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Statement on The Passing of Comrade Fidel Castro

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The Leadership along with  the entire membership of the International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam  are very saddened to hear of the death and passing of our beloved Comrade and Teacher Fidel Castro the  founder of The Socialist Cuban State. Comrade Fidel Castro was one of the greatest  revolutionary heroes and Anti-Imperialist freedom fighters of all time who liberated    his homeland of Cuba from the grip of US Imperialism and  neo-colonialism and transformed Cuba into a symbol of hope freedom liberation and socialism to many hundreds of millions of peoples around the world.  we The Proletarian Muslims also remember  and celebrate Comrade Fidel Castro  for building on the geopolitical ideas of the great Cuban patriot Jose Marti    by establishing    political relations with the Islamic Socialist states in the Pan Islamic homeland such as Baathist Iraq Baathist Syria and The Great Libyan Arab Socialist Jamahiriya under the Leadership of Brother Leader Muammar Gaddafi. to Which he remained a loyal ally and friend to Brother Leader Mummar Gaddafi and the Libyan Jamhiriya to the very end. in 1973 Fidel Castro sent Cuban military forces to Syria to fight the Zionists along side the Arab states in the Yom Kippur  Ramadan war and Comrade Fidel Castro also sent Cuban military forces into the central African Nation of Angola  to aid the revolutionary government there the Cuban military would go on to break the back of the  White  South African military and their allies in Angola in an event which  later  lead to the complete and total fall of the White racist apartheid  South Africa government. Fidel Castro also gave political support to many of the Anti-Imperialist Political movements within the United States such as the Nation of Islam of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad Malcolm X and his Organization of African American Unity The Black Panther Party of Huey P Newton and Eldridge Cleaver  The Republic of New Afrika The Black Liberation Army  and the Revolutionary Nationalist Freedom Fighters of the Puerto Rican Independence Movement.    the Proletarian Muslims shall always  remember  love honor revere   and uphold the Revolutionary Communist and Anti-Imperialist legacy of Comrade Fidel Castro  The founder of Socialist Cuba and Great Friend and ally to the Global Pan Islamic Socialist World Revolution and the great revolutionary forefather and forerunner of Proletarian Islam.

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Why Marco Rubio Lost

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When US Senator  Marco Rubio announced his run for the republican nomination for President of The United States there was much expectation  and speculation that he Marco Rubio would be The Latino version of the current US President Barack Obama  who in the year 2008  was elected the  first African  American  President of the United States  but this was not to be Marco Rubio ran his presidential  campign   like a Anglo White European  one insited of  campaging as a Latino politician  and this was the root cause of his defeat Marco  Rubio ran as a White boy and not a Latino and this is why he could not reach the masses of Latinos within the United States Marco Rubio comes from the Anti -Communist Cuban exile community of Miami and southern  Florida  and this community has historically been political and culturally allied with the White Anglo community and many Cubans from this community view themselves as White European Americans  and Marco Rubio has the values and political outlook of this community which is the community that he was raised in but despite this he was unable to win over the  republican party’s white racist  mass base which overwhelming  voted for Donald Trump during the republican party’s primary elections for the presidency of the Untied States  as Marco  Rubio being Cuban was seen by this base as an Latino and not a real White man  as Latino identity has been racialized within the United States and Latinos are now seen regardless of race and ancestry as a racial group  within the United States like the African American population has long been seen as Marco Rubio was not seen as White enough for these people. also Marco Rubio is married to Jeanette Dousdebes   who is the daughter of Colombian  immigrants to the US  and many in the Colombian  American community  and the wider Latino community within the US were excited  about the prospect of having a  potential Colombian American and Latino first lady of the United States but Marco Rubio  did not appeal  to his potential  Latino mass base and only geared his  presidential  campaign towards White republican voters Marco  Rubio also had a chance to appeal to many members of the Hip-Hop generation of which he is part of but he did not do so he ran as president as a white man instead  of  as an  Latino and he lost big time to Donald Trump  and considering the era in which we now live there could have been no other outcome as The Republican party     increasing has no need for non-White leaders and cadres within it the Republican party is becoming the US version of the British national front and the Le Pen party in France  and many of the leaders of the party and its mass base  have no need  for Non-White members or a Multicultural  and Multiracial  United States  there may very well be an Latino version of Barack Obama one day and it could be Marco Rubio it he decides to change  the  way he present himself and embraces his Latino identity  but either way the Latino Masses within the Untied States should and must reject the present political system and social order within the United States and embrace  Revolutionary Pan Latino Nationalism and Socialism   and then  sweep away the rule of the Anglo  ruling class within the United States and create a New Pan Latino  Social and Political  order in North America   which shall then go on to create a Pan Latino and Pan Indigenous Union of all of the Latino and Indigenous Masses of North and South America.

