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Statement on the 126th Anniversary of the Birth of Comrade Ho Chi Minh

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This Statement was issued by the leadership of the International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam on the 124th birth anniversary of the Birth of The Great Revolutionary Hero of Proletarian Islam Comrade Ho Chi Minh The Founder of Socialist Vietnam

Today is the 126th anniversary of the birth of Comrade Ho Chi Minh The great revolutionary Anti-Imperialist freedom fighter of the Vietnamese people’s and Hero of The International Communist movement Comrade Ho Chi Minh devoted the whole of his life to the freedom of the Vietnamese people and the National liberation of the Vietnamese nation from the reactionary forces of French colonialism and US  Imperialism Ho Chin Minh traveled  the world in search of revolutionary ideas Where he came into contact with such revolutionary anti-imperialist movements as The Universal Negro Improvement Association  led by Marcus Garvey and the new emerging Third International led by Vladimir Lenin  from these two movements Comrade Ho Chi Minh learned  the need   for the  revolutionary synthesis  of Revolutionary Nationalism and Socialism  which he later put in practice in the Vietnamese National Liberation struggle  and Ho Chin Minh was one of the most successful  of the Revolutionary Leaders of the Non-Pan Original World who put this revolutionary synthesis into practice today the Pan Islamic homeland and all of the Non-White Pan Original World is in need of the revolutionary synthesis  of Nationalism and Revolutionary Socialism  and we in the International Pan Islamic Communist Party  are  carrying out and putting the Proletarian Nationalist teachings of Comrade Ho Chi Minh within our Pan Islamic  homeland in order to convert it into one Single Pan Islamic socialist state stretching   from Central Africa to Southeast Asia   and  including the Islamic regions of Europe as well in addition  we are fighting for the establishment of Socialism in all of the Non-White Original country’s around the world  and in these countries a revolutionary synthesis of Pan Original Nationalism and Socialism  will be necessary for the advancement and  victory of the Pan Original World Socialist  Revolution The International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam and The Proletarian Muslims shall always honor and  revere   Comrade Ho Chi Minh for his leadership of the  Vietnamese Revolution for Socialism and National Liberation and for his revolutionary synthesis of Nationalism and Marxist-Leninist Socialism  Comrade Ho Chi Minh is and shall remain one of the Great  Revolutionary forefathers of  The Ideology of Proletarian Islam


Party Statement on the 146th Anniversary of The Birth of Vladimir IIyich Lenin

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Today is the 146th anniversary of the  birth of Comrade  Vladimir Ilyich Lenin  one of the great revolutionary heroes’ and forefathers of the Proletarian Islamic ideology Comrade Lenin was an Asiatic original man who loved and held dear his Turkic Mongolian   ancestral heritage and who gave the Turkic Mongolian Islamic Peoples of Eurasia their complete social political and religious rights and freedoms within  The newly  created Soviet State of which Lenin was the chief founder The Soviet Revolution of Lenin change the very course of modern history and it led to revolutions throughout the Pan Islamic Homeland and the whole of the Non-White Pan Original World. Lenin  even in the period before the October revolution in Russia understood  and appreciate the progressive and revolutionary  role that Islam would play in the Anti-cololoinal revolutions and uprising in Africa and Asia and in that vein Lenin supported and upheld Young Turk Revolution of 1908 and the revolutions in Indonesia India Iran Libya which were taken place in that time period  and after the victory of the October revolution in 1917 Lenin  also  support   the progressive government of Afghanistan led by King Amanullah Khan Lenin had tremendous faith in the power of Islam.  and today in the present day era  The Proletarian Muslims shall carry out one of the greatest revolutions of all time by reunifying the Pan Islamic Homeland into one United Islamic Socialist caliphate The Union of Islamic Soviet Socialist Republics. and from there the Pan Islamic Socialist  Union shall carry on the global Socialist Revolution until the whole of the planet earth is governed  under Socialism. Islam and Leninism are one and the global Pan Islamic Working is one of the leading social forces in the world which can insure the global triumph of socialism and create world Communism.  Revolutionary Leninism is one of the ideological  tools and weapons   in which we will use to carry out the global Pan Islamic Socialist World Proletarian Revolution  and we shall always salute  honor  and  uphold the revolutionary life work and teachings of Comrade Vladimir IIyich Lenin as one of the great Revolutionary forefathers and forerunners of Proletarian Islam.

