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Statement on the Recent Israeli Aggression in Arab Gaza

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the racist Zionist State of Israel has lauch a new assault on resisting Arab Gaza its so-called Operation Protective Edge after falsely accusing the Hamas organization of the kidnapping and killing of three Israel teenagers The International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam strongly condemns the recent Israeli Zionist attack on Gaza and we support the military resistance to The occupation of all of historical Arab Palestine and we believe that all of Palestine from the river to the sea is an Arab and Islamic land and that The Palestinian people have a right to resist The Zionist occupation and colonization and settlement of Palestine the land of Palestine does not belong to the Zionists it belongs to The Palestinian people and the rest of The Pan-Arab Nation which extends from the atlantic ocean to the Arabian Gulf and to the Global and wider Pan Islamic Nation or Ummah as well Israel will go down to defeat in this latest war that it has started in Gaza and the Palestinian struggle to liberate all of historic Arab Palestine shall go on and continue until the final victory and the Zionist State of Israel shall be just a sad memory and the Arab Nation shall go on to acciave unity and unite into one Pan-Arab Nation State and guide The whole of The Pan Islamic Nation to a new glorious Islamic Golden Age.

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The Assad Family and The Syrian Baath Party Have Been The Chief Defenders of Palestine and The Palestinian Revolution

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The Muslim Brotherhood along with Anti-Assad Arab Nationalist and other forces have been busy spreading The lies that The Assad Family of Syria and The Syrian Baath along with The National Progressive Front of Syria have never done anything for Palestine and towards The liberation of Palestine some dishonest forces and individuals go so far as say that The Assad family has never fried a shot in anger at Israel this is an outright lie and distortion of history nothing could be further from the truth from the time that the Father of the current Syrian President Hafiz Al-Assad led Syria all the way down to the present day Arab Islamic Socialist Syria has been the leading base area in the Pan-Arab Homeland for The Palestinian Revolution and the Armed Struggle to liberate it from Zionist control. from the time of the Corrective revolution of 1970 the liberation of Arab Palatine has been a top priority for The Assad Family as Syria under their leadership was turned into a gigantic base camp for the Palestinian Revolution and for the liberation of Arab Palestine. with this goal in mind President Hafiz Al-Assad launched a Pan-Arab War of Liberation to liberate the Golan heights and all of Arab Palestine in the Ramadan War in 1973 which was known as the October war or Yom Kippur war in Israel and The White Western World. Syrian forces in that war put up a heroic fight and Jihad and they nearly liberated the Golan heights in this war while at the same time they also restored Arab Honor and pride in the wake of the 1967 defeat of the Arab armies by Israel the Zionist entity. the rest of the decade would see President Hafiz Al-Assad increase Syria s support for The Palestinian Revolution with its support for The Palestinian Branch of The Baath Party As-Sa iqa and other revolutionary Arab Nationalist organizations within The Pan-Arab Homeland. Zaki Al- Arsuzi the Original and first founder of Baathist Ideology and Thought wrote that The only way that Israel could be defeated was for Iran to join in and become an actor in the armed struggle to liberate Palestine. Hafiz Al-Assad being a loyal student and disciple of Zaki Al-Arsuzi was overjoyed and delighted with The Victory of The Iranian Islamic Revolution in 1979 and the overthrowment of the Shah and The Coming to power of Imam Khomeini and Iran s new-found commitment to The Arab and Islamic cause and The liberation of Arab Palestine from Zionist occupation. Hafiz Al-Assad established during this time in history an Iranian Syrian alliance that has lasted to this very day and hour. both Hafiz al-Assd and his son Bashar would even put aside Ideological differences with The Muslim Brotherhood in the interests of The Liberation of Arab Palestine and they put their full support towards The Hamas organization in its struggle to liberate Palestine and defeat Israel and Hamas has scored its greatest victories over Israel while being allied with and having the support of The Assad Family and Baathist Syria. after the untimely death of Syrian President Hafiz Al-Assad in the year 200 his son The Revolutionary Arab Nationalist and Islamic Socialist Bashar Al-Assad would continue The Revolutionary Pro Palestine polices of his Father Hafiz Al-Assad indeed President Bashar Al-Asad deepened and increased Syria s Support to all of The fighting groups that were engaged in the armed struggle to liberate Palestine and this includes The Hezbollah organization in Lebanon who in the year 2000 with the support of Baathist Syria were able to finally drive Israel from South Lebanon some years later the Syrian Baathist Hezbollah Alliance were able in the summer of the year 2006 to defeat Israel again in The July War. The Assad family has done much for the Palestinian Revolution and the struggle to liberate Palestine and this is why White Western imperialism and the forces of global Zionism wish to bring down and destroy The Assad Government and Baathist Islamic Socialist Syria but they will not succeed in this plan as The Assad family and Baathist Syria has the support of all of the true Anti-Imperialist and Anti-Zionist masses of Syria Palestine and the rest of Greater Syria. The Asssd Family along with all of Syrian led Arab Baath Socialist Party and they have been the Chief Defenders of Palestine and The Palestinian Revolution and they shall be victorious against The Forces of White World Imperialism Zionism and Global Wahhabism.

