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Imam Muhammad Al-Baqir Birthday Statement for The 1st of Rajab 1437

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Today is the 1st  of Rajab  1437 the Birthday of Imam Muhammad Al Baqir The Great Grandson of  Imam Ali Abu Talib and this is a day of great rejoicing  for The Proletarian Muslims and the Proletarian Islamic camp Imam Muhammad Al Baqir is an outstanding  example of being steadfast  in the face of great suffering  and adversity   as during the life time of Imam Muhammad Al-Baqir  the revolutionary and progressive forces within the Pan Islamic Nation were under siege  by the forces of reaction and injustice  but despite the horrible social conditions   existing at the time    Imam Muhammad Al Baqir had fast to the true spirit of Islam and the Islamic Socialist teachings of his  The Prophet Muhammad Ibn Abdullah and his great-grandfather   Imam Ali Abu Talib   and he  taught the true revolutionary Islam to his  students in The holy city of Medina Arabia      and to all  other progressive elements  of Islamic society who would listen   to his teachings on Islamic Socialism.  Imam Muhammad  Al-Baqir  wanted an Islamic society  where all Muslims would receive social justice and be equal to each other and today The Proletarian Muslims and The International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian  Islamic Are fighting for the same goal and only  The Pan Islamic Working Class    and  we uphold Imam Muhammad Al-Baqir as a Great revolutionary   forerunner   of Islamic Socialism and The Ideology of Proletarian Islam. and we encourage all of our members supporters and allies to honor Imam Muhammad Al-Baqir on this day and to study his life and teachings alongside the ideology of Proletarian Islam and to work every harder for the creation of an Pan Islamic Socialist State and Proletarian Islamic Social Order    in the Pan Islamic Homeland.

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