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April is Vladimir IIyich Lenin Month in Proletarian Islam

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The month of April    is Vladimir IIyich Lenin month in Proletarian Islam and we call upon and encourage   all party members supporters and allies within the Pan Islamic World and Proletarian Islamic camp to study the life and ideological works of Vladimir IIyich  Lenin ever harder  during the month and then to use them to accelerate the speed and progress  of the global  Pan Islamic world revolution and liberate  each and every occupied Islamic Land and  create a great and grand Proletarian Islamic Socialist  State  that will then go on to liberate  all of the oppressed of the world Islam and Leninism are invincible and the Proletarian Muslims  shall liberate all of the oppressed Peoples of the world and establish  Proletarian Islamic World Communism.

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Proletarian Islamic Stalinism Pan Indo-iranian Nationalsm The National Question in Pakistan and The Global Pan Islamic World Revolution

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Pakistan is a multi ethnic society and over the years since its founding there has been tensions at times between the four major ethnic groups of Pakistan such as the Baloch Pashtun Punjabi and Sindhi Peoples this is very unfortunate since all four of these ethnic groups have so much in common with each other such as all of them being Indo-Iranian  Peoples with a common  Indo- Iranian Culture and identity along with having an Islamic culture heritage and identity in common with each other as well. since the overwhelming majority of the Peoples within these ethnic groups are all Muslim it is in the best interests of the Pan Islamic Nation and The Global Proletarian Islamic World Revolution and also  for the good of The Indo -Iranian World and The Pan Islamic Homeland that these tensions and potentially antagonistic contradictions between these four major ethnic  groups of Pakistan  be bought to an end. as soon as possible. so that The Global Pan Islamic and Proletarian Islamic Socialist Revolution can march on to its final victory over White World Western Imperialism and Global White Zionism. and also so that Western Imperialism  and Global Zionism can not take advantage of the contradictions   to  divide Pakistan into ethnic ministates     a strong and United Islamic Pakistan is in the best interests  of the Global Pan Islamic World Revolution and the global anti-Imperialist and anti-Zionist World Struggle.   a Pakistan government under The Ideology of Proletarian Islamic Socialism  can and will end the tensions between the four major Indo-Iranian ethnic   groups of Pakistan  by giving each group an autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic within a unified Proletarian Islamic Soviet Socialist Pakistani Nation State. this Pakistani Union of Soviet Socialist Republics will be based on The Leninist Stalinist National Polices from The Soviet Union of Lenin’s and Stalin’s Time. each of these four Pakistani ethnic groups will be allowed to have its own Soviet Republic within a Proletarian Islamic Pakistan where each ethnic group will be allowed to have a culture that is National in form and  Proletarian  Islamic Socialist and Stalinist in content. many of the smaller ethnic groups  within the county shall also under  the proletarian Islamic socialist Stalinist  national  policy   enjoy  compete and total freedom to express their cultural and ethnic  identity without any type of  oppression  directed  what so ever  towards   them.  The Stalinist National policy of Comrade Joseph Stalin applied to Pakistan will bring about The Renaissance of The Baloch Pashtun Punjabi and Sindhi people within Pakistan and the influence of this policy will spread to the neighboring Indo Iranian countries of Afghanistan Bangladesh Iran India and the other countries  and regions of The Indo-Iranian World. by putting into practice Stalin’s National Policy   Pakistan will become  a stronger and more stable country. and it will then be able to fulfill its destiny as an fortress vanguard nation of the Global Pan Islamic Socialist World proletarian Revolution of The Pan Islamic Working Class. and it will be in an even stronger position to help spread both The Proletarian Islamic Revolution and The Pan Asiatic Proletarian Revolution to The rest of Asia. an Islamic Socialist and Proletarian Islamic Stalinist Pakistan under a Proletarian Islamic government shall be a mighty and powerful Base area for The Proletarian Islamic World Socialist Revolution.

