The Execution of Sheikh Nimar Al Nimr in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia has just delivered  and drop a bombshell message to Iran and its camp this weekend with the execution of the Saudi Shia Sheikh  Nimar   Al-Nimr Saudi Arabia is sending a message to Iran that the die is cast and that there is  no way back now  from the edge Saudi Arabia knows that  Iran wants to conquer and dominate  The Arab world  and create a new Neo-Persian empire in the region. Saudi Arabia is not wiling to let this happen and so now there is an long running cold war between Iran and Saudi Arabia for control of the region. and now this geopolitical struggle will most certainty  heat up and escalate due to the execution of Sheikh Nimar Al-Nimr for Iranian  retaliation both political and military is sure  to follow. The Arab and Iranian  Islamic working class  must work around the conflict and create a new  Proletarian Islamic Socialist New Order in the region for all of the indigenous inhabitants of the Region.


The International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam can be contacted at


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