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Egyptian Women Hold UP Half The Sky

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Egyptian Women Hold of Half the sky from the day of the legendary Black Goddess Isis and the great female Pharaoh Hatshepsut and warrior queen Cleopatra to Tahia Kazem The Revolutionary Wife of Gamal Abdel Nasser and the revolutionary warrior women who battle The British French and Israeli aggressors during The Suez War of 1956 to the Egyptian Women of our Time who have played a leading and key role in the struggle against Hosni Mubarak and The Muslim Brotherhood regime of Morsi Egyptian Women have held the Half The Sky since The Very beginning of the Egypt tp the present day and they must continue to do so in the coming revolutionary battle and struggles in the days ahead to create a Proletarian Islamic Socialist Maoist Egypt as a Base Area of The Proletarian Islamic and Pan orignal World Revolution. as The Revolutionary Communist Mao Zedong taught us in countries and nations oppressed by Imperialism Women have the three mountains of feudalism bureaucrat capitalism and imperialism to overcome and destroy and there is no doubt that The Women of Egypt will be able to overcome and destroy these three mountains of oppression that weigh so heavily on them in the struggle to create a new Anti-Imperialist and Revolution Egypt.

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The Burning Down of The Muslim Brotherhood Headquarters in Cairo Egypt is a Victory for The Pan Islamic Nation and Working Class

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The Attack and burning down of The headquarters of The Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood organization yesterday in Cairo Egypt was a great victory for The Pan Islamic Working class and all of the anti-Muslim Brotherhood and anti -Wahhabi Masses of The Pan Islamic Homeland and Nation and its shows that The Islamic Working Class of Egypt still has the heart and soul to challenge and to crush The Muslim Brotherhood organization and their Wahhabi allies. the battle is on for the future of our believed Pan Islamic Homeland and Nation and there is no turning back at this point the die is cast and The Pan Islamic Working Class and all of The patriotic Anti-Muslim Brotherhood and Anti-Wahhabi Masses of The Pan Islamic Homeland and Nation must fight and battle on until The Western Imperialism Zionism Wahhabism and all of their allies are crushed and destroyed and put out of existence forever it is only these tasks are accomplished that The Pan Islamic Nation will enjoy and see a new golden age on this earth.

