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Mosul Iraq Has Been Liberatred by The Arab Socialist Baath Party of Iraq

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Mainstream Western media reports have been claiming that the military forces of Al-Qaeda of Iraq has seized control of Mosul Iraq this has now been revealed as a false and untrue report instead what has actually happen and taken place on the ground in Mosul is that The military and guerrilla forces of the Saddamist Arab Socialist Baath Party of Iraq under The Leadership of Izzat Ibrahim Al-Douri have taken control of Mosul instead and in the process they have liberated the city from the control of the Anti-Arab and Anti-Suuni US installed puppet government of Nouri Al-Malliki the liberation of Mosul by the Iraqi Baath Party and its Sufi Muslim and Arab Nationalists allies. is a gigantic world historical event and action which shows that the days of The US and Iranian occupation of Iraq is coming to an end General Izzat Ibrahim Al-Douri has built up a formidable people’s guerilla army and armed force which is well capable of liberation all of Iraq from the US and Iranian installed puppet government of Nouri Al-Maaliki and in the process create a liberated Iraqi state that will serve as a mighty base area for The further advancement of the Pan-Arab Revolution and the reunification of All Arabs into one single Pan-Arab Nation State.

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Statement on the 86th Anniversary of the Birth of Comrade Che Guevara

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Today is the 86th anniversary of the Birth of The Great Revolutionary Communist Ernesto Che Guevara The National hero of Socialist Cuba and the New Socialist Simon Bolivar of modern-day Latin America Che was a Marxist-Leninist revolutionary and a Pan Latino Nationalist who dreamed of a unified Socialist Latin America that would be a giant base area for the world proletarian revolution and spread Socialism throughout Africa and Asia and he was one of the main leaders of the Cuban socialist revolution alongside The great Fidel Castro. the struggle to liberate Latin America and to unite it into one Single Pan Latino Nation is one of the chief goals and task of Proletarian Islam and The Proletarian Islamic World Socialist Revolution. since Latin America is a child and offshoot of Arab and Islamic Civilization and culture. Latin America must be united into one Pan Latino Nation and Continental bloc and united with the reunified Arab and Pan Islamic Nation in a joint geopolitical alliance that will be capable of overthrowing the power and influence of The White Christian western World and Global Zionism forever today the revolutionary legacy of Che lives on in the various national liberation struggles of The Pan Original Non-White World and he speeches and writings are a valuable source of revolutionary wisdom and guidance during this present times of revolutionary struggle and they cane serve as an ideological guide for the Proletarian Muslims in a struggle to reunify and liberate The Pan Islamic Homeland and for all other oppressed original Non-White Peoples around the world in our various struggles to crush White World Imperialism and supremacy The courage and communist wisdom of Comrade Che Guevara lives on

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Mosul Iraq Has Fallen to Al-Qaeda

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Mosul Iraq has fallen to the forces of the Islamic state of Iraq and The Levant in what is a crushing blow to the Shia led government of Nouri Al-Maliki in Baghdad and his Islamic Dawa Party the fall of Mosul may very well also bring about the fall of Salah Ad Din Province and other areas from Baghdad’s control as well and if this happens we shall no doubt see the final collapse of Iraq as a nation-state and the division of the county into separate Sunni Shia Kurdish and possible Turkmen states Nouri Al-Maliki and his Islamic Dawa party has never been able to gain any strong credibility among the Sunni Masses of Iraq and he is probably going to be unable to regain control over Mosul and under Areas of Iraq that are outside of his control. Al-Qaeda is a dead-end road for the people of Iraq as are the other feudal and bourgeois Islamic parties in Iraq. The only hope for Iraq is for the formation of a revolutionary Pan-Arab Nationalist party or political organization of some kind that can unite all of the people of Iraq across ethnic and sectarian divide and fight to create a new Iraq that will be based on Pan-Arabism and the unity of all of The Pan-Arab Homeland if this is not done then Iraq will surely fall apart and be divided into at least 3 to 4 different parts this must nor be allowed to happen The Arab Nation needs a strong unified Iraq to carry out the liberation of Arab Palestine from the Zionist occupation and the creation of a Pan-Arab State from the Atlantic ocean to The Arabian Gulf.

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