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Khorloogiin Choibaslan Pan Mongolian Turanian Nationalist Revolutionary Marxist Leninist and The Stalin of Mongolia

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Khorlogiin Choibaslan The great Revolutionary Marxist-Leninist leader and co-founder of Socialist Mongolia  is little known today outside of his homeland of Mongolia but he played a major role in the  revolutionary struggles of the early  20th century in Mongolia and the rest of northern Asia among the Mongolian and Turkic Turanian ethnic groups of the region.  such as the Kazakh  national liberation struggle of Osman Batyr and the national liberation struggle of the Turkic  Muslim Uyghur people of East Turkestan  and in addition to these activities    he also supported the liberation of Inner Mongolia and other Mongolian areas    from Chinese rule  and their union into the  a Greater Pan Mongolian  proletarian   Socialist state.  Khorlogiin Choibaslan strove all of his adult life to abolish feudalism in Mongolia  and to  crush the reactionary social class and forces which were holding Mongolia back from its true national liberation and progress.   Under Khorilogiin Choibaslan  the literacy rate  for Mongolians went up and increased  and the first modern university   Choibaslan university  was built in the country in the capital city of Ulaanbaatar    and agriculture  was improved and developed so that Mongolia could become self-sufficient in food production  and basic industry    the infrastructure   of the country  was  being  developed     in order to lay the foundations for the complete industrialization of Mongolia  so that Mongolia  could become a modern and powerful  Pan Mongolian Socialist  state.  Khorilogiin Choibaslan also was instrumental    in building up a modern army for Mongolia  which played  a major role in   the Manchurian  military    offensive   of the Soviet Red Army   in the closing days of World War two which led to the final  defeat of Japanese imperialism and the liberation of The Turanian Peoples of Northern  Korea and the establishment  of The Democratic Republic of Korea and Socialism in that country and region of the Pan Turanian Homeland. and  to this very day the Democratic Republic of Korea North Korea  is one of the leading anti-imperialist and Socialist States in the world. and Khorilogiin Choibaslan played a key role in the creation of the DPRK  by his participation   in the military offensives of 1945 which bought about the final surrender of Imperial Japan and the birth of The  Asian Socialist Camp   Khorilogiin Choibaslan was a pan Mongolian Nationalist who wanted to see all of the Pan Mongol world including the  ethnic Mongols living under the oppressive rule of  Chiang Kai- Shek and his racist Han Chinese government and all Mongols  united into one single Pan Mongolian socialist nation this goal could not be completed during the life time of Comrade Khorilogiin Choibaslan due to the geopolitics  of the  International  class struggle at that time in history  which saw the spectacular rise to state power in  China of Chairman Mao Zedong and the revolutionary Marxist-Leninist Communist Party of China  which breached  the eastern front of world Imperialism and strengthen the liberation struggles of all oppressed non-White Peoples on the planet including that of  the Mongolian Turkish and Turanian   Peoples of the world. from 1949 to the late 1970s   Maoist China  supported revolutionary struggles all over the world including  within the Pan Islamic Homeland  such as The Pan-Arab Struggle to Liberate Arab and Islamic  Palatine from  the white Zionist occupation    and  Maoist  China  was a major supporter of Pakistan and the  right of that Islamic Nation right  to exist in the mist of the  anti-Islamic hostility  from Neo-Hindu Fascist India and the racist and revisionist leadership of  post Stalin  Soviet Union of Nikita  Khrushchev and Leonid  Brezhnev.  but today China is no longer a revolutionary Marxist Leninist socialist country  rather it is a racist Anti-Mongolian and Anti-Turkic social imperialist power which oppresses  the ethnic  Mongolian  peoples within the current borders of china  along with the Uyghur  Turkic Muslims peoples of East Turkestan and it denies both of these Turanian  ethnic groups the Mongols and  The Uyghur Turkic people and other ethnic groups  of their right to self-determination.   which is a violation  of the  revolutionary teachings of Lenin and Stalin  and the Marxist Leninist Principals  of the right to self determination of oppressed peoples and nations.  The present day government  of China   is not a revolutionary Marxist Leninist government and it is on the road to become  a major imperialist power in Africa and the Arab world  and in other parts of the world as well. and so the peoples of the world must rise up and unite  in revolutionary struggle with the Revolutionary Neo-Maoist Movement in modern day China who are struggling against the  reactionary and revisionist  government of China  and bring it down and destroy it  so  that a new Neo-Maoist Socialist  China and a new Socialist and United  Asia can be built and  created where no Asian people oppresses another and where  every Asian people and country is enjoying freedom   justice and equality in their countries and  historical homelands  in a Asia of  equlity  and National  Socialism and Revolutionary Pan Original Communism  for all Asian people.   the first step at the present time to bring this about is for the oppressed Turanian ethnic groups  within China  to rise up in and revolutionary struggle and  fight for their right to self determination and liberation from Han Chinese rule  The Mongols of inner Mongolia have ever  right to unite with their brothers and sisters in inner Mongolia in a Pan Mongolian state and the  Uyghurs   Turkic people  have every right to create their own independent of East Turkistan which once exited with the support of The then  Socialist Soviet Union during the life time of Comrade Joseph Stalin and it shall exist again  and an independent Uighur state  in east Turkestan shall be the first step   to the creation of a greater Pan Turkic Proletarian Islamic Socialist state stretching   from the Mediterranean  sea to North Asia  and this Pan Turkic Proletarian Islamic Socialist state shall then from a grand union and alliance with a liberated greater Mongolia in a socialist Asia and when this is done the revolutionary Pan Mongolian  and Pan Turanian Nationalist Communist vision of Khorloogiin Choibalsan shall be manifested and established  in this world as a  concrete   reality for all to behold

