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Will The US And Iran Go To War With Each Other

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Many people around the world are asking the question wondering and thinking if The United States of America and Iran shall go to war with each other or not in the very near future. many have taken it for granted that such a war happening and coming about soon is already a full blown conclusion and fact but the reality of this sanitation is that a war between US and Iran happening on the scale of the 2003 US Invasion of Iraq is very unlikely at this present time in history to happen due to the changed geopolitical situation of 2019 as opposed to 2003 US Imperialism has been vastly weaken by its wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and the rise of Russia and China as global powers. which has resulted in the decline of the global geopolitical power and might of the United States. in addition there is much war weariness within the United States among the US Population and there is not much enthusiasm for an Afghan or Iraqi war type invasion and occupation of Iran and the occupation of a new Muslim country and a 20-30 year military campaign and occupation of Iran such as what is happening in Afghanistan and Iraq. in addition to this the current President of The United States Donald Trump has a pro Vladimir Putin and Russian geopolitical orientation and the present day Iranian government has increasing turned the Islamic Republic of Iran into a client state and puppet of Russian Imperialism and hence Iran is currently under the political and military protection of Russia and the Russians would not approve of a large scale military campaign so close to the Russian borders and Donald Trump who has a political and ideological loyalty towards Putin and Russia does not want to do anything which would upset the Russians. and so Iran at the present time is safe from any Iraqi style invasion of its territory the most that Donald Trump will do to Iranians is carry out some air skies and small scale commando raids on Iran and its allies in Iraq Lebanon Syria Yemen and elsewhere but a full scale war between The United States And Iran is not happening at this time in history and there will certainty be no 2003 Iraqi style invasion of the Islamic Republic of Iran at this present time in history due to the changing geopolitical realities of the current world order.

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Donald Trump Will Win in South Carolina

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The International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam predicts  that Donald Trump will win the Republican party  primary race in the US State of South Carolina  Trump is going to win do to the fact of race and the racial philosophy and traditional racial thinking and racial psychology of South Carolina and the old school  US South.  most White South Carolinians  republicans are not prepared   to vote  for an Latino candidate like Ted Cruz  even though he is an assimilated   Latino  and a convert to the Southern Baptist  faith which is one of the main religions of most White South Carolinians.  many White South Carolinians are still not going to  vote for him despite the fact that he is an  conservative   and  Evangelical  Christian and this is all   because of the fact that Ted Cruz is still an Latino  and hence ethnically and cultural different from the culture of the White South Carolinians  Republicans  the same goes for  Marco Rubio Rubio is also a political conservative  and a Conservative Christian   and he is  also Roman Catholic    who ponders  to  the White conservtate evangelical mass base wthin the Republican Party  despite this and the fact that he comes from an right wing Pro American  Cuban family based out of Miami Florida  which serves US Imperialism  and  has longed  opposed the Socialist Revolution of Comrade Fidel Castro.  many White South Carolinians   republicans are still  not going to vote for him  because he comes from an Latino background  also most White Carolinians are not  going to vote   for the African American  Republican Ben Carson  despite the fact that he is Anti-Arab and Anti Islamic and  a good and loyal  fateful servant of US White Power Imperialism as for the other White Candidates in this race they do not have enough political support from the upper elites of the Republican Party at the top and they also do not have enough support at the bottom with the mass base of the Republican Party. so this round is going to go to the White Imperiialist Devil Donald Trump Donald Trump is going to win   The South Carolina Republican Party primary  race for President of the United States. because he Donald Trump has the love and ear of White Racist America and it looks  more and more likely that he Donald Trump will be the coming  Republican party front runner in the US General election in November it is up to the Black Latino Arab  Middle Eastern and Muslim Masses to organize Anti-Fascist United Front to undermine and wipe out the  Donald Trump political phenomenon and create a new political order in the United States and the rest of North America.

