Statement on The 100th Anniversary of The Irish Easter Uprising

This week is the 100th anniversary of the Irish Easter Uprising  for National Independence  and Liberation From British Imperialism  which had ruled Ireland for  nearly 700 years.   The International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam would to at this time like to extend  our salute and give our Revolutionary Fraternal   Internationlist greetings to The great Irish Nation and to The Progressive elements of The Irish diaspora   The Irish Easter rising was one of the greatest  Revolutionary uprising  in Irish history and it was also one of the great revolutions of the 20th century  as it  eventuly led to the independence  of Ireland from The British emprie  and it inspired  many other National Liberation struggle around the world to rise up and struggle against Western Imperialsim and colonialism  sadly today The Irish Revolution is still unfinshed  Northern Irleand is still under British occupation  but the day will no doubt come when all 32 counties of Ireland   are free and liberation from British rule and when that day comes all of Ireland  will be an united Anti-Imperialist Socialist Republic and a frim ally of The Pan Islamic Nation and The Global Pan Original  Revolution of The Non-White Masses of The Earth.

The International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam can be contacted at





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