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Statement on The Passing of Comrade Fidel Castro

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The Leadership along with  the entire membership of the International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam  are very saddened to hear of the death and passing of our beloved Comrade and Teacher Fidel Castro the  founder of The Socialist Cuban State. Comrade Fidel Castro was one of the greatest  revolutionary heroes and Anti-Imperialist freedom fighters of all time who liberated    his homeland of Cuba from the grip of US Imperialism and  neo-colonialism and transformed Cuba into a symbol of hope freedom liberation and socialism to many hundreds of millions of peoples around the world.  we The Proletarian Muslims also remember  and celebrate Comrade Fidel Castro  for building on the geopolitical ideas of the great Cuban patriot Jose Marti    by establishing    political relations with the Islamic Socialist states in the Pan Islamic homeland such as Baathist Iraq Baathist Syria and The Great Libyan Arab Socialist Jamahiriya under the Leadership of Brother Leader Muammar Gaddafi. to Which he remained a loyal ally and friend to Brother Leader Mummar Gaddafi and the Libyan Jamhiriya to the very end. in 1973 Fidel Castro sent Cuban military forces to Syria to fight the Zionists along side the Arab states in the Yom Kippur  Ramadan war and Comrade Fidel Castro also sent Cuban military forces into the central African Nation of Angola  to aid the revolutionary government there the Cuban military would go on to break the back of the  White  South African military and their allies in Angola in an event which  later  lead to the complete and total fall of the White racist apartheid  South Africa government. Fidel Castro also gave political support to many of the Anti-Imperialist Political movements within the United States such as the Nation of Islam of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad Malcolm X and his Organization of African American Unity The Black Panther Party of Huey P Newton and Eldridge Cleaver  The Republic of New Afrika The Black Liberation Army  and the Revolutionary Nationalist Freedom Fighters of the Puerto Rican Independence Movement.    the Proletarian Muslims shall always  remember  love honor revere   and uphold the Revolutionary Communist and Anti-Imperialist legacy of Comrade Fidel Castro  The founder of Socialist Cuba and Great Friend and ally to the Global Pan Islamic Socialist World Revolution and the great revolutionary forefather and forerunner of Proletarian Islam.