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The Ukraine Must Return to The Marxist Leninist Path of Lenin and Stalin

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The Ukraine must return to the revolutionary Marxist-Leninist path of Lenin and Stalin the people of the Ukraine have suffered greatly since the fall of scientific socialism in the Soviet Union and the only thing that will end this suffering is for the Ukraine to return to the revolutionary path of Lenin and Stalin every since the fall of the Soviet Union the people of the Ukraine have seen the political cultural social and economic decline of their as tens of thousands of Ukrainians have migrated from their homeland to other countries also millions of Ukrainian Women have been forced into the international sex trade. Ukraine is a great country and the Ukrainian people are a great people with a great history and culture that goes all the way back to the times of the state of Kievan Rus and its great rulers such as Oleg of Novgorod Igor of Kiev ST Olga of Kiev Sviatoslav the 1st Yaropolk 1 Vladimir The Great Yaroslav The Wise Ukraine during the time of The Kingdom of Kievan Rus was one of the richest and most culturally advanced states in The World. in more recent times The Ukrainian Working class played a key and decisive role in The great October revolution in 1917 and in the following Russian civil war which led to the formation of The Soviet Union. Ukrainian workers played a key role in smashing the counter-revolution white army and the bourgeois Ukrainian Nationalists and the Ukraine would go on to make great and tremendous agricultural industrial progress as a Soviet Republic within The great Soviet Union. during the Great Patriotic War of The Soviet Union The Ukrainian Workers and peasantry would rally to the banner of Stalin and Soviet Power and defeat The Invading armies of German imperialism and its ally the fascist Ukrainian Insurgent Army The reactionary forces of German Imperialism and The pro fascist forces of The Ukrainian Insurgent Army would be defeated and the Ukraine would resume its glorious march as a Soviet Republic. and it again become a Socialist powerhouse within the Soviet Union which was respected by forces from within and outside of The Soviet Union. Ukraine was indeed a great agricultural industrial and military powerhouse of Soviet Socialist Power during the time of the Soviet Union and it will indeed become such again if it returns to the Marxist-Leninist teachings and path of Lenin and Stalin which it will no doubt do so in the coming future.

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The Honorable Elijah Muhammad Vladimir Ilyich Lenin The American South and Black Liberation

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The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad The Proletarian Messager of Allah and The Pan Asanist Communist Revolutionary Vladimir Lenin both taught in their great teachings that The American South or The Southern United states was the most repressive and anti-Black Region of The United States this is seen most clearly in our time with the acquittal of George Zimmerman in the Trayvon Martin killing and the recent spate in convictions of Black Men and Black Women in Stand Your Ground self-defence cases in Florida and other areas of The American south. The South has always been oppressive to Black People as Lenin and The Honorable Elijah Muhammad pointed out in their many speeches and writings from The time that The first Africans landed in Jamestown Virginia as Slaves in the year 1619 and the Long oppressive centuries of slavery in the period after to the crushing of Black political power in The Reconstruction period to the murder of Emment Till to todays murder of Brother Trayvon Martn The South is a land of Terror for The New Afrikan Black Nation. you have a few bourgeois Blacks that do well in the South but for The Black working Class Masses conditions in the american south are still oppressive in both The cities and countryside of The American south. things do not have to be this way and they will not stay the way forever The White European American population of the south have no right to live there since they are descendents of White European setter invaders who invaded the region several hundred years ago. the New Afrikan Black Nation on The other hand has every right to live in The American south since it is descendened from The aboriginal indigenous nations in The Region such as The Cherokee creek Seminole and The many other Indigenous Nations and Peoples as well as being descended from The Many Peoples of Africa who were bought to America as slave in The Old South. Lenin always held that The Black Nation within what is now The United States is an oppressed Nation The same as Ireland and the oppressed nations in Africa and Asia. and that True Revolutionary Marxist-Leninist must support The National liberation struggle of the Black Nation The same way as every other colonial National liberation struggle is treated. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad during his time among us would teach That separation and independence of The Black Nation into their own Separate Nation State from The White oppressor nation was the only solution to The oppression of The Black Masses within what is now The United States. Today The Black masses must rise up and liberate their historic homeland in what is now The southen United States and create an independent Black Nation state and Homeland only when this is done will the Black Masses in The American South and in all of North America enjoy and have true Freedom justice and Equity from White Setter Colonialism and imperialism

