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The International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam statement in support of Bro Muammar Qaddafi and The Great Socialist Peoples Libyan Arab Jamahiriya

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The past few weeks have seen mass revolutionary upheavals in The Arab World  which has seen  the downfall of long time  pro western rulers such as   Hosni Mubarak and Ben Ali  in Egypt and Tunisia and mass protest in several other Arab Countries The Arab Masses are in an uproar against  their corrupt Pro Western rulers and now protests organized by Pro Western  and pro Capitalist  elements have broken out in Libya. Libya which unlike Egypt and Tunisia is not a pro western neo-colonialist state but is rather one of the most advanced Revolutionary Socialist States in the World Today  and under the leadership of Bro Muammar Qaddafi is one of the leading anti-imperialist states in the world. Bro Muammar Qaddafi has been one of the main  revolutionary anti-imperialist fighters  against White Western imperialism and Zionism. and Libya must now be supported by all of the progressive and  anti-  imperialist masses throughout the World as Bro Qaddafi and The Libyan masses   under his leadership      put down this latest attempt at   Capitalist  restoration  in Libya.      Bro Qaddafi for most of his life has fought imperialism and Necolonialism in Africa and the Arab and Islamic World  backing revolutions against corrupt pro western Arab African and Islamic  rulers such as the Saudi Family and  King Hassan  of Morocco   as well as The Last Shah of Iran Muhammad Reza Pahlavi  while supporting The oppressed Moro Islamic Peoples in The Philippines   and at the same time Bro Qaddafi was  supporting   National libration  movements fighting for a liberated Africa such as in  Chad South Africa and many other areas of Africa.  and he remains committed to the creation of    one single continental wide Government for Africa  The United States of Africa.   he has also fought imperialism and backed Revolutionary movements in The Western Hemisphere among   The lost found Original Peoples such as The Nation of Islam under the leadership of The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad. Bro Qaddafi followed the lead of Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser and  supported the Nation of Islam  he also supported the broader Black liberation   movement in North America with his support of the  Original Black Panther Party of   Comrade Huey P Newton and the Republic of New Afrika and The All African Peoples Revolutionary Party of Kwame Toure. this support for the Black Nation  would continue with  his support for  Minster Louis Farrakhan and  The Branch of The Nation  of Islam   that is under The Leadership of Minster Louis Farrakhan.   Bro Qaddafi helped Minster Farrakhan repurchased several of The properties  of the Nation of Islam in and around Chicago Illinois. and he also supported The  effort’s of Rev Jeremiah Wright  and Trinity United church of Christ  and its  Black libration  theology which ironically is  also the family church  of the arch uncle Tom Barack Obama and his family.  during this same period Bro  Qaddafi along with Dr Khalid Abdul Muhammad  called for  The Black  Brown and Red Pan Original Masses to rise up in armed struggle against the white power  structure within the United States  and overthrow White rule in The United States. Bro Qaddafi would continue    to Support The Revolutionary Line of Dr Khalid Abdul Muhammad well into the 1990s and the early 200s with his support for Dr Khalid  Abdul Muhammad during his leadership of The New Black Panther Party   Bro Qaddafi also supported The Indigenous People of North America such as with his support for elements within The American Indian Movement AIM and with his  hosting of Pan  Indigenous    Conferences  of the Frist Nations   within Libya during the late  1980s within Libya.  these actions and many more all  show That Bro Muammar Qaddafi is not a Neo colonist ruler like Ben Ali  or    Hosni Mubarak but rather Bro Muammar Qaddafi is one of the great Anti- imperialist  Revolutionaries of our Time.  The Egyptian and Tunisian  masses that have  rose up in  Revolt  must now  learn from  study and accept the Revolutionary Teachings of The Third Universal Theory of Bro Muammar Qaddafi and create Libyan style Jamahiriya Islamic Socialist Republics in Egypt and  Tunisia and the every developing science of Proletarian Islam which is the international ideology of the Islamic Working Class  the rest of the Arab World will also have to accept the Third Universal Theory and the ideology of The Green Book.  among Arab Nationalist thinkers it was Bro Muammar Gaddafi who took Arab Nationalism forward by synthesizing Arab nationalism with Revolutionary  Black Nationalism and Pan Africanism.  likes other before him  such as Prophet Muhammad Ibn Abdullah [PBUH Edward Wilmont Blyden W E  B Dubois   Marcus Gravey    Noble Drew Ali Master Fard Muhammad and The Honorable Elijah Muhammad Malcolm X Gamal Abdel Nasser Siad Barre and Dr Khalid Abdul Muhammad had done before and  of which Bro Muammar Qaddafi is carrying forward today. which is  quantum leap forward for both Arab and African Nationalism The International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam calls upon  the African Arab Islamic  Pan Original and anti- Imperialist masses of the world to stand by and support The Great Libyan Arab Jamahiriya and Bro Muammar Qaddafi during  this present attempt at counter-revolution within Libya.

