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Communist Party of Proletarian Islam Party Statement for Nowruz for the Year 1397 1439 2018 Forward to The Pan Iranian and Pan Turkic and Pan Albanian Proletarian Islamic Socialist Revolution

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The International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam would like to wish all of  our  party members friends and  allies  and the countries and regions of the Pan Islamic homeland who observe  the Persian new year of Nowruz  a Happy Nowruz and in addition we would like to wish all from the Persianate  and Turco-Persian Albanian  culture region and zone  which makes up a very significant   and integral part of the Pan Islamic homeland  along with  all others who celebrate and observe    the Persian new year   a Happy Nowruz  and we  call upon all of  the oppressed  masses of this  great and glorious region of our Pan Islamic nation to unite  in revolutionary  struggle and  drive all of the  Imperialist powers  and their reactionary puppet forces  out of the Persian -Turco -Persian and Albanian region of our Pan Islamic nation and homeland. all of the Peoples of your region  of the Pan Islamic homeland have a major role to play in the global Pan Islamic Socialist revolution for the unity and liberation of the Pan Islamic homeland  The Pan Turkic working class must unite all of the revolutionary masses  under its leadership and build a Pan Turkic  Proletarian Islamic  socialist state  that will  consist  of all of the Turkic majority countries including the  Uyghur Turkic Muslim   peoples of East Turkestan who are now suffering  under a brutal  Chinese occupation and the  ideology of this Pan Turkic    based on the Islamic National Communist ideas of Sultan Galiev Nariman Nariman Narimanov Mirjaqip Dulatuli   Turar Ryskulov  and the ideology of Proletarian Islam  Turkey and the other Turkic states of central Asia  must unite into a Pan Turkic Proletarian Islam socialist state and  then libraite East Turksitan from the Chinese occupation  after this battle is won  The Turkic world shall once again be one of the great world superpowers as it was in the days the  Seljuk and Ottoman empires.     in  the ethnic Iranian countries which identify  themselves as ethnically Persian and Iranic such as Iran Afghanistan and Tajikistan  The Pan Iranian working class should and must unite and create a Proletarian Islamic Socialist Pan Iranian  union and overthrow the  corrupt regime of Ali Khamenei  in Tehran which has betrayed   the Islamic revolution in Iran by selling out the national liberation of   oppressed Muslim  peoples such as The Kosovar Albanians Chechens and Uyghur Turks among  others    the current Iranian regime under Khamenei  has a long-standing  policy of wishing to subjugate    oppress occupy and control though force  The peoples of the Arab Nation under the banner of its Khomeninist ideology.   if Iran truly believes in its Pan Islamic ideology  then  there is no  reason for Iran to do this as The Arab Nation has its own  ethnic and cultural identity and its own national mission to  accomplish   and to  perform    on the world stage of history and  with  Allah.   furthermore   The Prophet Muhammad himself   taught that all Muslims  must respect and love the Arab nation which  is the Nation that Prophet Muhammad Ibn Abdullah  founded    and  in addition to this Persian culture and Turco-Persian culture is one of the leading cultures of the Islamic world.    and Allah has sent many Prophets  to the   peoples of this region and cultural zone in the centuries before The Prophet Muhammad appeared in Arabia.   The  Persian and Turco- Persian   culture  has given much to the Pan Islamic nation and help shape its identity and culture.  The Arab Iranian and Turkic  peoples and the Albanians should  not and must  not become enemies to each  other  or hate  each other  rather they should all unite into a great Pan Islamic commonwealth  and confederation of nations and from a Pan Islamic geopolitical bloc  to safeguard the national interests   and cultures of all Muslim peoples and the Anti-Arab racism and chauvinism  of Iran and is abandonment   and selling out of the national liberation struggles  of The Albanians Chechens Uyghur Turks  of East Turkestan and other oppressed Muslim peoples is hurting and jeopardizing  this unity Iran has a divine duty to support the national liberation of the Albanian Chechens and Uyghur Turks as all of these people have a Persianate   and Turco Persian cultural identity.  and it is in Iran true geopolitical interests   to support these peoples and lands who have a  Persianate and Turco -Persian cultural identity.   in order for this to happen   present day  Iran needs a revolutionary  Proletarian  Islamic socialist government  instead of  the current neo feudal and bourgeoisie  government which it now has  the present  government and regime of Iran  is selling  out the National liberation struggles of the Islamic peoples of the Persianate and Turco- Persian cultural  zone  and region of the Pan Islamic homeland  for its own narrow and short-term geopolitical gain.  the Pan Islamic nation  and the peoples of greater Iran and the greater Persianate  and Turco -Persian region of the Pan Islamic homeland are not gaining any thing by the current Anti-Pan Islamic geopolitics of the current regime of Ali Khamenei in Tehran and this regime must fall and be overthrown  for the    good of the people of Iran and all of the peoples of the Persianate  cultural  zone and greater Iran.   the peoples of greater Iran and the Turco-Persian  cultural zone and region of the Pan Islamic homeland  need a Proletarian Islamic revolutionary government   to be installed in  Iran   which shall support the  national liberation struggle of these peoples and  Iran also needs a  Pro Arab government  which shall give true aid to the Pan-Arab Revolution for the unity of the entire  Arab world and grant   self-determination up to and including independence  to the Azeri Turks the Balochi peoples of southern Iran and the long-suffering Arab peoples  of Ahwaz located in the present day   province of Khuzestan who have been under Persian  occupation since 1925  The Arab peoples of Ahwaz  must have their independence  and liberation from the Iranian occupation  which has almost existed now  for 100 years and all true Iranian revolutionaries  must support the national liberation and self determination  of the Arab Awazi people in the current Khuzestan province  of Iran  along with all of the other oppressed ethnic groups and nations which are located within the present day borders of the so-called Islamic republic of Iran  such as the Azeri  Peoples within  the present   borders of Iran  who have the right to reunification with their ethnic Azeri Turkic  Brothers and Sisters  of  the present day  Republic of Azerbaijan.     