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Why Marco Rubio Lost

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When US Senator  Marco Rubio announced his run for the republican nomination for President of The United States there was much expectation  and speculation that he Marco Rubio would be The Latino version of the current US President Barack Obama  who in the year 2008  was elected the  first African  American  President of the United States  but this was not to be Marco Rubio ran his presidential  campign   like a Anglo White European  one insited of  campaging as a Latino politician  and this was the root cause of his defeat Marco  Rubio ran as a White boy and not a Latino and this is why he could not reach the masses of Latinos within the United States Marco Rubio comes from the Anti -Communist Cuban exile community of Miami and southern  Florida  and this community has historically been political and culturally allied with the White Anglo community and many Cubans from this community view themselves as White European Americans  and Marco Rubio has the values and political outlook of this community which is the community that he was raised in but despite this he was unable to win over the  republican party’s white racist  mass base which overwhelming  voted for Donald Trump during the republican party’s primary elections for the presidency of the Untied States  as Marco  Rubio being Cuban was seen by this base as an Latino and not a real White man  as Latino identity has been racialized within the United States and Latinos are now seen regardless of race and ancestry as a racial group  within the United States like the African American population has long been seen as Marco Rubio was not seen as White enough for these people. also Marco Rubio is married to Jeanette Dousdebes   who is the daughter of Colombian  immigrants to the US  and many in the Colombian  American community  and the wider Latino community within the US were excited  about the prospect of having a  potential Colombian American and Latino first lady of the United States but Marco Rubio  did not appeal  to his potential  Latino mass base and only geared his  presidential  campaign towards White republican voters Marco  Rubio also had a chance to appeal to many members of the Hip-Hop generation of which he is part of but he did not do so he ran as president as a white man instead  of  as an  Latino and he lost big time to Donald Trump  and considering the era in which we now live there could have been no other outcome as The Republican party     increasing has no need for non-White leaders and cadres within it the Republican party is becoming the US version of the British national front and the Le Pen party in France  and many of the leaders of the party and its mass base  have no need  for Non-White members or a Multicultural  and Multiracial  United States  there may very well be an Latino version of Barack Obama one day and it could be Marco Rubio it he decides to change  the  way he present himself and embraces his Latino identity  but either way the Latino Masses within the Untied States should and must reject the present political system and social order within the United States and embrace  Revolutionary Pan Latino Nationalism and Socialism   and then  sweep away the rule of the Anglo  ruling class within the United States and create a New Pan Latino  Social and Political  order in North America   which shall then go on to create a Pan Latino and Pan Indigenous Union of all of the Latino and Indigenous Masses of North and South America.

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Breaking News Jeb Bush Drops Out of The US Presidential Race

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Breaking News Jeb Bush has drop  out of the Republican Party Primary race  for President of The United States  this comes as no surprise since Jeb Bush has failed to win  much political support  within the republican party  and its mass base and he Jeb Bush has also failed to win   The Republican party primary elections in Iowa New Hampshire  and  now  South Carolina.    Jeb Bushs time has not come  for him to become President of The United States  for now many of the top upper elites of The Pro Republican Party wing of US Imperialism seem to be going with Trump and Trump has  ever growing and increasing support from within both the upper top of the Republican Party   and with the  White  mass base of the Republican party at the bottom the ball is in Donald Trump court right now but it remain to be seen if he will yet be the 45th president of the United States but one is certain at this time Jeb Bush will certainly not be the 45th president of the United States. it is  now up to The Black Latino Arab  Middle Eastern  Muslim and other Non-White Masses to organize and insure that Donald Trumpism as a political force is undermined and defeated  and a New Pan Original  Non-White Social Order is created in North America which will lay the foundation for Pan Indigenous and Pan Latino Socialist confederation of North and South America is  formed and created as a mighty base area for the Global Pan Original Revolution of The Non-White Peoples of The Earth.

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Statement on the 86th Anniversary of the Birth of Comrade Che Guevara

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Today is the 86th anniversary of the Birth of The Great Revolutionary Communist Ernesto Che Guevara The National hero of Socialist Cuba and the New Socialist Simon Bolivar of modern-day Latin America Che was a Marxist-Leninist revolutionary and a Pan Latino Nationalist who dreamed of a unified Socialist Latin America that would be a giant base area for the world proletarian revolution and spread Socialism throughout Africa and Asia and he was one of the main leaders of the Cuban socialist revolution alongside The great Fidel Castro. the struggle to liberate Latin America and to unite it into one Single Pan Latino Nation is one of the chief goals and task of Proletarian Islam and The Proletarian Islamic World Socialist Revolution. since Latin America is a child and offshoot of Arab and Islamic Civilization and culture. Latin America must be united into one Pan Latino Nation and Continental bloc and united with the reunified Arab and Pan Islamic Nation in a joint geopolitical alliance that will be capable of overthrowing the power and influence of The White Christian western World and Global Zionism forever today the revolutionary legacy of Che lives on in the various national liberation struggles of The Pan Original Non-White World and he speeches and writings are a valuable source of revolutionary wisdom and guidance during this present times of revolutionary struggle and they cane serve as an ideological guide for the Proletarian Muslims in a struggle to reunify and liberate The Pan Islamic Homeland and for all other oppressed original Non-White Peoples around the world in our various struggles to crush White World Imperialism and supremacy The courage and communist wisdom of Comrade Che Guevara lives on

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Glory to Fidel Castro The Revolutionary Marxist Leninist and Founder of Socialist Cuba