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Malcolm X Revolutionary Black Nationalism the Pan Islamic World Revolution and the Need for a New Islam a Proletarian Islam.

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The Following essay was written by Rasheed Muhammad the Supreme Guide of Proletarian Islam in the year 1994 in the aftermath of the great Black Proletarian La Rebellion in Los Angles CA  and the revived interest in the life and work of Malcolm X at that time in history and the release of the Spike Lee biopic  of his life. and the overall great upsurge in Revolutionary consciousness of the Black Nation in North America know as the Afrocentric era of the late 1980s and  early 199os which led to a surge in reversions  to Islam within The Black Nation in North America. this essay was one of the original founding documents of  the ideology of Proletarian Islam which was founded and  then developed by Supreme Guide Rasheed Muhammad in the early 1990s and which he continues to develop to this very day and hour.

Malcolm X Revolutionary Black Nationalism the World Pan Islamic Revolution and the need for a New Islam a Proletarian Islam  

By Rasheed Muhammad

Malcolm X is the  Greatest    Black hero of our time he is the major role model for all revolutionary  minded   black youth and the National Hero of the Black Nation in North America since the release nearly two years ago of the Spike Lee biopic of his life there has been an massive   upsurge of interest in his life and work among black youth and others he is now more popular than Dr Martin Luther king Jr among black nationalist minded youth one thing that was missing in the movie was Malcolm’s interest in Socialism    and his attempt  to find a synstissis  of Islam  socialism and Pan  Third World Nationalism  Malcolm x starting from  his years on the streets of Boston and Harlem had  an interest in Socialism as he was very intrigued by the progress of the  Socialist Soviet Union under the great Asiatic leader Joseph Stalin and he was also a great admirer of the great Vladmir Lenin the great Asiatic founder of the Soviet State  who was of Mongol decent  later on after the victory of  the Chinese and Korean Revolutions in Asia.  Malcolm X became  extremely fascinated  by  the Revolutionary Communist thought of Chairman Mao Zedong of China and the Juche idea of Kim ll Sung of North Korea. In his early speeches as a Minster in the Nation of Islam he would refer to these great figures and their revolutions and ideologies quit often and he held up their ideas and works as an example for the Black Nation to follow here in North America.  Malcolm x also had a great and  profound interest in the  Islamic Socialist thought of Gamal Abdul Nasser.  who was  the  Saddam Hussein of his day.  Malcolm x also held in high regard the other great Islamic Socialists of his day such as Ben Bella  the president of Socialist Algeria. And Sukarno the first president of Indonesia. The goal of  Malcolm  X  after 1963 was to try to find a way to synthesize the revolutionary Communist  thought of Lenin Stalin Mao Zedong Kim IL Sung Ho Chi Minh  and Kwame Nkrumah with the Islamic Socialist Thought of Prophet Muhammad Ibn Abdullah  Gamal Abdel Nasser Ben Bella   Sukarno and other Islamic Socialist thinkers.   with the revolutionary Black Nationalism  and  Pan Third World Nationalism of the Honorable Marcus Mosiah Gravey and W E B Dubois and his wife Shirley Graham Dubois. So today in 1994. We  must create and have a new form of Islam that synthesizes  Islam   Black and Pan Third World nationalism  with   scientific  socialism.  Scientific Socialism is a Socialism built and centered on the Proletarian Working class.   the  ideology  and  the teachings of Marcus Gravey  W E B Dubois  Vladimir Lenin Joseph Stalin Mao Zedong Kim IL Sung Ho Chi Minh   Kwame Nkrumah Fidel Castro and Che Guevara. must be synthesized with the teachings of the Holy Quran and the Prophet Muhammad  along with the Islamic socialist thoughts  of Gamal Abdul Nasser Ben  Bella  Sukarno Michel Aflaq and his leading Student President Saddam Hussein  the  current leader of Iraq.   as well as the Islamic Socialist thought of  Malcolm X himself  who had  devoted his life to finding and developing  a Synthesis of Islam Pan  Third World Nationalism and Socialism.  the Black youth of today must now stand up and continue  the synthesis that Malcolm was formulating.  this synthesis  will be known as Proletarian Islam. And from the teachings  of Vladimir  Lenin Joseph  Stalin Mao Zedong and Kim II Sung Ho Chi Minh and Kwame Nkrumah.  Proletarian Islam will take  The concept of the dictatorship  of the Proletarian Working Class. Which  is a socialism which is centered on the Proletarian Working Class hence the name Proletarian Islam.  