Communist Party of Proletarian Islam Easter Message to The Christians of The Arab Nation and The Arab World

On The occasion of one of your most sacred  holy days  Easter  The International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam would like to greet  your  our beloved Arab Christians Brothers and Sisters along with all Christians of The Arab World  with greetings  and well wises of an Happy Easter we in The International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam consider ourselves to be  an Revolutionary Arab Nationalist political party and we love and embrace all Arabs regardless of Religion or sect and we love you our Arab Christian Brothers and Sisters very much and we consider Arab Christians to be an integral part of the Pan Arab Nation and The Arab Revolutionary struggle to reunite the Arab  homeland into one nation state and the struggle to liberate Arab Palestine and destroy  The racist Zionist state of Israel. the liberation of Arab Palestine from The Zionist  occupation  requires the particpatiion  of Arabs   of all religions and sects  and this task shall surely be  accomplished  and the  day will come when Israel will no longer exist and Arab Palestine shall be liberated from the river to the sea  and a progressive non-sectarian   Arab society  shall  exist in place of the present  political and social conditions which exist in The Arab World according to your beloved religious tradtions Jesus Christ the Messiah Peace  Be Upon  Him rose and was resurrected on The third day of his supposed death and execution and just as  Jesus the blessed Messiah  was resurrected from the dead and bought back to life    so shall  The Arab Nation be ressrected from its present state of oppression and subjugation   by The Western  Imperialist and Zionists into a new life right here on this planet as a free single   independent and United  Pan Arab nation  The Arab Nation shall rise again on this earth as a great power and contribute to the onward match of human civilization  and progress  on this planet.

The International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam can be contacted at




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