The Balochi peoples of Iran and the other  oppressed   ethnic groups of Iran also  have the right to create their own ethnic states or the right to have political and cultural autonomy with the framework of a  Federal Proletarian Islamic Socialist  Iran  after the overthrow of the   Khomeinist    regime  in addition to this   it is the duty of all Proletarian Islamic Iranian revolutionaries and the future Proletarian Islamic Socialist government of Iran  to  support revolutionary  Pan Arab Nationalism and the unity of all the Arab world into one single Pan Arab Proletarian Islamic Socialist  under the banner of revolutionary Pan-Arabism and Proletarian Islam      and  a future  Proletarian Islamic government of  Iran shall do all of  this and  it shall also   support  Pan Turkic Nationalism and the creation   of a Proletarian Islamic Pan Turkic State  and it shall also support   the  traditional culture of the Iranic peoples  and all of the peoples of greater Iran and the peoples of the   Turco-Persian cultural zone  and region of the Pan Islamic homeland.  The current  government of Iran under Ali Khamenei   in addition to being racist  towards The  Non-ethnic Persians  within its  border and within   the neighboring   Arab world  Iran is  also  increasing becoming a puppet state for Russian imperialism and its plan to conquer  and enslave the region and   at this point in history  a new Iranian revolution to overthrow Ali Khamenei and his clique  is necessary  in order for  Iran to regain its true national Independence and this shall indeed be done   once Ali Khamenei and the whole of the Khomeinist   system is overthrown and thrown  into the dust bin of history   Iran   shall  then march forth to even greater glory and Iran shall know the power  glory and honor  that it held in the days of the  Ancient Persian empire such as during the time of   Cyrus The Great  who  in addition to being the Shah of The Ancient Persian  Empire  was also  a  Prophet of Allah   and he  was sent  to both  the Semitic and Iranian peoples peoples of the Ancient Middle  East region. mention has to be made to  The Kurdish people and nation of the Persianate  cultural  region of our Pan Islamic Nation and homeland   Kurdish liberation can only be attained though the Anti imperialist and Anti-Zionist unity of the Kurdish masses with the rest of the Arab Iranian and Turkic revolutionary masses of the Pan Islamic Homeland  and not though side deals with  Western Imperialism  Russia and Zionist Israel rather  true  Kurdish liberation can only come though Pan Islamic and Pan Middle Eastern   unity with  the rest of the  Islamic peoples of  The  Greater Middle Eastern North African Persianate region and the   Proletarian Islamic Socialist  Transformation of the entire region and the downfall and destruction  of Imperialism and the Zionist state of Israel within the region and the creation of a Proletarian Islamic Confederation of All of the Islamic Peoples of the Region.  in southeastern European region of the Persianate region of our Pan Islamic Homeland  the long standing oppression and suffering  of the  Albanian people and nation must at long last be bought to an end    and this can only be done by the reunification of all of the ethnic majority and historical Albanian lands which were unjustly  partitioned  and divided up  by the Imperialist western powers over a  100 some years ago the Republic  of Albania along with Kosovo The Presevo  Valley region in what is now Serbia  The Albanain majirty  region  of Montenegro The Chameria   region in what is now Greece   along  with the Albanian areas in Macedonia should be  reunited into one single Pan Albanian State  a Greater Albania.   and this is a goal that generations of Albanians  have desired  ever since  the ethnic Albanian nation and homeland has been divided up by the imperialist powers of Europe and their allies. this unnatural  division of the Greater  Pan Albanian homeland can only be overcome though revolutionary Anti-Imperialist struggle and the unity of the entire Albanian nation under working class leadership  and the creation of a Proletarian Islamic Socialist  Greater Albania as a liberated  homeland for Albanians of all religions and for those  who  are  secular or  who follow no religion at all  The  Proletarian Islamic  Ideology has room for all Albanians regardless to religion or lack there of  and the creation of a Proletarian Islamic Albania will be a great aid  and revolutionary base area for the European wide Proletarian Islamic Socialist Revolution. and Albania  with its ancient  Mediterranean and   Persianate  culture shall play a  major overall role on a global scale within the global Proletarian Islamic Socialist Revolution for the  liberation and unity of the entire  Pan Islamic homeland .  all peoples of the Persianate  cultural   zone of the Pan Islamic Homeland must unite fight for the liberation of their peoples countries and homelands and in the process secure the survival happiness and progress of the Pan Islamic Homeland and Its Persianate  culture  which is one of the key components of the Pan Islamic identity