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Egypt is on The Brink of Civil War

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Mohammed Morsi and his Leader Mohammed Bardi are moving full steam ahead with their wicked plan to convert Egypt into a one Party totalitarian state that will be under the sole control of The Muslim Brotherhood organization in this wicked plan of their The Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood have the total support of The US Imperialism and the current American Presidential admiration under Barrack Obama and the trilaterist wing of US Imperialism Barrack Obama and his ruling circle are grateful for all of the money and political support that The various front organization of The Muslim Brotherhood have given to Barrack Obama in both the 2008 and 2012 Us Presidential elections and The Obama admiration has given permission for The Muslim Brotherhood organization to take control of Egypt and other Arab and Islamic countries the brotherhood is the largest political party and mass movement in Egypt but there are still tens and tens of million of Egyptian that do not have any wish or desire to live in a Muslim Brotherhood dominated one party state and theses Egyptians are now taking to the streets to demand that Mohammed Morsi reigns and steps down as president of Egypt Morsi and the Brotherhood do not intended to step down and the mass organs of the brotherhood along with elements of The Egyptian governments such as the police and state security forces have responded with brute force in order to crush the democratic demands of The Egyptian people who are in the streets calling for the resignation of Mohammad Morsi the die is cast and Egypt is set for a civil war between The comprador Imperialist backed Brotherhood Wahhabi alliance in Egypt and the Anti brotherhood and Anti-Wahhabi Masses of Egypt this battle will deceive the fate of The Arab African and Islamic Worlds for the 100 years to come The Pan Islamic Working Class of Egypt must firmly establish The Egyptian Communist Party of Proletarian Islam and fight for state power in Egypt and create a Proletarian Islamic Maoist Socialist State in Egypt as a base area for both The Proletarian Islamic World Proletarian Revolution and The Pan Original World Proletarian Revolution of The Non-White Black Brown Red and Yellow Masses of The Earth a Proletarian Islamic Maoist Egypt will also play a key role in the final liberation of Arab and Islamic Palestine from The rule of White Zionist rule. in the meantime the immature task in Egypt must be the consolidation of a very Anti-Brotherhood and Anti -Wahhabi patriotic United front of all individual classes and political forces in Egyptian society that are opposed to the Brotherhood and Wahhabi Imperialist backed Morsi Regime in Egypt.

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The Pan Islamic Working Class of Turkey Must Rise Up and Come to The Aid of Baathist Syria

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The following article was written before the Start of the recent protests in Taksim Square and The Great and ongoing uprising of The Anti-imperialist Masses in Turkey

The Forces of Western Imperial have recently suffered a major setback in Syria with The defeat of The anti Assad Nato backed rebels in The battle of Damascus and along several other fronts and now with the recent bodes incents on Syria borders with Turkey near the city of Akcakale The Western Imperialists are trying to set the stage for a Libyan style intervention in Syria with Turkish ground and air forces in order to overthrow The Government of Syria that is led by President Bashar Al-Assad and The Arab Baath Socialist Party This must not be allowed to happen The Multi Ethnic Pan Islamic Working Class within Turkey both Turkish Kurdish and Arab etc must rise up and come to The aid of Arab Socialist Baathist Syria by rising up in revolt and overthrowing The ruling Justice and Development Party of Recep Tayyip Erdogan within Turkey and in the process create a New anti-imperialist Proletarian Islamic Turkey that will be allied to Baathist Syria and The Islamic Republic of Iran and The camp of anti-imperialist and Anti Zionist Resistance in the region The Pan Islamic Working Class is an International class that transcends the artificial borders of The Pan Islamic Homeland that imperialism has set up to divide The Muslims and our Homeland and Nation. The Pan Islamic Working Class must rise up in revolutionary struggle and restore the political unity of the Pan Islamic Nation. so that all inhabitants of The Islamic homeland Sunni Shia Ahmadiiyya Christian and Jewish can live in peace together in a unified Proletarian Islamic Socialist State. the first step to create this reality today is to protect and preserve Baathist Syria. and The Islamic Socialist society there in that country that was built up by President Hafez Al-Assad and his son The current Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad. The Multi Ethnic Pan Islamic Working Class of Turkey must do its Proletarian Islamic duty and come to the aid of Baathist Syria Today

