Statement on the White Nationalist Terrorist Attack in Charlottesville Virginia

The Leadership and Central Committee of the International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam and our branch in the United States condemns  and denounces in the strongest possible  terms the white Nationalist terrorist attack which took place today in the city of Charlottesville Virginia and we offer our condolences to all the Anti racist protesters who were killed in this terrorist attack and we offer our prayers and well wishes  of an speedy and quick  recovery to all of those who were injured in this attack   in this age of trump such attacks within the United States and other white western imperialist countries  can be expected as white people decline demographically   and go down while   the numbers of Non-White Peoples continues  to grow and expand in the United States and other western counties.  the attacks shows that all revolutionary and progravvise forces should be  ever vligenanet  and on guard  from white terror  attacks from white nationalists  political forces and their allies and vigilance should be observed  at all times  and self defense units and training should be set up  in order to defend  against all   such attacks in  the future. we are living in  glorious times and the future for all   of the  Non-White  Pan Original Non-White Peoples of the earth around the globe   is looking  very  bright with each passing day. and this is what the reactionary white nationalist political forces are mad and upset about but there is nothing that they can do to hold back the tide of history and the  inevitable  fall and decline of the white race and the rise of the Black Brown Red Yellow and Middle Eastern Pan Original  Non-White masses of the planet earth and events such as today’s   white nationalist terror attack in Charlottesville Virginia can not hold back and stop this glorious tide of history.


The International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam can be contacted at





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