13th of Rajab Birthday Statement for Imam Ali Abu Talib

Today is the 13th of Rajab the birthday of  Imam Ali Abu Talib the cousin and son-in-law to the Holy Prophet Muhammad   Imam Ali was one of the greatest Revolutionaries of all time and he strove to create a prefect  Islamic socialist society based on complete social justice and equality among all Muslims regardless  of ethnicity  and he Imam Ali Abu Talib was also hardcore Pan-Arab Nationalist and patriot of the Arab Nation who supported the wars of Pan Semitic  Liberation that the Rashidun caliphate  waged in modern-day Iraq Jordan Palestine Syria and Egypt to Liberate these areas from the Byzantine and Persian military  occupations. after the assassination of the Caliph  ‘Uthman  Ibn Affan Imam Ali was finally chosen to be the next official Caliph of the Islamic Nation  and from that point own until his assassination five-year later Imam Ali strove to establish an Islamic  socialist egalitarian  society with full social equality and social justice for all Muslims regardless of ethnicity. Today all Muslims  both Arab and Non- Arab Sunni and Shia etc must continue  the agenda and revolutionary work of Imam Ali Abu Talib   and create a revolutionary Islamic socialist society full of social justice and equality for all and in our era the vanguard and  leading role in this struggle will be assigned to   the Pan Islamic working class. The Pan Islamic working class shall rise up and destroy  all of the reactionary and exploiting  classes within the Pan Islamic homeland   and create a Pan Islamic Socialist state stretching   from central Africa to southeast asia and onwards towards eastern and southern Europe


The International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam can be contacted at proletrianislam@yahoo.com



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