Pakistan And The Liberation of Kashmir in The Era of Narendra Modi

Kashmir has been occupied by India for the past 68 years and its people have been denied their right to self-determination during this whole time period. these decades have been a time of great terror for the Kashmiri People and now India has seen the election of the Pro Zionist and Anti-Islamic Hindu fascist Narendra Modi into political office as the prime minister of india Modi since he has come into power has been pouring millions of rupees into Kashmir in order to consolidate Kashmir into his fascist greater India. but the oppressed Islamic masses of Kashmir are not having this and they want to be independent from Modi and his growing fascist Indian state. it is very important and imperative that Pakistan and the Pakistani people step up their support for Kashmiri liberation. the patriotic and Pan Islamic Nationalists elements in Pakistan’s government and its military and intelligence services should and must step up their support for the liberation of Kashmir from Hindi Fascist India. The people of Kashmir must have the right to choose complete independence and a separate Kashmir state or the right to unity and unification into Pakistan but either way the long-suffering people of Kashmir must have the right to choose their own destiny. The Liberation of Kashmir will be not only a great victory for the people of Kashmir it will also be a victory for all of The Muslims and Islamic Peoples of South Asia and all Muslims worldwide and The Pan Islamic Nation as a whole.

The International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam can be contacted at


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