Kwame Nkrumah The Formation of The Soviet Union The 100th Anniversary of The October Revolution Afro-Arabian Nationalism and the Proletarian Islamic Socialist Revolution

Kwame Nkrumah the Great Black Communist and Pan-African Revolutionary thinker and  freedom   fighter was inspired and influenced in  his African nationalist thought   and his concept of a unified   socialist United State of Africa  by the formation  and creation of the Socialist Soviet Union and the unity of its various nationalities and ethnic groups in the Soviet state  which was created by comrade Lenin  an event which would have never taken place without the victory of the Great October Revolution of 1917 and its aftermath which saw the victory of The Soviet working class in the  civil war and Kwame Nkrumah wanted to do the same for Africa  and create a Socialist  United States of Africa  from Egypt to South Africa and today we The Proletarian Muslims wish to do the same and  we  desire   to include the Arab countries to the east of Egypt into the Untied States of Africa  and to create a joint union of Africa and all of the Arab states  into a Socialist  United States of Africa and Arabia as a contribution  to the global Proletarian Islamic socialist revolution. the creation of a socialist United States of Africa and Arabia Afro-Arabia  is one of the central and key tasks of the Global Proletarian Islamic Socialist world revolution at this time in history and the Pan – African and Pan-Arab working class is fully capable  of carrying out this task and it shall be the leading class and vanguard political  and social force  in the Afro-Arabian Socialist Revolution for the unity and liberation of Africa and Arabia into one single country and confederation.

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