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A Salute to The Brave Pro Gaddafi Green Resistance in Benghazi Libya

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Every since  The Counter Revolution broke out in Libya back in February  of 2011 The Rat Reactionaries of The So-Called National Transitional  Council have had to face a Counter insurgency within the city of  Benghazi  itself as The  Libyan Islamic Working class and The Pro Green Patriotic Masses of Benghazi have  been waging a Patriotic underground Pro Gaddafi insurgency since February of 2011   The Pro Green and Pro  Gaddafi Masses are some of The Most Courageous Band of Guerrilla fighters in the history of  Warfare these courageous and noble Brothers and Sisters have carried out espionage and Sabotage operations against The Rats and NATO at great personal risk to themselves and their love ones and to this day and hour they are still fighting to Restore The Authority of The Peoples Green Power in Libya.  The International Pan Islamic  Communist Party of Proletarian Islam Salutes The  Brave Pro Gaddafi Green Resistance and Masses  in  Benghazi  Libya  No Matter  How Long and Hard it be May be and Take The Green Resistance in All of Libya shall be victorious over The Rats and Imperialism.