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Jed Bush is Still in The US Presidential Race For a Reason

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Many people are no doubt wondering why Jeb Bush is still in the republican primary election for President of The United States since he is not doing so well in the poll and he has lost heavy in Iowa and New Hampshire  there is an reason for  all of this actually there are three main reasons for it the first  od these reasons is that Jeb Bush is betting on his name recognition  as  after all the son and the brother of  two former US Presidents George H Bush his father and his brother the infamous  George W Bush Jeb Bush is hoping that the fact that he shares  their surname will help him with many American voters  who are  respectful  of the Bush family name and the political legacy  of the family.  second  Jeb Bush is hopeful and confident  that his family connections within The US Republican party and upper ruling class will help secure him the nomination    as the Republican nominee in the coming US General election for President  since many  within the Republican party are fearful of a potential Donald Trump presidency and its social and political  impact on The Republican party and the wider  US society. third Jeb Bush is hoping that in the primary elections in the south  such as in South Carolina  and Nevada  that he will win the republican primary elections  as in these areas the Bush family has a large mass base of supporters  and this is especially  so in South Carolina. Jeb Bush may end of winning   at least one of these states but perhaps  he will not only time will tell  at this point but we  will all know soon enough what fate has in store for Jeb Bush and his immediate  political future but one thing is certain Jeb Bush  and his family are Imperialists and they are up to nothing good and they are one of the most evil and ruthless families in the history of US Imperialism.

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Mitt Romney on Russia The Great Geopolitical Foe of The USA Russia Must Return to The Path of N S Trubetzkoy and VI Lenin

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The US Republican Party Presidential front-runner Mitt Romney has declared in an Interview with The CNN Wolf Blitzer that Russian is the Number One geopolitical foe of The United States. this  remarks from Mitt Romney is not surprising as The White American Bourgeoisie has always feared The Might of Mother Russia and The Great Russian Nation. as well as the whole of The Pan-Slavic and Pan Turanian World. Mitt Romney cited Russia support for The Islamic Republic of Iran and  Socialist Syria and other  Anti-Imperialist  countries and causes that are in  contradictions with US Imperialism as  to the reasons   as to why Russia is The main geopolitical foe of US Imperialism. but The real underlining reasons are much deeper and go back deep into history and are Racial  as well as ideological in nature. The United States of America is a White Setter colony  who’s   founding ruling class was Nordic and Germanic racially. The Germanic and Nordic World has historically had  hostile racial and cultural contradictions with The Slavic and Turanian World. from the  very earliest times of Slavic Turanian contacts with The Germanic Peoples   from t The times of before and after The Germanic Teutonic Knights down to the times of the wicked  Adolf Hitler and his Nazis The Slavic and Turanian World has been in racial conflict with The Nordic Germanic World. this struggle  would continue on to the Cold War period with The Political and ideological rivalry of The Soviet Union and The fraternal Slavic Socialist Countries allied to it and their Struggle against The Western Germanic Capitalist Countries of Great Britain and The United States. this racial struggle between The Slavic and Turanian World and The Nordic Germanic White Western World.  continues today in The geopolitical Struggle and contradictions between The United States and The Russian federation under The Leadership of President Vladimir Putin. and  The Racial struggle between Germanic and Slav is The Real Reason behind Mitt Romneys remarks to Wolf Blitzer on CNN. The Nordic  Germanic White World has never  really accepted Russia and The east Slavs as a White European People and The Germanic world  wishes to destroy Russia and The East Slavs numerous invasions have been launch by the Germanic Countries to destroy Russia but each time The  Great Russian Nation and its Leaders such as Alexander Nevsky and Joseph Stalin.  Russia is The Dreamer Nation it is The Messiah Nation and The  Great Mobilizer  Nation Today Russia and The Slavic World as a Whole must realize that they are not a White Nor European People and reject Europe and all of its evils  and   Re embrace its Asian and Original Identity and March with The Pan Original  Black Brown Red Yellow Pan Original World in a Revolutionary Racial and Class War against The Wicked White Western World. This was The Vision that The Great Nikolai Trubetzkoy  and Vladimir Ilyich Lenin    had for Russia and  this must become the goal and vision of Russia and The Great Russian People Today and for The Future as Well.  The Future of Russia lies in Asian and With The Pan Original World. Russia as The Messiah Nation has a most important Role to play in The Final downfall and defeat of White World imperialism and Global Zionism.

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