The International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam Pakistan National Day Statement

Today on the occasion of the 64th anniversary of Pakistan’s national Day the international pan Islamic communist party of proletarian Islam salutes the great Pakistani  Islamic working class and popular classes Pakistani working class and Pakistani nation is the Vanguard fortress of proletarian Islam  hence Pakistan national day is not just an event of the Pakistani nation working class and popular masses but is rather a joyous day for the pan Islamic ummah as a whole today Pakistan is on the frontlines of the Islamic nation and working class  in its global and world historic battle with white world imperialism and world Zionism the international Zionist ruling class and imperialists wish to destroy Pakistan because of their fear of its founding national ideology which is Islam has a nationalism and civilization project for the Muslims of South Asia founding fathers and mothers such as Choudhary Rahmat Ali Allama Iqbal the Agh Khan Mohammed  Shah and The Quaid Azam  Muhammad Ali Jinnah and his sister Fatima Jinnah  who among many other great founding fathers and mothers of Pakistan were all very much aware of the fact that the Muslims of the Indian subcontinent were a separate nation to themselves that were in need of state power in the nation to themselves while at the same time being a component part of the pan Islamic nation which stretches from Central Africa to Indonesia very survival of Islam as a political power in Asia and the world as a whole was under threat due to the complex geopolitical climate of the 1930s and 40s when vast areas of the Islamic homeland was occupied by the white European colonial powers of the day the Islamic leadership of the Indian subcontinent and popular classes rose up and raised the demand for an independent Muslim state for the Muslims of the subcontinent to the Pakistan movement out of this movement  the independent state of Pakistan was created on August 14 1947 which on the Islamic calendar corresponded to Ramadan 1388   birth of Pakistan on this day the birth of the state of Pakistan on this day was indeed a great Ramadan blessing  from Allah to the Muslims of India subcontinent and world as the birth of the Pakistani state added needed depth and geopolitical power to the pan Islamic ummah passes came in the time  were fighting were fighting to keep their colonial possessions in Islam and world and his Zionist ally to world imperialism and declared a Jewish state in occupied Arab and Islamic Palestine  one of the main reasons that the Zionists as well as the imperialists fear Pakistan is that they  fear that the below that will destroy the Jewish state of Israel will come from Pakistan  that is why Pakistan is under attack from US imperialism today  under the Obama administration is Pakistan is suffering from what a great Communist and  revolutionary Mao Zedong called the three mountains which are  feudalism y bureaucrat capitalism and imperialism Quaid Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah envisioned Pakistan   to be an Islamic Socialist State  connected to and in touch with its Islamic character   heritage and  identity Liaquat Ali khan and Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto in their time both tried to create an Islamic Socialist State in Pakistan. but were not succesful because of the limitations of their class position and outlook on Islamic Socialism and the  alignment  of   reactionary class forces within the country  The Pakistani Islamic Working  Class must now act as a class for its self and overthrow  the three mountains of feudalism Bureaucrat Capitalism and Imperialism within the country and build a Islamic Socialist Pakistan under the ideology of  Proletarian Islam and then build Pakistan up to be   a Vanguard force within the  Pan Islamic Ummah that will be able to aid the  Pan Islamic and Proletarian Islamic Revolution in Asia and the world as a whole.


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