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It is Time for The Mediterranean Race to Reunite

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it is time for the Mediterranean race which was responsable for some of the greatest civilizations in human history to reunite. The Mediterranean Race built and maintained the ancient civilizations of Akkadia Assyria. Babylon Sumeria   Carthage Egypt Persia Greece Rome etc and the other great civilization of the greater Mediterranean region. Today the Mediterranean Race includes the Arab Nation various West African ethnic groups such as the Hausa and Fulani and such East African ethnic groups as the Somalis and the people’s of Ethiopia Eritrea and Djibouti along with the Peoples of Iran Afghanistan Tajikistan Armenia Georgia Pakistan and much of northern India. the Mediterranean race also includes the Peoples of southern Europe such as the Spanish  and  Portuguese peoples of the Iberian  peninsula   and the Peoples of The Italian Peninsula along with The Albanians Greeks Maltese  and other southern European peoples and the Mediterranean race also  includes  the Peoples of Latin America  that possess  Arab Mediterranean African and southern European ancestry.  The Mediterranean Race which first originated in Northwest Africa thousands of years ago was responsible for creating the first civilizations in human history and it is high time for all of the Mediterranean descended  and heritage peoples  to Reunite and recognize the historical ethnic and cultural bonds that are between them. such a reunion of The Mediterranean Race will be of great benefit to The Pan Islamic Nation since the Islamic people’s of the Greater Middle East are for the most racially  Mediterranean Peoples and so are the Islamic Peoples of Eurasia and The Caucasus in addition The Mediterranean people’s of Europe such as The Spanish Portuguese Southern Italians Albanians and Greeks etc are also Peoples with an Islamic ancestral heritage and connections to The Islamic Peoples of Africa and Asia.  and these   Mediterranean Peoples of southern Europe who are of Arab and African Mediterranean  racial ancestry  should now embrace their historical and ethnic connections to the Mediterranean Peoples of the Islamic world and shred their identity as White European Peoples and embrace their true racial identity as Arabs and Africans  and in addition  the Mediterranean Peoples of the Greater Middle East and Africa should unite with their southern European Mediterranean racial brothers and sisters  to  create an Socialist Pan Mediterranean Peoples republic of the Greater Middle East Southern Europe and Africa. if these actions are taken an Renaissance or Baath of The Mediterranean Race shall surely  take place in this world.

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Statement on the 86th Anniversary of the Birth of Comrade Che Guevara

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Today is the 86th anniversary of the Birth of The Great Revolutionary Communist Ernesto Che Guevara The National hero of Socialist Cuba and the New Socialist Simon Bolivar of modern-day Latin America Che was a Marxist-Leninist revolutionary and a Pan Latino Nationalist who dreamed of a unified Socialist Latin America that would be a giant base area for the world proletarian revolution and spread Socialism throughout Africa and Asia and he was one of the main leaders of the Cuban socialist revolution alongside The great Fidel Castro. the struggle to liberate Latin America and to unite it into one Single Pan Latino Nation is one of the chief goals and task of Proletarian Islam and The Proletarian Islamic World Socialist Revolution. since Latin America is a child and offshoot of Arab and Islamic Civilization and culture. Latin America must be united into one Pan Latino Nation and Continental bloc and united with the reunified Arab and Pan Islamic Nation in a joint geopolitical alliance that will be capable of overthrowing the power and influence of The White Christian western World and Global Zionism forever today the revolutionary legacy of Che lives on in the various national liberation struggles of The Pan Original Non-White World and he speeches and writings are a valuable source of revolutionary wisdom and guidance during this present times of revolutionary struggle and they cane serve as an ideological guide for the Proletarian Muslims in a struggle to reunify and liberate The Pan Islamic Homeland and for all other oppressed original Non-White Peoples around the world in our various struggles to crush White World Imperialism and supremacy The courage and communist wisdom of Comrade Che Guevara lives on

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Long Live The Revolutionary Teachings of Comrade Ahmed Ben Bella

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The International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam has just learn just a  a few hours ago of The passing of Comrade Ahmad Ben Bella The Founding Father of Modern Algeria and a Great Revolutionary Islamic Socialist Leader.  It is too Allah that we come and it  is to Allah that we Return Comrade Ahmed Ben Bella Will Live Forever in His Revolutionary Islamic Socialist Teachings .

The Black Proletarian Islamic Revolution Marches Forward By Comrade Ali Shahbazz.

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The Pan Islamic Proletarian Islamic Revolution is worldwide in scope where ever you find Islam and Muslims there will  you find the Islamic Nation.  The New Afrikan Black Nation of North Amerika  is an integral part of the Pan Islamic Nation. the New Afrikan Black Nation which extends from the borders of  Eastern Texas to Northeastern Pennsylvania and Southern New Jersey  and which also covers  areas of the Midwest. The New Afrikan Black Nation is an  integral part of the Pan Islamic and Original   Nation . the  soil and National Territory of  the New Afrikan Black Nation   is an integral Part of the soil and Territory of the Pan Islamic Nation which extends from West Africa to Indonesia.  thereby making the Black Revolution  in North Amerika.  an  Integral part of the  worldwide Pan  Islamic Revolution for the liberation and reunification of the Pan Islamic Homeland.  the  national  liberation struggle of the Black Nation must now move forward. the great forerunner of Proletarian Islam.  EL- Hajj Malik Shabazz  also know as Malcolm X.  pointed out more then 45 years ago  that  the Black liberation Struggle in North America is a struggle for Land and Independence into a Nation of  their own.  he taught   that is was high time for  the Black Nation to learn from the great  Islamic Socialist Revolutions in Algeria and Egypt under the two forerunners of Proletarian Islam Ahmed Ben  Bella and Gamal Abdul Nasser. and  waged its own armed struggle for National Independence and Islamic  Socialism. what  El-Hajj Malik Shabazz Malcolm X  pointed out to the Black Nation in regards to National liberation  was true in his time and it most certainly is still true in  our era and time the era of Proletarian Islam.  one of the  central tasks of the International Pan Islamic Proletarian Islamic  Revolution in North America is the development of  an Black Proletarian Islamic Socialist  Revolution for land and Independence. from the United States and the creation of an  Independent Black Islamic Proletarian Islamic  Socialist  Nation in North America under the rule of the Pan Islamic Black Working Class.

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