All Praise is Due to Allah For Great Leader Kim Jong Un of North Korea

The Kim Family of North Korea have long been great allies and friends  to the Pan Islamic Nation and working class from the very earliest days of the Democratic Republic of Korea  The grandfather of The current North Korean leader  The great  Kim IL Sung was a great friend  ally and supporter of the Pan Islamic Nation and the global  Pan Islamic Socialist Revolution.  examples of  this can be seen in the support that  The DPRK North Korea  gave to the Islamic socialist states  of Algeria   Iraq Libya Syria and in his support for the Islamic Revolution in Iran and the  global movement  to reunite The Pan  Islamic Homeland and Islamic world  and it is seen today in The  support that North Korea  is giving  to  the current  liberation struggles of the Pan Islamic Homeland. such as its support for The Islamic Republic of Iran  and The struggle of The  Islamic Socialist Green Resistance in Libya and  Baathist Syria Under The Leadership of Bashir Al-Assad.  the present  Great Leader of The DPRK North Korea  Kim Jong Un is  placing the resources   and  military might  of  the nuclear armed   Juche socialist state of North Korea in service to the various  anti-imperialist and anti-Zionist  liberation struggles  within the Pan Islamic Homeland and we The Proletarian Muslims say All Praise is Due to Allah for The  Great Young  Leader of The Democratic Republic of Korea Kim Jong In and we are marching side by side with him in the joint and global struggle against White western Imperialism and global Zionism and in this bathe the revolutionary forces of the great Korean Nation and the Pan Islamic Nation Shall Be Victorious and create a new global Pan Asianist  and Pan Islamic Socialist world order on this earth

The International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam can be contacted at


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