The International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam Ramadan Statement for The Year 1432

The International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam  Greets The Pan Islamic Working Class and The Revolutionary Masses of Our   Pan Islamic Nation   wishes a Blessed Ramadan to our Islamic People  this year. this Ramadan come at a very critical turning point in the history of Our Islamic Nation this year has seen the  fall of   both Ben  Ail   Hosni Mubarak the presidents of  Tunisia and Egypt   in what has now been exposed to have been colored revolutions engineered by the Western  Imperialist power and the United States  in their attempt to reoccupy and recolonization the Islamic Homeland. The Masses in both Egypt and Tunisia all had legitimate grievances  against their  governments  but in each county their  was a lack of an organized vanguard Party that was able to  put its self at the head of The masses to lead the Revolutionary masses to power and create an Anti- Imperialist  Government in these countries   due to The Arabs Being One Nation the uprisings in  Tunisia and Egypt spread to many of the other Arab Countries  this  uprising were    called The Arab Spring or Arab Revolt by The western Media. what These uprisings have shown is that to have a revolution there must be a revolutionary Party guided by advanced revolutionary theory. this factor was lacking in the Arab Uprisings and now the Imperialists and Zionists have coapptated these uprisings and  the imperialists are using them to overthrow The Revolutionary  Islamic Socialist States of Libya and Syria   this must not be allowed to happen because both Bro Muuammar Gaddafi and Bashar Al-Assad are Two Revolutionary Islamic Socialist Leaders that have done much to advance The Revolutionary   Struggle of The Islamic Nation in the struggle against Imperialism and Zionism. The Counter Revolutions in both The Libyan Jamahiriya and Islamic Socialist Syria must be crushed and destroyed by any and all means  necessary   Bro Muaamar Gaddafi and Presdent Bashar Al-Assad are two great and noble  revolutionary Muslim leaders and The  Pan Islamic Working Class and all revolutionary classes of our Islamic Nation  must support Bro Muaammar Gaddafi and President Bashar Al-Assad. all of Africa and Arabia must accept the Green ideology and Islamic Socialist Teachings of Bro Muammar Gaddafi and establish a United States of Africa and Arabia.      in The Republic of Turkey  which is a great and potential leader of The Islamic World The Neo colonist AK Party rules and holds sway and it has played a most counter Revolutionary role in both Socialist Libya and Syria as  the Ak Party wishes to overthrow Socialism in both Libya and Syria.  there must be a  Revolution in Turkey that is  Pan Turkic and Pan Turanian  in orientation  and Socialist and Pan Islamic so that Turkey will be in a position to reunite the Turkic and Turanian World. and  play a major role in The Global Pan Islamic World Revolution. The  Islamic Working class must also  stand by and support Iran  from Imperialist and Zionist Aggression. as it is  in danger too of being attacked by The Western Imperialist and Zionists. in Pakistan   The Pakistani masses are terrorized daily from drone attacks from Western Imperialism and Western Imperialism and Global Zionism desires to destroy and dismember Pakistan because they fear the ideology of Pakistan which is the ideology of Islam as a Nation and a Nation The Pakistani Islamic Working Class must rise up and defend their Country from all of  Imperialist conspiracies targeting it and unite with The Anti imperialist masses of India  and support Revolution throughout all of South Asia. in Southeast Asia The Islamic Working Class  and Revolutionary  masses of Indonesia and Malaysia must rediscover the  Revolutionary Islamic Communist teachings of Tan Malaka and fight to create a Socialist Confederation of Southeast Asia.  in Europe The Islamic Masses must rise up the oppressed masses of Europe and destroy European Imperialism form within in The United States Muslims are more oppressed and discrimination against more than at  any other time in recent history The Islamic Masses of The United States must link their destiny with The oppressed  masses of The Black New Afrikan Nation Aztlan Puerto Rico and  The oppressed indigenous  Native American Nations and make revolution in The United States and create a Pan Original and Islamic New Order in  North America. during this Holy Month of Ramadan The  International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam calls upon The Pan Islamic Working Class and all Revolutionary Classes of our Pan Islamic Nation to adhere now more than ever to The  Teachings of The Holy Quran which was frist reveled during this holy month to The Prophet Muhammad [PBUH[  which is a Revolutionary book  as all of The Prophets mention in The Holy Quran were Revolutionaries that fought against unjust Social Systems.  Revolution must become the order of the day throughout our Pan Islamic Homeland.


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