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Party Statement on the 91st Anniversary of The Birth of Malcolm X

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The Following Statement was issued by the  Leadership of The International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam to All Party units and cells on the occasion of the 91st anniversary of the Birth of Brother Malcolm X El Hajj Malik Shabazz  The great revolutionary forefather  of Proletarian Islam

Today is the 91st anniversary of the  birth of El Hajj Malik Shabazz  Malcolm X  the great revolutionary forefather and forerunner of  our Ideology of Proletarian Islam  Malcolm X after fist being exposed to Islamic Socialism  was in the last year of his life struggling fanatically  to create a new revolutionary synthesis of Islam Pan Third Nationalism and Socialism  to liberate the Original Non-White People   of the earth along with the  Pan Islamic Nation from the oppression of White Western Imperialism and Global Zionism forever  and today the masses of the Non-White Pan Original World and The Pan Islamic  Nation have such an ideology  in Proletarian Islam and the International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam  and we the Proletarian Muslims shall not  rest  until all Original Non-White People everywhere along with the masses of the Pan Islamic Nation   are free and liberated  from the oppression of White Western Imperialism and Global Zionism once and for all this is what Malcolm X wanted and this is what the Proletarian Muslims also want and we shall accomplish by any means necessary we  shall bring into existence  a Proletarian Islamic Socialist Bloc of Nations    The Union of Islamic Socialist Republics and then we shall unite with all of the other Non-White Nations and civilizations  of the earth in a grand Socialist  Union and commonwealth  of Original  Peoples  in the final assault on White World Imperialism and Global Zionism and then  we shall end  oppression on this earth just like Malcolm  X wanted to do and we shall have an era of global Proletarian Islamic  Socialism which will then move the entire planet earth towards the higher stage of Proletarian Islam which is the era of Proletarian Islamic World Communism and the global rule of the Black Brown Red Yellow and Slavic Masses over all of the planet earth. Proletarian Islam is the era of world revolution and the final liberation of the Pan Original  Non-White masses of the earth and it is also the era of the Al Baath or resurrection of The Pan Islamic Nation and Muslim People everywhere Victory  is coming  soon to all of the oppressed of The World and  the Proletarian Muslims with our Ideology of Proletarian Islam  shall  in the spirit  of Malcolm X be in  the vanguard role in bringing this new world order about


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Party Statement on the 198th Anniversary of The Birth of Karl Marx

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May 5th is the 198th anniversary of the Birth of Comrade Karl Marx the  great teacher of Working class liberation  and great revolutionary forefather of Proletarian Islam  there is much that Karl Marx has contributed to the political  thought of the International Working Class  as Baath Party founder  Michel Aflaq  pointed out Karl Marxism was inspired by his great Semitic heritage  and spirit   to create the Marxist theory for the liberation of the  working class an Marxism has inspired and influenced  Revolutions all over the Pan  Original World from Angola to China and parts of the Pan Islamic Homeland as many Islamic Socialist thinkers have been influenced  and or inspired by Karl Marx   Karl Marx in turn  during  his life time such as the Chechen struggle  against Russian  colonialism  and expansion in the Caucasus  and the struggle of the Ottoman empire to remain free and independent  from Russia  and he and his  revolutionary comrade  Frederick Engels  also supported the Algerian struggle against French colonialism and Imperialism in the Pan-Arab Homeland today    one of the main goals and central tasks of The International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam is to establish the dictatorship  of the Pan Islamic Working class into practice within the Pan Islamic homeland and to establish   a Pan Islamic Socialist State throughout the whole of the Islamic homeland which stretches  from central Africa to southeast Asia and parts of Europe in addition the Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam aims to establish   Socialism in Germany the homeland  and birthplace of Karl Marx though  an alliance of the   German Islamic Working   Class with  other progressive elements in  Germany   to build a Proletarian Workers State in Germany   and when this is all done and accomplished   the  teachings of Karl Marx on the dictatorship   of the proletarian Working class shall  be put into practice  in the Pan Islamic Homeland  Germany and all over the world. and  in the era of Proletarian Islam Karl Marx is one of the great heroes’ of the Semitic world just like  The Prophet Muhammad Ibn Abdullah of Arabia Peace Be Upon Him  and countless others heroes of the Pan Semitic World.  the teachings and legacy of Karl Marx on the need for the dictatorship of the Proletarian Working Class shall never be forgotten and Comrade Karl Marx shall remain one of the great Revolutionary Forerunners and Forefathers of the Proletarian Islamic Ideology.

