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The Pro Gaddafi Green Resistance and Green Army Has Retaken Bani Walid

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Reports have just come in that The Green Pro Gaddafi Resistance and The Green Army of The Great Socialist Peoples  Arab Jamahiriya has retaken the town of Bani Walid Libya from The Pro Nato Backed Libyan Rats  The Imperialist and Zionist Control Media has been working over time these past few months  to create the false impression that the armed Resistance to NATO and  its allies had ceased  nothing could be further from the truth has many areas of Libya to this day remain outside the control of The So-Called  Transitional National Council that was  installed by NATO and Western Imperialism. in fact many areas of  the Town of Bani Walid its self has remained outside of the control of the So- Called Transitional National Council has  ever since October there has been an intense guerilla Struggle going on in Bani Walid and  the surrounding areas by The Green Army of The Libyan Jamahiriya and The Libyan Liberation Front the LLF The Revolutionary Socialist Green Masses of Libya. will never submit to NATO and its puppets of The So-Called Transitional Council The Battle for The Liberation  of Libya has only just begin NATO and its Rats of The So-Called Transitional National Council will never   be Peace as Long as Western  Imperialism and its allies  chose to remain in Green  Socialist Libya. many Patriotic Martyrs will have to lay down their Live for The Freedom and Independence of Libya. but in the end Libya will once more be a free and Independent  Country  and serve as a base area for Revolutionary Pan Africanism and The Anti Imperialist and Anti-Zionist World Struggle.  InShAllah  Bani Walid wii serve as the Yan an and Hanoi  of  The Great Socialist Peoples Libyan Arab Jamahiriya as its mighty and committed Armed Forces go about liberating the country from NATO and The so-called Transitional National Council The Noble Masses of Bani Walid have been in the vanguard in the fight to drive NATO and The Rats from Libya The Revolutionary Green Masses and The Armed forces of The Great Socialist Peoples Libyan  Jamahiriya will be Victorious in the fight to defeat NATO and its Allies. The Revolutionary forces of The Great Socialist Peoples Libyan Arab Jamahiriya are in the Vanguard  of The Anti- Imperialist World struggle Today.