Party Statement on the 198th Anniversary of The Birth of Karl Marx

May 5th is the 198th anniversary of the Birth of Comrade Karl Marx the  great teacher of Working class liberation  and great revolutionary forefather of Proletarian Islam  there is much that Karl Marx has contributed to the political  thought of the International Working Class  as Baath Party founder  Michel Aflaq  pointed out Karl Marxism was inspired by his great Semitic heritage  and spirit   to create the Marxist theory for the liberation of the  working class an Marxism has inspired and influenced  Revolutions all over the Pan  Original World from Angola to China and parts of the Pan Islamic Homeland as many Islamic Socialist thinkers have been influenced  and or inspired by Karl Marx   Karl Marx in turn  during  his life time such as the Chechen struggle  against Russian  colonialism  and expansion in the Caucasus  and the struggle of the Ottoman empire to remain free and independent  from Russia  and he and his  revolutionary comrade  Frederick Engels  also supported the Algerian struggle against French colonialism and Imperialism in the Pan-Arab Homeland today    one of the main goals and central tasks of The International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam is to establish the dictatorship  of the Pan Islamic Working class into practice within the Pan Islamic homeland and to establish   a Pan Islamic Socialist State throughout the whole of the Islamic homeland which stretches  from central Africa to southeast Asia and parts of Europe in addition the Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam aims to establish   Socialism in Germany the homeland  and birthplace of Karl Marx though  an alliance of the   German Islamic Working   Class with  other progressive elements in  Germany   to build a Proletarian Workers State in Germany   and when this is all done and accomplished   the  teachings of Karl Marx on the dictatorship   of the proletarian Working class shall  be put into practice  in the Pan Islamic Homeland  Germany and all over the world. and  in the era of Proletarian Islam Karl Marx is one of the great heroes’ of the Semitic world just like  The Prophet Muhammad Ibn Abdullah of Arabia Peace Be Upon Him  and countless others heroes of the Pan Semitic World.  the teachings and legacy of Karl Marx on the need for the dictatorship of the Proletarian Working Class shall never be forgotten and Comrade Karl Marx shall remain one of the great Revolutionary Forerunners and Forefathers of the Proletarian Islamic Ideology.

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