Dr Ben Carson is a Disgrace to The Black Nation and Black People

Dr  Ben Carson  the so-called  African American  republican party presidential  candidate with his Anti-Islamic political postions and statements is an disgrace to  the  Black Nation in North America   and Black People.  Ben Carson is disrespting  his own African ancestors with his ant-Islamic remarks   has the Black Nation  within the United states grew out of the historical Islamic peoples and empries of  West Africa and greater Northwestern  West Africa . if Dr Ben Carson understood history and had a knowledge of Self then he would understand this and know this but he is an mentaly dead foll with no knowledge of his African Islamic hertrage and the African Islamic heritage of the entire Black Nation in North America. for   generation now his  best selling book Gifted Hands has been highly regarded in many Black Muslim household in  North America where Black Muslims parents would pass this book down to their  children to read and be inspired his life life and work  in the medical field.  indeed Dr Ben Carson  was an hero  and iniperation to many within the Black Muslim community. but today Dr Ben Carson is being used as an  agent and tool of his political manger and adviser  the right wing conservative  political commentator   Armstrong Williams and  The  Christian Zionist political  camp  Dr Ben  Carson should  withdraw from the presidential  race and he should then engage in what we Maoists call criticism  and self criticism and he should then denounce his Anti-Islamic worldview and pro capitalist and imperialist republican party politics  and from there he should then  seek what The great Islamic Socialist Revolutionary  Honorable Elijah Muhammad called an knowledge of Self and    study the glorious Islamic history of West Africa and the other Islamic  regions  of Africa. only when Ben Carson has done all of these things we he be redeem from his current reactionary and Uncle Tom self and become an True Blackman

The International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam can be contacted at proletarianislam@yahoo.com


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