Statement on Tamir Rice Grand Jury Ruling in Cleveland Ohio

A Cleveland Ohio Jury has ruled  that the police officer involved  the killing of  12 year old Black New Afrikan Youth Tamir Rice will not be charged with murder and will walk free  this evil and reactionary decision  does not surprise the oppressed Black and Pan Original Masses within the United States since they are the  daily murder victims from police violence  and terrorism by the various police  forces around the United States.  there is no chance or hope for true justice  for Tamir Rice and the countless number of other black victims of police  brutality  and terrorism under the present US political  and social system the only way that the Black masses will ever be able to receive true justice is though an independent  Black Nation State in North America and the creation of a new Pan Original Socialist new order for the whole continent  of North America. only when this is all achieved and done will Tamir  Rice receive justice.


The International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam can be contacted at


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