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The Assad Famiy The Syrian Baath Party and The Liberation of The Golan Heights

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Every since the start of Imperialist backed Arab spring revolt within the Pan-Arab Homeland one of the main lies and slanders that has been directed at the Assad family of Syria is that they have never done anything for the liberation of Arab Palestine and the Golan Heights some forces and individuals have gone so far as to charge and state that Baathist Syria under the Assad family have never fried a shot in anger at Zionist Israel anyone that has knowledge of the modern-day history of The Arab Nation are well aware that this is a false change and allegation against the Assad family as the historical record shows that few People and families have done more for the liberation of the Arab Golan Heights and Arab Palestine as a whole staring in 1971 when Hafez Al-Assad first came to power during The corrective Revolution President Hafez Al-Assad put The highest priority on The Liberation of The Arab Golan Heights and Arab Palestine as a whole as a Step towards That goal he turned all of Syria into a giant rear guard base area. for The Liberation of Arab Palestine. from launching The Ramadan War of liberation with Egypt in 1973 to supporting Revolutionary forces in The Lebanese civil war and assisting in the formation of Hezbollah and supporting the Revolutionary work of Palestinian Groups such as As-Saiqa which is The Palestinian Branch of The Baath Party. The Abu Musa Wing of Yasser Arafat’s Fatah Movement and The Popular Front for The Liberation of Palestine General Command Syria along with other Revolutionary groups. after The passing of President Hafez Al-Assad in the year 2000 His Son Bashar Assad The current Syrian President has continue The Revolutionary Polices of His Father by deepening Syria s comment to Liberate Palestine with Socialist Syria’s Support for Hamas and Hezbollah in Lebanon along with maintaining Socialist Syria’s Long Standing Alliance with The Islamic Republic of Iran. one of the main slender against The Assad Family and The Syrian Baath must at this time now be addressed many critics of The Assad Government say that if the Assads are serious about confronting Israel The Zionist Enemy then they should launch an immediate full-scale military attack in The Golan Heights in oder to liberate it from Zionist occupation The Assad Family has very good reasons why they do not pursue this course of action. one reason is that they know that most of the other Arab regimes and states are not there true friends and allies and would side with Israel and western Imperialism if Batthist Syria would carry out such a military action and secondly The United States would more them likely enter The conflict in The Side of Israel. The Same way that they did when Islamic Socialist Iraq under Saddam Hussein went into Kuwait in 1990 Western imperialism and Zionism have long had a program to weaken and destroy Baatish Syria The same way that they destroy the might of Baathist Iraq in the 1990s so instead The Assad family ever since the early 1970s have been focused on building Syrian military parity with Israel and in this endeavor Islamic Socialist Syria has been largely very successful as up to The counter-revolutionary revolt broke out in Syria The Zionist state of Israel did not dare to launch any large-scale military aggression on Socialist Syria The Goal of The Assad Family and The Syrian led Arab Baath Socialist Party has been to Liberate The Golan Heights and all of Arab Palestine by building up a Strong Arab Islamic Socialist Syria as a base area to achieve this great goal and this is why The Whole of the Pan Islamic Working Class and The Anti-Imperialist Camp of The World Must stand with and support President Assad and Islamic Socialist Syria under His Great Leadership.

