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Why Marco Rubio Lost

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When US Senator  Marco Rubio announced his run for the republican nomination for President of The United States there was much expectation  and speculation that he Marco Rubio would be The Latino version of the current US President Barack Obama  who in the year 2008  was elected the  first African  American  President of the United States  but this was not to be Marco Rubio ran his presidential  campign   like a Anglo White European  one insited of  campaging as a Latino politician  and this was the root cause of his defeat Marco  Rubio ran as a White boy and not a Latino and this is why he could not reach the masses of Latinos within the United States Marco Rubio comes from the Anti -Communist Cuban exile community of Miami and southern  Florida  and this community has historically been political and culturally allied with the White Anglo community and many Cubans from this community view themselves as White European Americans  and Marco Rubio has the values and political outlook of this community which is the community that he was raised in but despite this he was unable to win over the  republican party’s white racist  mass base which overwhelming  voted for Donald Trump during the republican party’s primary elections for the presidency of the Untied States  as Marco  Rubio being Cuban was seen by this base as an Latino and not a real White man  as Latino identity has been racialized within the United States and Latinos are now seen regardless of race and ancestry as a racial group  within the United States like the African American population has long been seen as Marco Rubio was not seen as White enough for these people. also Marco Rubio is married to Jeanette Dousdebes   who is the daughter of Colombian  immigrants to the US  and many in the Colombian  American community  and the wider Latino community within the US were excited  about the prospect of having a  potential Colombian American and Latino first lady of the United States but Marco Rubio  did not appeal  to his potential  Latino mass base and only geared his  presidential  campaign towards White republican voters Marco  Rubio also had a chance to appeal to many members of the Hip-Hop generation of which he is part of but he did not do so he ran as president as a white man instead  of  as an  Latino and he lost big time to Donald Trump  and considering the era in which we now live there could have been no other outcome as The Republican party     increasing has no need for non-White leaders and cadres within it the Republican party is becoming the US version of the British national front and the Le Pen party in France  and many of the leaders of the party and its mass base  have no need  for Non-White members or a Multicultural  and Multiracial  United States  there may very well be an Latino version of Barack Obama one day and it could be Marco Rubio it he decides to change  the  way he present himself and embraces his Latino identity  but either way the Latino Masses within the Untied States should and must reject the present political system and social order within the United States and embrace  Revolutionary Pan Latino Nationalism and Socialism   and then  sweep away the rule of the Anglo  ruling class within the United States and create a New Pan Latino  Social and Political  order in North America   which shall then go on to create a Pan Latino and Pan Indigenous Union of all of the Latino and Indigenous Masses of North and South America.

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Barack Obama is Not a Proletarian Muslim

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For quite sometime now a  vicious lie and slander has been going around  That  Barack Obama is connected to Proletarian Islam and our political party  in someway  this is not true and it is an complete  and total falsehood  Barack Obama is not connected to our Party and political ideology in anyway whatsoever. Barack Obama is the number one front man for US Imperialism and White Western Imperialism in general. The International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam  is opposed to all forms of Imperialism  and we stand opposed to the criminal  regime in Washington DC which is led by Barack Obama. and we The Proletarian Muslims and The International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam have never offered political support to the imperialist running dog Barack Obama and we never will .  also it should be pointed out here that Barack Obama is not an Islamic Socialist  or a Socialist  or Communist of any kind. rather he Barack Obama is a follower and  supporter of Third Way  Capiaitalism  and  he is an sell out and traitor  to  Africa and African People worldwide. Barack Obama is an enemy to all of the Oppressed Peoples of The World and The International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam and The Proletarian Muslims Stands against Barack Obama  and  we will never support him  and we stand with all of the oppressed peoples of the world in the joint struggle to bring down US Imperialism  and the creation of a new world without  capitalism and Imperialsim of any kind.

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2014 Victory Day Statement from The International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam

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Today is the 69 anniversary of the defeat of National Socialist Germany and the victory of the Asiatic Soviet Union which was then of the dynamic Asian Leadership of Comrade Joseph Stalin The victory of The Socialist Soviet Union over the forces of Nazi Germany and its allies was a victory for Asia and all of Asian civilization and this day should long be celebrated by all of the Pan original Non-White World and The Pan original Adolf Hitler wanted to conquer The Asiatic Soviet Union and expand the border of The White Germanic world and Europe up to the borders of the Ural mountains and beyond but the Soviet Red army along with the workers and peasants under the leadership of Comrade Joseph Stalin and the Soviet Communist Party stop Hitler and German Imperialism cold in its tracks and in the process drove the military forces of Nazi Germany out of the borders of the Soviet Union and back to the borders of the Nazi Germany homeland with the Soviet Red Army following them in close pursuit and in late april and early May of 1945 the final deathblow to National Socialist Germany was struck when Adolf Hitler committed suicide on april 30 followed by the surrender of the german capital Berlin and its military garrison on may 2 and the final surrender of the forces of Germany on may 9th 1945. Today Barrack Obama is trying to follow in the footsteps of Hitler and conquer Russia Us Imperialism is treated by the rise of the new Nationalist Russia led by Vladimir Putin but Barrack Obama and the forces of western Imperialism will not be successful in this endeavor because the masses of the Russian federation are united behind President Vladimir Putin and the United Russia party along with the Communist Party of The Russian federation and other patriotic and nationalist forces within Russia. the president Russian state under Putin is unbeatable and Barrack Obama and Western Imperialism can not hope to beat and conquer Russia at this time as all of Asia from The Peoples Republic of China to India and Baathist Syria and Africa are all standing with Russia in its faceoff with the forces of Western Imperialism and Russia Shall Surely come out victorious in this current struggle just as it came out victorious in the struggle with Hitler and german imperialism 69 years ago

