern Irleand is still under British occupation  but the day will no doubt come when all 32 counties of Ireland   are free and liberation from British rule and when that day comes all of Ireland  will be an united Anti-Imperialist Socialist Republic and a frim ally of The Pan Islamic Nation and The Global Pan Original  Revolution of The Non-White Masses of The Earth.

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January is Dr Khalid Abdul Muhammad Month in Proletaran Islam

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The month  of January is Dr Khalid Abdul Muhammad month in Proletarian Islam and we encouraged  all of the   members and supporters of The International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam  to uphold and study  The Teachings  Dr Khalid Abdul Muhammad with intense and extra devotion  during this month and to never let the history and teachings of this great man to be written out of history by the White Devil Imperialists and their agents and allies. Dr Khalid Abdul Muhammad took the teachings of  the Honorable Elijah Muhammad  to its next revolutionary level of development  and  he inspired  a whole generation of Black and Latino youth to study revolutionary thought and theory such as The Teachings of Marcus Garvey Malcolm X Mao Zedong Kim IL Sung Amilcar Cabral Kwame Nkrumah and many other Revolutionary Thinkers from around the Non-White Pan Original World.       Dr Khalid Abdul Muhammad  was an great  revolutionary  forerunner and forefather of the Ideology of Proletarian Islam  and we The Proletarian Muslims shall forever honor and revere  The Honorable Minister Dr Khalid Abdul Muhammad within our ranks and our camp and we will never allow anyone to write  him out of history the Revolutionary Teachings and Legacy of Dr Khalid Abdul Muhammad Shall endure and live on for all time.

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Stalin on Zionism and The World Proletarian Revolution

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The following quote is a direct quote from JV Stalin on the Anti-Zionist World Struggle

The fight against Zionism has noting in common with anti-Semitism Zionism is the enemy of workers around the world where has the Jewish People are not
Stalin quoted in Krasnaja Svezda in the year 1953


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Albania and Palestine Enver Hoxha on Palestine and The Palestinian People

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Our People have a special sympathy for The Palestinian People because they have waged and are waging a resolute and heroic fight and we have supported and we go on supporting them in the ocean of loneliness and betrayal in which they find themselves today. even betrayed and abandoned as The Palestian people are today they will triumph they will triumph for they are fighing for a just cause for their return to their homeland
Enver Hoxha Leader of Socialist Albania 1983


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