Statement on the 137 Anniversary of The Birth of Comrade Joseph Stalin The Leader of The Socialist Soviet Union and Defender of Asia

Today is the 135th anniversary of the birth of Comrade Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin The Great Leader of The Socialist Soviet Union and Defender of Asia Stalin was a man of Islamic culture who was born in Georgia a region of Greater Iran. in the year 1878 to Working Class Parents and he would devote his entire life to the global liberation of Working Class people everywhere around the globe. Stalin become an Marxist during his early teenage years and become an ardent and hardcore member of The Bolshevik Party and in the years before the octbor revolution of 1917 Stalin played an major role in rallying Muslim Workers to the rank of the Bolshevik Party in regions of the old Russian emprie such as Baku Azerbaijan and in other areas Russia and beyond. later on during the Russian civil war Stalin would play an important role along with Comrade Sultan Galiev Zeki Velidi Togan and other Muslim National Communists within the Bolshevik Party in recrurting the Muslim Masses to join the Bolshevik Side and in the process turn the tide of the war in flavor of the Bolsheviks and Socialism and the support of The Islamic Working class ensured that The Bolsheviks won the Russian civil war.  and without the support of the Muslims of the borderlands of the old Russian emprise The Bolsheviks would have never won The war. Stalin played a major role in all of these events  and he was an leading force in the formal establishment of the Soviet state in 1922 and  after the untimely  death of  Lenin in 1924 Stalin would take full political control of the Soviet state and  turned  the Soviet Union into the modern worlds first Socialist superpower  The Soviet Union was able to industrialize and become a mighty  military power while at the   same time modernizing  its agriculture and raising the educational and cultural levels of its citizens. Stalin would later go on to lead The Asiatic Soviet Union to victory over the invading white Imperialist forces of Nazi Germany and its allies during The Great Patriotic War in the 1941-1945 period. with these actions Stalin showed and proved to the world that he was an  heir and successor to the great Genghis Khan and the other great Mongolian and Turanian empires of Eurasia and Central Asia. Stalin was indeed an Proletarian Socialist Marxist Leninist  version of Genghis  Khan and today The Proletarian Muslims shall recreate both the old Mongolian empire of Eurasia and the Socialist Soviet Union under the banner of Proletarian Islam as a mighty base area for the Pan Original and Proletarian Islamic   Socialist World Revolutions.


The International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam can be contacted at




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