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Nelson Mandela and Islam

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Nelson Mandela had a great respect for Muslims and the Religion of Islam he saw The religion of Islam as a key component of The culture identity and history of Africa and he respected the role that many Muslims played in The Anti-Apartheid struggle for the liberation of South Africa. indeed during his time in the underground Revolutionary Struggle against apartheid Nelson Mandela received his military training in guerrilla warfare at the hand of Muslims in Islamic Socialist Algeria. after his arrest and trial Nelson Mandela took up the study of Islam at Robben Island and this deepened his respect and appreciation of The Religion and Culture of Islam and the progressive and revolutionary role that it played in African History after his release from prison and the fall of the old White racist Apartheid regime Nelson Mandela pointed out in his speeches and talks that Islam was the majority religion on the African continent and that Islam had become an integral part of many African cultures and in turn Africa and African culture had influenced Islam and Islamic culture and he also recognized Islam and South African Muslims as a key component in the modern-day National identity of Post Apartheid South Africa. on the International scene Nelson Mandela advocated and believed that South Africa and The rest of the African world should geopolitically ally and align with The Pan Islamic world and the Muslims countries of Asia. Nelson Mandela always supported The Revolutionary movements and Struggles of national  liberation  within  The Pan Islamic Homeland and the anti-Imperialist States of The Muslim World such as Islamic Socialist Libya under The Leadership of Brother Leader Muammar Gaddafi and Islamic Socialist Baathist Iraq under President Saddam Hussein and The Islamic Republic of Iran. Nelson Mandela was truly a friend and ally to The Pan Islamic Nation and the support that he gave to The Revolutionary movements and governments of the Pan Islamic Homeland should never be forgotten. The Pro Islamic orientation of Nelson Mandela shall live on within The Global Black Nationalist and Pan Africanist Movement. all Revolutionary Black Nationalists and Pan Africanists worldwide should and must learn from Nelson Mandela and his Pro Islamic teachings and worldview on Islam and its Revolutionary and progressive role in The History of Africa. Africa and The Pan Islamic Homeland are one and both The Global Pan-African and Pan Islamic World Revolutions are interconnected and this has been the case since the time of The African Prophets of The Holy Quran and The Prophet Muhammad Ibn Abdullah. Nelson Mandela understood this historical and geopolitical fact very well and so too must all other Black Nationalists and Pan Africanists in this day and time must likewise come to accept this fact along with the rest of the Pro Islamic geo political line and world view of Nelson Mandela in order to bring about the complete and total National liberation and resurrection of The Global Pan-African Nation. together The Pan-African World and The World of Islam will march on to global victory over the wicked and reactionary forces of White World Imperialism and Global White Zionism and will create a new socially just world based on freedom justice and equity for The Islamic World and All of The Non-White and Original Peoples of The Earth. Together The Pan-African World and The Pan Islamic World will bring this new World into existence on this planet in the very near Future.

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The International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam Special Malcolm X Month Salute to The Great New Afrikan Black Nation.

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The Central committee of the International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam  salutes the New Afrikan Black Nation n the occasion of Malcolm X month  who was born on May 19th 1926 the  central committee has declared the month of May to be Maclom X within the International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam and within the Proletarian Islamic Camp as a whole the Party sends  a special salutes to the Great New Afrikan Black Nation which has produced such great forefather and forerunners of Proletarian Islam such as Noble Drew Ali The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad Maxwell Stanford who is know today as Muhammad Ahmad  Baba Herman Feguson  Dr Mutulu Shakur and his Son Tupac Shakur Sekou Odingo Assata Shakur  and the great and imotral Dr Khalid Abdul Muhammad.  among many  other great forerunners and forefathers. in the month of May we single out Malcolm X for special  praise and recognition. the International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam would like to talk this time to  send out a special salute to the Great  New Afrikan Black Nation in the hells of North America. for the occasion of Malcom X month the New Afrikan Nation is a long suffering Nation that has been oppressed for the past 4oo years.  the New Afrikan Nation and People are a Lost Found Islamic Nation and People as was pointed out  by Noble Drew Ali and the Great Islamic Communist Leaders Master Fard  Muhammad and the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad. The New Afrikan  Black  Nation must now rise up and calm its National Independence from the wicked United States Government and create an Independent Black Islamic Socialist Nation that will be under the control of the New Afrikan Black Working class along with the other popular classes that make up The  New Afrikan Black Nation. the New Afrikan Black Nation can indeed accomplish this great goal because the New Afrikan Black Nation has greatness within the blood of its veins the great blood of The  Prophet Muhammad ibn Abdullah[PBUH[ Uqba Ibn- Al Nafia Tariq Ibn Ziyad Yusuf Ibn Tashfin  War Jabi  Sundiata Keita   Mansa Musa Sunni Ali Muhammad Rumfa.  as  well as Askia Muhammad Toure  Uthman Dan Fodio this great Islamic heritage  and history is  the heritage and history of the New Afrika Black Nation in North America.  in the history of these figure is much that the great sons and daughters of the New Afrikan Black Nation can and must take pride in The New Afrikan Black Nation will make a great contribution to the  global Pan Islamic Proletarian Revolution.   as George Lester Jackson the Great Black Communist Leader from the Black Panther Party pointed out  in his day the New Afrikan Black Nation. is the only force that can take out Us imperialism from within and along with the  Brown Red and Yellow Pan Original masses this is  still  true in our day and time. so we in The International Pan Islamic Communist Party of  Proletarian Islam Salutes the Great New Afrikan Black Nation  the Great Nation and Peeople that pruduce Malcolm X the great spirtual father and forerunner of Proletarian Islam.

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