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Donald Trump Will Win in South Carolina

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The International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam predicts  that Donald Trump will win the Republican party  primary race in the US State of South Carolina  Trump is going to win do to the fact of race and the racial philosophy and traditional racial thinking and racial psychology of South Carolina and the old school  US South.  most White South Carolinians  republicans are not prepared   to vote  for an Latino candidate like Ted Cruz  even though he is an assimilated   Latino  and a convert to the Southern Baptist  faith which is one of the main religions of most White South Carolinians.  many White South Carolinians are still not going to  vote for him despite the fact that he is an  conservative   and  Evangelical  Christian and this is all   because of the fact that Ted Cruz is still an Latino  and hence ethnically and cultural different from the culture of the White South Carolinians  Republicans  the same goes for  Marco Rubio Rubio is also a political conservative  and a Conservative Christian   and he is  also Roman Catholic    who ponders  to  the White conservtate evangelical mass base wthin the Republican Party  despite this and the fact that he comes from an right wing Pro American  Cuban family based out of Miami Florida  which serves US Imperialism  and  has longed  opposed the Socialist Revolution of Comrade Fidel Castro.  many White South Carolinians   republicans are still  not going to vote for him  because he comes from an Latino background  also most White Carolinians are not  going to vote   for the African American  Republican Ben Carson  despite the fact that he is Anti-Arab and Anti Islamic and  a good and loyal  fateful servant of US White Power Imperialism as for the other White Candidates in this race they do not have enough political support from the upper elites of the Republican Party at the top and they also do not have enough support at the bottom with the mass base of the Republican Party. so this round is going to go to the White Imperiialist Devil Donald Trump Donald Trump is going to win   The South Carolina Republican Party primary  race for President of the United States. because he Donald Trump has the love and ear of White Racist America and it looks  more and more likely that he Donald Trump will be the coming  Republican party front runner in the US General election in November it is up to the Black Latino Arab  Middle Eastern and Muslim Masses to organize Anti-Fascist United Front to undermine and wipe out the  Donald Trump political phenomenon and create a new political order in the United States and the rest of North America.

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Open Message to The Family of Brother Trayvon Martin from The International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam

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The International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam is angry and very outrage at the murder of Your Beloved Son and family member Young Brother Trayvon by Geroge Zimmerman The death of a loved one is never easy to bear and we know that your family is in very deep pain right now after the wicked acquittal of George Zimmerman by The State of Florida. The Black Nation is a suffering and oppressed nation and has been for the past 400 years but almighty god Allah has always been on the side of The oppressed and always will be and Allah is on The Side of your family today.there will be many days of pain and hurt for your family and all of The New Afrikan Black Nation in The days months and years ahead but one day your family and all of The New Afrikan Black Nation will have Peace and Justice and will enjoy freedom justice and equity but in the meantime stay strong and stay safe your family will be in our prayers and have no doubt that one day that justice will be done for Trayvon Martin and all of The Black Nation which for the past 400 years has been oppressed by White Setter Colonist imperialism.

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The Conviction of George Zimmerman

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There is a chance that George Zimmerman may very well be converted of the murder of Trayvon Martin by a florida court this may happen not because The American court system is about justice and Fairplay and delivering just verdicts to Black and other non-white people and the lower Classes of all races and ethnicities No George Zimerman will be convicted because The White Power Structure of Sanford florida does not want to see The Black and oppressed masses talk to The streets in a Los Angeles style revolt if they do not convict George Zimmerman of Murder The brutal Murder of young Brother Trayvon Martin has touched a raw nerve like few other things in The Barrack Obama era among The Masses of The New Afrikan Black Nation in North America. if George Zimmerman is convicted The Black Masses living within The United States should not be deceived into thinking that The criminal criminal justice of The United States is on The side of The Black Masses and stands for freedom justice and equality became it does not and never will Black Masses and The Black Nation within The United States will only have and enjoy Freedom Justice and Equality when The Black Masses have their own separate and independent New Afrikan Black Nation State .