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Kim Jong UN of North Korea is a Muslim With The Nature of Islam Within Him

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Many if not most who read the title of this article  will be somewhat confused  and bewildered about the title of this article and why  it is said   that Comrade Kim Jong UN  the Leader of The Korean Workers Party and the head of state of the Democratic Republic of Korea is a Muslim with the Nature of Islam within him  many reading this   may even find the title of this article  funny or humorous but  we in The Proletarian Islamic camp and The  International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian  Islam  say that Kim Jong UN is a Muslim with the Nature of Islam within  him because we are students of the Teachings of The Honorable Elijah Muhammad and The Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught us that all of the Black Brown Red Yellow and other  Non-White Original  People on this planet earth are Muslims by nature  regardless  to their religion personal beliefs or ideology  that  they may profess   or claim a belief  in    and when we look at the case of  Comrade Kim Jong UN  we find that he  is an Muslim due to the fact that he is a  ethnic Korean Man of the Asiatic  Turanian race  of northern Asia.  and  the ancient and traditional  belief system or religion of the Turanian Peoples is Tengrism   and the ancient   Korean people    being a Turanian  people followed the Korean branch of Ancient Tengrism  which is known as  Korean Shamanism. and when we  go back to the original roots and core values of Tengrism   and Korean shamanism  we find the values   of Islam and    these  values are  part of the genetic  memory of the Korean Race  and are today  genetically  encoded  within all ethnic Koreans regardless to the  religion or personal   belief  system  that they may follow. and this includes  Comrade Kim Jong UN  and  this  is what spiritually and culturally makes Comrade Kim Jong UN  a Muslim by Nature. as  Islam  is related and  connected in its inner spiritual  values   to Tengrism   by the righteous  natures of both The Afro-Asiatic Semitic Peoples of Western Asia and The Turanian   Peoples of North Asia.  and in addition to this The political support that North Korea has given to Revolutionary Pan Islamism and   the various  alliances that it has formed over the decades  with The counties and  liberation struggles within the Islamic world geopoliticallly  makes  Comrade Kim Jong UN A Muslim.  it should also be pointed out that The Korean people are the racial cousins to the Muslim Turkic Peoples of the world and this further  connects  North Korea and the whole of the Korean Nation to the world of Islam. and the Pan Turkic working class should rise up and create a Pan Turkic Proletarian Islamic Socialist state that will stretch  from The Republic of Turkey on the Mediterranean    sea to  East Turkistan in what is now western China   and once this Pan Turkic Proletarian Islamic Socialist state  has been  established  it should then  form a strong geopolitical  alliance with the Democratic Republic of Korea and then work to  politically unite  the whole of the Turanian  world under the Banner of Turanian National Socialism and Proletarian Islam.   this Pan Turanian Proletarian Islamic  National Socialist State once it is created  shall be ideologically based  on the best and most advanced political and spiritual  ideas and practices of the Turanian Nationalist thinkers of the past such as The great soviet national Communist  leader    Sultan Galiev  and the Juche Communism of Kim IL Sung   along with  the thought and progressive political and spiritual  practices of the great Turanian leaders and rulers of the past centuries such as The great  khans and rulers of the Mongolian empire  the Ancient rulers of Korea and Japan   and the sultans and caliphs of the various  Turkic Islamic States along with  Arpad the founders of the Hungarian state  and  all of the other   rulers and leaders  of the other  historical Turanian  states and empires  of history and once   a Pan Turanian state stretching from the Mediterranean sea to East Turkestan  and united   under the Ideology of Proletarian Islam is created and  established   it shall then go on to play a major and deceive role in the liberation of the whole of the Muslim world from imperialism and Zionism. and it shall also  play a major role in the liberation of   all Non-White Original Peoples of color  around the world.   This Proletarian Islamic National Socialist Pan Turanian state  once   established and based  on the ideology  of Proletarian Islam  and Proletarian Turanian National Socialism    shall be invincible and it shall  change the geopolitical framework of the world forever and for all time and tribe the global balance of geopolitical world power back in the favor of  all of the Turanians peoples of the world and the  global Pan Islamic nation as well all  members of the Turanian race and all Muslim everywhere must world towards this great goal