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Comrade Fidel Castro is truly one of the greatest men of our time he led one of the greatest revolutions of The 20th century to victory in Cuba and become The Most succesful Socialist Leaders in The History of North America as The Cuban Revolution was the first and to this date only time that a socialist revolution under working class leadership was succesful in North America. and for this alone Comrade Fidel Castro should be celebrated and honored forever by the Revolutionary camp of the World but Fidel has done so much more for the Pan Original World Socialist Revolution from declaring solidarity with The Oppressed New Afrikan Black Nation and Puerto Rico and the Work of The Islamic Socialist Nation of Islam of Islam under The then Leadership of The Honorable Elijah Muhammad and Malcolm X to supporting revolutionary movement in The Pan Islamic homeland such as the world of Mehdi Ben Barka in Morocco to Southern African where it was The Cuban Internationalist Pan african army which broke the back of White Ruled Apartheid South Africa Comrade Kim IL Sung the great leader of Socialist Korea the DPRK North Korea was very impressed with the victory of The Socialist Cuban revolution and its example inspired Socialist Korea to even greater success in its own socialist construction. and struggle for Korean reunification. Fidel Greatest success has been in North America where he is the one person to date that has led a socialist revolution under working class leadership to state power and victory when he was able to seize state power for the Cuban Working class from the Reactionary pro imperialist Bastia and his comprador bourgeoisie in the year 1959 and to declare Cuba a Marxist-Leninist Socialist State two years later in 1961 and to this very day Cuba remains Socialist and Marxist-Leninist while many other Marxist-Leninist Socialist States have fallen but Socialist Cuba is still standing tall due to the outstanding Marxist-Leninist understanding and insight of Comrade Fidel Castro Comrade Fidel Castro is the father of modern Cuba and the founder of The Socialist Cuban State he oversaw and founded all of the Socialist Institutions of Modern Cuba such as the Internationalist Cuban armed forces its first-rate medical heath care system and its universal educational system and today Comrade fidel castro is an ideological figure for the leaders of the emerging Left Nationalist States in Latin America such as Evo Morales of Bolivia Rafael Correa of Ecuador and Hugo Chavez and Nicolas Maduro of Venezuela among others Fidel Castro is indeed one of the greatest Marxist-Leninist Socialist Revolutionaries of our time and his life work and Marxist-Leninist teachings should be studied and followed in order to bring about the global triumph of the World Proletarian Revolution of The Black Brown Red Yellow and Slavic Masses of the world. in the global battle to defeat and destroy White World Imperialism and global capitalism and to create a Socialist and ultimately Communist World.

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Statement on the 60th Anniversary of The Start of The Cuban Revolution

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>The following statement was issued by The Leadership of The International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam on the occasion of the 6oth anniversary of The Start of The Cuban Revolution with the attack on The Moncada Barracks which was initiated by Comrade Fidel Castro and his Revolutionary Comrades

Today is the 60th anniversary of the start of the glorious Cuban Socialist Revolution which was a world historic event for Cuba and all of Latin American and The Caribbean as well as the whole world The Cuban revolution started with the courageous attack on the Moncada barracks which was a power center of the reactionary pro Imperialist regime of Fulgencio Batista and ended nearly 6 years later with then entry into Havana Cuba of The Revolutionary Armed Forces of The July 26th movement which also marked The Birth of Marxist-Leninist Cuba as the first socialist state in the western Hampshire The Cuban Revolution and Socialist Cuba would go on and inspire Revolutionary movments thoughtout Africa Asia Latin America including within The Pan Islamic Homeland such a Mehdi Ben Barka and hsi Revolutionary Poltical movement in Morocco who later went on to help found The Trisconttintal International with Comrade Fidel Castro. and Minister Malcom and his two orgzations Muslim mosque inc and The organization of Afro-American Unity The OAAU. Socialist Cuba is very much beloved within The Pan Africa world and diaspora for The political and military aid that it gave to The National Liberation movements in southern Africa such as in Angola where it was The Cuban Internationalist Army which broke The back of The Racist army and mitralty of then White ruled Apartheid South Africa at the Battle of Cuito Cuanavale which led to The White South African Army withdraw from Angola and which also secured The Independence of Namibia. The release of Nelson Mandela from Prison and The Final collapse of open White Rule in South Africa. Socialist Cuba indeed become a mighty base area of The Pan Original World Proletarian Revolution of Africa Asia Latin America and The Oppressed Non-White Masses of North America. where Socialist Cuba has been a Long Time Friend and ALly of The Oppressed masses within The Prison House of Peoples that is The United States. Socialist Cuba was able despite all of the odds to whither the storms of the special period which started after The collapse of the Soviet Union and its eastern bloc. and to survive and become a futher inspiration to the new bloc of Left Nationalist anti-imperialist states that are emerging in Latin America such as Bolivia ecodu Venezuela among others Socialism Under The Leadership of Comrade Fidel Castro and his Brother Raul Castro has indeed been a great Revolutionary Socialist inspiration to all of Latin America and the now-White World in the quest to build a non capitalist and Socialist World of Freedom Justice and Equity. Today the Revolutionary Socialist Teachings of Fidel Castro on the need for the class struggle and the dictatorship of The Working Class must be studied and applied in The struggle to build Socialism in Latin America and The Caribbean all of Latin America must one day unite into One Pan Latino Socialist Superstate stretching from what is now The United States all the way down to Uruguay and the islands of the Caribbean it is very important for The Latino and Original Revolutionaries of today to study The Teachings of Comrade Fidel Castro and the experience of Socialist Cuba on the need for the Scientific Socialist dictatorship of The Working Class so that a Strong Pan Latino Socialist Superstate can be built and created The history and experience of Socialist cuba has bought all of the Latino World and Latino America closer to liberation and Socialism so today on The 60th Anniversary of The Start of The Cuban Revolution for National liberation and Scientific Socialism let us celebrate and salute Socialist Cuba for all of its Revolutionary Socialist Achievements and successes on This Great Day.

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