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Boycott The Racist Anti -Korean Movie The Interview 2014

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The Movie The Interview that was produced and directed by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg and distributed by Columba Pictures and its Parent Group Sony Pictures Entertainment should be boycott by all Anti-Imperialist people and forces worldwide and by all other People of goodwill The Movie The Interview is a very racist and Pro Zionist and Pro White Nationalist and it is anti-Korean Anti-Socialist and Anti-Asian as well it is a very low down dirty film. which advocates the murder of the legitimate Leader of The Democratic Republic of Korea Kim Jong Un. it is very uncivilized to make a movie about the assassination of a sitting head of state and this movie the interview shows and reveals yet again the racist and Imperialist nature and function of The Hollywood movie industry. which has a long history of perpetrating racist stereotypes against Asians Blacks Arabs Middle Easterners and other Non-Whites. this racist behavior by Hollywood should not be tolerated and allowed in the 21 century. and we The International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam and our allies call for a peaceful and non violent protest of this film The Interview. and we call for Asians Blacks Middle Easterners and other Non-Whites to Break with Hollywood and create and form new movie industries and studios that are separate from Hollywood and free of its racism and Imperialism. The making and screening of the Interview should serve as a wake up call as to the racist Imperialist and Zionist nature of Hollywood and the film industry within The United States which has long been a tool of White World Imperialism and Global Zionism.

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25 Years Later Comrade Dr Huey P Newton Still Lives

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It has been 25 years since the death of DR Huey P Newton in very mysterious circumstances in Oakland California but today despite his physical death Comrade Huey P Newton is alive in spirit Huey P Newton is Alive in the revolutionary uprising in Ferguson Missouri and in all of the other regions and battlefields of the New Afrikan national liberation struggle in every part the hells of North America in which Black People are fighting for their human rights and very existence and he is alive in the struggles of the Baathist Resistance in Iraq and The Green Resistance in Libya Comrade Huey P Newton is alive in all of the revolutionary struggles of The Pan Islamic Homeland Comrade the teachings of Comrade Huey P Newton on armed struggle and Proletarian Peoples Wars are going to prove very valuable in the ongoing struggle to liberate the Pan Islamic Homeland and create a Pan Islamic Socialist Superstate The Union of Islamic Soviet Socialist Republics. stretching from Central Africa to Southeast Asia and beyond. Huey P Newton is a hero and ideological forerunner of the ideology of Proletarian Islam and The Proletarian Muslim as he was inspired by the teachings of The Honorable Elijah Muhammad and Minister Malcolm X to start The Black Panther Party for Self Defence back in the year 1966 in Oakland California. Comrade Huey P Newton was also a great ideological influence on The Honorable Minister Dr Khalid Abdul Muhammad as he went about the work of rebuilding the Black Panther Party in the 1990s and early 2000s and we The Proletarian Muslims we forever keep the revolutionary legacy of comrade Huey P Newton alive and in the heart of the Pan Islamic Masses of The World. Comrade Huey P Newton had love for all of the oppressed Peoples of the World and he had great love for humanity and he wanted to see a socialist world. and today The Masses of Oppressed people are rising up to fight for their right to a descent life and living conditions. and it is only under scientific Socialism can provide a better life and living conditions for the world people and comrade Huey P Newton would be proud to see the oppressed masses of the world rising up the revolutionary spirit of Comrade Huey P Newton Lives on Around the World.

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