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Statement on the 186th Anniversary of the Nat Turner Black Proletarian Rebellion in Virginia USA

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Today is the 186th anniversary of the Great Black Proletarian Salve Rebellion in Southampton county Virginia led by the great New Afrikan freedom fighter General Nat Turner and it was an  event which forever shocked   and rocked  the  rotten foundations of the White Southern slaver owners  and blazed  the future path of freedom for the oppressed Black Masses throughout the United States. the revolt of general Nat Turner was also  one of the most significant   working class Proletarian  revolutionary uprisings in the history of the United States. as the enslaved Africans that were bought to the United States from Africa were the original proletarian working class in what is now the United States. the revolutionary Black Proletarian Revolution of General Nat Turner is also of interest and  has significant to the Pan Islamic  Ummah  and The global Pan Islamic World Revolution due to the fact that many of the African slaves  that were bought to North America  during the transatlantic  slave trade were Muslims  who were kidnapped and  stolen from the sacred soil of the Pan Islamic homeland. and this makes the Black revolution and Black liberation struggle within  the United States a Pan Islamic struggle and a component  part of the Global Pan Islamic World Revolution that is for the liberation of the Pan Islamic homeland and the liberation of  Muslim Peoples everywhere. and it is imperative for all Muslims worldwide to support the Black Revolution in what is now the United States. and it is also important  for all Black Revolutionaries  and members of the oppressed Black Nation  to recognize that the Black Revolution within the United States is an integral part of the global Pan Islamic World Revolution and to fight on in the sprit of Nat Turner for the creation of an independent Black Nation in North America with an Pro Islamic geopolitical  and cultural orientation  such an event will bring  the global Pan Islamic and Pan African world revolution closer to global victory and bring about The liberation of the world of Islam and Africa from the grip of White world Imperialism and Global Zionism.

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Donald Trump to Address The American Public Tonight on Afghanistan

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Donald Trump will address the American pubic tonight and make a major statement on his administrations   policy  towards  Afghanistan  in his speech some are saying that Trump is going to increase US troop levels in Afghanistan  and others say that he is going to withdraw  The American military forces    completely from the country.  but no matter what Donald Trump  choses to do in Afghanistan  US Imperialism has already lost  the war in Afghanistan  years ago. if America choses to leave  the country then  it  is an clear cut admission  that it has lost the war. and if Trump decides to increase  US  troop levels in the country  and tires to stay in the country for a while longer then US Imperialism  has still lost the war. and it will only result in more military causalities  and needless loss of life to  its soldiers on the ground. as Afghanistan is already a lost war for US imperialism  and a lost cause for The US    has it has  been shown  years ago that America can not break the will and desire of  the Islamic  people of Afghanistan  to be free from the rule of us Imperialism and its puppet regime.  and they have no desire to be controlled  from Washington  DC so if  US Imperialism choses to leave Afghanistan  at this time then it has lost the war and if  chooses to stay for a while longer then if has lost the war.  history has shown either way that US Imperialism  can not conquer the will of the  Islamic peoples  of Afghanistan to resist the US occupation   and that Afghanistan is and shall be a free and independent  Islamic Country that is independent from the rule of US Imperialism in Washington DC