And also from the teaching of Mao Zedong who added on to Marxism-Leninism with Mao Zedong thought  which is today known as Maoism.  Proletarian Islam will take Mao Zedong s concept of Peoples war and New Democracy. Chairman Mao s line on Socialist construction and the  concept of Proletarian Culture Revolutions which is the concept that the class struggle of the Proletarian Working Class  continues under the dictatorship   of the Proletariat thought successive Culture Revolutions.  in order overthrow the bourgeoisie class that will arise within the victorious  Revolutionary Communist Party after the victory  and coming to power  of the Proletarian working class in a country.  and  from the great Leaders Marcus Gravey W E B Dubois   Gamal Abdul Nasser and Kwame  Nkrumah Proletarian Islam will take Pan Third World Nationalism . and then form the Islamic Socialist thought of the Holy Quran and the Prophet Muhammad and his revolutionary family and companions as well as the modern days Islamic Socialists thinkers such as Gamal Abdul Nasser Ben Bella Michel Aflaq and  his leading disciple   President Saddam Hussein  of Iraq as well as Hafez Al-Assad the current president of Syria and Muammar Al-Qaddafi of Libya  who  are all three of the greatest living Revolutionaries and Islamic Socialists of our time Proletarian Islam will  take its spirituality.   as was seen two years by the great  Los Angeles Proletarian Black  Nationalist Rebellion  in California which was an Black Working Class Revolt.  We are living in a great new period of Revolutionary struggle within The Black Nation here in North America.  And Proletarian  Islam will play a major role in the struggles ahead for the Black Nation for the rest of the 1990s and onward into the  fast approaching  new millenium.  As the Black Nation moves forward towards National Liberation.  We must forever  be thankful to Malcolm  X  for paving the way for the new Islam Proletarian Islam. That we are now building and which will ultimately  liberate the Black Nation and the Islamic ummah and the overall  third world in general. the religion of Islam   is now the fastest growing religion in the world and this is very much so in North America within the Black Nation Islam was the religion of our African ancestors  who built  such glorious   Black Islamic civilizations  such as the Moorish empire of north Africa and Spain as well as the west African Islamic states of Ghana Mali and Songhai Kanem Bornu among many other great Black Islamic Empires and kingdoms in Africa. the black youth are now embracing the great Islamic heritage of our African ancestors.  as is show by the widespread and rapid  spread  of Islam within the many Black inner city communities across north America and now we are seeing the spread of Islam within rural Black communities within the United State as well  the  Black Nation has  no permanent future under the rule of the White United States government we must now separate and form our own independent  Black Nation right here in North America. the only way that we can win and gain our independent Black State  is though the means of a Chinese  style Maoist People War like the one that Chairman Mao Zedong led  to victory in China  over  some 40 years ago.  Black youth have shown  by the LA Rebellion that they are ready willing and able to wage violent armed  struggle against the United State Government. And we are defiantly going to have to see a lot more of what happen in Los Angeles during the Great  Black Proletarian LA Rebellion.  before we are a free and independent  Black People and Nation.   Malcolm  X  is the great spiritual  father and forerunner of Proletarian Islam. and he firmly belevied in the need for armed struggle and the national liberation and independence of the Black Nation here in North America from the United States of America. he also believed in and advocated these principles for the  Islamic Ummah and the non White world as a whole. We the Proletarian Muslims   must forever, be thankful to him for paving the way for Proletarian Islam.  The Ideology of the  International Pan Islamic Working class to emerge on the Scene as the Vanguard ideology that will liberate the Black Nation and the Pan Islamic  Nation as a whole.every single Black Man woman and child must now return to Islam the religion and culture of our African ancestors and become Muslim,  in today’s world there are two great revolutions that are shaking the earth one is the international Third World Proletarian  revolution for National Liberation and Socialism and the other is the Pan Islamic Revolution that is devoted to the restoration and reunification of the Islamic Homeland that extends from West Africa to Indonesia  into one giant unified Islamic Nation State the Black Nation  is an inseparable part of both of these two worlds and theirs Revolutions.  