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Statement on the 186th Anniversary of the Nat Turner Black Proletarian Rebellion in Virginia USA

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Today is the 186th anniversary of the Great Black Proletarian Salve Rebellion in Southampton county Virginia led by the great New Afrikan freedom fighter General Nat Turner and it was an  event which forever shocked   and rocked  the  rotten foundations of the White Southern slaver owners  and blazed  the future path of freedom for the oppressed Black Masses throughout the United States. the revolt of general Nat Turner was also  one of the most significant   working class Proletarian  revolutionary uprisings in the history of the United States. as the enslaved Africans that were bought to the United States from Africa were the original proletarian working class in what is now the United States. the revolutionary Black Proletarian Revolution of General Nat Turner is also of interest and  has significant to the Pan Islamic  Ummah  and The global Pan Islamic World Revolution due to the fact that many of the African slaves  that were bought to North America  during the transatlantic  slave trade were Muslims  who were kidnapped and  stolen from the sacred soil of the Pan Islamic homeland. and this makes the Black revolution and Black liberation struggle within  the United States a Pan Islamic struggle and a component  part of the Global Pan Islamic World Revolution that is for the liberation of the Pan Islamic homeland and the liberation of  Muslim Peoples everywhere. and it is imperative for all Muslims worldwide to support the Black Revolution in what is now the United States. and it is also important  for all Black Revolutionaries  and members of the oppressed Black Nation  to recognize that the Black Revolution within the United States is an integral part of the global Pan Islamic World Revolution and to fight on in the sprit of Nat Turner for the creation of an independent Black Nation in North America with an Pro Islamic geopolitical  and cultural orientation  such an event will bring  the global Pan Islamic and Pan African world revolution closer to global victory and bring about The liberation of the world of Islam and Africa from the grip of White world Imperialism and Global Zionism.

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The 2017 Solar Eclipse Nat Turner and The Pan Original Revolution in North America

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During this month of August on August 21st a solar eclipse of the sun was visible  throughout large areas of the United States.  around 1886 years ago around this same time of the year  there was another solar eclipse  in the United States. and this solar eclipse  served  as an signal and inspiration  for the 1831 slave rebellion of the great Black Revolutionary Nat Turner in the state of Virginia.  Today with rising racial and ethnic  tensions within the United States  a resurgent  White Nationalist movement on the grassroots level of the White oppressor nation along with  the continued    National oppression of the Black Brown Red captive nations within the United States such as Aztlan The New Afrikan Black Nation   Puerto Rico and the various  Native peoples    shows and highlights the fact that a revolutionary  movement and uprising   like Nat Turner’s is still necessary and needed within the United States. and that  the Black Brown Red and other Non-White masses should unite in a mighty revolutionary united front against  the white power structure  and ruling class and build a new racial political social and economic   order within the United States. and then  convert what is now the United States into a Socialist Peoples Republic   of  The Original Peoples.   a Union of Pan Original  Soviet Socialist Republics .  the great solar eclipse of 2017 should be taken and seen as a sign for the  Non-White Pan Original Black Brown Red Yellow and Middle Eastern  masses living within the United States to begin  the historical and political   process of bringing this new political and social order into existence.

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