The Iranian and Shia Reaction to the Execution of Sheik Nimr Al-Nimr in Saudi Arabia

The reaction to the execution of Sheikh Nimr Al-Nimr by the Saudi government  has been swift and ferocious   Saudi consulates all across Iran have been attacked by angry mobs organized by  elements of the Iranian government and in Tehran the capital The Saudi embassy was fire bombed and attacked by angry mobs. this anger has also spilled  over into Iranian  occupied Iraq where rockets where fired at the newly reopened Saudi embassy in occupied Baghdad  and the former puppet pro Iranian Prime Minister  Nouri-Al-Maliki has declared  that the Saudi government will  result in the final downfall of the Saudi State. and in Lebanon similar  harsh rhetoric  has been coming from Hezbollah  and the other Shia parties in Lebanon.  the Arab and Muslim World is now in very dangerous and new uncharted sectarian waters and it is the sacred duty of the Pan Islamic working class to rise above petty sectarianism   and unify The Pan Islamic working class across sectarian and ethnic lines  and create an Pan Islamic Socialist State Under Islamic working class leadership.


The International Pan Islamic Working Class can be contacted at


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