And being that we live in the belly of the beast  the Black Nation  must assume a vanguard role in the world revolution by overthrowing  the White US empire from within. We must do this by fighting to create our own independent separate Proletarian Islamic Black Nation  here in North America. That will be under the leadership of the Black Islamic Working Class. And that will have its own Black Islamic army navy and air force that will be able to defend our Independence. And help aid the Pan Islamic and the Pan Third World Socialist revolution in other parts of the world.  Such as in the Islamic world and the broader non-white third  world. The Black Nation in North America  under the leadership of the Black Islamic Working Class has a most important role to play in the worldwide Pan Islamic and Third World revolution now going on in the world. The Black Islamic Working class must now assume  the leadership of the Black Nation and its Revolution for National Liberation and Independence. There are several reasons  why the Black Islamic Working Class must lead and take charge of the struggle one is because Islam is the original culture of the Black Nation which was striped from our African ancestors during slavery and Political Islam today is the leading Anti-Imperialist force in the world. and since the fall of the Soviet Union and its bloc Political Islam or what the Western Imperialists call fundamentalist Islam is now the leading Revolution force in the world today the very act of converting to Islam anywhere in the world is a revolutionary act. Especially in oppressed Nations and among oppressed Peoples like the Black Nation and People here in North American.  This fact is especially so within our  Black Nation since Islam was the Original Religion of our African Ancestors.  Another Reason why the Black Islamic Working Class must lead the Black Revolution is because  the Black Islamic Working Class is the most militant sector of the Black Working Class. as pointed out Islam is growing at a fast rate within the Black Nation and it is growing faster among the Black underclass the Lumpen -Proletariat which was the  sector of the Black Working Class that sparked the La Rebellion  and which also played a major role in the urban Black Rebellions of the 1960s.  And too this day it is the most militant and revolutionary  sector of the Black Working Class  within our Black Nation.  as the Black Lumpen- Proletariat has also been and is the most enthusiastic sector of the Black Working class in the act of the   reembracing of the Islamic heritage  of our Black Nation the Black-Lumpen-Proletariat is rapidly converting to the  Islamic Religion of our African Ancestors and soon the entire Black Lumpen- Proletariat  will be Muslim.  as indeed today it is the rebellious Black street youth and prison inmates that are embracing Islam at a very fast rate. the Black  Lumpen-Proletariat  has always since it first emerged on the sence been the most militant  sector of the Black Working Class in standing up to and rebelling against the White Zionist power structure here in North America.  as Malcolm X himself came from the ranks of the Black Lumpen-Proletariat.   another reason  why the Black Lumpen-Proletariat  must lead the Black Revolution is because of its sheer size the Black Lumpen proletariat is the fastest growing class within our Black Nation every year that goes by sees more and more Black workers and elements of the Black petty Bourgeoisie class fall into the ranks of the Lumpen -Proletariat all of these factors  show that the Black- lumpen –Proletariat   and the Black Islamic Lumpen –Proletariat in particular will lead the Black Revolution in North America to victory and  to Political Independence  in a Black Islamic Homeland of our own here in North America. in order to bring this goal about the Black Islamic working class must take up the revolutionary science of Proletarian Islam which is the ideology of the International Pan Islamic Working Class.  not only will the ideology of Proletarian Islam liberate the Black Nation here in North America but the ideology of Proletarian Islam will also liberate the Islamic Working Class and the Pan Islamic Nation the World over and Put the Islamic Nation back on top as the leading civilization in the world as it was in the past in the days of Prophet Muhammad [PBUH] his holy household and companions and the early Caliphate.  Proletarian Islam can and will restore  glory honor and power back to the Islamic Nation the world over. and create  a New Islamic Golden age here on this earth.