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Hugo Chavez and Pan Islam

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one of The Main pillars and geopolitical successes of The Government of President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela was his pro-Arab and Pro Islamic Foreign Policy in which he allied Venezuela with The Islamic Republic of Iran and The Global Pan Islamic Movement under its Leadership and his Alliances with The Islamic Socialist States in The Pan Islamic Homeland such as Baathist Iraq Under Saddam Hussein and The Pan Africanist islamic Socialist State of Brother Leader Muammar Gaddafi and Arab Islamic Baathist Syria under President Basher Al-Assad President Hugo Chavez was a Pan Moorish Nationalist who knew in his heart that The People of Venezuela and Latin America as a whole were lost found Islamic Peoples with an Ethnic Cultural and historical connection to The Arab and Islamic World in The Eastern hemisphere and that The Time had come for Latin America to reunite with The Pan Islamic high light this connection President Hugo Chavez took a militant stance in support of The Arab and Islamic Character of Palestine and The Palestinian Arab National Liberation Struggle. President Hugo Chavez will surely go down in History as a Great Pan Islamic Thinker alongside Jamal Ad- Din Al Afghani Sultan Galiev Tan Malaka Muhammad Allama Iqbal Master Fard Muhammad Elijah Muhammad Malcolm X Zulfikar Ali Bhutto Imam Ruhollah Khomeini Louis Farrakhan and The Honorable Dr Khalid Abdul Muhammad. it is the Divine Destiny of The Caribbean and Latin America to link up with and Unite with The Islamic World in a Great and Grand geopolitical Alliance and Bloc That will be capple of Talking Down The Global System of White World Imperialism and White Zionism and bring into a Beng a Pan Original and Pan Islamic Socialist World Oder and System That will be based on Freedom Justice and Equity for The Original and Islamic Peoples of The World. it is the historical task of The Pan Latino and ingenious Working class of The Caribbean and Latin America to carry out and complete The Bolivian Revolution that was started by Simon Bolivar and Hugo Chavez and unite Latin America and The Caribbean into One Afro Indigenous and Latino Socialist Soviet Republic. Allied to The Pan Islamic Nation and Pan Islamic World Revolution Together The Bolivian Revolution of The Caribbean and Latin America and The Global Pan islamic Revolution will both play Key and deceive roles in The Global Pan Original World Revolution of The Black Brown Red and Yellow Non-White Masses of The World.

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Statement on the Passing of President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela

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The Leadership of The International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam  was informed a few hours ago of The Passing of Our Beloved Comrade President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela  at This Time The Leadership and Members of The International Pan Islamic Communist Party  of Proletarian Islam would like to send our most heartfelt condolences to The family friends  Comrades and The patriotic Revolutionary Masses of Venezuela This is truly a sad day for The Anti-Imperialist Camp of The World. The Passing of President Chavez comes at a Time when Western White Imperialism is  planing and launching  large-scale campaigns of Aggression and Counter Revolutions against The Anti-Imperialist Camp of The World such as with its Counter Revolutionary Arab Sprang and The Counter Revolutions in Libya and Syria US Imperialism is planing  at this very moment to bring  about a Counter Revolutionary Latin Spring Model after The Arab Spring in order to bring down The Anti-Imperialist  Governments of  Bolivia Ecuador and Venezuela and other Revolutionary Governments in Latin America such as Socialist Cuba. The People and Patriotic  Masses of Venezuela must remain vigilante and on their guard during this sad hour in The Aftermath of The Passing of President Hugo Chavez. in The Face of The Treat that is coming from US and White Western imperialism. One  of The greatest Revolutionary  contributions of President Hugo Chavez  if not The Greatest contribution of President Hugo Chavez was  his Linking of The National Libration Struggle of Venezuela and Latin American with The struggles  of The Pan Islamic Homeland and The Islamic Socialist States of Iraq Libya Syria and The Anti-Imperialist Government of The Islamic  Republic of Iran  and The just Struggle of The Palestinian Arab People for National Liberation and Independence. during The Counter Revolutionary Arab Spring that was launched by Western Imperialism President Hugo Chavez offered and gave his political support to  Brother Leader Muammar Gaddafi and The Libyan Jamahiriya during The NATO backed counter revolution in The County and President Hugo Chavez  also gave his support  President Bashar Al-Assad and The Syrian Arab Republic up to his Very last breath on This Earth. The Peoples of Latin America from  Mexico and The Caribbean all The Way  down to Uruguay are all Lost and Found Moorish and Islamic Peoples who descend from The Moorish People and Kingdoms of Spain Portugal and North Africa.   President Hugo Chavez s  building of tis with The Anti-Imperialist Struggles of The Pan Islamic Homeland and Nation was of  World Historic importance and for This President Hugo Chavez  Should always be remembered and upheld for this great and noble world historic work President Hugo Chavez was indeed one of The Great heroes of The Pan Moorish Nation and People pf The World and he shall be missed greatly by al of those who loved him  but The Bolivian Revolution and Pan Indigenous and Latino Revolution must go on until all of Latin America and The Caribbean  is free and Liberated from White Power Yankee Imperialism.

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