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George Zimmerman May Very Well Walk in The Trayvon Martin Murder Trial

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George Zimmerman murder of Trayvon Martn is a symbol of the National oppression of the New Afrikan Black Nation within The United States and George Zimmerman may very well walk out of a florida court a free man after murdering Trayvon Martin. ever since George Zimmerman murdered Trayvon Martin. there has been a concerted propaganda campaign and effort to portray young Brother Trayvon Martin as the criminal and villain instead of his murderer George Zimmerman. George Zimmerman may very well get away scott free with murdering Trayvon Martin since there is absolutely no justice for poor working class Black Youth in the court system of the United States. incidents such as what happen to Trayvon Martin are not isolated incidents at all within The United States they unfortunately happen all of the time. as The Honorable Elijah Muhammad once said the Black man lives under the very shadow of death within The United States and this will continue until The New Afrikan Black Nation is able to attain its complete and Total independence from The United States Governments in its historical homeland in the Black Belt of what is now The southeastern half of The United States. Once The Black Nation in North America has its political independence from The United States The Independent Republic of New Afrika will be a mighty base area of The World Proletarian Pan Original Revolution. and it will processed to unite all of The other Original Black Brown Red and Yellow masses living within The Western hemisphere in a grand new alliance and Socialist commonwealth of Original Non-White Peoples.

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Statement on The Murder of Brother Trayvon Martin by George Zimmerman Only a Proletarian Islamic Socialist Jihad Will End The Killing of Black People by Racist White America

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The International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam condemns  and denounces in  The Cold Blooded murder of Brother Trayvon Martin  by George Zimmerman in  The city of Sanford Florida on February 26 1012 the Killing was unprovoked and unjust Brother Trayvon Martin was racially profile and singled out on the basis of his Race and Class and was shoot Dead by George Zimmerman  who had racially profiled Young Brother Trayvon Martin.acts of Violence and murder against Young Black  Teens and Men is all to Common in The Racist and Imperialist United States of America. and they must end  only a Proletarian Islam Socialist Jihad led by The Black Islamic Working Class   and The Creation of  a Black Power Socialist State . can end the Racist attacks and Killings of Black People by the White Racist Masses and The Imperialist United States Government. we are with the Family   of Trayvon   Martin  and The Massive United Front  that has formed around The Tragic killing of Young Brother Trayvon Martin and their Call from Justice in this Case but at the same time we  say to The Masses of The Black Nation and The World that  The Killing of Young Brother Trayvon Martin is bigger then George Zimmerman. as George Zimmerman has been taught by White Imperialist Society to hate  Target and kill  Young Black Men. in America. it is The Wicked White Racist American Government and White American Society as a whole who are at fault and should and must  bear the blame for The Brutal Murder of Young Brother Trayvon Martin, these killings of Black People by The Racist White American Masses will continue until The Black Islamic Working Class and Revolutionary Masses Rise up in The  Spirit of  Gabriel Prosser  Denmark Vesey  Nat Turner Malcom X  The Most Honorable Dr Khalid Abdul Muhammad. and  waged A Revolutionary  Armed Struggle for The Creation of an Independent and Separate Black Nation State in North America Stretching from Eastern Texas to  South Eastern Pennsylvania. in This Action The Black Islamic Working Class and Revolutionary Black Masses will be following The True Sunna of The Holy Prophet Muhammad Ibn Abdullah [PBUH[  as The Holy Prophet Muhamamd ibn Abdullah [PBUH[ in his day also had to Rebel and waged Armed struggles  against The reactionary and unjust Governments in Arabia and Iran in His Time. Almighty God Allah is Always with The oppressed and Today Few Others in The World are as oppressed as The Lost and Now Found Black Nation in North America. The Creation of an Independent and Separate Black Nation.  in North America. will finally at  Long Last fulfill The  Life Vision  and Work of The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad. let is now ALL Rise up like Never Before and bring This Great Day into Indepedent Black Nation on North American Soil.

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