The International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam May Day Statement.

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   The Central Committee and cardre of The International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam salutes the Pan Islamic Working Class  and the International Working Class as a whole  on  this glorious frist of May the day of the International Working Class in our time the working class is primary made up of the Black Brown  Red and Yellow Original  Masses of Africa Asia and Latin America.  and the Oppressed Original Nations Peoples of New Afrika Aztlan Puerto Rico and the  Frist Nations of the Indigenous Red Masses within the borders of the United States and Canada. as well as the Pan Islamic Working Class within the Pan Islamic Ummah and Homeland. this May  Day cames at a very crucial and sad time in the History of our Islamic Homeland  Afghanistan and Iraq remain occupied by the American military. Palestine remains under Zionist occupation.  in the forefront  of which is resisting Gaza which is the  liberated base area of Palestine under Hamas.  Somalia is facing off with imperialism.   Iran is under threat of attack from the forces of Us imperialism and the Zionist entity.  Pakistan is also under theat from the imperialists and  Zionists.  in  North America the Black Nation remains oppressed despite the election of the frist Black President Barack Obama who is nothing more then a flunky for White imperialism and World Zionism the only solution for the New Afrikan Black Masses is to follow the revolutionary path of the Great Black Islamic revolutionaries Malcom X and Dr Khalid Abdul Muhammad  and take up the gun and  wage a National Liberation struggle. to liberate the Black Islamic Homeland in North America. which extends from Eastern Texas to New Jersey and Parts of the American Midwest.  in occupied Aztlan the White setter colonialists in Arizona have  just passed an immigration reform bill which is subjugating the Latino and Original Masses to Apartheid like terror. like in the New Afrkan Black Nation the Masses of occupied Aztlan must take up armed struggle and liberate their land. which extends from Wyoming in the north to  up to and including Mexico in the south. to  Texas in the East and California in the West. throughout Our glorious Islamic Ummah and Homeland armed struggle is the way forward to liberate the Pan Islamic Homeland and People.  the Arab Nation is one and should not be  divided into over 20 some odd States.  they should and must be United into one Pan-Arab  National State. the Pan-Arab Islamic Working class must take the lead in the struggle to liberate and reunify the Pan-Arab Homeland into one Nation State under Proletarian Islam. thereby fulfilling the work of such great Arab Nationalists such as Zaki Al-Arsuzi Michel Aflaq Gamal Abdul Nasser Hafiz Al-Assad and Saddam Hussein. in  Sudan the imperialists and Zionists are trying to fragment Sudan by encouraging the southern part of the country to breakaway and from its own state this is a plot against Pan Africanism Pan Arabism as well as Pan Islamism. the imperialists and Zionists are trying to split Africa up into  multiple Christian and Muslim minstates in order to destroy and  undermine  the Pan Africanist vision of Duse Muhammad Ali Marcus Garvey W E B Dubois Gamal Abdul Nasser Kwame Nkrumah Ahmed Sekou Toure and Siad Barre of Somalia. the imperialists and Zionists must not be allowed to succeeded in this Plan what is needed now more than ever in Africa is an All African all Islamic Proletarian Islamic Peoples War.  from Cairo to Cape Town in order to overthrow the forces of imperialism Zionism and Neo-colonialism.  and from a United  Africa under a Proletarian Islamic Government.  the  Great Turkish Nation which is the guardian Nation of  the Islamic Ummah.  must be reunified as well into one Nation. the recent events in Kyrgyzstan show that the imperialists and Zionist fear the rise of the Pan Turkish Nation and World what is needed is for  the various Turkish Peoples to unite into one nation-state and from  the  Great Pan Turkish State of Turan under the banner and ideology of Proletarian Islam.  as in the Arab Nation the Pan Turkish Islamic Working Class must take the vanguard role in the struggle to reunify the Great Pan Turkish Nation into one Pan Turkish Proletarian Islamic  State though armed struggle. in essence the path of armed struggle and resistance must become the order of the day in our Pan Islamic Homeland which extends from West Africa to Indonesia in order to create one Pan Islamic Socialist  State  guided by the ideology of Proletarian Islam.

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