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April is Vladimir IIyich Lenin Month in Proletarian Islam

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The month of April    is Vladimir IIyich Lenin month in Proletarian Islam and we call upon and encourage   all party members supporters and allies within the Pan Islamic World and Proletarian Islamic camp to study the life and ideological works of Vladimir IIyich  Lenin ever harder  during the month and then to use them to accelerate the speed and progress  of the global  Pan Islamic world revolution and liberate  each and every occupied Islamic Land and  create a great and grand Proletarian Islamic Socialist  State  that will then go on to liberate  all of the oppressed of the world Islam and Leninism are invincible and the Proletarian Muslims  shall liberate all of the oppressed Peoples of the world and establish  Proletarian Islamic World Communism.

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10th of Rajab Statement on the Birthday of Imam Muhammad Ali-Jawad

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Today is the 10th of  Rajab the birth anniversary of Imam Muhammad Ali-Jawad one of the great revolutionary heroes of Islamic Socialism and Proletarian Islam  Imam Muhammad Ali-Jawad taught and advocate for an Islamic society that would be based on complete social justice and equality for all Muslims  and he upheld the original  socialist principals of Islam that were taught by his beloved ancestors The Prophet Muhammad and Imam Ali Ibn Abu Talib and for this he was hate and feared  by the reactionary social classes and social forces in the Islam world of his time. and in the face of great odds Imam Muhammad Ali-Jawad  stood up in the face of the enemies of the household of the Prophet Muhammad and held fast to the true teachings of Islam and set a shining example  for future generations of revolutionary Muslims and for this Imam Muhammad Ali-Jawad will forever be honored by the Proletarian Muslims and The International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam  Imam Muhammad Ali Al-Jawad wanted an Islamic society that would have complete social justice and equality for All Muslims  and This is an goal that the Proletarian Muslims shall achieve   and accomplish  once we have reunited the Pan Islamic homeland into one single Pan Islamic Socialist  Nation State. the Islamic Working class is the only social force in modern day Islamic society which is capable of bringing about the social system of complete equality that Imam Muhammad Ali-Jawad wanted to bring about  and the Pan Islamic working  class shall create the perfect  society of full social justice that Imam Muhammad Ali-Jawad and the other holy Imams  taught about in their teachings.   this goal is an integral part of the central task of the  Proletarian Islamic Socialist Revolution and  we in the International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam shall forever  honor Imam Muhammad Ali-Jawad as one of our great teachers and forefathers of Proletarian Islam

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3rd of Rajab Statement on the Martydom of Imam Ali Al-Hadi

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Today the 3rd of Rajab is the historical martyrdom date for Imam Ali Al-Hadi of the great Revolutionary heroes of Islam and Islamic Socialist when we in the International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian reflect on the martyrdom of Imam Ali Al-Hadi  we  are remained our res as Proletarian Islamic Socialist revolutionaries to be prepared to die for the liberation of the Islamic peoples of the world and the national and social liberation of the great Pan Islamic Homeland. we The Proletarian Muslims considered it a joy and obligation to live die and fight for the liberation of our Islamic people and nation as this is necessary for the revival   rebirth and glory of Islamic civilization  and Islam itself and this is a responsibility   in which we will never shrink from and we welcome Martyrdom for the sake of Islam and the liberation of our  Islamic people. and we honor and celebrate all of the revolutionary martyrs of Islam such as Imam Ali- Hadi and we will follow in their footsteps  and seek martyrdom if need be to  restore  the glory and power of Islam in this world and liberate the oppressed peoples of the world from capitalism World imperialism and Global Zionism.


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