Jed Bush is Still in The US Presidential Race For a Reason

Many people are no doubt wondering why Jeb Bush is still in the republican primary election for President of The United States since he is not doing so well in the poll and he has lost heavy in Iowa and New Hampshire  there is an reason for  all of this actually there are three main reasons for it the first  od these reasons is that Jeb Bush is betting on his name recognition  as  after all the son and the brother of  two former US Presidents George H Bush his father and his brother the infamous  George W Bush Jeb Bush is hoping that the fact that he shares  their surname will help him with many American voters  who are  respectful  of the Bush family name and the political legacy  of the family.  second  Jeb Bush is hopeful and confident  that his family connections within The US Republican party and upper ruling class will help secure him the nomination    as the Republican nominee in the coming US General election for President  since many  within the Republican party are fearful of a potential Donald Trump presidency and its social and political  impact on The Republican party and the wider  US society. third Jeb Bush is hoping that in the primary elections in the south  such as in South Carolina  and Nevada  that he will win the republican primary elections  as in these areas the Bush family has a large mass base of supporters  and this is especially  so in South Carolina. Jeb Bush may end of winning   at least one of these states but perhaps  he will not only time will tell  at this point but we  will all know soon enough what fate has in store for Jeb Bush and his immediate  political future but one thing is certain Jeb Bush  and his family are Imperialists and they are up to nothing good and they are one of the most evil and ruthless families in the history of US Imperialism.

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