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The True Egyptian Revolution Begins Now

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for The past 40 years The Egyptian masses have suffered under the tyranny of Anwar Sadat and Honsi Murbark who oppressed the Egyptian people and sold Egypt out to The forces of White Western Imperialism and global Zionism this 40 years were some of the most panful in Egyptian history as the Egyptian people are a people who are born and desisted for greatness and under both Sadat and Mubarak Egypt from being The Regional superpower that it was under The great Gamal Abdel Nasser to being a puppet and flunky force for the insists of Western imperialism and Zionism in the region. and to just being a border guard state for Israel this state of affairs could not last and the Egyptian people rose up in righteous indignation and overthrow The Imperialist lackey Hosni Mubarak in the Egyptian revolution of 2011 The Egyptian masses were right to rebel against the corrupt rule of Hosni Mubarak and the so-Called National Democratic Party. but The Revolution did not result in a new anti-Imperialist sociality due to that fact that The Egyptian masses rose up without a clear ideology for change and a revolutionary vanguard party in the lead. Lenin taught us long ago that without Revolutionary Theory and a Revolutionary Party there can be no Revolution and Chairman Mao Zedong taught that for a Revolution to take pale within an Oppressed Nation there must be a party army and united front The Egyptian Revolution of 2011 had none of this in place and so The reactionary Muslim Brotherhood with The Backing of US Imperialism was able to take power and hijack The Revolution The Egyptian Masses must now learn from the mistakes of the uprising of 2011 and to do all in the power to crush and overthrow The Morsi brotherhood government and then to not let state power to fall into the hands of the Pro Western liberals and The Pro American Wing of The Egyptian military. The Egyptian Working class must find a way to take leadership of The Revolution and to form an above ground Egyptian Party of Proletarian Islam and to create a Proletarian Islamic Maoist Egypt as a bare area for The Proletarian Islamic Revolution in Africa and The Arab World to do this The Islamic Working Class of Egypt must draw ideologically from The Islamic history and heritage of Revolutionary tHought and struggle such as The Revolutionary Socialist and Communist teachings found in The Holy Quran and The Revolutionary Sunna of The Holy Prophet Muhammad Ibn Abdullah and The Islamic Socialist teachings of the Late Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser and Brother Leader Muammar Gaddafi of Libya and other Islamic Socialist Revolutionary Thinkers and Teachers such as Master Fard Muhammad The Honorable Elijah Muhammad Malcolm X Dr Khalid Abdul Muhammad and many other Islamic Socialist Thinkers and The Marxist-Leninist Socialism of Lenin Stalin Mao Zedong Kim IL Sung Ho Chi Minh and The Great Kwame Nkrumah of Ghana. an Egypt that is under The Ideology of Proletarian Islam with The Egyptian Islamic Working Class in State Power will serve as a mighty base area and aid to all of the Struggling and oppressed masses in The Great Afro-Asiatic Semitic Region which extends from Bangladesh and Pakistan I The East to Nigeria and Tanzania in The West and a revived Nasserite Egypt armed with The New Revolutionary Islamic Communist Synthesis of Proletarian Islam will be a powerful ally to Baathist Syria and The Assad Government and The Gaddafist Green Resistance in Libya along with The Islamic Republic of Iran for all of this to happen The Islamic Working Class of Egypt must rise to be The Leader of The present Egyptian Revolution as The Egyptian Islamic Working class in a vanguard force in both the Pan Afro- Asiatic Semitic and Pan Islamic and Pan Original World Revolutions.

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