Statement on The 195th Anniversary of The Birth of Karl Marx Great Forerunner of Proletarian Islam

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The International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam released The following Statement on The occasion of The 195th Anniversary of The Birth of Karl Marx Great Forerunner of The Ideology of Proletarian Islam

Today May 5 2013 is the 195th anniversary of The Birth of Karl Marx The Great Forerunner of The ideology of proletarian Islam who forever change the course of world history with his analyst of capitalism and his development of Revolutionary dialectics and historical materialism and with his influence on the thought of such great revolutionary forerunners and forefathers of Proletarian Islam such as Vladimir Lenin Joseph Stalin Sultan Galiev Tan Malaka Mao Zedong Kim IL Sung Michel Aflaq Saddam Hussein Hafez Al-Assad Kwame Nkrumah Amilcar Cabral Huey P Newton of The Black Panther Party and Countless others. Karl Marx being a Man of Semitic ethnic heritage in his development of Marxism was influenced by The Great Spiritual and religious thought and Hertagige of The Pan Semitic World. and The Ideology of Marxism is something that all people of Semitic Ethnic and Cultural heritage wherever Jew Arab or any other Semitic Ethnic group can justly take pride in Marxism as The Ideology of Marxism has also become integral part of the ideological and Spiritual heritage of the Pan Semitic World along with Judaism Christianity Islam and the other Semitic ideologies and Religions. Today one of The Key Tasks must be to create a sense of Pan Semitic unity and Nationalism that will include all of the Semitic and Afro-Asiatic speaking Peoples of world all of The Semitic and Afro-Asiatic Peoples of The World Should Unite and Crete a Pan Semitic Socialist State comprised of all of The Semitic and Afro-Asiatic Peoples in the area stretching from Nigeria to Yemen this Pan Semitic State will be a powerful aid to The Pan Original World Revolution in The Global Battle to overthrow and destroy White World Imperialism and Supremacy. Marxism has been a most valuable tool of Liberation for The Pan original Non-White World from Angola to China in the fight to crush and destroy White World supremacy and Imperialism. Marxism is also a part of The heritage and tradition of Germany and all Germans can also take pride in the heritage of Marxism Today in Germany The Land of Karl Marx The Various Muslims ethnic groups make up a very signals and key component of the German Working Class most of The Muslims in Germany are overwhelming of Turkish and Turkic Decent and are Working Class as well The Turkish and Turkic Working Class in Germany are also an Asian Turanian people from Asia. in addition many ethnic White Germans have Ancient Mongol Turkic and Turanian Blood in their Veins going all the way back to The Times of Attila The Hun and The Hunnic khanate or Empire. The ethnic White German Workers should rediscover this aspect of their ethnic heritage and accept the leading role of The Turkish Pan Original Non-White and Islamic Working Class in Germany as The Ethnic White German Working Class can only be a Revolutionary and progressive force when it accepts the leading role of The Non-White Pan Original and Islamic Working Class in Germany, a Germany that reawaken to its Turanian ethnic heritage would be able to spread Revolution into all of The Turkic and Turanian countries from Finland all the way to The Turkic Countries of Central Asia and onwards to Mongolia South Korea and Japan a Proletarian Islamic Socialist Marxist-Leninist Germany would make a perfect fraternal Sister Socialist Turanian State and Ally to The Democratic Republic of Korea The DPRK. together a Turanist Germany and Turanist Socialist Korea could Unite The whole of The Turanian World Under Socialism also and most importantly The creation a an Anti-Imperialist Proletarian Islamic Socialist Germany under The Leadership of The Pan Islamic and Pan Original Working Class would be a great and powerful ally and helper to all Oppressed people around The Globe and this will be a great Testament to the great revolutionary legacy of Karl Marx armed with The True Revolutionary teachings and heritage of Karl Marx The Pan Original and Pan Islamic Working Class shall go on to achieve and score victory after victory in The Future.

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