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Statement from The International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam on The Passing of Nelson Mandela

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The International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam has received the news of the passing of Nelson Mandela Madiba and on behalf of our leadership and members we would like to at this time send our most heartfelt condolences to All family friends and True comrades of Nelson Mandela Nelson Mandela was a tremendous historic figure of the 20th and early 21 century and his passing is the end of an era and the beginning of a new one as well The Imperialist and Zionist overlords of the world were never true friends of The South African freedom struggle against White setter colonialism and Apartheid. and now that Madiba has passed on Western Imperialism and Global Zionism are going to set the stage for a new round of attacks of political economic Propaganda and ultimately military attacks on The ANC led Government of South Africa for its co Anti-Imperialist and Pro Marxist-Leninist stances and orientation The Government of the African National congress along with all of the Anti-Imperialist and Revolutionary forces on the ground in South Africa must on their ground in this hours days years and decades to come in the aftermath of The Death of Nelson Mandela as new attacks and an Ideological offensive to destroy The African National Congress led Government is indeed coming from White World Imperialism who are anxious to take down and destroy The Republic of South Africa once and for all the battle and struggle to liberate South Africa goes on and is not yet complete.

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Baathist Arab Islamic Socialist Syria is Fighting US Backed Saudi Style Wahhabism and Fascism

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White Western Imperialism and its ally Saudi Arab are out to destroy the 3 thousand-year old Semitic civilization of Syria and to replace it with Saudi style Wahhabism and barbarism The great majority of the Syrian People do not want this and so they are rallying around Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad and The Syrian Arab Baath Socialist Party and its Arab Socialist and Marxist-Leninist allies in The National Progressive Front of Syria. the battle between the forces of Arab Islamic Socialist Syria and the forces of Saudi Wahhabism will determine the fate of the whole of the Pan Islamic Homeland for the next 400 years The Masses of Syria are determined to not allow a Wahhabism style government to be established in Damascus and so far they have been able to beat back and crush all of the offensives that the Saudi and Imperialist backed rebels have launched. Saudi Style Wahhabism is a clear and present danger to all of The Islamic Peoples of The Earth and it must be defeated at all coasts as Saudi Style Wahhabism is The Fascism of Our Time and it is Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad his Party The Arab Baath Socialist Party of Syria along with its Arab Socialist and Marxist-Leninist Allies in The National Progressive Front of Syria are The main forces on The Frontlines that are fighting and holding back the tide of Wahhabism fascism in The Arab and Islamic World at this time. and all true Revolutionary and Anti-Imperialist forces and Individuals must stand with and support President Bashar Al-Assad and Arab Islamic Socialist Syria in The battle to crush and defeat White Western Imperialism and The Fascist Ideology of Wahhabism.

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The Muslim Brotherhood and Qatar are Trying to Provoke a Libyan and Syrian Style Civil War in Egypt

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The Egyptian muslim Brotherhood organization and its Qatari sponsors are trying to provoke a Libyan and Syrian civil war in Egypt in order to bring down the government of the Supreme council of The Armed Forces and install a totalitarian Muslim Brotherhood dominated government in its place which would be closely allied to Qatar The Muslim Brotherhood have ben bringing their followers and mass base of supporter into the streets in order to carry out this reactionary goal but the majority of the people in Egypt do not wish to live under a Muslim brotherhood dominated government and they are looking to the Egyptian armed forces to crush and defeat the forces of The Muslim Brotherhood and their allies and save Egypt in the process and so many are backing The Egyptian Armed forces crackdown on The Muslim Brotherhood and its allies. Egypt is in its most difficult and decisive moment in its long and very eventful history. what the people of Egypt decide to do next in their political life will determined it the Egyptian nation lives or dies but whatever may end up happening The Egyptian people must reject the call by the leadership of the Muslim Brotherhood organization to start a Libyan and Syrian style civil war in The Land of Egypt The Pan Islamic Working class must work to create a new vanguard political party and united front within the country and create a new Islamic Socialist Government for Egypt and turn Egypt into a revolutionary base area for Africa and The Arab World and all of Asia and The Pan Islamic Homeland.

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The Conviction of George Zimmerman

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There is a chance that George Zimmerman may very well be converted of the murder of Trayvon Martin by a florida court this may happen not because The American court system is about justice and Fairplay and delivering just verdicts to Black and other non-white people and the lower Classes of all races and ethnicities No George Zimerman will be convicted because The White Power Structure of Sanford florida does not want to see The Black and oppressed masses talk to The streets in a Los Angeles style revolt if they do not convict George Zimmerman of Murder The brutal Murder of young Brother Trayvon Martin has touched a raw nerve like few other things in The Barrack Obama era among The Masses of The New Afrikan Black Nation in North America. if George Zimmerman is convicted The Black Masses living within The United States should not be deceived into thinking that The criminal criminal justice of The United States is on The side of The Black Masses and stands for freedom justice and equality became it does not and never will Black Masses and The Black Nation within The United States will only have and enjoy Freedom Justice and Equality when The Black Masses have their own separate and independent New Afrikan Black Nation State .

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