Communist Party of Proletarian Islam Statement on The 200th Anniversary of The Birth of Frederick Engels Co Author of The Communist Manifesto and Revolutionary Comrade in Arms of Karl Marx and Co Founder of Marxism Forward Towards a Proletarian Islamic Germany and a Proletarian Islamic Social Order in Europe and The World

Today is the 200th anniversary of the birth of Comrade Frederick Engels the co author of the Communist Manifesto and co founder of the Marxist ideology and on the day this day The International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam and the whole of the Proletarian Islamic ideological camp salutes and honors Frederick Engels for his revolutionary contributions to Communist thought and the political theory and ideology of the International working class and even though Marxism is outdaed ideology and is no longer relvant to the Pan Islamic and Pan Original Non-White working class we respect and honor Frederich Engels for the revolutionary insights that Lenin Stalin Mao Zedong Ho Chin Minh Kim IL Sung Huey P Newton Fidel Castro Che Guevara George Lester Jackson Kwame Nkrumah Sekou Toure and many many revolutionary Black Brown Red Yellow and Non-White Communist thinkers were able to gain from studying the writings and teachings of Comrade Frederick Engels. and in this number we should also count Baath Party founder Michael Aflaq and certain other Non-Marxist Socialist thinkers and Anti-Imperialist leaders. in Asia Africa Latin America and among the Non-White Original peoples in North America and other areas of the world. Frederick Engels was a very passionate Left Wing German nationalist and today Germany is a Multi -ethnic and Multi-cultural society which includes Arabs Turks Pakistanis Africans Kurd and other traditionally Islamic ethnic groups from Asia Africa and southeastern Europe such as The Albanians and Bosniaks the ethnic and cultural demographics of Germany are also true of many other countries in northern and western Europe. it is the multi- ethnic Pan Islamic working class in Germany and in the rest of western Europe which is the vanguard political and social force which shall build and create a Proletarian Islamic Socialist Germany and a Socialist Europe and this new Germany and Socialist Europe shall be based on the very best of the progressive historical and cultural values of both German and European societies which will be synthesized and combined with the revolutionary values of Islam and the cultural and values of The Arab African Albanian Bosniaks Turkish Kurdish Pakistani and other traditional ethnic groups and nations of the Pan Islamic Ummah or Nation whos modern day descendants have now settled in Germany and other areas of western and northern Europe this is not the first time in history in which Europe has seen widespread mass migration and immigration within its borders and boundaries. mass migrations of Asian and African peoples have been going on within Europe for thousands of years the the ancestry of many Greeks Italians Spaniards Portuguese and other southern European peoples can be traced back to Africa and in eastern Europe The Slavic and Hungarian peoples have ancestral roots in Asia and the Germanic peoples originally came from Asia as well. mass migrations and immigration from Africa and Asia have historical enhanced and enriched European civilization again and again countless times though out history and without the contributions of African and Asian civilization there would be no such thing as European civilization at all. Frederick Engels once said and wrote that peace would only come to Europe when each and every European nationality had a secure homeland or nation of their own and in the historical era in which we live this vision of Frederick Engels can only come to fruition under the leadership of the multi ethnic Pan Islamic working class of the European continent and the Pan Islamic working class of Europe shall rally all of the oppressed of Europe under its leadership crush the rising new fascist white nationalist movements across the European continent and create a United and Socialist Europe and then move the continent to towards Communism.

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