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The International Pan Islamic Communist Party Statement on the 50th anniversary of the July 17 Baathist Revolution in Iraq

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Today July 17th 2018 is the 50th anniversary of the glorious July 17th Baathist Revolution in Iraq  which was  the beginning of one  the most  advanced socialist  experiments in the whole of the Pan Arab and Pan Islamic homeland after overthrowing the regime of Abdul Rahman Arif The Iraqi Baath Party of Ahmad Hassan Al Bakr Saddam Hussein turned Iraq into a mighty base are for the Pan Arab revolution and Baath Iraq did much in its early period to aid and advance the Pan Arab Revolution in all parts of the Pan Arab Homeland such as in The Dhofar Revolution in Oman in the Arabian gulf and in Sudan where Baathist Iraq supported the revolutionary uprising  of General Hashem Al Atta   and the  occupied Arab lands of Eritrea  and Palestine  where the Iraqi Baath Party  put the full resources of Iraq at the service  of the Arab Revolution in both Eritrea   and Palestine.  The Iraqi Baath Party also  during the period did much to advance  the Arab Revolution in the Arab lands of Jordan and Lebanon where it supported the Arab socialist revolutions in these two Arab lands  The Iraqi Baath Party also supported Islamic socialist revolutions in the Non-Arab parts of the Pan Islamic homeland  such as  The struggle of the oppressed Baloch peoples  who have centuries of both ethnic and cultural ties with the Pan Arab Nation  and Iraq also supported the National liberation and independence struggle of the peoples of Bangladesh   and revolutions  and Anti-Imperialist governments in all parts of Africa Asia and Latin America. and within Iraq itself  The Iraqi Baath Party  created a flushing Arab Islamic Socialist state by nationalizing  Iraq’s oil resources and the basic industry   of the county  and bringing about  the modernization of  agriculture   and the expansion of its Armed forces and as a result  of all of these measures Iraq become a  Arab   superpower which was feared  by Israel and all of the other enemies of the Arab Nation. and today Baathist Iraq remains a model of revolutionary emulation for all  of the patriotic  sons and daughters of the Arab Nation and Arab Nationalist and socialist revolutionaries in all parts of the Pan Arab Nation and its dysphoria  and for all Muslim and oppressed people everywhere around the world.

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The International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam May Day Statement 2018

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On This Glorious   May 1st We in The International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam Send Our Greetings and Red Salutes to The Whole of The International Working Call throughout the world on this day  and we call  upon and urge The Workers of The World to organized  in Revolutionary Struggle and International solidarity with each other to take down  the international capitalist  system  and the global system of Imperialism which is connected to it and bring a new socialist world into existence  on the planet earth.  we  live in an era which is increasing one in which new imperialist powers are rising up all around the world especially  in  Asia   to take the place of the declining global power of US Imperialism  which is something that the Revolutionary Muslim Communist thinker Sultan Galiev  foresaw happening   nearly a 100 years ago The International working class which includes the global Pan Islamic working class must struggle against all imperialist powers both old and new  in addition the International Working class and the Pan Islamic working class in particular  must also struggle against world Zionism and its bandit outlaw state of Israel and wipe   it off the face of the planet  earth   forever  and for all time. in the Arab world the Pan-Arab  working class must rise in revolutionary struggle   overthrew the current corrupt and neo-colonist social order in the pan Arab Homeland and create one single Pan-Arab Islamic Socialist state stretching  from the  Atlantic ocean to the present day borders of southeastern Iran and beyond   under the  dictatorship    of the Pan-Arab Working class and under the ideology of Proletarian Islam which is the international ideology of the Pan  Islamic working class  In Iran The Iranian Pan Islamic working class must overthrow the corrupt regime of Ali Khamenei  and Hassan Rouhani and establish in its place a Socialist  Proletarian Islamic Republic of Iran   which will establish Socialism for the people’s of Iran and provide support for opposed Muslim Peoples everywhere such as in  Greater Albania the  Caucasus and Central Asia  al of which are culturally  a part of Greater Iran and of who have a Persianate culture.  The Pan Islamic working class of Iran is both ethnically Persian and Turkic  and the Islamic  working  class of Iran must work to build class and ethnic unity between the global ethnic Persian and Turkic working  class from Tehran to Berlin and beyond  in the spirit   of Proletarian Islamic International and Proletarian Islamic Pan Islamism. and lay the bias for a future proletarian Islamic  socialist confederation of The ethnic Persian and ethnic Turkic regions of the Pan Islamic nation and homeland in addition The Pan Islamic working class should be weary of the rise of Chinese imperialism in the pan Islamic Homeland and the Pan Islamic  working class should and must do all  in its power and more to liberate  East Turkistan from the current  Chinese occupation   And Russian imperialism should be fought and struggle against in all parts of the Pan Islamic homeland. in eastern Europe   The great Albanian nation must be reunited and all parts of historical ethnic Albania should be reunited into Proletarian Islamic Socialist Albania.  in southeastern Asia   The Malay Peoples should be united into a Pan Malay state and then  The Pan Malay Islamic working class  should from a union with Indonesia  and both  the  reunited Greater Malaysia     and greater Indonesia     should work to create a socialist political union of the ethnic  Austronesian  Peoples into a politically united Austronesia. in the Western Hemisphere in the Americans the Lost and Found Muslim peoples   such as the  Western African and southern European descended Black and Latino masses should return politically  culturally and spirituality    to the fold of Islam and the Islamic world and overthrow  the Anglo-Germanic dominated racial order in the United States and Canada  and then a Pan Indigenous  and Pan Latino superstate  stretching from Alaska to burglary and the Caribbean islands can be established  which will then geopolitically  ally itself with the Islamic world. in  addition to the national  liberation and political  reunification of the Pan Islamic Homeland  the global Pan Islamic working class  and the  Proletarian Muslims  world historical mission is to liberate  all of the oppressed of the earth both Muslim and non-Muslim such is the task of the global Proletarian Islamic Socialist World Revolution.

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Saudi Arabia Breaks Diplomatic Relations With Iran

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In the aftermath of The mob attack on the Saudi embassy in the Iranian capital of Tehran the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has broken all diplomatic relations with Iran and it has also cut off all commercial plane fights between Iran and Saudi Arabia and it has cut off many economic ties as well between the two countries. this is all coming in the wake of the execution of the Shia religious leader Nimar Al-Nimr in Saudi Arabia by the government of that Arab country. but tension have been brewing for many years now has Iran has longed dream of overthrowing the Saudi government and the governments of the other arab countries in the region. and creating a new Neo-Persian empire in the region while hiding under the guise of Shia Islam and Pan Islamic nationalism but this is all lies and just an illusion for Iran is in reality a racist and Ant-Arab Persian Nationalist regime that’s wants to enslave and conquer the Arabs and the glorious Arab Nation Saudi Arabia The United Arab Emirates Bahrain Sudan Eritrea The Izzat Iberahim Al-Douri Led Arab Baath Socialist Party and many other Arab states and Arab Nationalists organizations in the region are determined to not let this happen. so now a showdown must ensue and Saudi Arabia is showing with its latest actions that it is not afraid of Iran and its Neo Imperialist aims and agenda. The Pan-Arab homeland and every Arab country must be defended from Persian racism and aggression and The International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam and every Proletarian Muslims shall and will stand in defence of the sacred Pan-Arab Homeland and Arab Nation from the Persian racist threat that is coming at the Arab Nation from the current racist rulers of Iran.

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