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The Dream of Nikolaos Zachariadis for a Marxist Leninist Stalinist Greece Lives on in The Multi Ethnic Greek Working Class

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The Great Greek Communist Revolutionary Nikolaos Zachariadis had a dream and a vision of a Socialist Greece that would give true social justice for all its people and that would be guided by The Revolutionary Thought of Marx Engels Lenin Stalin and today this dream and vision lives on as the battle to create a Marxist-Leninist Greek state under working class leadership and today and it has fallen to the modern-day multi Ethnic Greek Working class which is composed of Albanian African Arabs Pakistanis and other ethnic groups. to bring this vision of Nikolas Zachariadis to Life. it is the Multi-Ethnic Greek Working Class that must rise up under a vanguard Revolutionary party and crush the fascists of the Golden Dawn Party and The Bourgeois Greek State and create a New Socialist Greece on the ruins of the old and the Pan Islamic Working class within Greece which is made up many different ethnic groups such as ethnic Greeks Albanians Arabs Ethiopians Pomaks Afghans Pakistanis Somalis. shall play a leading and vanguard role in the struggle to create an Marxist-Leninist Stalinist Greek State. due to the fact that Muslims are one of the most oppressed groups in modern-day Greece and are often subjected to racist attacks by right-wing political parties in Greece such as the Golden Dawn political party. The Islamic Working class in Greece must study and synthesized the teachings of Marx Engels Lenin Stalin and Nikolas Zachariadis and the progressive components of the traditional historical heritage of Greek civilization and then combined them with the Islamic Socialist Teachings of Islam and The Prophet Muhammad Ibn Abdullah and become the vanguard of the Greek Revolution for Socialism in addition The Pan Islamic working class of Greece must unite all of the Pan Original non-white and non-European immigrants and migrants within Greece regardless of Their religion to the banner of the Greek Marxist-Leninist Stalinist and Proletarian Islamic Socialist Revolution and then from there go on and create an Socialist Greece and draw Greece which is a historical region of Greater Syria into a close geopolitical relationship with The Arab and Islamic world in a grand new Anti-Imperialist Pan Mediterranean alliance which will be a giant first step in the reunification of The Meditteranean Race.

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