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Imam Muhammad Al-Baqir Birthday Statement for The 1st of Rajab 1437

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Today is the 1st  of Rajab  1437 the Birthday of Imam Muhammad Al Baqir The Great Grandson of  Imam Ali Abu Talib and this is a day of great rejoicing  for The Proletarian Muslims and the Proletarian Islamic camp Imam Muhammad Al Baqir is an outstanding  example of being steadfast  in the face of great suffering  and adversity   as during the life time of Imam Muhammad Al-Baqir  the revolutionary and progressive forces within the Pan Islamic Nation were under siege  by the forces of reaction and injustice  but despite the horrible social conditions   existing at the time    Imam Muhammad Al Baqir had fast to the true spirit of Islam and the Islamic Socialist teachings of his  The Prophet Muhammad Ibn Abdullah and his great-grandfather   Imam Ali Abu Talib   and he  taught the true revolutionary Islam to his  students in The holy city of Medina Arabia      and to all  other progressive elements  of Islamic society who would listen   to his teachings on Islamic Socialism.  Imam Muhammad  Al-Baqir  wanted an Islamic society  where all Muslims would receive social justice and be equal to each other and today The Proletarian Muslims and The International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian  Islamic Are fighting for the same goal and only  The Pan Islamic Working Class    and  we uphold Imam Muhammad Al-Baqir as a Great revolutionary   forerunner   of Islamic Socialism and The Ideology of Proletarian Islam. and we encourage all of our members supporters and allies to honor Imam Muhammad Al-Baqir on this day and to study his life and teachings alongside the ideology of Proletarian Islam and to work every harder for the creation of an Pan Islamic Socialist State and Proletarian Islamic Social Order    in the Pan Islamic Homeland.

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Barack Obama is Not a Proletarian Muslim

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For quite sometime now a  vicious lie and slander has been going around  That  Barack Obama is connected to Proletarian Islam and our political party  in someway  this is not true and it is an complete  and total falsehood  Barack Obama is not connected to our Party and political ideology in anyway whatsoever. Barack Obama is the number one front man for US Imperialism and White Western Imperialism in general. The International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam  is opposed to all forms of Imperialism  and we stand opposed to the criminal  regime in Washington DC which is led by Barack Obama. and we The Proletarian Muslims and The International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam have never offered political support to the imperialist running dog Barack Obama and we never will .  also it should be pointed out here that Barack Obama is not an Islamic Socialist  or a Socialist  or Communist of any kind. rather he Barack Obama is a follower and  supporter of Third Way  Capiaitalism  and  he is an sell out and traitor  to  Africa and African People worldwide. Barack Obama is an enemy to all of the Oppressed Peoples of The World and The International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam and The Proletarian Muslims Stands against Barack Obama  and  we will never support him  and we stand with all of the oppressed peoples of the world in the joint struggle to bring down US Imperialism  and the creation of a new world without  capitalism and Imperialsim of any kind.

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Malcolm X Martyrdom Day Statement

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Today is the 51st anniversary  of the assassination  of the Great Islamic Socialist Revolutionary Malcolm X in Harlem New York  the  life of Malcolm X was  physically   taken away from us but today Malcolm X is alive  in the hopes and dreams of the Pan Islamic Working Class and The Global Pan Islamic Nation for Liberation from White Western Imperialism  Global Zionism and the other reactionary power which are oppressing the Muslims  and our sacred Pan Islamic Homeland which stretches from Central Africa to Southeast Asia.  The Proletarian Muslims and the Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam are the direct  political and ideological heirs of Malcolm X  and we are continuing on in the revolutionary footsteps of Malcolm X  so that we may establish   an global Islamic Socialist political order throughout the world. the Imperialists and Zionists were never able to kill the revolutionary Islamic Socialist and Pan Third World Nationalist  ideas of Malcolm X for they live on today in the ideology of Proletarian Islam  which is the ideology of our Party The International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam. and we The Proletarian Muslim shall uphold and fly the Islamic Socialist banner of Malcolm  X While we go about reunifying  The Pan Islamic Homeland into one single Pan Islamic Socialist State and from there we shall go on and  unite all of the Non-White Pan Original  World into a Socialist World Union of all Original  Non-White Peoples. The Revolutionary Islamic Socialist Teachings of  El Hajji Malik Shabazz also known as Malcolm X  shall be one of the great banners of victory in the Proletarian Islamic struggle to create an united Pan Islamic Socialist State stretching from central Africa to southeast Asia and parts of eastern and southern Europe.

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